Novotel Clarke Quay


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thanks vanilla...

I have about 25 or 26 tables, may have to take the cinnamon, but I like the grand ballroom.

Havent check out cinnamon room, hopefully is not much different from grand.


Hi wendy

Sent you 2 links. One is of NCQ, another one is our coffee table album. U can take note of the pics the photographer has of the ballroom setup. I think the set up of cinnamon is almost the same, just tat the size is different tats all, and like suika mentioned, there mayb one pillar blocking tats all.


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yup received your email, thanks

you look lovely and xin fu wor... can't wait for my turn. Bet your hubby and you must be nervous giving speech to all your guests.

hmmm if is my turn, my hubby will be giving english, and mine is chinese... Chinese is more difficult, arhhhh duno what to say.


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<font color="aa00aa">Vanilla, Ang Bao list? How u get ur helpers to drop down how much ang bao ur guests give? Open up on the spot? haha, I dun tink so la, not so nice to do that. =P

Can take a look at ur guest and ang bao list too? Mine although not so fast but need to plan abit if not later I too excited forget this and that. Some more I know mostly I do, my hubby won't care much, guys always like tat.</font>


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oh no, i want pillarless

what theme you choose?


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hi iris,

haha same here, i also scared i forgotten this and that. And is once in a lifetime, so can't redo again.

my hubby also dun care, he give me a budget and ask me to settle. At first im not happy, is like my wedding dinner, instead of ours. Then he explained, if he wants this and I want that, sure quarrel, might as well you go ahead for the preparation, as long as is within our budget.


Hi iris

Its ok, I have emailed u the links again. Pls chk.
No la, the ang bao list is not for ur helpers to use. Its for u n hubby to use when counting the ang bao $$. So can write down or key into the list using ur laptop (if any). Tats what me n hubby did. At least we know who give how much, and for ours &amp; our parents future reference. Next time somebody in the list get married, u noe how much to bao back for them.

I've emaled u the AD schedule &amp; emcee speech too!

Hi wendycp

hehee thanks!
No la, I never give speech. Though kena sabo by those sitting in the VIP tables, I onli said thank u in cantonese, while hubby give speech in english, chinese &amp; teochew. I stand there lik dummy. :p I think sample speech can be found in this forum eh..i think i came across b4. For the ballroom, maybe can ask the co-ordiantor (Jamie or Huiling) to show u both ballrooms? Am not sure abt the Cinnamon room. According to suika, perhaps can accommodate 24 - 26 tables, Phoenix can accommodate 30 - 50 tables. Phoenix is pillarless. If u take note of the pics in my coffeetable album, u can view the full setup of the Phoenix ballroom, and also the theme. I had both crystal &amp; flower themes. U can c frm the march in photos.


Talking about budget..I think i mentioned sumthing like how much i spent on ang baos, PG, VG, wedding singers etc.. well as a guideline, these may be useful for u gals. Based on what I've spent for my wedding last mth:

Bridal package: $2888
Additional photographs: $2600
Wedding shoes: $80
Hubby's shoes: $60 (with shopping voucher)
GDL stuff: $340
Bedsheet: $160
Wedding inserts: $200
Lunch Buffet: $345
Hand bouquet, accessories &amp; flower petals: $70
Flower gals dresses &amp; shoes: $250 (2 sets)
Flower gals' baskets: $30 (2 pcs)
Jie mei corsages: $78
Ang bao box: $27
MUA services: $100 (day &amp; night)
Banquet: $668 per table (weekday)
Red Wine: $924
Photography: $1200
Videography: $1388 (plus $100 early surcharge)
Wedding singers: $850
All angbaos (for jie meis, brothers, kids etc): $2260

BS package and top of of pics are sponsored by in laws, so exclude tat cost. Total expenditure of me &amp; hubby's: 8K + cash in total. Hope the above info helps.


