Peninsula Excelsior


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hi_mouse> icic, im still considering...


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The newly renovated bridal suite has a beautiful view of the esplanade harbour and bizness district although the hotel is an old building,i was impressed that they have renovated the rooms and the hotel main lobby is actually at the L level by taking the lift up.


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Hi, i'm planning for my AD nxt yr. Anyone had food tasting or attended any banquets @ PE recently? Is the food ok?

I was initially thinking of orchard parade hotel with tung lok classics but due to the tables constraint so looking @ PE.



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Hihi, was considering PE until we have received bad customer service from the banquet manager who we liase with.. She is not flexible with the perks and wont give you much suggestion as well.. She will only mention or check when you ask for it.. As we are still unsure of what we should ask for, its only when we check the necessary and request her for it..
Maybe this is an individual case, but we have decided not to hold our wedding at PE..


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hi all, I am holding my wedding at PE this coming May and have been co-ordinating with the banquet sales Mgr - victoria and she has been quite good so far. The food is not bad but happened to be salty during food tasting. We have told her and the chef to reduce the salt. Other that that, the food is better than some 5 star hotels.


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Hi all... I dropped by PE last night with my gf w/o informing the banquet sales PIC but manage to view the ballroom. The reception @ lvl L (5th) is really impressive and the ballroom is looking fine. I am holding my AD in year 2011 Jun so hope couples who attended or has their AD @ PE can gv me some advise on perks aor anything that I need to look for.


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There are other captivating places in the Peninsula hotel.You will be impressed when you meet your banquet manager.


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Hi all, I went to PE for my PS... The night view is excellent and i received compliments from my frens and BS that the background is v unique and nice.


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so u also having wedding dinner at PE? have you gone for the food tasting yet?
Mind to share your photo.?


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Overall is a very good experience.
Pricing is very reasonable.
Victoria-Wedding Manager is very good!
Richard-Hotel Operation Manager is a weak link.
Rahim Asst Manager is very good!
Food is reasonable.
Honeymoon suite is very good
Carpark-need to improve, system is still very old school and limited.
Location: Very Good a City hall area


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Some possible problems u may face:
1st-pls inform Richard or Rahim NOT to move back the coffee tables before the wedding ends. They actually moved back all the tables and chairs before the wedding ends at the recpetion.
2nd-carpark is a BIG problem. Give options like Funan and one more place where to park.
3rd-Richard can really ruin your wedding. He is the operation manager. Rahim the Asst is so much better.
4-Victoria is great.
5-stay at the Bridal suite, worth it! Stay two days and not one.


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Yes. I am waiting for the manager to get back with me with the negative work attitude of Richard but so far no sound from him.

Overall is good but Richard the operation manger really is a weak link and that may cause unhappiness. If you have a choice, I think is to re consider it.

I would be at least happy if the manager Mr Clement get back to me about my email on Richard poor performance. I guessed they are not keen anymore as they got the money already.


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Hi Grumpy,
CAre to share wat hae Richard done to make you so piss off? and is there any photos to share on the actual venue. Thanks


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He has a hack care attitude.
1.We went to test sound system before the wedding and he don't want to come down and help us despite Victoria's calls to him
2.Before and during the dinner, He has a attitude face. We told him we did not want the backdrop and he was very reluctant to take down for us....and finally did so after we insisted. (lazy)
3.He did not know anything about the sound system and pushed to Rahim and said "I dont know anything". Everything also don't know answer. That is a repeated idea for him.
4. Some problems popped out and he did not offer any solution and has a hack care attitude.
5. At the final dish, we did not even finished out dessert and he came and rushed my parents to form the finishing line. I already told Richard earlier that I only followed my wedding planner's call and not his. I think he wanted to finish the wedding earlier.
6. You see his face and his working attitude, you would be VERY worry about your wedding.
IN the end, we just worked with Rahim. He is so much better.
7 Anyway I told Richard Boss Mr Clement to feedback to me and he has not done so. I think He dont seem to care and did not even email to say sorry about Richard. I think their after event action is terrible.
8. As I have said earlier, overall is still goo. Victoria and Rahim are very good and would help you as much as possible.
9. One more ting about Richard, my wedding IC told him not enough baby chairs. I already gave them a list where to put the baby chairs days ahead of the event. Richard just told my wedding IC, no more baby chairs and no more.
Rahim was the one that went to look for more baby chairs and settled this problem. As we could see, there is baby chairs BUT Richard DON'T care.

