Any Bridal Shop In JB You Want To Recommend?


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Hi Angeline,

Just saw ur post. Passion Bridal shop located at JB, Johor Jaya. It takes about 15-20mins journeys from JB custom to the place. Their customer service is fair but not professional.

We've had bad experienced with them....

1st - we confirmed our photo shoot day on after the Christmas day. When we called to double confirm the date, they told us that the photographer was taking LEAVE on the day. And ask to change to other day. They should call us early not wait for customer to call.

2nd - I've select my gown for photo shoot two weeks in advance. At the end of the day, they change one of my gowns without telling us. When I went back to sg to check my photo taken during the gown selection, i found the gown I nv try before?! As the photo shoot is over, I can’t do anything anymore.

3rd - we signed the package with crystal cover page and photo frame. When we collect our album, we found that the cover page is not crystal made?! When I check with the person-in-charge, she told me that the production no longer produce this product. They should inform us and let us choose our preferable cover page. I do not understand how can they anyhow change it without informing customer? I found that what we have paid is not what we get. As our date is near, we hv no choice to take it with unhappily.

4th - we found there are two pages were the wording spell wrongly. We did not realize till our guest found it. We sent back to the bridal shop after our AD to ask for redo it. At first, they do not want to redo as it is very troublesome to do that. We've very unsatisfied with their service and product. We insist to change it. We get back our photo album 2mths later. They use the different type of material for redo two pages. It looks very obviously color tone & surface. Oh God!

5th - the more and worst case. The crystal made photo frame which hang on top our bed dropped!!
The front bed got a small hole caused by the accident. Luckily it happened on daytime when we're out to work.

We're shocked when saw the frame dropped on pillow. We found that they use normal double-sided tape to fixed the crystal frame on the cardboard. Immediately we called the bridal shop to feedback the accident. The girl said they couldn’t do anything as the supervisor is on leave and will get back to us when their supervisor is back. When we ask to talk to their boss, they give us the same answer; will inform their boss to get back to us soon.

It been 2mths already, we still nv receive any call from their lady boss (Angie). Only the supervisory returned our call but with no action take until now.

We're very unsatisfied with there after sales service and disappointed on their product. This is our very bad experienced with the bridal shop, we do not know the others.


there is one at pulai springs now. we just signed up with venus there today.

another one coming up at city square for the BS there. should be on 29th jul i think


yes tony. one BS we went to said they can come into singapore to do photoshoot. saw pics in botanic gardens & fullerton..


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hi tony, ya Santiago would also travel to spore for photoshoot. Mine was at Sentosa and Hwa Chong junior college. heh. Just need to pay extra for the photographer and makeup artist to come over. Santiago is fantastic. If u wan, drop me an email at [email protected], could send u the photos for reference. i got 3 albums with 105 poses for S$5k plus. you could NEVEr get three albums for S$5k in spore. the designs are superb, the make up is fantastic, the service is great. K have fun for ur wedding.


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hey I recommend Printemps at City Square.. convenience only around 5 min walk from custom... staff very friendly.. thumb up for their service..


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hey, my sis in law has her PS in Printemps too. Her WG is nice but her EG not that good.

By the way, anyone hear of Honeymoon Wedding House @ johor jaya


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hey girls,
i recommend venus.

i personally found those in city square to be less warm and friendly...and the photography not quite as modern n stylish as venus/inspiration.
however, inspiration gave me a bad impression the 2nd time i met up with them. so fed up, i just wrote them off.

venus meets my criteria of nice gowns (not old fashion, not frilly n cheena), good photography and layout (not tacky, very creative n modern too)
plus services are first class.
absolute first class.


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agree, my BS is also venus good creation i must say have my outdoor taken at Singapore fullerton and boat quay


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Hi Gals, would like to recommend this BS in JB-Aegean(Ai Qin Hai).