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<font color="aa00aa">thanks Vanilla, I received ur emails. very interesting video, I might be able to borrow some ideas cos next mth I going to be my friend's jie mei again. I think tat's the 5th time being jie mei ald. Lucky I got married soon, if not got to blame my friends, haha, joking onli. =P Agreed that the Ang Bao list quite useful but I think u won't onli do it the next day cos on the day itself u will be too tired to do all these stuffs.

wendycp, maybe gals more detailed &amp; guys not so that's y always got diff thinking. But at least they are willingly to give in to us, so we should be happy.


No probs!

I die die oso make sure I do some after the dinner ended. Cos not safe holding so much $$ (1st time holding SGD five figure sum wif mi..scared!) wif mi, so faster calculate and faster can bank in the cash, but end up I did some of it, the hubby within 10 mins fell aslp liao. Chey! Next day continue again.


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Hi Vanilla,
thks so much!! you have been a big help!

AD less than a month, still settling the songs.
do we need a song for cake cutting too??
pls advise! only thought for 1st march in and 2nd march in....


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Hi Vanilla.. its me again!! haha.. paisei.. got a question to ask u hor..when during ur wedding day in the morning , did u give all the kids present any hongbaos? cos my god bro wedding, he did.. and i was thinking dunno is it necessary...


Hi NiNi

I think basically 8 course is jus right. Usually ppl will be hungry during the 1st few dishes, after tat slowly they start to eat lesser liao. Actauli nowadys, dun think guests will mind 8 or 9 course dinner. So I personally feel 8 course is enuff. Unless u have the additional budget for a 9 course dinner, then by all means.

Hi paperdebris

Cake cutting will be as per your 1st march in song, jus when u reach the stage, then they will lower the vol of the music, and thus it becomes the background music. I had 3 songs altogether, two for march ins and 1 for 1st dish. Think i wanna save the trouble of having so many songs, if like tat i got headache selecting so much songs. But if u wanna have diff songs for ur cake-cutting &amp; champagne pouring and doesn't mind the hassle, I think can be arranged. Jus have to brief the banqiet manager &amp; ur helper cum soundman.

Hi michelle

Halo!! Ok, my cantonese custom is all the kids get ang baos frm us - the couple, when we came back frm my in laws hse, back to my dad's place for tea ceremony. After serving tea to the relatives, then me n hubby's turn to sit dwn and all the kids starts queuing up for ang baos. But they never served tea to us la (which I like stupid lik tat, tht they mus serve tea to us then will get ang baos :p) I think to play safe, u better prepare 10 - 15 ang baos (u agar hw many kids will be present on tat day - ur side &amp; hubby's, then prepare accordingly) for children in case got little kids. Cos if nv prepare, scarely kids 'ask' for ang baos u dun have oso b\very paiseh. So for myself, I kiasu, everything oso backup lor. :p Heng ah..onli my side got kids, hubby's side no kids present ah!! If not pocket burned holes liao LOL


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Hi Vanilla!!

ARG!!!! My side and hubby's side got total 20+ kids!!! OMG! haiz.. sian le... me is hokkien dunno got such custom anot le.. but how much u pack for the kids hongbao???


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Oh ya.. Vanilla... u mentioned that u had 3 songs played.. then the rest of the time is the band which u engaged right?


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Morning Michelle,
Me oso hokkien and i've asked my relatives that time whether i nid to give anot n they told mi hokkiens no nid but u must check with ur hb side liao....what i've heard is if nid den u give those childen that go to u n wish u....not u see them den must give


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Vanilla is rite....for me, i've prepared spare angbaoz not juz for the kids but also case any of them is missed out u see....u can't possible be hiding in the room preparing another angbao n ask that person to wait outside mah......heehee


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Wahaha ya i agree with both u gals le.. i got planned to prepare extras just in case.. my hubby is shanghai ppl... as in the dialect la.. his grandma is cantonese i think...
Hi Vanilla,

Baby planning still not in our agenda, cos will be starting my degree soon-(duration 2 years) unless really fated to be my baby then got have to accept the existence.

And hey, so cute, the countries you mentioned are also where i am looking forward to go.

Taiwan- their summer time
Korea- their winter time (never see snow before)

My most wanting to go place in the world is the Venice, before she sank. hahahah


Ermm, so far i only ordered frm C-cup cos they have the more stars among the recommended ones in that website i provided.

