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Discussion in 'Advice By The Experts' started by chinleng, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Bbss

    Bbss New Member

    Hihi! Is the tongshu out already? Thanks master tong

  2. LightHouse

    LightHouse New Member

    Hi Master Tong.

    We are looking for a date for our wedding, appreciate if you could let us know on a good date/month in 2019. Thank you!

    Groom: Monkey (Apr 92')
    Bride: Monkey (Dec 92')

    Groom Mom: Snake (65')
    Groom Dad: Dragon (64')
    Sister: Pig (95')

    Bride Mom: Tiger (62')
    Sister: Rat (96')
  3. Kryskel

    Kryskel New Member

    Hi Bbss

    I think the Tong Shu for 2019 is out. You may wanna email him!
  4. Bbss

    Bbss New Member

    Thank you!!!
  5. cmg_consulting

    cmg_consulting Active Member

  6. cmg_consulting

    cmg_consulting Active Member

    Hi bbori

    April is qing ming so usually no one get married that mth
  7. cmg_consulting

    cmg_consulting Active Member

    HI Remy Tan

    the 2020 tong shu will only be out next year sep . for 2020 dates now the only way is using bazi to select
  8. cmg_consulting

    cmg_consulting Active Member

    Hi RKcorner

    yes 2019 clash bride, so not a good yr for wedding.
  9. cmg_consulting

    cmg_consulting Active Member

    Hi Kryskel

    10/10/2020 clash Dragon, so that date is out for u
  10. cmg_consulting

    cmg_consulting Active Member

    Hi Bbss

    for 2019 yes
  11. cmg_consulting

    cmg_consulting Active Member

    Hi LightHouse,

    pls repost stating which month u looking at
  12. Kryskel

    Kryskel New Member

    Hi Master Tong

    Thank you for your reply.

    How about 01 08 2020?

    Thank you!

    Groom: Rabbit 1987
    Bride: Dragon 1988

    Groom's Mother: Dog

    Groom's Elder Sister: Pig

    Bride's Father: Goat
    Bride's Mother: Dog

    Bride's Twin Sister: Dragon

    Bride's Auntie: Monkey
    Bride's Grandma: Rat
  13. LightHouse

    LightHouse New Member

    Hi Master Tong,

    We are looking at Sep or Nov 2019.

    Also, is it true that if we have alot of Water elements in our bazi, we should avoid the "winter" period?

    Thank you.
  14. Muddlehead

    Muddlehead New Member

    Hi Master Tong.
    My Fiance and I would like to get hitch in Sep2019.
    Could you let us know which date is suitable for us pleaseeee. :)

    Groom: Snake 23 Sep 1989
    Bride: Rooster 25 Sep 1993

    Groom's Father: Rat
    Groom's Mother: Tiger
    Groom's Younger Brother: Monkey, Rat

    Bride's Father: Monkey
    Bride's Mother: Rat
    Bride's Older Brother: Rooster, Pig, Rabbit
  15. Prislalala

    Prislalala New Member

    Hi Master Tong,

    Can trouble you to see if 8 March 2020 a good date for our wedding?

    Groom: Horse 14 Nov 1990
    Bride: Goat 25 May 1991

    Groom's Father: Chicken
    Groom's Mother: Cow
    Groom's Younger Sister: Pig

    Bride's Mother: Cow
    Bride's Older Sister: Dragon

    Thank you very much.
  16. yukime

    yukime New Member

    Hi Master Tong,
    I would like to ask if after calculating the auspicious timing that groom and bride have to step into Groom house after 11am,
    Could we change the venue “groom house” to Hotel? So it’s like stepping into groom house at 11am.
    Because only can step into groom house at 11am or 3am(no one will want to do that).
    It will be too rush for us to rush back hotel from groom house.
    Because we will be holding Lunch Banquet.
    And after consulting the person who helped us to calculate the timing, she said it’s okay to treat hotel as the groom house. Just need to reach there by 11am will do. Nowadays a lot of youngsters do that too. Ask us don’t worry.
    But my Mother in law heard from other relative that no, it’s a must to step into groom house.
    So I’m very very confuse now.
    Please advice me.

    Your Sincerely,
    Worried girl.
  17. Lala20

    Lala20 New Member

    Hi Master Tong,

    My cousin is getting married on 2nd Nov 2019.

    My fiance and I are looking at to get married in Dec 2019.

    Would it clash with my cousin?
    Are the 2 families able to go to each other wedding?

    Thank you.

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