Four Seasons Hotel


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hrm was thinking of trading. but the swapped items really dun excite me. corkages is not even cost to them. more of revenue lost.

was told the same. but will reception area looks odd for a tea ceremony. its like an open area
much prefer an enclosed space..

but din realise the capacity is only 15. =S

do u gals wanna set up a FB group.?


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erm..the capacity of 15 is estimated by me...As i have been to this suite before and i felt more than 15 could be squeezy. And i meant 15people in the living room area only.

but i felt its not a bad idea to have it right after the solemnization, as its pretty convenient for those older relatives.. no need to walk that much? It really depends. And a bigger space vs a smaller space.. i would go for the bigger space, so the photographer + videographer got more space to work around and produce better photos/video for me.. hee... Moreover the reception area doors are surely closed for the solemnization. So its not that open after all?


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thx red! Understood. =) heheh guess will depend on the layout.

coordinator did say can book a function room. but dun think i wanna spend the money.

Esther btw i clinched the cards for 1.62 double sided print full colour. hiaks!
Chinz, I think its 7/715pm? Your coordinator can recommend but ultimately it's up to you.

For me, solemnisation is at ballroom foyer at 630pm immediately followed by reception at 7pm. Hope to start dinner earlier maybe tell guests to be seated by 730pm. (Plus buffer 15 mins shd be able to start dinner at 745pm)
Is that too optimistic?
I will indicate on my card that dinner will start at 730 (for the perpetual latecomers ;p) but i intend to only start at 745. So by right its 45mins for mingling. I think try to keep it to less than an hour? Otherwise the earlier guests might get restless already. Especially those with kids. But if you have alot of activities during ya reception such as phototaking booth or the peking duck station then might be ok. Now im jus thinking if i shd touch up make up just before the 1st march-in. From the time i get my make up done for the solemn to the time for 1st march-in would be almost 2 hours. That would eat into the mingling time..
Good afternoon everyone, what a quiet week in this thread..
Anyway I just wana ask, if you have a booth for displaying say, cupcakes, wish tree or just photos, do we have to arrange/decorate the table ourself or will FS do it for us?


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ahh i see .. i have the same issue as u. got tea b4 the dinner so make up will be done by 5pm. by the time it hits dinner already 3 hrs. I guess it will stay.. coz its aircon. but cant help but worry. coz the make up has to last close to 6 hrs.

are u considering getting the MUA to stay?

hrm shld get the cards mid Aug latest! whee. will show def.

and the last one.... i will rquest for a table or stands to prop up my displays. but not really counting on them to provide much. *keep expectations low*
I don't know how much isit to get MUA to stay. But i understand the MUA could hav to go to another place for another bride first then come back again? Cuz usually they have at least 2jobs a day. Havent decided if i need her yet.

Heh keep expectations low, i like that. so u will ask your friends to help u with the arrangement?


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Hey everyone!!

It has been a busy 'last week of July' for me due to my job!

I think it would be good if the MUA stays, at least for 1st march in, some touch ups can be done, and for the 2nd march in, a change of hairstyle would be nice! But..usually the $$$ would be quite high coz we are engaging MUA the whole night. And might have to give her a seat at the dinner.

If MUA goes back, we can do some minor touch ups ourselves. I think my make up skills should still be OK to do some minor touch ups

As for your next qn, I think if we tell our coordinator, they should be willing to give us 1 more table with skirting. Decor wise, maybe they can provide some petals...

For me, I am having solemnisation DURING dinner, and they will give me a solemnisation table FOC. So I guess, to extend one table for your cupcakes shouldnt be a problem.


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lol yup sac. my JM and XD will help. and i budgeted 1 hr to 1hr 30mins to go down and setit up as well.

MUA to stay is abt 180. =( but thats for 2nd march in. heh. if i get another CS then i prob will get her to stay.

hrm ya i guess they ahve to do 2 jobs in a day to make it worth

heya esther! my MU skills are non existent! ahh..

nice u got them to provide u stuff?
btw the cards they are having promo this mth!