For my Wedding cake, i spent a total of $200+,their regular price is S$3.00 each but for an order quantity above 60 pieces, they do extend a 20% discount. Each cupcake will cost only S$2.40 after discount.
And for your reference, each cupcake measures about 2 to 2.5 inches in diameter.

They also have discounts if you buy in dozens, you may go direct to their website.
But they do have limit for daily bakings, so you may hv to act fast. I have already placed order for the nov 2 for my hubby's birthday liao, a ks me but rather be early than disappointed.

All my jiemeis and brothers whom i later distributed the cakes, ate said that they were veri nice. 1 of the bro even consume 3 continuously without stop every after the 8 course dinner and boozes.

IF you wish to see my wedding photo for the cake that was use on my AD, i can send you my friendster account, i have a photo of my cake cutting there.


Hi Gals.
Let me complain for a while. Really need to vent my frustration out before I die from it.

It was a disappointing birthday yesterday. My hubby did remember and wish me at 12.01 which I was glad. He even ask me out for dinner &amp; make reservation. Which is very good. Great!! I knew he won;t do anything else and it stops right there but just wanna push my luck further cause I thought having a bouquet of flowers would be nice.

During dinner, I dropped hint and told him that my boss asked me whether my hubby will gives surprises like surprise me with gift or flowers. My hubby just smile. Then when we went to the cashier counter to pay for the meal, he ask me to hold the unbrella for him while he sign the receipt, I took the umbrella from him like I'm piss. He asked me what's wrong. I pointed to a bouquet of lilies at the cashie counter and told him pple get to hold flowers but I get to hold umbrella. He laughed.

Then as we walked out of the shop, he asked me should we go and buy thing for the dog. I nearly smacked him.. buy thing for the dog. So I am not even worth more than the dog.

After that I was even more pissed and I told him in the face that I am bloody damn piss now. In the end, he went to a florist shop and bought me a bouquet of purple roses. I dunno to be happy or even more upset but I chose to be even more upset. The roses are turning brown kind. My face showed that I am even more damn pissed.

On the train back home, I keep quiet and dun wish to speak to him. I don't even wanna touch the flowers. Then he told me that why not he send me home tonight to make up for the mistake he had made. I looked at him wide eyed... I nearly cry in the damn train. So he has the intention of not sending me home tonight. It's my bday for god sake. Not any other night. He even got the gut to ask me " Was he supposed to send me home tonight?"

I told him to get off at his station. He insist that he could send me home.. I told him that he had already done alot of damage. Dun do anything more to make things worse.

What have I done to deserve this??? I must have done something wrong. Maybe it was just too much to expect on a bday from your own hubby.


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Hi Ann,

Hm... after reading hor.. actually this yr my bday i spent it also abt the same way as urs.. cos..but my case was worse.. my hubby actually did some hand make things (which i should be happy cos guys seldom make the effort to do such things right?) but.. dunno what comes over me.. i became agitated when i saw the hand make items.. and my face turn black when i realised there is no more to come...

so whole day i walk around the mall with him angrily.. then i decided to hint like u, to my hubby a particular item that i wan... but hor.. he nv catch the hint!!! so i was soooooo angry until really dunno what to say...

Finally, he realised what i wanted when i told him right in the face.. at that time i told myself what have i done to deserve such a person.. but hor..after cooling down.. i realised that, life will change after marriage one.. and of cos this requires both parties to keep it on going in the right way.

If there is no expectations, there will be lesser disappointment.. if ur hubby nv send u flowers b4 during dating (on ur bday i mean) then isn't it abit weird to expect now? SORRY cos i am direct..

I have a fren who keep wanting her bf to send her flowers on V day..but i told her.. she should not expect too much cos.. this kind of thing.. its best if the guy himself make the effort to think of it and buy rather than u tell ask him to right?

So.. dun be too angry down...
Hi Annie,

Happy Belated Birthday to you, you are a libra same as me....

Don't be sad.

That's one of the difference between man and woman but yet the truth abt marriage life.

Some guys will change for better, more caring, more committed

But some will remain no change.

