How do I remove a thread/message that I posted?


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Hi Chin Leng,

We (My FH and I) are new members in here and found the use of certain functions on the web missing.

Anyway, we love this portal you guys have created. It's so useful and informative. Excellent job!

Just a couple of suggestions here. We hope you won't mind. =)

Maybe you guys could consider setting "delete" button for posts as well as a way which we could "modify" our profile such that our full names won't be revealed? We wanted to delete some posts and switch pseudonyms but unable to do so. Any ideas how?

Perhaps have some similar functions to the functions on what they have in email accounts?

Thanks for hearing us rattle! Happy 2007~ =)


thread... no idea..

but post u can edit it by clickin on the right corner of your msg beside a printer logo.. u can just put dot dot dot in there and submit the change