Any Bridal Shop In JB You Want To Recommend?


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I have sign up package at JB Alise Bridal and find that the package is a very good offer. Not pushy and not so commercial like other Bridal shop , they will throw in alot of free gift but all of no use.. The owner Alice is very friendly and she knows what kind of package we are looking for .
The cheapest package cost RM $2688 and if add another RM $400 go to Desaru or they will come in to Singapore.
She will be able to pick u up if you dont have vehicles to her shop.
I took the RM $3688 package and i top up another RM $400 to go Desaru. I have a MTM white gown. She have a gown making factory just above her shop .
She believes that all brides deserve to be princess on that day . Her gown is free for all to test and thus there are no package stating your gown should be VIP only or Super VIP. What ever gown she have, you wear and its nice .. you just choose..
I have tested my gown and taken some testing shoot of gown that I have tested and will be taking my photo shooting this Dec 08.


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I'm newbie here...
anyone convenience to share with me for their packages & photos... as i'm deciding to take up the bridal packages in JB...

DAWN, VENUS, TOUCH BRIDAL (-.-!!!) which is better, low cost???

thanks in advance (^@^)

my email address: [email protected]


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Hmmm... personally i wont engage a JB photographer if im holding my banquet in Singapore. high tendacy of been late and unable to find location.

Im a SG Bride myself. jus book with them last weekend. is the 3rd shop i went to, and i intend to cover city square after dat. But we love their pic so much, we booked with them. my coordinator is the manager there, very friendly and cheery girl. they are very flexible and generous in giving free gifts. we didnt nego much, they give it to us themselves. Nice service, great photos, a lot of perks and nice cheese cake. hahahaha thumbs up..


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Me also from SG bridal before


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hi all,

I'm one of the bride who took up JB package, and i had my shooting done 2 months ago and had view my photos earlier. My package are RM3888 from Perfect Wedding (Fa Guo Tai Pei), and top RM1000 for 7 designer gown. After selecting my photos, i top another RM2400 for 30 extra photos, my total cost is RM7288. I can say their make up artist n photographer are young but very skillful.

I emphasized on simple before and after i signed the package, I also told them whatever i wan before hand and remind them to inform me any extra cost before hand else i will not pay. Everything went smoothly and the picture are also good, not perfect but at least i get what i wan. Cos my planning for photo album is not to exceed S$5K (include actual day make up, photographer and videographer).

I also made an calculation, my present spending on my album is approximately S$3000, i have another S$2000 to invite singapore make up artist, photographer and videographer (ard S$1400-1600 for duo-package) for my actual day and i tink it is more than enough. And Singapore basic package is already S$3000, with all the misc charges, easily can cost me S$5k-S$6k for the package, but in the end i will still need to engage my videographer which wil cost me S$1k.

Hope this will help some of you in someway.. Sorry for my lo-so...

Btw if u r interested in Perfect Wedding, they r opp Milan Bridal. Look for Irene, she may not look friendly but she is certainly helpful and honest.


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last but not least, my honest advise for Singapore who wanna go for JB Package.

Attractive package shd include their gowns and everyone have their own expectation. Do not go for Roadshow, go down straight to the shop to view their package and their gowns personally before making any decision. Gowns play the most important part of ur wedding..



I'm a Graceful Creation customer. I haven heard alot on this BS in this forum. Although i'm quite please with the overall album and photos but i dun really recommend ppl to this shop. It is beri pushy and they are not beri friendly also. Juz my small small feedback.


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Hi pat, make a trip down to their road show... heard sign up at road show, will hv special package n lots freebies.. =D road show starts today till sunday..


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Hi all,

I am interested in finding a m'sia bridal who is willingly to rent a gown for 1 day for video shot. Anyone have any recommendations?


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Hi Humble_house,

I just signed a package with Mondore last week, my coordinator also Jessy.
When will you going for shooting? which photographer u will choose?


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Hi all,
Actually we are looking for couples who are in the same situation as us:

Wedding date (est end of 2009), can only be decide after 2009 CNY. Thats why, we can only 'visit' the BS in JB once we have our date.