I think is ok to have hiccups here and there BUT if they did not reply to me feedback, it really show they did not care much after money paid.


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Plus point:
-Food is good. Note that the fried food for cold dish is VERY hard. Overall, food good.
-Victoria,Rahim and Yashimi are very good and would try to make your wedding work
-The price is very good and you could contra the food tasting table. For a hotel at city area, the price is reasonable.
-The honeymoon suite is very nice and I would suggest to stay 2 days to enjoy the room and view.
-The ballroom is very reasonable for this price.
-Sky lounge very nice and we have our tea ceremony in front of the NDP preview's crowd. GREAT VIEW.

-Parking is a BIG problem. Not only the system is very OLD, their parking at basement is limited and old also. If you are having event on a weekend, pls give guests more than 2 options where to park.
The layout of the hotel is a bit confusing, guests need to find it as there are 2 towers.
-RICHARD! THE Biggest problem. If you did not have a good wedding IC or experienced one, this is one BIG problem. I mean it when I said BIG problem with him.
-Die die have to pay on the same day which we understand but also tiring lah
-Card access system in the lift tend not to work sometimes.

Overall, I could see so much potential in this hotel for Wedding events after the upgrading project (lobbys and carpark) but I felt that Mr Richard is the weak link to this potential.


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r they doing the upgrading project? when will it be done? care to share with me the pics of the actual event of the ballroom. Thanks


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Hi Grumpy, did you manage to get more perks from Victoria? May I know what is your wedding package from Excelsior? Do you like the ballroom layout?


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Hi there,

Victoria is good. Need to give and take lah.

Ballroom layout is good also considering the price is very reasonable and food is not bad


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Hi all, we just had our wedding on the 10th july is what we have experienced on that day

From our first impromptu walk-in (without appointment nor readiness to be serious in commitment for a wedding banquet location) to the very end of our event and checking out of the hotel the next day, Richard has provided very professional advice and service. There was no hard sales closing. Instead, we felt the sincerity and passion of someone in the service line, giving all his best, putting light to the factors of considerations, weighing the pros and cons (such as theme, ambience, location, guest expectations, food, costs, as well as hotels versus restaurants etc) on finding a fit to the desired wedding banquet we will want to have. With the intitial impression during the first meeting, we made our decision and chose Peninsula Excelsior Hotel. And we were right! Service attitude and assistance thereafter were commendable and definitely from someone who has passion in what he's doing.

We had very strange requests (at least we think so) such as the kitchen assisting us to chop and serve the roasted pig (in earlier morning customary ceremonies). Richard explained to us the constraints of the hotel as well as reasonable concerns. However, he did not stop there. He went out of his way help us solve our dilemma with suggestions and solutions and eventually, our guests were able to bring back the roasted pig in containers (which Richard suggested we prepare). Such gestures showed his sincerity in helping us, as the couples out, with alternatives provided without violating the hotel's practice. Richard indeed places himself in the shoes of his customers, going the extra mile.

We were impressed that our comments given to Gana, during the food tasting round were taken seriously and appropriate actions were taken to further perfect the expectations. From the preserved green chillies served during the actual banquet, it shows the service level of Peninsula Excelsiors's staffs. Our family members and relatives are very particular about food and some concerns were raised about hotel food versus traditional chinese restaurants. Well, Peninsula Excelsior Hotel has proved it ^_^ Indeed, there were praises for the temperature of the food (served warm and timely), taste of the food and proportion of the food (just right). We have experience and were involved at times for friends' wedding/ corporate events and seminars and understand the importance of timely coordination and many a times, 5 stars hotels have very good menus and expensive dishes. But poor coordination makes good food in wait at some point and loses the magic when served.

