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Hi all,

My AD is in Dec2011, and I am finally thinking of getting a cheongsam made (after much thinking), any kind souls know where should I head to?
Budget is $300.



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havent been on this thread for a while !
Melisa i brought mine to a dry cleaner! how was ur PS?

Crysaline it dpds on the type and amt of lace. will be btw 800 - 1200.


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Hi Chinzilla, ya.. has been a while since you come to the thread. How's your wedding preps so far? Nearer & nearer to your AD.
^_^ excited ya...


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hee hee ! ya everything migrated to facebook .. so i troll the fb pages more.
heh more and more to prep! but yup its getting exciting..

did u get ur pics already>


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Hi ladies, has anyone tailored made wedding gown with Wilson before? Can advice on estimated cost for a full-lace wedding gown?


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Anyone can advice what's the average cost for a MTM cheongsum? Was told a simple piece without lace will costs abt $800++.. Is that the norm?


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Hello, a simple knee length one by wilson is about that price


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hi chinz, really? maybe it's been a while so i forgot price, apologies....cuz i thought i saw very nice knee length one w/o lace at 800... but mabel do pay wilson a visit to check it out

there are other nice cheongsam shops as well. There's this place in arcade, the cheongsam looks very good as well. Didnt have chance to ask price cuz i was busy and just went with wilson instead. If you have time, enjoy urself and shop ard. Give yourself more choice.


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heya ho! could it be the knee length one had embroidery? I did a long and short one with him. Short one was 600 for full lace .. but it wasnt french lace. and the long one was close to 1k full lace.

yup agree there are other CS shops depending on the type of CS you want? like brocade there are some in Holland V? or Ted Collections? off the rack studios maybe Dang Bridal?

but avoid mazzario by mimi?

a friend of mine had a horrendous experience with them. After buying the CS , the alteration was bad.. and they blamed her body shape? totally no service unless your willing to spend.....


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Is mazzario that bad? I'm thinking of custom making a simple wedding cheongsam dress.. Searched out a voluble of websites and it seems to me that mazzario is the one to go to... Having reservations now.. Help!


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My MIL went to make a cheongsam at centrepoint, not sure which shop it is, and it turned out quite bad. They finally decided to go ahead to make another cheongsam at ted collection over at balestier.

I managed to finally get a look of it yesterday, and it was really beautiful. So i guess i can safely recommend ted collection to those looking for CS.


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Mazzario by mimi's service is really bad. That day I went to their shop wanting to MTM a long half lace cheongsam as tea dress, they say will have 20% discount if I do and collect the gown in Dec. Who knows when I finished the consultation, choose the material and lace then realized the whole thing after discount cost me $952! Add a train cost $300 extra! Its really too expensive and I asked for 1 week to consider and immediately the staff turn angry and give me black face! The lady boss mimi even say if its her she will charge more and not $952. She even wanna charge me $150 for consultation fees which I was not told earlier. Very bad experience..


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Even though I knew a cheongsam needed time, I delayed the serious shopping until 3 months prior to the wedding. This is based on an assumption that since I was not a difficult body shape; it would be easy for me to find something. 

I was terribly wrong. A bridal cheongsam is very different from what people wear for other occasions. Also, the fit is crucial so simply altering an OTR is not ideal too. 

I went to Mdm Butterfly but was unimpressed with the auntie styles. Mazzario was promising by research but once in the dimly lit shop, the designs were strangely similar and didn't sweep me away. Then i went to Chinatown and visited Mama and Misse, which has very innovative and modern designs. Next, at Golden Scissors, I managed to like an OTR model, and hence bought a blush color cheongsam with muted gold lace all over, in a halter design. Since the back is entirely bare, I asked for lace to cover it up which left a diamond shape bare, and this costs extra. Alterations generally were free btw.

It turned out unsuitable and badly altered. I had a small waist of 23" but the fit did not help me show off this feature. The lace was flimsy and the entire dress costing $150 was just sleazy. It might have been different if I had completely made one from scratch, but I was very unimpressed with Golden Scissors' work and advice for brides.

So I got more desperate. Mama and Misse was having a 50% store wide sale so they were too busy for urgent dress orders. I knew I could not afford Ted Wu and time was running out, so I explored rental options. The shop at Peninsula Plaza was a cozy one that has 3 non-red or non-kua options, and they were very decent and only commanded $180 to rent with alterations. The salespeople were not pushy at all but encouraged me to consider the pieces carefully for one that could express me the most. The other option was a recommendation to online store webarina. The prompt replies to requests for pictures was amazing, and I enjoyed the correspondences a lot. I also went to Hana at Bali Lane, but the regular-looking dress i tried on costs about $2000. I ran out of the shop and pulled my fiancé with me as fast as I could.