As im working in JB, i know the routes in JB quite well and i know whr the location of the (well known) BS are. Anyone interested in joining us next year, and maybe can sign up together and get more bargains! haha.
Its alright if you dun drive, we are driving.

Cheers, Melissa
do email us: [email protected]


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hi Synn Lai,

acc suspended & still didn't whats the reason (sigh*)

ok, i had my 1st photoshot last sat & the exp is super fun!!!

we were like having so much fun with the MUA(s) in the makeup room that we keep taking self-pic
the people there are so nice & friendly.

we had so much fun that we couldn't finish all our gown so left over till next sat to finish with the outdoor foto-shot.

really looking forward for the next exp with my PG...(hui ge is such a funny & energetic guy to work with)


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Hi Timidzhouse,

really? glad to heard that...

Mind to share to me your package?
my email address is [email protected]

yes, no thread for Mondore... let's we start it... haha

also, plz share with me ur PS once available..
btw, when is ur AD?


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hi everyone...i have taken my wedding pictures at Fables (at tmn sri tebrau) overall satisfaction is 8 out of 10. It is a new shop but good service and experience photographer. i have shown my pictures to all my fren and they like it


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Hi everyone,
I am new here and am interested to sign up a package from JB.

Anyone care to share the top few bridal studios that I must visit in JB?
If possible email me your packages as well @ [email protected]

Thanks in advance!



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Hi Ladies..
I just received an update,
There will be a bridal fair at pelangi on
20th-22nd Feb 2009.

Guess those who are like us, have not signup with any packages can dropby and have a look

Cheers, Melissa


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Mine one also in end of 2009, but already sign up the package as heard that price will be up compare Nov bridal fair..

But ho..maybe be will be price down now...hehe...


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I just have my photoshooting recently..really enjoyed the shooting.. i went to Desaru .. The place was really not fantastic but the outcome of the photo i really love it alot..


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Been to this BS in JB today, very highly recommended.

What i like about this BS:
-They have very strong bond with each other, cos they do trips to SG together (SG zoo etc),
hehe got my info from one of the staff's friendster a/c.

-Its a newly setup BS (1yr plus), so can be assured the gowns are pretty new.

-Great customer service, well detailed package that is quite flexible.

-They have a unique 'cafe' area, that sells
'guo da li' items. A very all-in-one BS.

-Inhouse MUA n PG that do travel to SG for a reasonable amount.

-Lastly, they do not care if you are singaporean or not. Their package applies same to all, including m'sians...
Recommended by my m'sian colleagues.

D'Gio Bridal Cafe near Pelangi Plaza.


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Hi, personally i have went to JB to shop around at D'Gio, not very impressed as i noticed a lot of hidden cost not highlighted during our conversation. i digged further and the salesperson kept saying "let's discuss when e time comes" - freaks me out!

eg she said no extra charges for ALL kinds of printing. hence i asked for silver print, how? she then say, oh that one need to top up a little (hey, seconds ago she just said no extra for ALL types of print). i asked how much is little. she says few hundred. i asked how much is few hundred. she stopped and said, oh depends on what size of album. i pointed the nearest album on the table and yet she cant commit how much.

oh no.....


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We've been to D'gio too. Ya i agree with lovenco. They say they are not charging for pages, only poses. so we ask them will they squeeze many poses into 1 page. they say wont. but really we dun trust those dat dun charge pages lor. and they keep saying will arrange again when we choose photo. freaks me out too. ask this ask that, all cannot get an accurate answer. and they have very limited gown for selection, and the gown they have is very very plain. i cant find any dat i like.

We booked my package with SG Bridal House. My bf like their photo very much. Their service is very good. although we signed up our pacakge with Nicole, but when we pop by once awhile, all the staff will come and chit chat and joke with us. our package was RM4288. we got a lot of free gift from her. we are really happy with our pacakge so much, on the spot we add on another 5pages. and got more freebies. and i get to MTM a gown. we really got a great deal. the price is very reasonable. service was good. recently they extend another units. May pop by to take a look.


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hi chloe, mind to share yr package with me? i am considering SG and venus abt dawns too.....sigh.....


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HI lovenco,

U can consider Fables too... Located directly opposit Venus... Service and package is good... =) Do dropby to Fables thread if u need more info...