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Hi! May I check if 1 July/ 2 July/ 15 July 2023 are good dates for solemnization + wedding?
Groom: Snake
Bride: Goat
Parents: Horse Goat Horse Rooster

Thank you!!


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Hi Master!

Can I check if 19/11/2023 is a good day for solemnisation + wedding?
Both groom & bride: Rooster

Thank you


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Hi Master,

Can I check if 28/10/23 is a good day for solemnisation + wedding?

Groom: Goat
Bride: Rooster

Our auspicious timing is 5-7am, 9-11am, 3-5pm and 7-9pm.

We’re planning to do tea ceremony and solemnisation + lunch reception at the venue. So how should we go about with the auspicious timing?

And, groom’s grandmother (late mum’s side) just passed away in Aug this year, so relatives and grandfather from that side can attend and have tea ceremony? + groom’s uncle (step-mum’s side) also passed away in Sep this year, can relatives and grandfather from this side attend and have tea ceremony?

I have a wedding in May’23, can I attend?


Hi Master,

May I check if 8 Feb 2023 is a good day for ROM for us?

Groom: Snake
Groom Dad: Pig
Groom Mum: Horse (passed on)

Bride: Horse
Bride Dad: Tiger
Bride Mum: Dragon


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Hi Master,

May i check if 15 Oct or 29 Oct or 2nd Dec or 9th Dec is good day for wedding + solemnisation?

Groom: Rooster
Groom's Dad: Ox
Groom's Mum: Dog

Bride: Rooster
Bride Dad: Snake
Bride Mum: Monkey
Hi Master,

May I enquire if 18 nov is good day for wedding dinner?
and ROM on 29/10 or 30/10 is good?

Groom & Bride : Rooster
Groom’s Parents: Rat & Ox
Bride’s Parents : Tiger & Rabbit

thank you!!


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Hi Master,

May i ask if 14 dec or 15 dec 2024 is a good date to get married?

My parents said this year(dragon) is not a good year for us to get married cos our(bride & groom) zodiac fan tai sui ..

Groom and Bride: Dog