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    WTS: PWS in SG/TW (France Paris Bridal)

    Just bought this on an impulse recently on 29th October and decided to let it as I already have another PWS package. Bought it at 1800 (fully paid). Letting going at 1650. You can PM me or telegram (cookie0330) for more info! Pre-wedding shoot Location: Singapore or Taiwan (flight tickets not...
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    Letting go PWS with Queena Wedding

    Looking to let go of the below pre-wedding shoot package with Queena Wedding. Please read on for more details. Package value: $3888 Paid: $1900 (fully paid) Letting go: $1200 (further negotiable if you are really keen) Shoot location: Taichung, Taiwan*/Singapore *You may choose specific...
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    Pre-wedding Photoshoot package with Queena Wedding

    I am looking to let go of the below pre-wedding shoot package with Queena Wedding. Please read on for more details. Package value: $3888 Paid: $1900 Letting go: $1200 (further negotiable if you are really keen) Shoot location: Taichung, Taiwan* *You may choose specific locations you wish to...
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    WTS Overseas PWS of your choice or AD Package with $500 Discount

    Hi all, I’m letting go an overseas PWS package, you can choose to go New Zealand/ Prague/ Greece/ France/ Japan/ Korea and many more of your choice. If not, the package can also be changed to a local shoot. Details of the package as follows: 8 hr photoshoot 4 gowns 2 suits 36 soft copies 46...
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    WTS: Pre-Wedding Taiwan Photo Shoot at cheap

    Hi there, Price: SGD 2388 Price negotiable Photoshoot: Singapore/Taiwan Valid from Jan 2017 - Jan 2025 (8 years) Please see the following for the details of the package: (store in Singapore) France Paris - 40 photos. CD-Rom of all selected photographs (Edited) - 1 Canvas photo in carved frame...
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    WTS: France Paris Bridal Package for PWS in Taiwan/HongKong/Singapore (法國巴黎)

    Dear all, I am letting go of a Pre-Wedding Shoot bridal package from France Paris (法國巴黎) as we have some unfortunate family issues and will have no choice but to give up the package. Below are the details: 1) Pre-Wedding Shoot (Can choose to do in either Taiwan/HongKong/Singapore)...
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    Hello, I am letting go of a bridal photography package with Universal Bridal Studio at $3,000 (signed at $3,888) that is valid until the end of the year. Package details are written down below – feel free to comment/PM if you are keen. Thank you xx DRESS/ SUITS: · For the Bride: 2 x...
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    WeddingRitz (Korea Pre-wed agency)

    Hi all BTBs out there, I would like to personally share my experience having engaged WeddingRitz for my pre-wed shoot sometime back in October 2017. WeddingRitz is considered one of the renowned direct Korea agencies out there and most people would have heard of this name if they did their...
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    [WTS] Letting go Whitelink PWS + AD gown rental package

    Hi BTBs, due to personal reasons I am letting go of a Whitelink PWS + AD gown rental package at a good price. We managed to negotiate a very good deal at the time of signing. If anyone's interested please PM me to discuss more. You can also leave me a message with your contact details and I...
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    Letting go seletar broadway wedding package (prewedding + actual day)

    Hi, Due to changes in plans, I am letting go of said wedding package (local). Details as follows: Pre-wedding shoot Package Includes: 36 poses,12 pages; 12"x30" cross page PVC + CD selected 5R full page duplicate pose (30 out of 36) Guest book 20"x24" 1pc or 3in1 Canvas with frame 10"x12" table...
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    WTS : Taiwan, Taipei, France Paris Pre-wedding Photoshoots Package

    I am selling away a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot package from Taipei France Paris 法國巴黎 bridal studio. Bridal Shop: 台北市中山北路二段116號 電話:+886-2-2560-1361 傳真:+886-2-2571-8612 Bridal Shop Website : Bought it for $2,288 now selling away to a lucky couple. Package Included: 1...
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    WTS: Labelle Bridal Package (Pre-wedding & AD)

    Letting go Labelle Pre-wed and AD package. Actual Day: - 2 Gowns + 30 Wishing stars (usual package only comes with 26stars) Wishing stars can be used to redeem other essential items, for example, - Kua or Tea dress (3 stars) - 2 suits (6 stars) - Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling (Day, Night and...
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    France Paris 法国巴黎

    Hi all, Anyone sign up with Paris France before? How is the service? Can't find much info on this bridal. No shop in sg :( HTB bought their package without checking online :(
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    Bluebay Pre-Wedding - Additional 6 Photos and $200 cash

    Hi all, I signed up with Bluebay Wedding for a pre-wedding shoot in Taiwan. If you are interested, I can share my package details and price with you. I've got referral vouchers where you will get additional photos. Upon successful referral, I am giving you $200 cash to offset your package,in...
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    Letting go: ZTAGEWedding Bridal Package

    Hi BTB, I have a korea (seoul) bridal package with ZtageWedding to let go. Prewedding Photoshoot (Seoul) 1) Basic Package - 30-page Photo Album made in Korea - 20R Korean with Frame - All Original Copies and retouched photos - 4 Dresses: 2 Korean Long Wedding Gowns, 1 Korean Evening Gown, 1...
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    WTS: La Fatte Pre-wedding Photoshoot - Taiwan

    Letting go of a La Fatte Pre-wedding Photoshoot package that includes: 3 wedding gowns (2 from their normal range, 1 from VIP) 3 groom's suits 100 UV-coated glossy photos Unibody album upgrade 10 inches photo frame and etc Please PM me for more details
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    Letting go Pre-photoshoot in Taiwan

    Hi Brides to be, Due to some personal issues, I would like to let go of my Pre-wedding photoshoot at any locations in Taipei -Taiwan. The cost of the package is $2280 Nett and paid $500 deposit. Packages include: 12x12 - 36 sets of Wedding photography package Canvas effect and Waterproof...
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    WTS: Perfect Wedding Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Package w 2N complimentary hotel stay

    Hi all, i have a Perfect Wedding pre-wed photoshoot package to let go due to personal reasons at a much lower price than original value. OPEN DATE TILL SEP 2019!!! More details on the bridal shop can be seen here: Facebook Page- Website-...