His intention?


Piggy, ignore him. He is trying to show that he is a loving father. As long as you stay strong, I am sure the custody will be yours.

Slowly heal yourself and love yourself. If you do not love yourself, nobody will. Take good care of yourself so that you can care better for your gal.

Talk to your family and friends if you need someone to listen. Or pm me should you need someone to talk to.


Yah. Some times I always wonder why 2 person who had been in love can be so cruel during divorce.

By being upset with him, the only person that will feel the negative impact is only yourself. Really no point. Of course you have all the rights to feel upset. Let yourself be upset, angry, emotional. But after everything is settled, let yourself go. Only by letting yourself off, you can start afresh.


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He using I am a career woman that tactic to fight for share care and control.
He indicate that I work OTtill midnight, or regular hour to 8 pm everyday. Where else he knock off at 6 pm everyday. Of course he drive, I took mrt. That why I need 1 hr he only need few min.

He say I am inexperience of handling my child. I am spiteful and revengeful.

Need his mom help to take care of child.

How much chance that I would lose care and control for my child.


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Simple, Amazingpiggy...

The common concern of the local judge revolves around the welfare of the child.

And the common reply by a lawyer you hired will simply point you to your parents who can care for the baby or...

However, do note that:
1. Childcare doesn't always open when you need it. During times like urgent projects or activities need to be done during most public holidays, your childcare will be closed.
2. Childcare can also closed due to temporary children epidemic issues for quarantine and other MOH directives.
3. Childcare cannot replace the amount of parental attention to the children.

Whether you are inexperienced handling a child or not is NOT an issue, since the child has been with you since already when.

But spiteful and revengeful will be an issue if your husband digs out relevant mental records from (eg) IMH or NUH to prove that you may 'harm' the child.

When he raised about your working hours, simply throw this to the judge and his lawyer:

He could be busy with other women outside, even if he is leaving work earlier, since this is the reason why you are leaving him. If he has time for someone else than yourself, how do you think he has time for the child?

The best is to talk to your parents and if they are still alive, their willingness to handle the child will counter his claims.

While it is the 'official' reason of defence when it comes to Childcare, if he probes further, Childcare indeed cannot 100% cater to your child every time.

If you believe in Milo Meelo and the morons... you can go to the your lawyer and before the judge and see for yourself. LOL~


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I already employ a maid and together with my mom to help take care of baby when at work. However my mom already have on hand 2 kids, 3 and 4 years old to take care (my bro kids)
These 2 kids is attending half day child care from 2013 onwards.

His mom also stay at home mom who seldom go out due to her health issue. And is the first grand child of their family.

So the chance?


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Won't affect.

Normally in Singapore, the baby goes to the mother... UNLESS your husband has the brain of Scope.

You gotta understand, this area of laws has A LOT of loopholes.

So assuming your husband is represented by a common lawyer with common training and attitude, then you should be safe.

Before the judge, you have to question your husband's concern towards the welfare of the child when he doesn't showed concern to the marriage and you the wife because he is seeing other woman (and this can happen when he is taking care of the child), whereas you will be trusted to full effort to the child's interest/welfare.

Which is... you are exploiting a legal basis that your husband('s claim) cannot be trusted.

Got it?

In a way, your record is 'clean', but your husband's towards 'family' isn't.

Which is, if Jack Neo's wife were to fight his husband and Jack Neo declares he'd be doing this and that in accordance to family obligations and values, his wife can easily shoot him down... and 'devalues' what his claims into virtual nothing.

So what do you think of your chance?

There is no need to hire two maids... as long as your mum is willing to take care (or at least declare so), can oredi.

The only problem comes if your bro's children are babies and your mother is overly-loaded. (feeding babies milk takes 'a whole day' per baby...) But this is not apparently so in your case.

So as long as your husband can't exploit loopholes and the judge is 'normal' (which is, he is not exceptionally idiotic or that good to know the loopholes even if he is your husband's best buddy)... things should be ok.


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Trade secret, baby.

My free help applies only to the normal and usual cases. For exceptional 'argument' or super tough fights, I'd charge a fee.

This much will be enough for you, and most others facing the same situation.

I obviously do not expect you will be facing with someone with exceptional IQ level.