Recommendations for good buffet caterer


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Dear all,

Has anyone tried good buffet catering? I know of one called "Fu Kwee", had used them for many occasions. However we noticed that their food standard had dropped. Anyone has good recommendations. I need to get a good buffet for my guests on my wedding day reception.


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How many guests do you intend to invite and do you need the caterer to provide only food or other deco as well? I know of one traditional buffet caterer who provides food only but my relatives and I quite like their food.


You can try Jia Mei Catering, they are well-know for good food. I do not have their contact number but you can check withthe singtel operator, just dial 100. Ask for Jia Mei Ctaering & duck??? I think... good luck & have fun tucking in.... bY the way what's the occasion for the catering? I used select for my ROM catering buffet quite good, especially the cakes & pastry but avoid the prawn fritters not very nice. Hoep all these info helps!


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Jia Mei Catering is good. I used them for my buffet lunch on my actual wedding day for relatives at my house. They love the food! I think I got its contact from SingaporeBrides directory too!


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I used them for Tingkat Dinner once. I felt that the tingkat dinner was revolting. Unforgettably bad. We had to feed most of the month's food to the dogs. Even the dogs didn't like it. Considering how greedy they were.

Haven't tried their buffet lunch. From the broucher set up seems really good. But after trying the Tingkat dinner which too look damn good on broucher I didn't want to take the risk on their lunch buffet for my wedding


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You can try Happy Village Catering. Call Francis Chang at HP-96266233 PGR-95075179.Very good service and menus, especially the "Curry Niang Dou Fu" and "Barbeque Sotong".

Recommended by Nancy from Paya Lebar. He will know.


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Try Seyu Restaurant (they do buffet catering). Their number is 560 3469. I used them for my actual day lunch. Many praise for the food, esp the sambal sotong and sweet & sour fish.

My company always used their to cater for dept lunch.


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hi ixwong

is seyu restaurant buffet expensive ?
care to share more details.



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I need a caterer for my actual day wedding reception in the afternoon (for relatives & some friends).

I don quite get u, u mean u have used Jia Mei catering & it's lousy, izit? wat's Tingkat Dinner?

Yah, maybe u can give us more details abt Seyu Restaurant. Never heard before, wat kind of restaurant is it, where is it located? Roughly how much per head?

Thank you


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Hi ppl,

Try Lavish Catering. They are really good. Their dishes is less common, not like the boring menu.
I used them for my ROM buffet.

The person-in-charge is Alfred.


Try Liang Catering ... they do advertise in the Classified ads. You can get the contact from there. My sis used them for her actual day buffet. Food was good - many praises from the relatives.


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may i know if the bride coming back to her mum's place for the tea ceremony, if order the tea reception is it not full enuff for friends ?
i discussed it with my husband, he find that ppl might not eat that much, that is why he prefer tea reception than buffet. any comments ?


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Hi Karen,
Tingkat Dinner is you pay $180 per month and they provide dinner for 20 days. 2 Dish 1 soup and rice will be placed outside your house everyday (Mon-Fri) That's Tingkat dinner, For when you're too busy too cook, too lazy to go downstairs. They always put broucher at our doorsteps. Tot it was a great idea at first. But after tasting the food. Not so great an idea. Infact I tried 2 caterers. The otherone is Kwang something. Both just as bad.

Hi Jong,
You can cater lunch if your mum is having alot of friends and relative over. Cos they will need to eat too. But if most of the ppl going over are the helpers and all you can stick with a tea reception cos they would have eaten at your hubby's place already. However, some caterers do provide quite a heavy Tea reception. With noodles, curry and snacks. That way you don't really need Lunch. I got my catering from CDCS. Tea Reception at $8.00 per head for my church. Everything was tasty except for the Jwee Keuh. Chai poh very sweet. But when you pay them that day make sure you keep the invoice well cos 6 months down the road they called me to say that I haven't pay and I had already threw that invoice away. That was so scary. But eventually they called to tell me that the driver had taken the money. Thank goodness. Hey try CJS. I like their food. Their durian/icecream puff YUMILICIOUS. Not really icecream. But like custard with fresh cream. When you freeze it taste like icecream. I love it. Their snacks very nice. : P~~~~~~~


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Hi Monica,

What's CJS, do they have a website? How is CDCS? I'm thinking of using them for my tea reception at church and lunch reception at my mom's house. How's the rest of their food stuff apart from the chwee kuey?