Most women think that Marriage life = Doing things together
Well most men think otherwise; they still live their life as normal. going out with buddies etc

As mentioned previously there are couples who quarreled because of: "Doing things together" issue.

Well guess his action is from the past habit. For your past birthdays or your weekday datings, does he norm send you home? If no, he was just reacted like this very normally....get what i mean?
He sensed your disappointment by offering to send you home out of the norm, trying his best to console you for not able to give you your "perfect birthday flower", well, give him some credit for sensing you unhappiness- at least he is not insensitive, just that "a step behind your perfect birthday celebration".
Optimistic thinking, At least you get to spend the birthday together, some gals only received present thru UPS/NOEL.

My thought on "BGR":

Sometimes because of lady being considerate, not letting them sending us home, has become his "NO NEED to send her home".

So for my 9 years dating with him, unless he need to book in to camp, if not he have to send me home cos "my house's safety not very good", giving him reason that make him feel that it is his responsibility that he have to see me safely home... but once in a while, give him some "sweets".. by showing him our thoughtfulness...

But think you may have to change this slowly...old habit dies hard.
Use good reasons to make him see that things to be done "in your way".Sensibly but not domineering...

My Anata does not have a habit to report his whereabout to his family members. but i told him, for just the 2 of us, living in the house, it is his duty to report his whereabt, so i have no worry abt his safety etc... so now he will sms me whenever "on the way" when he started out from his workplace to home... or sms me to hv dinner without him cos he need to go for ent and will be home late.

Default to be the one who prepare the dinner... cook it or buy it.. then he will inform you whether is he coming hm for dinner. "able to keep track his whereabt"... hahahah


Hi Michelle

If u agar noes both sides will have 20 kids, then prepare ard 30 pcs of ang baos. Any amount will do, ranging from $4 - $8. I bao $6 each the other time round for 15 pcs. Like wat suika mantioned, u &amp; hubby onli need to give ang baos to the kids when they come &amp; greet/wish u one by one. U may wanna chk wif ur family &amp; hubby's family abt their practice. For my case, hubby said they dun practice tat, so I din prepare ang baos for kids for his side.

Ya for the rest of the night, the band provided the entertainment. For ur case, u might want to prepare a CD of songs (love songs or jazz etc), then ask the banquet manager to play as background music when the dinner is being served.


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My dear Mrs Leong.....
Don't get so upset over hb nvr gives mi flowers at all...except on ROM n AD *FAINT*
HAHAHA......i hint till vomit blood liao lor till i told him off rite at his face n he can still ans mi got give u, that ROM...give liao mah

HAHAHA.....last yr mi BD he no even bothers to take leave to pei me lor.......lagi disappointed rite?? but no worries....dat doesn't means he don't care or bothers, so long as he loves u deeply can liao mah..... every guy does it differently to show their love n concern

Think of the brighter side.....if not sure breakdown 1 ;-)

Hi Michelle,
If ur's like mine, all the relatives from both parents will later mit at my hse den u'll hv to b fair to give both side's kids if giving if not den all dun give.....not nice to oni give 1 side of the kids.... u noe la later some of the relatives will start their music behind u 1 lor..... heehee


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Hi suika,
If u plan for sakura season next yr to Japan,
u shld start looking out on promo airflight..

This yr sakura season is 31Mar-late April, I went there during 31Mar-12Apr, managed to catch full bloom in tokyo,kyoto n Osaka!! =)
coz sakura onli hv 1wk life after full bloom...
last yr Nov, i bought my Sg-Tokyo tic from northwest Air, inc tax is S$651
Tenet travel insurance fr my agent(got discount) = $42.5
Japan Rail pass 7days =$365 (got fr JTB wt 5%discount during Natas n forgot the currency tt time..)
Tokyo (5nites stay)= FOC in my fren house
den we travel by suika (Ezlink card in Tokyo)
Osaka stay in Kinki hotel(, Kyoto stay in Waraku-an ( very traditional home stay.

I bought few travel guides n done quite alot of research which place to go which restaurant or place got the local famous food n cheap.. heehe.. tts y i hv the 'shen hu' beef for lunch in tokyo, puffer fish sashimi. hokkaido long leg crab, etc....

