Four Seasons Hotel


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haha ok.. so bottom line go with gold? bleah! haha ok .. i used the money from the projector for other things . yay $90 saved!

heya sac . probably tiffany blue or silver.. other colours are probably pink as well.

Briefly scannedthru tabao. its abt S$0.40 per sash. so if u get 100 seats its abt S$40 plus shipping maybe S$20. max S$60. actually come to think of it golden dragon may sell.. HRM

anyone wants to go take a look?
I have decided! If we are limited by the sash colour..will take the maroon/black seat/gold sash combi for std tables then VIP tables use red sash instead of gold sash.

Chinz, too much hassle for me, will just use what FS has..Maybe u can use the flowers to match ya church decor. White and gold combi for tables is quite easy to match with any flowers!


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congrats on deciding.!. i think it will be a very classy! combination. ur napkins will be the red ones?

hehe ya i will. flowers i think no issue. Pink and white. just the blue.. will either skip the sash for the guest and use the tiff blue for VIP.

a part of me is just "赌气" i guess. Coz i cant believe they only just stock one colour for the sashes + the ridgidness of some issues. So where budget allows I'll try to make up for it by DIY-ing.
lol maybe i shld just let go
Thanks! Nope, im having the maroon tables so i think the black napkins will look ok. Match the black chairs haha..Save me the trouble of looking for red napkins too! I also cant believe FS sometimes.. We pay so much then they so rigid on so many stuff. grrr...

Here pay abit there top up a little, could add up to quite alot. I still need to keep some savings for my house reno!! haha just whining abit..


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another idea ! .. cant change the sash colour.. change how to tie the sash.

there are quite a number of looks for chair sashes. i guess we can pick one and ask FS to do it .. this shldnt be a problem bah!

ya i the little top ups do add up. hehe wedding itself its ex + the reno *ouch** lol lets see watthe coordinators can do lor.

maybe just maybe they will update their themes..(sashes are max $100 for 100 sashes which is super affordable for them) ...

in any case ur chosen one will be great. lol ya black napkins better. im a goose for saying red napkins on a maroon table.


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most of the flower shops can do one up for u. quotes i got was for abt 150.

alternatively u can go spot light or those craft stores at textile center/concord to get the branches to diy.

lol im having a tree too. but mine is metal and big



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Wah so much activity already!!! I think FS thread is easily the busiest =)

Hey sacc, thank you sooo much for your email!!

It has been a great help!! I think my combi is quite similar to yours.... maroon and gold...

I would very much prefer the black chair covers, but... haiz...maybe have to stick with the white covers for now... (or till we convince our parents)

Its the 1st time i hear we are only limited to gold sashes... i was still quite happy with their choices for sashes! (Rem my previous posts, i mentioned they have lavender, silver, tiff blue etc?)

What about the 'cloth' decor on the stage? Is it always gonna be gold? or its changeable without additonal cost, according to our theme?

Chin, i cannot imagine your big tree !


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i think YX clarified that the other colours is just for VIP table?

hrm now that u mention it .... *pray stage is not limited to gold* *growl*

haha its not huge ! its abt 1m vs 1.5mn. coz i wanna hang buckets so needs to be sturdy
Chinz, thanks for the info, I want a big tree too! haha it's so "wow"! Im trying to find a ready made one online cuz i cant DIY to save myself! Cant seem to find it in the forum markets.

Esther,no prob! Did u ask ya coordinator if the other colours are definitely available for all seats? Heh im sure if you mix it well the colours would look good too.


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hrm how big do u need it. i guess most ple dun sell coz the florist often takes back the tree. the 150 i got quoted was for those on a table enuf for 200 guest tags. those that i noe that have are redbox sing see soon, flower couture, poppy flora, love droplets. but ask for samples. sometimes the large ones they quoted are similar to massive trees without leaves.. not v nice .. coz its like dead wood.

save on crafts has some metal ones . but i think the shipping is expensive.