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Very good spread for $8.00. 9 - 10 items I think
Other then Chwee Kuey the rest were good.

CJS no website. Ask Angie, she using it for her wedding this weekend. Maybe can get feed back from her. I love it.


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Hi Sweetie,
Is Lavish Catering expensive?? How uncommon is the food, very eager to know.

Monica, thanx for the info!!


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Hi Karen

Lavish handles more corporate account but wouldn't mind doing reception i think. They might be slightly more pricy... like $10++ per head. I had an offer for my ROM reception coz I know the ppl there personally. They served tasty stuff like dumplings, mussels (altho' i dun take, but my friends said they were nice), and mee siam (taste diff from the usual ones) etc etc. Sorry, I can't quite remember but u can always call them and request for the menu. If you r interested, i can try to dig up the menu at my ROM and email to you.
Let me know?


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Hi Angie,

Your wedding is this weekend is it? What time and place har? Let me know. I'll see if I can make it or not. I know you told me before, but me forgetful lah.


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hi snoopy,
Sorry for replying you so late. I just saw your posting. I guess it is abit too late. However, I can post the feedback of the food. The feedback from my friends and relatives that the food was very good. And the portion was quite alot. My friends said they took second helpings. So general, it is a good choice, I think you can ask chinleng for his feedback on the food, he was there.

Their wedding tea buffet starts from 8 dollars, for 12 items. I took the 9 dollars one which had 14 items. Their lunch buffet starts from 10 or 11 i think.


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I check cjs menus against cdcs and select. But cjs menu was the best. That is y i took cjs. For 8 dollars, the rest seem to give less items or poorer quality items than cjs.

Before i forget, the 12 items in the 8 dollars menu is 10 food items + coffee/tea and punch


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Can you give some feedback on the food since you were there? What items were available for the tea reception? Do you know the contact number for CJS? Is that their company name, CJS? Would I be able to check with the operator for CJS' contact number? Appreciate your kind response.


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Hi Snoopy and Sunny,

The contact information of CJS is as follows:

CJS Catering Pte Ltd
Blk 1002, Tas Seng Avenue,
#01-2534, Singapore 534409

Tel: 3833113

Don't ask me to comment on the taste of the food. I just eat.

However, one impression I had was that there were many varieties.

Chin Leng.


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Hi CL,

Typical guy response on the food.
Looks like I'll have to check with Blee, Jjuan or Hwey then. But thanks for the contact.


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I've got this list from the web...might come in handy!