An outdated website put up by the niece of the owner of Iris and Edel tailoring at Lucky Chinatown caught my attention. Even as outdated as it was (last post was in 2009), the designs were modern and modest. Though Lucky Chinatown sounds really sleazy to me, at that state of desperation, I had nothing to lose. 

The small shop was cramped, but you could feel that it was a genuine tailoring business. The seamstresses were hard at work, so they barely raised their heads to say hi welcome, then went back to the sewing on hand. The sound of the sewing machine at the back was unmistakeable, but I was left on my own to browse the very crammed rack. Presuming that the business has been in existence for some time, the designs were also catered for tai-tais. I was put off by the auntie designs and was ready to call it a wrap that evening until Iris walked in. She saw that I was in the younger age group, and pulled out some bridal dresses for me to see. They were nice, and I was quite ready to settle when I heard that they only needed 2 weeks for an urgent order at about 200-300 bucks, depending on lace and material used. I promised to come back that weekend. 

As my mum was a seamtress by training, I asked her to come and assess the work they do. That day, there was a knee-length design on the rack that I considered ideal, and so wound up making an order with my mum's blessing. I picked Shantung silk over satin, and lace applique instead of all over the dress, seeking a touch of unique-ness. I had wanted baby green with pink lace, but Iris recommended to reverse the color as pink is more bridal than green, so I agreed. 

The moment we went home, my mum could not stop thinking about making a dress there herself. She examined their work and said that they were meticulous and neat. I could not deny her the opportunity to look elegant at my wedding, so I brought her back there to make a dress. It was agonizing to witness 2 seamstresses talk tailor jargon and keep perfecting the choice of colors. Business was brisk, and Iris was understandably sometimes distracted, but she always came back and never let you walk away dissatisfied. And so we wound up with a cheongsam dress order for mummy too. 

My dress was made in 2 weeks time plus a little delay as they ran out of the lace that I picked. They didn't come clean with me initially but I sensed something was wrong when my mum's dress was ready before mine, so I offered to pick another lace to make things easier for everyone. However, when I went into the shop, they confessed and while I was choosing another lace, they found what i had picked. They kept saying that I brought them luck but I was just happy that they could finish the job by the next day. 

Throughout the tailoring, no fitting was done - the measurements were done so well that none was required. My mum also said that they intentionally made the dress with allowances for weight gain or loss, as cheongsam can be unforgiving in showing off unflattering areas. In the end, I thought my mum's dress was prettier than mine, but my friends and relatives love the way we looked - me bridal and mummy elegant. My mum made me promise to bring her back there at least once every year to make a dress. 

For those of you who are still deliberating, I would not hesitate to recommend Iris and Edel. They are affordable and come with such a wealth of experience, which we all need because most of us are brides for the first time. I kicked myself so many times for wasting money on other dresses when all it takes was just one trip to Iris. I honestly don't think Iris loses out drastically to designer cheongsam boutiques. So spare yourself all the stress and make that trip to Iris to see it for yourself. 


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Hi Adele

I had a similar experience as you, being discouraged by MTM cheongsams costing $800-$2000, but kinda stopped short of exploring further. Could you please share any pictures and the cost of your CS at Iris? [email protected]. I would be most grateful


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Hi Adele,
I am interested to see the cheongsam that you tailored for your mum too. I am also looking for something nice for my mum for my wedding day and I cannot compromise on those that are sold in OG shopping centres.
My email address is [email protected].
Appreciate greatly!!


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Hi Adele,

I am considering tailoring a cheongsam if my BS doesn't have a nice one for me. Can you share the pictures of the cheongsams for yourself and your mum? The cheongsams costed about $200-300 each?
[email protected]

Many thanks!


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Hi everyone, I just want to share my experiences hunt for the wedding Cheongsam. I realise that in Singapore you can get CS ranging from those in in roughly around 3 sets of price range

Cat 1: Affordable, Off the Rack Short CS $80-$150
There are a few places in Singapore that sells nice OTR short CS. I generally love CS, so I do buy them on a regular basis for CNY and for work. Here are 2 places I like

1) Golden Scissor Dress Making
People's Park Complex (above food centre)
Block 32, New Market Road, #02-1116/1126
It's near OG Chinatown.
I have bought a few 'retro' pieces here and also bought one short red halter one for my tea ceremony. It was $118. The shop is FULL of cheongsams, take your time to go through the rack, and ask for suggestions (shop owners only speak Mandarin though)

2) Danica
Far East Plaza #03-29
I will go to Danica maybe once a year to buy some CS for work. They usually have an 'offer rack' ($40-$80), and their new items are around $120-$160.