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Sweetiipie: Yes my coordinator told me sashes got all those colours.

Sacc: no i didnt ask if the colours are avail for all tables or only VIP. But I assumed its for all lor, so i didnt know they only have enuff for VIP tables.

Some FS setting i saw, the couple dun even have sashes, which i think its rather plain.. so i m very particular about sashes. Hope they bring in more colors!!

Wah you gals really are a creative lot! Got trees somemore! Some got photobooth, got band... For mine, if dun have, wonder is it very boring....

Guests nowadays are exposed to many creative theme weddings..

For mine is the usual march in with dad, solemnise, video montage, photo montage... even favours also only use FS chocs !!!
chinz, so many! thks!! very excited going to check them out tonight!

esther, mine is also the usual stuff like yours. no space for the band and no budget for photobooth. also using FS choc..heh so trying to see if i can add some other things. but im not blssed with DIY talent so abit difficult


chinz: haha.. save the money for something else la! (wrt the sash color). haha.. unless you really like it
cos FS's stand is that they chose the colors that best matched FS ballroom's ambience. so, yeps...

esther: dun worry! mine's the no frill's wedding lunch too! :D

yup, only gold sashes available for the entire ballroom. colored sashes only enough for VIP tables.


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have fun sac! hope u get the tree u want. the 150 is for the rental + some decor to the tree.

size prob sth like this , best to ask again.

heh Esther more impt is the couple! i think the guests wil feel the love in ur celebration thats gd enuf and tahts most impt!

heh YX tx for the explaination! ur invaluable for your information!

hrm i was actually prepared to scrap the guest sash and just using the tiff blue for the VIP . but if even the stage is Gold, then i dun think it matches with the tiff blue.

Hrm dun think i will compromise on the colour theme for now.. haha again its me being stubborn coz i would like a choice.

I can understand their stand that they want to match their ambience, but its a tad autocratic if they expect all brides to like their style. I was working with Lewis within the confines of the linen and cutlery. But only gold for stage backdrop/chairs isnt much of an option.
Unless now 1. i change my entire colour scheme or 2. scrap sashes for the stage and chairs.

Think liking their ballroom and liking their style for decor is two seperate items.

crap getting really fustrated now
Chinz, keep the sashes, really looks alot better with sash. with abit of gold i think still can match the tiff blue cuz there will be alot of white.

Do u all think it will be weird to have a different colour sash for only the chairs along the aisle? For eg. gold sash on all alternate chairs but red sash for those along the aisle. Black linen throughout.


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sacc: me too agree with sweetiipie to standardise sash color! if not looks abit 'luan'.

YX, actually part of me wants something special, but part of me feel that FS is already such a nice venue, nice food.. that sorta sets me at ease liao..

coz im the lazy, un-creative gal !!

Chin: agree with sacc too, to pls keep the sash!! 'else it looks plain...

i saw tiff blue 'cloth' on stage the last time i went. Maybe you wana check if that's an ugrade?


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sac, appareciate ur advice. heh i roughly get wat ur saying.. *Cross fingers and see hows for now* I'll prob talk later in the year to lewis and move on from there.

hrm..ur idea will look cool! like a marker. tho.. gold may outshine the red which is more muted?
Ya i think so too Chinz, but they have limited red so that's the only option~

Anywayz i cant seem to find the wish tree on the websites! Haha Im quite bad at this. I'll probably contact them


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hrm.. or sth else.. some florals or signs on the aisle seat?

heh they dun display on their webbie. got to call to ask abt it.



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they generally noe the concept of the wedding tree when u ask for it.

Far east floral was the worse. I asked abt a wedding tree.. They thot i wanted to buy an actual tree... waivde me off with.. we dun sell trees!


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chin, i think these can be done, at a cost..

I click on your link and spot a small change:

Instead of a trial dinner for 8, it became a trial lunch.. but it won't affect us right?


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dun think so. contract says dinner. i guess we'll follow that.