If u lucky enough.. hehe.. if nwa over sold their Sg-US tic (transit in tokyo), they will offer u complimentary upgrade for (90min later) JAL flight, free breakfast n FREE RETURN tic!!
hehe.. we using tt FREE tic now to Hokkaido again next yr.. woohoo....


Hi Ann

Dun be wat bruce almighty's bride mentioned, guys behaves differently after marriage. We gals, always expect guys to be forever sweet and loving jus like the courtship days. After marriage, some men will start to look beyond the present &amp; start to prepare for the future &amp; thus their mindset changes. Same goes for women. B4 kids, is all abt hubby n u. So when a child comes along, its all abt the child.

So not saying tat ur hubby is not caring or u hv dun deserve this kinda treatment. Its jus tat perhaps his mindset/priorities changes along the way. Or he may think 'I have bigger things to do and more responsibilities to shoulder after marriage' which is gd in a way. And somehow, men after marriage tends to forget wives need some pacifying and we women too forget the men's needs too.

Well to pacify u, he went to purchase a bouquet of flowers for u. But during tat moment, u were aldy damn pissed &amp; unhapi, so be it the flowers are purple or brownish, u will still be pissed. U thinks he bought it its cos 'for the sake of it'. I think even for myself, I will behave like tat too, if I'm aldy unhapi in the 1st place.
But gal, cool down ya? And come think abt it least he bother to buy u flowers rather than jus let u sulk all the way home ya? Give him some credit. *hugs*

Men usuali thinks this way: If women din voice out wat they wan, men jus assume they dun need. Like my hubby, during our partor days, if i din say i wan him to send me back, then he jus assume we'll head home on our own. Sometimes not all men will be 'auto-mode' we jus need to push them a little, tell/remind them wat we women wans, &amp; soon, they'll get it.
Tats wat I've learnt during the marriage prep course. Its impt tat the couple learn to voice out their needs &amp; wans, rather than expecting the other party to be on 'auto-mode' always. It like "海底æžé’ˆ"


Annie, Michelle >> the diff between guys n gals is that guys dun pick up hints. they need to be told wat to do. sounds unromatic but thats the gender differnece.

i do understand how u feel. even myself when i know that they have to be told, also made the same mistakes sometimes. what i usaually do is to specifically tell my hb way i expect on certain occassions. however sometimes he does forgot n need to be reminded. but he appreciates the fact that i reminded and specifically tells him wat to do instead of letting him guess. n if he give some other surprises is a bonus too.

also for marriage, we cant go into a marriage expecting our other half to change. if we do, we will be very disappointed. men entered a marriage expecting women not to change and vice versa for women. this is the biggest trap to fall into and results in unhappy marriage n sometimes divorce.


Hi Bruce Almighty's bride,

I wan go taiwan eat all the yummy food. Always watch taiwan variety show, got all those makan stuff, I wanna try lor. Can eat, shop, eat, shop. Shiok

Always wanna go korea esp jeju. Heard its a nice plc (as shown in korean dramas again
) Then eat kimchi, kimchi &amp; kimchi! LOL

I wanna c ur wedding cake! Can send mi? U got from C-cup too? I was thinking to have some cupcakes for X'mas celebration. Hehe


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talking abt flowers..
my BF onli sent tulip during my hall life in uni lorrr... quite nice of him tt time.. once in a while he will gv me one..

BUT!!! after grad... hmph!! NO FLOWERS at all!
he said he would lik to buy other thg more me more $$$ worth .. tis yr.. he proposed during my bday..NO FLOWER!! but got abalone in UOB tower private dining.. heehe..
den got other couple proposed too in open hall in tt restaurant.. but got ROSES!!
even the waitress oso tease him y no flower... wahahaha...

so dun be said ya! Mrs Leong.. haha..
Cheers! Happy belated bday to u!!


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Ann, don't be upset...

my hubby also never give me flowers oso during the whole 7yrs of courtship. i also hint until i give up liao and you noe what he said? he said buy flowers no use one, cos they will die, and i don't like fake flowers, so no nid to buy.

suika still abit lucky than me..your hubby gave you flowers on ROM and AD. my hubby bought the flowers for our ROM but AD one, is covered by the bridal boutique, so not he pay one, as good as not giving me..heehee

So, cheer up ya!