I have very high expectation on photos and the photos in this BS catch my attention when my friend show me her photos I love it so much it was so natural i end up signing up their package solely for PS becos the outdoor scenery at desaru is so fantastic my original package was from Sg and I have seen so much album from Sg n JB from various BS but none is better than Aegean.

I have just completed my indoor PS it was a great experience The photographer skill is really great.

The price is reasonable n great services they even arrange to pick us up at the custom. any1 interested can PM me for details


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Hi have anyone used Little Chia (Xiao Chai) wedding studio in Johor Jaya before?. Went in to their shop at Johor Jaya and saw a number of gowns which were quite nice but wonder if anyone can share their experiences before I sign up. Thanks


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I would highly recommend Aegean too.. I did my PS there and the photos really turn out nice.. The stuff there are soft spoken and friendly..

PM me if you would like to c my photos..


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I recommend Santiago. They made two sample albums of our photos. So you could ask for ting ting's sample albums if you go there. Realli like the service and quality and price : ) Have fun!


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I also thinking of visiting the BS in JB after hearing so many good reviews here.
Would like to know more on Santiago, Venus and Dawn.
Can you all share with me your PS and Packages?
My email is [email protected].

Many Thanks



How are the makeup for all these BS in JB that you recommend? My MUA is already booked for my AD so I need to look for another one urgently and am thinking of looking for a MUA in another BS in JB. Do you know if that can be done?


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Hihi... I am thinking of getting the BS in JB. Should be cheaper and nicer than SG one? Do they have any website to view the sample of pictures? can anyone give me some advise?

Thank you.


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highly recommended-- venus...the photo is may look for joelle...said recommended by Yvonne and Kong Huei (should hv some freebie on this...)


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I took up my wedding package @ Touch Bridal Gallery @ JB. Price reasonable. Mine's @ RM3K plus abit. Indoor (Studio) n outdoor (Desaru). Tis is the second time taking photo shots there. The last time was taking my personal portfolio (kinda like it) so taking my package over there.
If u wanna know more, my email add is [email protected]


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dear all,

in case u r interested, there's going to be a bridal roadshow in city square for 1 week starting from 17 November 2007.

was there last sat and happened to come upon the roadshow advertisement...

mainly Printemps, Superstar, Dawn, Mona case u r interested


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Hi,Would appreciate if anyone can share their experiences, packages, etc. with me. Do they have any website to view the sample of pictures? kindly share ur photos with me.
My email is [email protected], thanks

1. Graceful Creation
2. Inspiration
3. Printemps
4. Venus Bridal


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anyone here interested to go taiwan for photoshooting? I have a package (located at Zhong San Bei Rd, the famous Hun1 Sa1 Jie1 in taipei) worth TWD 40000, which is about less than S$2k. Taiwan quality is much much better than Singapore and Malaysia, and they got a lot of beautiful scenery unlike s'pore and m'sia. Actually the cost of PS is cheaper than here, as you can have a honeymoon at the same time... Price neg. Due to some personal problem....


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Hi every one ... this coming end of Dec 2007 , there will be a another bridal show in JB ... at the AEON CO. Tebrau City , also known as Jaya Jusco


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hi vincents_wife, any idea which date exactly the bridal show is? ths.

can anyone plz share with me any info or photos for BS in JB? thanks so much...


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If i'm not wrong , it's 28 Dec 07 to 01 Jan 08 , 5 days ...

For me , i took up Venus Bridal during the bridal fair at Plaza Pelangi on 02/12/07.

What sort of info u need ? u can ask & i see if i can help.


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Hi gals,

Planning to check out the bridal studios in JB.. appreciate if any of you can share the details of your package, cost, experiences and photos (if any). Planning to get married in June and time is running short thus hope to just zoom in those highly recommended studios will do.
You can email me at [email protected]

Really appreciate it. Many thanks!


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Hi littlebride2008 ,

Elegance JB , their MUA is gd & cheap !! . i did my ROM's make up & hair styling there ..

I saw before their outdoor PS .. very NICE !!!!

But 1 thing sad is they have limited gowns.