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it's fun la - just close your eyes only .. hahahahah ..

i'm soooooo happy that it's 10.15am already .. close to half day gone and tomorrow one more day of work before long holidays!! yippee!!

I got a bad news. My CNY holiday may be spent re-marking 500 test papers.

I confirmed the marking scheme with my subject leader two times on Wed morning. She replied yes. So I spent 2 days to finish marking the essay questions. Today she suddenly wanted to change the marking scheme, which means I need to re-mark them.

Haha let me discuss discuss with her later. ;)


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green, glad for you
otherwise you'll be hard at work when people are taking a break - so unfair!

will you be going? sure to be a lot of people yah ..
I'm not going cos I don't like crowd. Hehe I'm only interested in the theme park! Casino doesn't appeal to me.

If going casino, I rather use the $100 to go Genting casino instead. Spore casino, come out still breathe hot air. Genting casino, come out can breathe cold air lol.


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hi mayi .. how was the steamboat dinner?

no la, i don't think i'll be going for that .. probably go for disney on ice with the kids - hahahaha ..

i went to the egyptian exhibition at the national museum on saturday - not bad but disappointed that the mummies didn't come alive.


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eh.. what drunk? i do drink, but i dont get drunk (anymore)... lolx... drink within limit (budget)...

Greenie, me struggling loh.. lolx.. accounting sucks.. but taxation is interesting though..
japanese language getting complicated... ~.~"
A woman goes to the doctor, beaten black and blue.

Doctor: "What happened?"

Woman: " Doctor, I don't know what to do. Every time my
Husband comes home drunk he beats me to a pulp...."

Doctor: "I have a real good medicine against that:
When your husband comes home drunk, just take a
Glass of chamomile tea and start gargling with it.
Just gargle and gargle".

2 weeks later she comes back to the doctor and
Looks reborn and fresh again.

Woman: " Doc, that was a brilliant idea! Every time my
Husband came home drunk I gargled with chamomile
Tea and gargled and nothing happened.

Doctor:" You see how keeping your
Mouth shut helps!!!"


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Yuki u wont like my answer :p

Interpretations is to define/understand the FRS in SG environment whereas FRS is the actual guideline/standard set up Accounting standard board. Please correct me if i am wrong.


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Why wont i like your answer? There's nothing to like anyway..

i've printed and read the FRS den saw the Interpretations... lazy to read it and check it out... short cut -- ask u first! =P


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a lot!! hahahahah .. quite a number of my previous plants had died and then i realised why .. cos i put shaded plants under direct sunlight and plants that need direct sunlight in the shade! duh! my knifebean plant has become grasshopper central (they feed on the leaves) so i'm contemplating covering the plant with netting ..

the husband spent about $200+ on flowers, soil and compost on saturday .. i spent another $90 on sunday. did the flowerbed on sunday evening for about 1.5 hours - back started aching then. yesterday re-rooted the lime plants and my children plucked most of the limes to eat cos they thought it was oranges! last night we planted some more new seeds - french bean, snap beans and sofi wanted to plant some tomato seeds so these i put in small pots so she will have to take care until the seedlings grow and then i will transplant to the vegetable patch.


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something fun for the kids too .. when they dig the ground, they see earthworms and then they start asking questions about it, they ran and scream though when the husband held it in his hand .. hahahah .. now they're learning responsibility also because they have to water and care for the plants ...


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sofi had one eye closed and her face was all contorted, cringing at the sourness of the limes. hahahaha - serves her right for plucking my plant bare! lol.


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cannot leh, green .. after this, i want to downgrade to apartment leh .. so we will have to do garage sale when we move out .. hahahaha..
*Shoot an arrow to Meng* U got to help chatters organise April outing le! The rest of us are busy. We'll let u miss us till then ;)

I'm busy with furnishing my new house this week cos I'm moving house next weekend hehe.
Nothing exciting cos I've been moving place every year!

Moving from North to North LOL. We're not doing any major renovation, just simple repainting. We bought a 8-year-old, move-in condition unit. Its valuation price is higher than the other units in that area but we save on the renovation. Anyway, this is just tempory lodging for us, so no point to do major renovation. In 2.5 years, we'll be getting the keys for BTO unit. :p

My hubby is helping out with the moving tasks, so it's still copeable for me.

House warming... Let me see how after I settle everything hehe. See if I feel lazy anot.

Where're the pictures of your garden? Upload & let us see see leh.


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my garden is dying leh .. from over-watering since got heavy downpour during the last few days .. hope to be able to see what's the damage this weekend .. sigh ..

it's exciting for me la .. i really want a place of our own, you know so i can decorate it properly ..

Your current place is 2-year lease & it's very big. U can definitely decorate it as much as u desire!
Furthermore, renting doesn't expose one to the risk of property market crash.

I'm going to rent my 2 rooms out. I'll still be staying with strangers in the new place LOL, so it's not much difference to my stay in my current place lor.

I always feel it's the happy family bond that makes a place a "Home" hehe; the "House" is just a shelter.