Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price


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U can try the NUH undergrads supervised by their supervisors. They are cheap... but u can only see them on specific times on weekdays ..

Or i recommend u to see some govt related clinics like NTUC, for example.


I was on braces for 1 and a half yr and I was told to put on my retainers after that. That was somewhere in 2005. I only had e retainers for 3 months then I forgot to bring back from my overseas trip and that's it. I don't bother to call or visit my ortho again for a replacement retainers. Its almost 3 years now & I find that my front right tooth has started to protude out.

Ques is: If I visit another ortho, do U guys think I will be told to put on braces again? Or can I just ask for new retainers. I dont want to go back to my old ortho, sure kena scolding.
What bout Dr Boey? Will she attend such relapse cases like mine? Many thanks guys.


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I agree with bigman, NUH undegrads are CHEAP!!

I was on braces 4.5yrs back with them. U dont have to worry about the undergrads not pro enough, Ive done mine and it's perfectly fine till now. =) Happy with the results. =) I spent a total of 2.1k for the braces and retainer. (Excluding xrays and extractions)


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Any idea wat the difference between damon 3 and damon 3mx brackets? Other than their design.

Is damon 3mx really stronger than damon 3?

My orthodontist recommend me to put damon 3mx but i like choosing damon 3 cus it looks nicer and less visible.


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Hi Amanda,

Since u're not gonna have braces on forever, I wud recommend the stronger and short-lasting one which is wat ur ortho is recommending u, the damon 3mx. I don't know the difference between it , u can go google on damon website bah.

Hi petitegirl,

4.5 yrs is a long time! unless urs is a difficult case like mine... I wont' recommend someone to do it for so long if it can be helped though...


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Aline Dental at Adelphi. Mine cost $3500 excluding extraction. Now price increased to $3600. I'm removing mine in abt 2 mths time! happie!


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Dear all!

anyone visited AllSmiles Dental care at Jurong West?

how's their service?
i know Dr oh chin hong is very famous....
how abt other dr?
Dr ethan tan?

anyone did your braces with Dr Phan Kok Leong, Dale?
can share your experience pls?



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I did mine at Aline Dental too, cheesylaksa. I dun find the doc gd leh..everytime i go, he dun talk de lor. Never say anything until i asked questions...

How's your experience with him??


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Hi vernon's mummy,

I think u wud need to put braces on both teeth... cos the top and bottom mus have good matching harmony.


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Yes bigman is right,
Should put both up n down, I put on braces 5 years back, only on my upper teeth. Now I regretted it, my lower teeth starts to crook and might be going for second time of braces.



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Hi all~!

I've been thinking of doing braces for a long time and interested in doing those 'invisible' braces... I heard it's expensive... does anyone know how much it costs roughly at Government and Private clinics?
My teeth is actually quite straight... jus dat the top set of front teeth is a little slunted outwards. i'm reli keen to 'push back' my teeth. Does anyone has a similar problem as mine?
Any recommendation for doing braces in the east (punggol, sengkang, hougang...)?
Thanks in advance!!! =)


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Hi zarlyna wong,

There's a new type of braces called BIOMERS.

It's very new and invented by NUS singapore students.
Curently, Prof Kelvin Foong of NUH and Dr Vivian tan of AH is using them.

This braces is COMPLETELY translucent and doesn't stain. It's the ultimate dream of braces wearers!


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Just to recommend an orthodontist. I have seen results from his previous patients and I know other dentists have referred cases to him before.

Look for Dr Onn Lok Sang.

150, Orchard Road #02-09
Orchard Plaza
Singapore 238841
Phone : 68367553, 63335285


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HI blue skies,

Orchard clinics are more expensive so i wud suggest one to go maybe AH or outside town areas.


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After reading the post I am so blur...I need to put braces as well but I do not know which dentist to go to...$$$ also another problem

Anyone can recommend orthodontist to me? hopefully have gentle hands?


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Hi, wondering if there's still anyone here. I wanted to put on braces, but I'm looking for private ones. Can anyone recommend an orthodontist (east) to me? Someone who have more experiences and can do a better job? :S


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Hi Random, you don't accept PM.

I don't have any contacts of dentists located in the east but you can try Dr Onn Lok Sang who has a private practice at Orchard Plaza, #02-09. Tel. 68367553. I've recommended him before and will still do coz I have seen the results of his ortho cases and they are good.

Although another forummer mentioned above that practices in Orchard area are more expensive, I don't think that is necessarily true. You can always call them up and get a comparison of prices.

Good luck!


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Hi Bigman

Yes, you are right. Biomers are new stuff.It came out in the newspaper before full page. Well we shall see what will the longterm result.
Orchard dentists are not necessary expensive, there are no of dentists charging HDB or even lower than HDB rates. So just need to look or ask around for such dentists.



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Correct me if I'm wrong. but so far, I've not known of any orchard dentists who charge lower than HDB prices, simple becos of the rental price there...unless u can provide some examples??

If u go those govt like AH or KTPH or heartland areas, their prices will also, cos of the rental price, be lower.


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I think all dentists charge the same price for braces but some may have additional prices. I went to embrace dental and my braces costs S$4500 but they made me pay for several unnecessary items which totaled to be about S$200++


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I completed my braces treatment at Dr Lim Hong Meng clinic at Mt. E. I am very satisfied with the outcome. I signed up the package about 4 years ago with a price of sgd 5k + gst for metal braces (upper and lower).