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Ask u gals for opinion..
If a not very close colleague (not close until is lik fr other branch, onli hi-bye colleague, invite my fren coz he inviting her closed fren in the same company lor,weird..) invite u for his wedding by email but no follow up after tt at all..
No formal invitation card sent too.. but another closed friend of her not in same company tt knew him oredi got his invitation card wor..

Will u attend?
coz not very close den oso paiseh to ask him whether he is inviting her or not....
den his wedding is next weekday too..
my gf is quite confused now.. so helping her to ask she is like.. go den later guest list dun hv her name, dun go later the groom blame her for nv inform...

for me.. personally I tik to respect ur guest den must send formal invitation card no matter how close or how distance of fren la.. once u ask in email den better send in a formal invitation lo..


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Hi All.. ahaha too many ppl answer ann's prob liao.. so one shot address all.. hheee.. i agree with bruce almighty's bride (Mrs chew) cos... guys mentality are really like this... and Vanilla and divasan says also true.. so now become instead of giving hints, i directly tell him what iwan haha.. but at times i still wish for him to be abit auto la.. but hor at times la..

So.. must compromise is what i learn and give and take!!!
thus.. ann, must cool down.. dun let anger have a chance to cause cracks in ur r/s. And wishing u a "happy belated Bday!!" paisei.. forgotten to wish u earlier on..

Hi funfun, personally, i think no matter how close or not close frens are, invitation cards + email or call or sms is a need lor.. cannot jsut say then later no action.. abt weird le...


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Hi vanilla and suika.. hee thanks for replying my hongbao query.. hehe.. i asked my husband if his sister did give his side's kids during her marriage, he says no.. but cos she is female so dunno if its the same.. but guess got to consult the older ppl liao.. if can dun give better.. budget abit tight.. hehe


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Hi Ann! Happy Belated B'day
Cheer up
Some guys maybe not sure that the so call they considered materialistic stuff,
can mean so much for we girls.
Even buy a stalk of flower can, make us happy liao.
For my hubby is the blur blur type.
Everything need to remind him.
Even ROM flower I also need to inform him.
His response was "AH, Must Need To Buy Flower For ROM Meh? Why ah"?
I was like going to smash his head also.
But if put these aside, when I'm feeling down and morale support is badly needed,
he always there for me and give me his shoulder.
That is the most important. That a man care for a women.


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Mrs Leong..... HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! dun get to upset over that....tml would be a brighter day

my ROM flowers is i go buy 1 lor n AD is oso from BS.....hahaha but he considered that as he give liao lor

is it becoz they are trying to get their tables filled up so invite ur gf in?? heehee coz if wana invite must give card 1 mah if not print for wad la...

my advice is even if they say no nid to give u oso prepare some, in case last min got kids go up to u n congrates u...den u give them 1's blessings u see so that few bucks there cannot save 1
Hi Vanilla,

I pm you liao

Same here...

The shi ri lu kou show rite... aim for that too...

I want to go korea to eat their cao nian gou and the jumpy live octopus... disgusting yet i want to try it at least for once in my lifetime.

Actually i am not into scenery leh... more concern abt food. kekeke


Hi Michelle.
In the past, he will give me flowers. Valentine day, after my exam period, etc etc without me asking loh.

Now he only give me flowers when I look straight at his face and say " GIVE ME THE DAMN FLOWERS", then he will go and buy it.

Actually, what I'm most angry about he was even thinking of not sending me home. I mean it's my bday... you mean I also need to dictate to you that you should send me home on my bday? I really dunno what to say.. I thought it should come naturally.

Sometime I think if I need to draw up a time table and plan for him on what we should do on special occassion. Hai!!!

Hi Mrs Chew.
Sometime I think I should just do what he had done. I should just ignore every special occassions in life, dun tell him where i go or going out with who and just leave our own individual life like we are strangers. Then he will know it's not right. But who knows... Maybe he doesn't even care enough to notice anything.