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Haha no, but since im doing solemnisation during the dinner, its just an additional table on stage. Im sure they will throw in some flower petals as well ba, and not give me a plain table.

U meant card room having promo? If im right you using card room right?

Since my AD is 11 months away... I think it'll be too early for me to print..

So far what have you all settled already?


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heh okie! got it will u be taking the cake as well? im tempted to swap out coz i fancy some baker now. =)budden it prob wun be as "tall" as the FS cake.

yup im using card room. waiting for the first drafts =) hee ok if ur ad is 11mths then its abit early. Current promo is 30% off printing cost and $5 for 100 stickers. =)

So far settled

Photoshoot done. waiting for photos
Florist for church
Bridal car
Card vendors: pending the drafts

So mainly all the vendors i need are settled already. now got to sort out the details and execute.

6 mths left!


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Hey Chin,

Looks like u are quite well prepared!!

Im most headache for AD VG/PG coz the ones i come across are so EX!!! And for the cheaper ones, im worried of the quality =(

Bridal car..hmm...any recommendations?

Card vendors should be quite alright for me i guess..

If you swap out the cakes, would they exchange it for other things?


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yups esther same prob for me.. i went with a decent PG and a more no frills vg. coz im not into the big ceinematography style. =)

there are a couple of prdtn houses that package photos and video into something more affordable. like unique colours forest productions a cinematicstory. etc.

hrm not too sure yet abt the cake.. "low expectations" for the swapping.. haha now i just tell myself they will be ngeow.. so i wun get so irritated.


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Ya realli have to shop for VG/PG soon. Ive heard of unique colors.

As of now, im really concerned of the suite. Have travelled widely, and gone on a few local 'staycations', so have seen a fair share of big, luxurious suites..

'kp my fingers crossed, and like u, pre-empt myself they'll be ngeow to avoid dissapointments.


I dun think anybody get any substantial perks out of swapping away the cards =( Chin and I are sourcing out cards on our own too.


Hi Galz.. Hope the preparations are smooth.. Been awhile since I last posted something already.. Really busy with work and all..

Esther: You may want to consider Eirik Tan Photography and Derrick Yiu Videography.. Reasonably priced for the quality they provide.. Just quote Gerald Chew.. Haha..

P.S Anyone got good lobang for the Wedding Biscuits and Cupcakes? ;)


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Hi Gerald,

You are back! Ok i will go look at their websites and will definitely quote you if i engage their svc =)

Your AD is in ... Oct? Hows ur prep coming along?
If its really in Oct, you are due for food tasting already right?

Wedding Biscuits? You meant those Teochew biscuits for GDL? Can try gin thye, pine garden (think its at amk), or da zhong guo.

Or that famous egg tart shop at the shophouse next to Maxwell market.


Esther: Yup, my coord called me last week.. Haha.. I don't really have time to go ;( haven't confirm my wedding cards, live band and the bridal car yet.. So stress now.. Haiz.. Don't even know what else there is to settle..

Will try to see if they have a website to view their cakes..

Eirik Tan Photography I confirmed since last year after he shot my ROM.. Really like his casual style.. Let me know if u want to view the photos..


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anybody's corrdinator is ivy? is she still in fs? haven't contacted her since i booked the venue last oct. finally emailed her yesterday but no reply. will try calling her tomorrow.


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Gerald: I think you have to devote some time aside already! But i think wedding cards, band and car shouldnt take much time..

YES!! I wana view your ROM pics! [email protected]

I went to Eirik's website yesterday and agreed his style is the one im looking for too.

No cheesy poses, and overall effect is like telling a story.. just hope his prices are within my budget.

You are having Eirik as your AD PG too?

Jane: Mine's not Ivy. When is your AD?




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Gerald, some pics are sooo sweet !!! =)

Esp the one where you and your wife are looking at each other during solemnisation, and those on the beach =)

I will be calling him prob next month. Coz my AD's in July, so now might be too early.


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hey all, i'm also considering Four seasons or Good wood park for end of next year.. FS doesn't have alot of goodies thrown in but the venue is much nicer compared to GWP... And prices for GWP rose by alot for next year..