Asian/Western Caterers

Acel Catering Services Tel: 788 7829
Adirai Excellent Eating House Tel: 295 5916
AJ's Tandoori's Restaurant Tel: 440 1257
Angeli Catering Services & Restaurant Tel: 344 0969
Angel's Cafe Tel: 243 1802
Asian Catering Services Tel: 441 1589
Aska Catering Tel: 245 8433
Bee Hwa Restaurant Tel: 754 6386
Bibik Caterers Tel: 344 4380
Broson Catering Tel: 741 3708
Bruno's Treats Catering Services Tel: 293 8336
Chan Catering Service Tel: 841 6318
Chia Chia Catering Services Tel: 741 8171
Chico's N Charlie's Tel: 734 1753
CJS Catering Tel: 383 3113
Continental DelightCatering Services Tel: 758 3393
Creative Eateries Tel: 278 8503
Daily Catering Service Tel: 289 2278
De Mansion Catering Tel: 441 4244
Delifrance Singapore Tel: 778 7954
D'farm Catering Tel: 842 3271
D'Fine Catering Services Tel: 471 1822
DHS Food Products Tel: 346 6963
DMC Food Catering Services Tel: 255 5731
Dolphin Catering Services Tel: 744 2848
Durian Chef Tel: 773 4575
Elsie's Kitchen Tel: 288 4457
Eng Choon Garden Restaurant Tel: 280 0427
Fairwin Restaurant & Catering Service Tel: 244 4063
Fione Food Industrial Tel: 367 1433
Fisherman's Chef Catering Services Tel: 285 8895
Five Stars Cooked Food Supplier Tel: 483 8484
Four Seasons (Seafood) Catering Tel: 273 8809
Fu Kwee Kitchen Catering Services Tel: 484 5900
G S Catering Services Tel: 747 4149
Garden City Coffee House Tel: 223 6143
Garden City Food Caterings Tel: 225 7168
Gideon Food Services Tel: 844 3080
Gim Nam Food Caterer Tel: 758 1207
Glory Catering Tel: 344 1749
Golden Crown Restaurant Tel: 474 9255
Good View Catering Tel: 743 4343 / 743 4312
Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant Tel: 344 2761
Happy View Catering Service Tel: 453 1881
Happy Village Catering & Cafe Services Tel: 744 2022
Harvest Catering Services Tel: 755 1069
Hejiayi Food & Catering Tel: 333 4161
Honeyrock Cafe & Catering Services Tel: 275 9545
Hong Kong Bodhi Vegetarian Restaurant Tel: 451 3208
Hong Kong Zhai Tim Sum Centre Tel: 748 4893
Hup Heng Catering Service Tel: 561 8177
Indian Cooked Food Catering Service Tel: 257 3517
J & J Catering Service Tel: 299 6978
J & P Catering & Food Systems Tel: 242 1311
Jack's Place Catering Services Tel: 282 8087
Jasmine Catering Services Tel: 275 7298
Java Link Tel: 278 4088
Jennifer's Professional Caterers Tel: 754 0977
Jessie Catering Tel: 285 1947
Jia Mei Roast Duck & Catering Service Tel: 445 5706
Jiale Restaurant & Catering Tel: 242 8286
Jingle Catering Services Tel: 779 4576
JMJM Caterer Tel: 535 7783
Kate Food Supplies Tel: 744 4527
Katong Catering Tel: 581 5001
KCK Food Catering Tel: 443 5723
Kenneth Gourmet Industries Tel: 449 0262
Kews Garden Catering Service Tel: 471 1211
Kriston Catering Services Tel: 744 6878
Kuah Kok Lin Tel: 297 3360
Kum Eng Kee Restaurant Tel: 254 0409
Lavish Dine Catering Tel: 392 2688
Liang Food Caterer Tel: 446 1491
Lim's Catering Service Tel: 285 7545
Low Wong Heng Food Catering Tel: 743 6068
Lucky Lucky Catering & Restaurant Tel: 323 2853
Lung Yi Family Restaurant Tel: 348 4006
Manna Catering Services Tel: 774 0950
Mapollo Catering Tel: 484 2548
Margarita's Tel: 777 1782
Marly French Taste Tel: 487 4208
MB Foods Tel: 862 0618
Mei Hao 99 Catering Tel: 755 7993
Memory Caterer Tel: 745 9474
Miao Yi Vegetarian Restaurant Tel: 467 1331
Moghul Mahal Restaurant Tel: 338 6907
Monte Cristo Catering & Cafeteria Services Tel: 282 8680
Mum's Kitchen Tel: 346 0969
Nashfield Catering & Wedding Services Tel: 456 3429
Neo Kah Kiat Tel: 569 9658
New Chye Hong Take Away Food Tel: 262 0910
New Millennium Catering Services Tel: 773 4155
Ng Eng Huee Tel: 220 1807
Nonya Manis Caterers Tel: 344 5924
Novena Cheng Hong Restaurant Tel: 746 9073
NTUC Pasir Ris Resort Tel: 582 3322
Oberoi Airport Catering Services Tel: 542 5259
Oh's Farm Catering Tel: 842 3271
Orchard Maharajah Restaurant Tel: 732 6331
Oshika Catering Services Tel: 753 6218
Pang Catering Pgr: 9321 8332
Party Perfect Catering Tel: 244 1733
Pasta Fresca Da Salvatore Tel: 778 0401
PFS Tel: 382 1828
Pin Hai Catering Service Tel: 275 7450
Porta Porta Catering Tel: 545 3108
Qi-Lin Eating House & Catering Service Tel: 9321 8332
Richard Low & Chan Tel: 295 1083
Seattle Cafe Tel: 566 8266
Select Catering Services Tel: 224 1112
Serangoon Salt Baked Chicken & Pow Tim Catering Services Tel: 348 2282
Smiling Orchid Tel: 471 0898
Soo San Na Catering Services Tel: 566 3561
Soon Lee Heng Satay Foodstuff Mfr Tel: 759 5968
Subramaniam Tel: 468 5717
Suppiah . V.R Tel: 2955842
SVM Catering Services Tel: 747 4244
Taste Catering & Dining Tel: 345 7584
Taste Good Catering Restaurant Tel: 243 6546
Tatsu Sushi Tel: 332 5868
Tay Boon Choon Tel: 358 2919
The Charcoal Grill Tel: 468 4607
Theme Catering Services Tel: 283 8932
Thompson Catering & Enterprises Tel: 244 5640
Tien Hong Hng Soon Kee Catering Service Tel: 282 6742
Toa Payoh Lucky Restaurant Tel: 255 4144
Tong Chiang Kitchen Tel: 297 6346
Tsim Tung Tim Sum Centre Tel: 449 6188
Wah Gah Catering Tel: 755 2487
Wah Khiam Catering Services Tel: 748 1340
West Orient Food Services Tel: 348 5084
Yan Palace Restaurant Tel: 222 2516
Ye Liang How Catering Service Tel: 764 0298
YLS Catering Services Tel: 743 5823
Yok Wan Catering Services Tel: 783 6687