Hi Suika.
You are right to say that guys show their care and concern in different ways.

But I think sending a gal home should be the most basic care and concern a guy should show. And it's my bday. Can you imagine the disappointment?

I rather he tell me he had to do a project and totally dun come and meet me. At least I won't be so upset. I could think of all the excuses in the world for him on why he was unable to make it to celebrate my bday.

Hi Vanilla.
I am trying to give him credits but he always destroy them before I could calm down. Hai!!!

Hi funfun.
Do you know.. my first flower from him, I got to threaten him for it. I told him if he don't give me roses, I will ask other guys to give me and I dun need him to give me anymore. Sometime I felt so pathetic.

Hi eemoo.
Luckily your hubby is not my hubby. If he talks to me that way, then I will tell him.. "fine... making love also no use one... making love doesn't mean marriage will last forever... and I am not really into it... so might as well we dun make love forever till the day we die... if wan baby then do test tube baby loh."

Hi Jiahui.
I know what you mean. But girls will always be girls and guys will always be guys. But why must it always be girls who should get use to the things... why can't guys also get use to some of our expectations and do it? Hai!!

Anyway gals, thanks for all the birthday wishes.


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Hi ann...

u know hor.. guys are more Chi dun.. as in slow in thinking.. some guys will become more relax after marriage, but hor they didn't realise we girls still treat the r/s like during gf bf times.. so actually this got to be drilled into their mentiality... remind them not to take for granted..
But hor... dun blacklist him yet cos ur hubby might be too tired on that day? I mean.. anyone can be more slow especially on a harsh day... Cool down ok otherwise hor.?


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paisei my otherwise hor .. then i forgot to input the sentence.. i mean if u dun cool down.. later u will think alot of unneccssary things up... which is no good


bruce_almightys_bride >> can u PM me the linky? sure would love to see the cakes! :D

Annie >> your hb is nice of him to buy u flowers even after u asked. my hb is forgot even after i asked for it during one occassion. i was upset with him for his forgetfulness during that time. n of course happy belated birthday to you


My friend told me that guys are more concern about House-its a first establishment of a marriage. And he said that you dun change house by pressing the restart button. Birthdays, every year have... this yr not good cos got to worry abt house. nvm, still got next year.

I felt like stangling him. I told him.. no wife.. then no house then no family... sad but it's a true fact.
Hi Annie,

My anata is one of those guys, must have house first before preparing for others thing...
More practical than us woman who are more emotional.

Agreed once in a while "Nao si zhong", make him worry can be good, but not too frequent if not he will know you chu the pattern and become bo chup one... ;)

What i will do for my sometimes insensitive ah lao- i will remember the issue and seize the right time to use it back at him. After that, will ke ke console him but also point out to him, "you feel disappointed/ unhappy etc right, that was how i felt when you...blah blah blah". Then at this time, he will realise. If not, for some guys by telling, they cannot feel so they don't understand.

Call me a libra, i will make sure he get back the same as i was given...B-)


PM you liao.


Hi Mrs Chew.
They will just realise it then and there at that very moment. But after that, boom.. it's gone! All forgotten liao.


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Hi Ann,

woa...if i tell my hubby that, maybe he say 'okay lor', then i really faintz...haahaa

but hor, all guys are almost the same one what all the gals here are telling you.

give him the benefit of the doubt lor, maybe that day he's really tired and the only thing on his mind is to get home and zzz leh?? you never know what is going on in the guy's mind. sometimes my hubby also abit insensitive one..but if you think about it, if your hubby is so sensitive (like us gals), then it's abit weird also right?

sometimes after i quarrel with my hubby, then when we cool down and talk..and then i realise one thing. Guy's brain very simple one. they're not like us, think of 1 thing can lead to another. so,like what all the gals here said, tell him straight-forward what you want (but i must admit like that hor, no surprise liao)

last but not least, here's a birthday kiss for ya


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must understand.....GUYS are generally moulded out in that manner...don't except too much

so whenever they've done something nice n sweet it's like......WOW..that'ts something sweet of him (even it's an extremely norm thing)