When you are at People's Park Complex, you will find a couple more CS shops on the second floor. I did browse around quite a bit, I just liked the CS at Golden Scissors!

Cat B: $250-$500 Value for Money OTR/MTM CS
If you are looking for long CS, or really nice MTM short one, here are some good choices

1) Iris and Edel
Lucky Chinatown
Thanks to Adele, I checked them out and finally decided to make my evening (long) CS with them. cost is just under $450. It will be full lace, with satin underlay and with lace applique. I will get to do a fitting in Nov! They do have more affordable options from $200-$300 for the shorter pieces, or the simple long pieces

2) Mama and Misse
They have 3 branches in Singapore (Chinatown, Holland Village, International Plaza) and you can get a OTR Short CS for ard $300 and MTM SHORT CS for around $500. I think the quality of their CS is very good. I have friends who made really nice CS from M&M.

Cat C: 700-$1000 MTM Long CS
I was very very tempted to choose one of these 3 tailors. I checked them all out.
1) Max Couture.
Katong Shopping Center
Wilson is highly recommended on various forums and I paid him a visit. He has the most sample photos, and sample fabrics for you to look at. Wilson is friendly and not pushy. Just out of my budget. Long MTM CS from $800

2) Zion Creation
#01-34 Golden Landmark
Another good choice, and they have nice OTR pieces, great for brides who need a CS in a hurry. Lovely french/ german lace pieces with various cuts and colours. Nice friendly service too. OTR long pieces from $700 and MTM pieces from $1000.

3) Mama and Misse
As mentioned previously, a popular choice, their MTM Long CS are also from around $800.

Cat C: Luxury 'Designer' CS from $2000
If you have the budget, Dang Bridal and Ted Wu known for their bridal CS pieces. I have friends who used them and their CS were stunning.

So I have made my choice! It's a Golden Scissor short CS for Tea, and Long MTM piece from Edel and Iris.

Have fun in your CS hunt gals!


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Hi all! Just completed my wedding dinner and I wore the CS tailored from Iris and Edel. I was really pleased with the CS and the excellent service from the tailor auntie. Strong recommended!


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After reading so many reviews on the various cheongsam tailors, I made an appointment with the popular Ted Collections for a consultation. The whole experience was so disappointing that I had to create a forum account just to share the story with you all. I was treated with condescension and impatience in the short 20 minutes spent there.

When I called I was attended to a very friendly lady called Alice. She also called me on the day to reconfirm the appointment in the warmest manner. It all went downhill from there though. After I arrived and was brought to the consultation desk by Alice, the designer was already sitting there working on something. Without introducing himself or anything, his first statement to me was: “What’s your budget? Do you want a train?”

I told him I was hoping to get something done for $800 to $1000, but as this was my first stop in dress-shopping I am open for discussion. You can tell when someone isn’t interested in listening to you, because before I actually finished my whole sentence, he started naming all the things I CANNOT do with $800.

“$800 only cannot do train ah. Material is also cannot choose the nicer silk like this one because we line it three times. Also cannot full lace. Full lace is very expensive one cos we use good quality lace. Beading not too much. Also the design less complex lor, end up is look simple one lah. You okay with that or not?”

Great salesmanship, why didn’t or at least find out what I want first? Did I say I want train or full lace?

Undaunted, I outlined the generic concept of what I want – Long with no train, but the silhouette I was hoping to get a recommendation from him. Colour-wise, I hope to use a royal or dark blue with a contrasting lace appliqué all over the collar, and down one side.

He then brought out a light blue floral print fabric that apparently just arrived and insisted that would be perfect and I can save on lace appliqués since it is already with prints. I complimented on the fabric but commented it is a little “busy” in terms of the prints, and I would actually prefer a sold colour for the base. He kept insisting, even draping the fabric over himself, and saying if I want to stand-out, this would be good. I repeated once more that whilst it was a great print, I would like a dark royal blue as it would match my banquet theme, my invitation cards, and most importantly it’s a colour I really love. I then showed him a moodboard on my ipad for the colour series I have been dreaming of.