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We tried Jia Mei for our housewarming buffet lunch. Not that great leh... my mum says only the bobochacha is nice.


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Hi all

May I know whether anybody tried Liang catering for their lunch buffet..semms like their menu prices are quite comprehensive $1/dish?

pls advise


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I had used Lye Heng Catering for buffet lunch last week for my wedding. All my relatives find the food good..and the portion is quite big.
They are punctual too. Price starts from $10/pax for 9 dishes. large selection of food.


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My wedding was 3 weeks ago, and my caterers were Guan Hoe Soon Restaurant Tel: 344 2761 and Monte Cristo Catering & Cafeteria Services Tel: 282 8680 (they catered for 50 Muslim). Guan Hoe Soon got excellent reviews, and it's very different from normal buffets. we had a buffet dinner... Monte Cristo is excellent too.....But my favourite is still Guan Hoe Soon. We got them for our engagement last year, our tea ceremony and our church reception.....highly recommend!!!


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Hi Observer,

My parent catered fm Lye Heng years ago for house warming party. Their food were nice and the portions were reasonably big. However, we find ther noodles insufficient, so u have to remind them to give u more noodle. They dun charge for the xtra noodles. Their yam paste is yummy.

Alternatively, u may want to consider YLS Catering ( I catered from them for my wedding and their food was good and unique. Their price is very reasonable $10 for 10 dishes + 1 drink and they dun charge for transport.


try DMC Catering Services.....very good food and heard that they are quite experienced in catering for weddings and big functions.

think they have a website:


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Looking for a good catering services who can also cater 2-3 dishes of vegetarian food. Any recommendation?

Mine is a small group, just btw 20-25ppl only.



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Any recommendation for reasonable and reliable catering? Do they charge lesser for weekday catering? Tks.


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Hi inc, U can try THEME catering. Food is nice, price are reasonable. My colleague had used this catering services for her hse warming and bb 1st mth. So did my friend's bb 1st mth. My company also use this company for our roadshow. Can give a call to check it out, tel:62838932


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Can try Ghim Tian Group as they have restaurants n catering. My MIL used them for her 3 sons' wedding banquets n lunch/tea receptions and you can always see them featured in the Chinese newspapers for their good food n services.


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Can try Ghim Tian Group as they have restaurants n catering. My MIL used them for her 3 sons' wedding banquets n lunch/tea receptions and you can always see them featured in the Chinese newspapers for their good food n services.


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Hi all,

Am doing survey for buffet catering for my wedding ..Pls advice on the caterers available.
From the feedback, seems like Lavish catering and CJS are not bad...Has anyone use their service recently? Or any other good and cheap one? Thanks!