Victoria and Yashimi were prompt in replying us and coordinating for our selected wedding favours, as well as the floor and table plans. Especially closer to the actual day, urgency displayed by the whole team, makes it assuring that everything will turn out smooth.

Shirley and Angela were also a great help for our overseas guests, in making the reservation arrangements for them. Specific details and costing were provided for consideration and decision making.

Richard also provided a very detailed list of instruction on using the car-park coupon system when we raised concerns of the issues faced during the food tasting round.

Our heart-felt thanks and appreciation to the team

Gana (can't remember how to spell his name, he served us during our Food Tasting & helped at the door during the Banquet)

and all others (including staffs at the Sky Lounge, Reception and Coleman's Cafe) in Peninsula Excelsior, who have contributed to make our wedding banquet a memorable one~

Just a side suggestion:
Perhaps you will like to review the lightings during the banquet.
It can be slightly dimmer so that the slides played via the projector can be clearer.
The air-con can be slightly adjusted as well, as it was a little warm.


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we agreed that the carparking system and carpark lots are insufficient for the guest...but the place is very near ctyhall mrt...our suggestion is to park near capitol building(cheaper) rather than funan IT mall...

Peninsula is a very old building they are doing up the ground floor lobbies...although during our wedding day the renovations are not done up, there are clear signages to direct guests to the right location...

Hope this helps...Our wedding is simply an unforgettable one!!!!!
Hi, can anyone advise what are the additional perks to request for before signing with Peninsula Excelsior? E.g Additional room for helpers etc?

Thanks a lot!


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maybe ask for 2 days stay in the suite because the actual pass too fast to enjoy the room, really!

Anyway, cannot bargain too much also, ask for the food tasting table to be deducted in he final bill instead of food tasting. Why taste the food and know that you already made contract?
Anyway food is not bad, the cold dish maybe for the fried food to change to something else. HARD.

I have no BIG complain on anything except Richard.


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Missy Mimi,
Richard not that bad lah, although there were some hiccups. Btw my wedding was over on 3rd july. Mayb he lacked communication chemistry with Grumpy. A lot depends on one's expectations as well.
Hi Victor, thanks for your advise. Any feedback to share for ur wedding? Be it good or bad?

Btw, what are the other perks that you requested for besides those in the original proposal?

Thank you!


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Me din nego for perks cos they are already stated in the proposal. Just remember to check in early during the actual day, so u have more time to rest and rehearse. Oh.. pls emphasize on the desired room for ur bridal suite which is on same level as sky lounge.
Hi Victor, Thank you for your advise. May i know which level is the sky lounge at? Won't there be a lot of people walking along the corridor if the bridal suite is on the same level?



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hi Missy Mimi, the sky lounge is at 22nd storey assured that particular floor wont have alot of ppl walking ard...becoz only hotel stayers will only have the priviledge to get to that its pretty quiet there...

both bridal suite views are fantastic...u can ask richard to let u view both suites and u can choose which one u like and tell richard ur preferences...i am sure richard will definitely try to fight for u unless that day there are guests staying already...u can also pay a visit to the skylounge...for our wedding suite got a full frontal view of the ndp rehearsal at padang and the fireworks are so nice and romantic!


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just contact richard before u go down to the hotel and ask him to show u ard....he is not those pushy managers who is trying to 'hardsell' u to close and seal the deal...just talk to him and u will know that he is a very nice and patient gentleman

Hi Yijun, may i know what are the perks you requested for when you sign with them? Can we request for more invitation cards or with printing?

You mean all the bridal suite are different? I've seen their bridal suite on another level, but not the one on the 22nd storey. Will definately take a look at that bridal suite before confirming the place.

Thank you so much for your feedback!