Ya ur right Esther probably @ cost. heh just amused how flexible everything sounds and in reality its either additional cost or not doable.

I rem reading this way back and being really impressed then.

YX how was ur alcohol negotiations?


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i rem coz urquite unique. just read the long thread.. have u decided wat to swap for.. "? doesnt seem gd btw the two options actually


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the past threads do bear some reading.

... hrmz .. just FYI if ur not using their cards

Posted on Wednesday, October 04, 2006 - 3:43 pm:

I am not getting the wedding invites from FS as I didnt really like them unless they are planning to change it..
So since I am not getting the Wedding Invites, my coordinator told me that they will waive the projector fee.

It makes perfect sense to me that the projector can be borrowed from more $$$$$..

Shall see what the coordinator can exchange for in that case...

Wishing you a wonderful wedding on Sunday, Tansy!!!


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Chin, this helps! Haha maybe can use this as a precedence and see if we can waive the proj fee.

Personally i think d proj is a basic equipment that comes with the ballroom, so having to pay for it is so xian...

Dunno why but im so excited. wanna ask my coordinator if there's any setup one of these weekends, gonna bring my cam this time round and snap pics!!


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yup! shall see if its possible hee hee.
idea! ur ad coming soon? thats why excited?


btw i figurd out another way on the cards. still digital print. but u can buy off designs from graphic designers. @ ~S$30 -40 or less. and send them to print at bras basar or those printers. <$1.50 both card... Its suitable for a modern style. can check out etsy for some designers.


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haha nopez my AD is in yr!!

buy from graphic designers? i went to bras basah's tecman, and a shop next to it. There are many samples, so i guess i'll prob pick something nice from there..

chin, is it poss we swap cards for a room upgrade, if not the proj fee? The exec suite is reali small, i.m.o.


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sacc: ive seen the suite already. its in an awkward layout.

its not very big too. Realli hope can upgrade to the 1 room suite. =(

The last i went, i didnt bring my cam.

My coordinator uses a key (not keycard) to access the room. I didnt see if there's any 'keycard slot'. (these small things affect me!)

I have not booked any appt with my coordinator to see any setups , coz mine's 1 year from now, so feel abit paiseh to pester her so early. She can also concentrate on couples who are about to get married.
icic.. so strange, the package says 2 nights stay in a "suite" but in FS website, the executive suite is considered a "guestroom", not a "suite".

Anyway, do let us know if you manage to upgrade to the 1 room suite!


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oohh . im looking at the etsy graphic designers. they design and send u the jpg/PDf and u just have to find a printer.

i havent seen the suite yet ! is it that bad? i thot its big enuf to do the tea ceremony?

hrm honestly im not optimistic.. think we all noe how negow they are .. if u read back since 2002... they are sticklers for exchanging stuff. personally dun even haf high hopes they will trade for the projector..


Chinz: nope, htb and I have not decided :/

Haha and I saw the wedding invites... Kana cui man :/ one cny card, one christmas card, one cheapo 1pc card - as my bf and friend puts it. Lol.. Wow all the cards swap for projector? Sounds decent.. Hmmmmmmm.

Esther: wah!!!! I thought the suite will be very good one leh


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comparison of the room types

esther just too confirm its the executive one rite?

YX:hrm slowly think thru? see if u can further nego? haha ur bf/frens description of the cards is so apt.. w/c one are u taking?

Anyway the exchange is just that one precedence.. dunno now if they will let us?

i wanted to see wat flowers can be swapped for .. turns out corkage waiver and upgrade of fish.. =S

Does anyone noe if they changed the themes b4? i read so far back its always the same..


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yes its d executive suite. think if tea ceremony might be a lil squeezy.. btw u wana trade in flowers? the fish is soon hock rite? better if its garoupa..


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Chinzilla: it's the four season executive suite. To hold more than 15 people in this suite living area can be squeezy..
Another alternative venue to do the tea ceremony, is the Reception area advised by my coordinator.