Knowing there is no way he can push that floral silk fabric on me, he turned more condescending than he already was and started saying how I can do what I like since it’s my wedding. He then asked me when is my wedding date (6 months from the consultation) and started feigning shock on how with limited time (especially with CNY in between), I cannot to get a well-made cheongsam for the budget that I have. Before I could respond, he started lecturing me on how when people book an airticket, the longer in advance they book, the cheaper the price. “It is common sense. Any more questions?” He closed the photobook in front of me with irritation.

That was pretty much the last straw, I am in the travel business and know full well what he said was not only untrue but it was unnecessary and rude. I thanked him for his time and said obviously it is difficult for me to get my dream gown here since they are so high-end, I’ll look around elsewhere. He said “Okay you think about it, but if you want to confirm with us you must tell me by next week. Else no time already, I very busy after that.” He passed me his card, his name is ******.

And that was that. I left the shop feeling appalled and determined not to return.
Once out of the shop, I called Wilson at Max Couture for an appointment. Wilson was so friendly and patient over the phone and when I told him my wedding date, budget, and generic concept of the cheongsam (same stuff I told ******), Wilson said “Oh sounds nice, can, can, we need to talk over some details but sounds do-able.” So next week I’ll give my business to Wilson instead.


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Hey mintmocha, I've had my beautiful cheongsam from Wilson as well and a totally great experience with him! I'm sure you'll be in good hands. DOn't worry!


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wow great thread on cheongsams here! Very grateful for the experience shard. Initially i wanted to go to Teds collection but after hearing the horror story, I think i would be better off trying wilson or Iris and Edel

wish me luck!


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Just made a cheongsam with Max Couture after reading all the raves from this forum! Went to Ted Collection but wasnt really impressed with the designer. Went to Max Couture 1 week after that and we placed a deposit with him immediately!


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Is it true that Yap/****** (are they the same person?) and Alice have left Ted Collection and created their own studio?
Who's left at Ted Collection now?



Reviving this thread. Who has made cheongsam with Wilson recently? For a full length with train CS how much will that cost including fabric.

He does help to source for fabric and lace right?

blissfully me

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Looks like I am not the only one with a bad experience with Ted Collections (now **************). This is my review:

1. The plus: Seemed to have positive reviews about their work.

2. The neutral: Just a facebook page with mostly pictures from what seems to be the owner’s own wedding.

3. The minus: Utter lack of professionalism to the point of being rude.

I’ll spare you the details but my experience with them left quite a bit upset, still.

I did an inquiry by myself and got such horrible treatment.

Seems like they only want to talk to a couple and not to an individual.

They are plain rude so you may like to give them a miss.


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just wanted to warn fellow brides-to-be's mums/aunties.... Please avoid the Cheongsam Shoppe at all costs!!
the filipino staff that attended to me "sweet-talked" my mother in buying a cheongsam, and assured us that it did not require dry cleaning etc etc . She said it could just be shaken lightly in water and hung to dry. After doing just that, we realised that the bottom hem was now very wavy and crooked, and the black inner lining was now misshapen and could be seen peeking out from the side...

I brought it back to the Nex outlet and was served by a disinterested auntie who said she was a part-timer, did not know anything, asked me to come back again another day?! After I had taken time off work specially to go down to Nex. She did not even offer to ask a senior colleague for a solution to my query. I had to repeatedly suggest she call her boss or another outlet for help. She claimed her boss was uncontactable, the other colleague from other outlet did not want to speak to me, and that she will tell the full-time staff to call me the next day.

After getting nowhere with that auntie, i had to leave. The filipino staff who called me back claimed that "after inspection, they concluded the wavy hemline was due to ironing". It was not!! My mother doesn't even own a functioning iron currently!! Yet her tone was so emphatic and haughty, it really irritated me a lot. Like she was insinuating that my mother and i were LIARS. She outright refused to exchange or refund me for this defective product, and still insisted that there was nothing wrong with her cleaning instructions.

Worse still, she said she has "never had any problems" with any other customers. Even if I were believe that were true, when someone buys a can of expired food from the supermarket and complains, does the supermarket say that the customer is lying, cos no one else has returned the rotten canned food before??

The appalling customer service is really unbecoming on a shop that claims to sell "classy" modern cheongsam dresses and tops.

Please do not be fooled by their lousy staff who have no clue how to treat their customers right.


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I am looking to custom make a long cheongsam and my budget is about $400.
Would anyone be able to recommend me a good tailor for this?

Thank you!!