Any dentist to recommend for braces - good and at reason price


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Yes my girlfriends told me that metal braces got to take out and put back after wedding... so mafan!
I was considering porcelain braces, but after looking at the dental model during consultation, I still feel it looks v obvious if I leave it on for the wedding.

Had a discussion with my orthodontist... he was v patient and nice! Gave quite a lot of options, and I finally decided on lingual braces (braces is glued on the inside instead of outside). No need to take out liao. Perfect!
So far good results! Still moving my teeth, but many of my friends don't know I wear braces hurhurhur! I saw the results he did on other patients before choosing this option. No regrets :D

Mm maybe you can ask him if not too late lol! He's quite popular leh. Got quite a few brides talked about him. Dr Eugene Wee. Quite pro when doing his work. Busy like h*ll on saturdays!


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Might want to check out Elite Dental Group at Orchard Building!

Contact them at 6333 4456!

They are specialized in Cosmetics Dentistry and charges reasonably - price similar to Q&M. The service is excellent