Just wondering what other goodies you guys managed to get.. I am in touch with Ivy too=)


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Gerald, I will check out Derrik Yiu in a few month's time, coz Im currently too busy with work =(

Hi Trisha,

Think its quite hard to get goodies out of FS.

In fact, me and HTB was deciding between GWP and FS too, as GWP was holding its wedding show then, with lotsa priviledges. Finally, we decided to go ahead with FS for its nice venue and great service.

I think its fine to hold ROM at the foyer. It is a private foyer so it won't be too open =)


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sacc, last i know, GWP was $1268 ++ / table when I enquire during May/June this year. Corkage waiver, red wine/table etc..

ya im also interested to know whats the pr/table now. what about FS? anyone heard any price increase for next yr?


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Sacc, when i approached GWP, their's $1288++, its during their wedding fair that they reduce to $1268 ++.

Gd thing for GWP is their min table is 18 for smaller ballroom (tudor) but I like FS ballroom (min is 25 tables).

Initially we wanted to invite only 21 tables? But due to FS req, we have to invite more ppl. =)

But it was a hard dec, as I like GWP's colonial style building, and its private foyer at Tudor ballroom. The menu are for us to customise, and wedding favors have many varieties, with free projectors in ballrm, so its quite tempting. But, like many others, we are wowed by FS's ballroom =)

I have not really source hard for cards, coz my guest list is still not concrete yet, so also dunno how many cards i need.

Last week i went to Bras Basah, 1 shop quoted me $3.50/pc for 100 pcs and above, for this really basic cheena looking card. =( So i think i'll go to the vendors FS recommends.
Icic..i have a different prob, too many tables but FS max is 32 and its quite cramped with 32 tables. So i have to try and cut the guest list.

As for the cards, 3.50/pc for a basic card is quite ex, no?? Think I will just use FS cards. .


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hi tricia ! goodies and FS arent really synonymous =p i decided to swap out of a number of things. will let u noe if i do manage. =p

Been a long time since im here! more active on fb now. =P 3.50 is way overcharging u can get a really pretty one from letterpress or card room for the same price.

i just got my same from the cardroom. simple tho but its abt 1.60 dpending on the discount.


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sacc, that time i was deciding between tudor or windsor ballroom or FS... really hard dec.

but we were thinking wedding is once in a lifetime, so not worth it if we let perks / lower prices sway us over..tho GWP is really more flexible compared to FS, and it is a good wedding venue too..

chin, yes agree! $3.50 is overcharging!!! For that, I might as well go to Cardroom already.. and do kp us updated if you are successful in your swaps!


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hey all,

thanks for your reply.

sacchar1n3: GWP is now quoting 1368++/table with 12more bottles of wine and 1 additional 30L beer and free corkage waiver. their menu seems to be more attractive than FS.

overall if i were to add up all the additional cost incurred for FS, i think it'll be roughly the same as GWP. and there's a nice pool side at GWP to do ROM too=)

still not decided though

Chinzilla: pls update whether u were able to swap=)
Poolside ROM sounds nice~ FS only has it at foyer or in ballroom.
I think it depends on what you need. Do you need the additional wine/beer? I noticed that couples who chose FS just really liked the place. Otherwise, in terms of perks, goodies, ahem, there's not much haha

Is quality of food and service impt to u? I have never attended GWP wedding b4 so really have no idea.

Anyone gone for food tasting already?


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hi trisha, I agree GWP menu has more variety, as in for each dish, (cold dish, poultry, desserts etc), we have a choice of about 5 to choose from.

FS menu is more or less standard.

Quality of food wise, both have good reviews. But sacc is right that most couples chose FS for the ambience in the ballroom. =)

Ya anyone went for food tasting already? Gerald's AD is in Oct, should be going around this time already right?


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Hi Joanna,

Why the sad face about solemnising at the foyer? haha

The foyer is a private area with doors closed, it'll be nice ! Or some couples also hold their solemnisation at the 'window east' room? (but have to check if there's extra charges)

Did not try asking for helper's room, coz I guess everyone would crash at the bridal suite.

Kp us updated on your Food Tasting Pics!