River City Restaurant


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Hi Jacelyn,

Would you be interested to take over my wedding package as I would like to change to another date and require someone to take over my package. Rest assured that it's reasonably priced below $500...

It's a wedding lunch that my fiancee & I booked at River city, date is set on 6 Dec 2008 (Sat).

If you are keen, do contact me at [email protected] and I can give you more details.



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hello gals,

i also booked 30 tables for river city for my AD in Jan 08 with an $1k deposit in March, but after viewng the actual wedding set up, think it didn't bring up the wedding atmosphere, main door blocked by the glass, can't march in with a straight passageway, Pillars blocking the view,small stage, bright lights, not romatic, so decided to cancel the package and changed to another venue with better setting and atmosphere. think Joyce is abit rigid in this instance, as she don't allow us to change the $1k deposit into dinning vouchers or refund 50%. even when we want to postpone to a later date, she said if after postpone, still cancel, we need to compensate another 50% of the total bill of the no. of tables we booked. so leaving us with no choice, we had to cancel and ganna forfeit $1k, real heartache.

So gals, before you all booked, better checked out the setting by viewing an actual wedding, if you're fine with it, then booked the place. Don't ended up regretting like my hubby and I, heartache about the deposit but still want a beautiful place to celebrate our once in a lifetime special day.

Just my 2 cents worth of comments....


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i was thinking of holding my AD dinner at River city at first. But after viewing all the comment, i think i got to reconsider


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hmmm...went there to take a look. disappointed not with the restaurant but with the coordinator.

However, there some pro and cons. maybe you all like know-

1)Free FLow Beer, Drink
2)Corake Waived

1)march-in abit stupid. due to the glass panel standing infront of the main entrance. you have to start march in a bit right hand hand of the main entrance.
2)the dish washing is just at the corner. eveyone can see it @_@|||
3)coordinator seem not so friendly. although negotiable, however she gave us a feeling that she's controlling the wedding and not us. example, guest shd sit in 830pm. else food will be serve at a very fast rate. timing. only allow us to stay till 1030pm. maximum 11am. try to tell her the scenario whereby some guest may want to stay abit late for photo shooting. so try to ask like 1130pm? however insist cannot and keep saying OT OT OT...damn pek chek.

Dats all~my future-wife told me that she's not convince and decide to give up this restaurant...hmmm...for me? things still negotiable la...now just wait for her to cool down. haha~


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hi everyone,
kindly share with me if ant of you had hold your banquet here this year..
i had decided to take here for my wedding banquet.
please advice. my AD is on 25.12.09.


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hi hi, its nice to hear that, so far did you hear about any comment about this resturant, what is your package, care to share?


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till now,i didnt hear any comment abt this resturant. choose this resturant as its within our budget. but me n hubby recently went there for dinner, the food is not bad.
took the 2nd menu,plan to change the dessert to yam paste.