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Catherine Soon

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As others have mentioned, orthodontic treatment can take several years to conclude, so if you want results in time for your wedding it will need to be a few years out.


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Have you went for the consultation? If yes how much did Casa Dental quote you for Invisalign? How long do you need to wear? I heard other clinics have referral program too.


I did it in Yishun neighborhood dentist for $3800 many years back. I think they are charging $4500 now. I can consider doing at NDC too. Get a referral letter from polyclinic to do braces at a heavily subsidized rate ^^


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I started my metal braces at The Braces Practice at holland village recently! I think coz the clinic is new, there is an opening promotion!... I like how the clinic is so cosy and clean. Sadly, I'm not a student anymore but they are offering cheap student rates! Go check them out :)


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I also did my braces with Dr lim Hong Meng at Mount Elizabeth Hospital. i actually had braces when i was 17 with another braces specialist. but felt that it could be even better. sought another opinion with Dr Lim Hong Meng and managed to straighten it even further within 6 mths! Just in time for my wedding! all worthwhile coz everyone complimented my smile. i chose the ceramic braces which is pretty transparent. i had my photoshoot with my braces on and it turned out well! cant see it from the photos at all. i think nth beats a beautiful bride with a dazzling smile.


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I had a friend's recommendation to see Dr Eugene Wee, and was told that he was at NDC. Turns out, he had already left NDC for private practice, so I went ahead to do a consult there. Was skeptical after the consult, so I decided to pay Dr Wee a visit at his clinic. Glad I did! His prices are almost the same as NDC, and I could start treatment at my convenience! Also, it was so hard to get through to NDC. The phone line was always engaged, and even when I got through, I was kept waiting on the line. Booking appointments are a breeze with Dr Wee. The receptionist is friendly, and they try to accommodate you as much as possible. I know I'm guilty for always taking the last slot at the end of the day!! He is friendly, professional, and takes time to explain to me the different options. I wanted to do Invisalign initially, but after speaking to him on the different options, and discussing the pros and cons, I realised that it is not for me. I'm so glad he did not try to sell me the more expensive treatment, just to get more money!

Currently getting married soon, and even though I only told Dr Wee AFTER we started the braces, he really tries his best to finish in time for my wedding! I love my Damon Clear braces! Really comfortable, and I don't know why people always say that braces are always poking the lips. His clinic is called Symmetry Dentofacial Aesthetics. He's at Farrer Park MRT station, and I think the address is the same as the MRT station haha!


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I did mine a few years back at Alfred Cheng in Moun E. I think I paid 3.2k or so. If u like fast and efficient, no nonsense, no rapport building kind of service, then I think Alfred Cheng will be good for u.

His clinic is forever very packed so every appointment he'll just do the necessary and u can leave. Lol
Anyone heard of clear aligner? transparent plastic type. I started mine with MBrace, clear aligner system manufactured in Singapore. Its been 9 months and results pretty good. As compared to the others brands, which i am quoted >$7500... this is more affordable. Ultimately, they are almost the same technology accordingly to my doctors.


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I started off my braces journey afraid of the process. But it turned out About Braces was very experienced and efficient throughout the whole process. I am glad that I chose Dr Vaz and did my braces at About Braces and I am very happy with my treatment there.


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@babalala no rapport building? can't be that bad hahaha!
My girls just went to see Dr Eugene Wee last month. I must say, he's warm and friendly, and he checks and explains very thoroughly and clearly. Didn't rush us to make a decision, and didn't hardsell anything. We asked a lot of questions, and he patiently answered them without rushing us (we spent 1 hour doing the checkup, and he didn't charge us extra). His clinic is very comfortable, and the staff always ask us whether we want coffee haha! Had been getting quite a few recommendations about him, and here's one more from us! Great job! Extractions for girl #1 was very smooth and fast; she didn't feel a thing, and was smiling afterwards. His clinic was very packed on the first day we went, and the staff told me patients were booked in back to back as it was the school holidays. Clinic is in a medical hub building, and MRT exit was in the building. Ground floor has Sushi Jin and Bakerzin, where we went for milkshakes after the appointments!


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I did it in Yishun neighborhood dentist for $3800 many years back. I think they are charging $4500 now. I can consider doing at NDC too. Get a referral letter from polyclinic to do braces at a heavily subsidized rate ^^
Now the subsidy is not as high already.. haiz..


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Please DO NOT go to A line Dental.

I have been experiencing many problems since my braces with them.

1. Bad headache and giddiness for months

2. Cracking and popping of jaws - difficulty opening mouth (Dental says will go away on its own)

3. Buzzing sound in ear that is almost 24/7 (Dental advise to see Ear specialist which i did and found no issues)

4. Twitching of cheek/ Jaw trembling almost 24/7 . Feels like whole body shaking

This was my last straw and i asked if i should remove my braces instead which the dentist agreed. Bad Move. As a specialist, he should be aware that i had NO BITE. Meaning my upper n lower teeth don really match each other ( seriously dunno what he did to my teeth alignment) and i have difficulty chewing.

Spent 3k on braces and having to spend even more to rectify it. Not even sure this TMJ will be cured or not.

Please think twice before visiting A Line. The dentisit is not taking responsibilty for this.