Recommendations for good buffet caterer


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Hi all fellow brides,
This comes at a really good time, i'm also looking for a value for money caterer :) Has anyone heard about Rasel Food Fusion and had experience with them?


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I used meihao99 and the food was good. u can visit for menu.



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hi ladies,
i need help on search for caterer.i want sth with nice food and nice tablet setup. looking at lavish, CJS, javalink, rasel, and angeli. but so far, i only managed to contact lavish. anyone has e contact person for the rest of the 4 caterers? i tried emailing from their website but no reply.


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Hi.. I recommend Kriston. I've been to a wedding reception at the SAM catered by them as well as a few corporate events and they are all well done. The food is not bad and their service is good. The presentation also looks nice.


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From the recommendations here, we chose Meihao99 in the end 'cos their price was good. Delivery was punctual and the food reviews were good.


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hi all,
I jux like to post 1 neg comment on intercontinental delight.

I had sent 3 emails over to them for the past 2wks to 1mth& no reply...
In the end, I called them up just few mins ago N the lady seems like playing a recorder..
pls go to the website....
pls go to the website to place order....
pls go to the website....
We dun entertain customer..pls go to the website....
Its on 1st come..1st serve basis..pls go to the website....
If its during CNY, go to the website next wk....
We cant give U a slot, pls go to the website...

I m really very fed up with this kind of service..
Its of no help at all!


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Hi bladers,
I recently also had to cater for 20, looked around and chanced upon Four Seasons catering's Asian menu. Although the min is for 25pax, but at $10 or $12 per person I found it worth it. My guests had lots of food and enough to take home too; I found it worth it!


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am scouting good caterers for the morning tea ceremony.. anyone? would like to hear recommendation... hmm budget ranges not more than $12/head


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Pin Si caterer is worth a try. I've just placed an order for their christmas buffet cum stall as im holding a huge party. heard that their chef wld be there to cook.


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We used them for our housewarming and everyone had praises for the food. Good quantity as well, delicious too! Was recommended by my best friend and am so glad we went with her recommendation:

Manna Pot Catering
Do a quick google and you can see their contact.

Their cheesecakes are yum!


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Hi brides

Has anyone engaged Rasel for tea cocktail receptions before? Want advice on what menu items were gd, and what less popular ones to avoid.

Hope to hear from you!


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Hi, you may try "Liang Food Caterer", I found that their price is cheap compared to others, and the foods are not bad too. For your information, they served "Halal" food. Previously they do have a another outlet that serve non-halal, but dont know why now they do not have the link page in their website.

You may check out their website for more information:

Another non-halal will be "YLS catering"


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I have heard good reviews on krist@n and also used them a couple of years back for company function.

However, i was disappointed in their service and food quality in recent engagement with them for my church wedding.

It is not worth the premium paid for using them. the deco was so-so, the food was so-so based on feedback from guests.

Also if you use them as your caterer, make sure you cater for 100% of your invited guests. what we did was to cater for 75% of invited guests. the food was grossly insufficient eventhough some guests did not turn up or stayed for the buffet. many of our guests have the impression that food was not sufficient and they refrain from second helping.

Also, we heard from our wedding coordinators that they engaged foreigners who couldnt understand english as helpers/servers and it was difficult to communicate with them.

food was not served at the bridal table as promised also.

we feedback to the management who gave us a $100 voucher, slapped with many terms and conditions. cant help but feel that the voucher was a promotion gimmick to bring in customers rather than as a form of apology for the service lapse.

dun think we will patronise them again. if anyone want the $100 voucher, can pm me. but take note that it is only for certain packages, you are not entitled to other promotion. it is for a min spending of %500 exclu. GST, delivery charges, valid for 6 months.... etc etc....


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We just had our wedding in church! Got Orange Clove (subsidiary of Neo Garden) to do the lunch buffet. It was fantastic! Food was good and had a lot left over that guests could tabao. Completely hassle-free even though we booked only 2 days before the event (haha, really last minute, I know but busy with reno as well). Look for Eileen - she's really responsive. Hassle-free, great food and beautiful wedding :)


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Hi all, anyone tried seyu catering recently for their wedding reception? How was the service and quality/quantity of food? Good or bad feedback both welcome.

Currently having headache cos need to settle on a halal caterer but there are too many to choose from.


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Hey all, I had a super bad experience with Liang Food Catering. The setup time was supposed to be 11.30am but they only setup at 1.30pm, leaving my guests hungry..

Below is my email complaint to them and they revert telling me that it's 1 of their staff fault and blame it on their staff. sigh.

To: The management of Liang Food Catering

This serves as a formal complaint to Liang Food Catering for the bad and terrible service rendered on 22 Oct (Sat). Based on the feedback from the forum, I have selected you as a caterer.

As per our contract (Invoice No: 3936-11), it was clearly stated that the arrival time (around) is 11.30AM. My guests are arriving at 12.00PM.

At 11.36AM, I received a phone call from 9772 0173 telling me that he is not coming and he is getting someone to come from the office. I got a shock when I heard that and I asked him who will be bringing the catering down to me, he said someone will call me.

At 11.55AM, I tried calling 9772 0173 and he did not pick up my phone. I tried calling the office line 6446 1491 and 6446 2049 and couldn't reach through. There was no one I can ask, I don't even know if the catering is coming.

At 12.05PM, I received a phone call from 9758 2490, the person told me someone is coming to collect the food. My guests are already here and I received this kind of reply. I asked them not to come but your staff ignored me. So I was left to wait an had to apologize to all my guests. They also asked me which catering provides such lousy service.

At 12.30PM, I called 9758 2490 to check on my delivery status and this lady who picked up the phone call rudely told me not to call her anymore as she's not the staff who is delivering my catering. I told her I only have your contact so you need to give me a reply or a contact for me to chase.

At 12.55PM, I received a phone call from 8333 2627 who told me they are arriving in 5 mins time.

My guests have to watch them setup the catering (with the noises) and they completed the setup at 1.30pm. Moreover, the food that was delivered was cold.

Half of my guests left and I had to order pizza for my guests amounting to $100. And also the traumatic experience I faced during the conversations with your staff.


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I don't think they provide catering for wedding. So far I heard many good comments about Rasel, One paradise is the "upcoming".. check out their workshops under Singaporebrides events.


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attended a church wedding done by One Paradise and happy to say that agree with shu huei. The peking duck station has long queue


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I went to their recent workshop with my gf. Personally, my expectations of Paradise Group was much higher but felt the food served on that day was similar to zi char standard or even lower. Such a disappointment.