Any Bridal Shop In JB You Want To Recommend?


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After much consideration, we've finally signed up with La Veil, JB..
Anyone can share with me how is their services etc?


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Hi lynne, i'm signing up the RM7388 package, but because i'm requesting for a big album so it became RM7588, u mind to email me ur package?
[email protected]
can give me ur email as well? i'll send e package details to u


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im a la-veil bridal bride.. yet to go for any photoshoot.. cuz wedding is at 2011..

i've saw an entry abt bad experience there.. but i guess, more or less.. there ought to be one or two bad experiences with some bridal shop..

juz have to be more careful lor..


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I am getting married dec 2010. I'm Starting to plan my wedding now...
Any recommendation of JB Bridal house?
I heard SG bridal house is not bad. Any comment?
How does Venus compare to SG bridal house?

Is anyone had took package from SG bridal house? Mind to share your wedding album with me?
My email: [email protected]

Please advice on wat point shld i take note...thanks all pretty brides!!


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Posted on Monday, January 11, 2010 - 12:31 am:       
Hi I just visited city square in jb, hunting for BS package. I came across a new bridal (only 1mth old) called BNY ( Their work seem very impresive but the charges is above average. They quoted me RM9k+ wt tailormade bridal gown n jacket for groom.

Has anyone use their svcs before. Me and my fianc� really like their style but not sure if they really worth it. Afraid only a sales talk n actual result is not wat expected.

Would appreciate some advice. Many thanks.


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Hi Channel,

I took my package from SG Bridal... They have excellent service and very nice gowns... Had really enjoy my photo shooting session but I have not collect my wedding album yet... You can look for Nic, my coordinator, if you r going to SG... She is a very nice and patient lady...


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I'm also a la veil bride, just took my photos last thursday~
quite good experience, and their service very good~
i enjoy the photo taking session, will choose photos next Sat...
and i get a quite good deal for my pre-wedding package...


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Btw, I like the make up & designs they did for me..look so natural~
cos i got saw my friends photos from other BS, after the make up, we almost can;t recognised her le..
Hi Carol,

I signed up with BNY yesterday. it the same package as you have mentioned. I loev their works too! i was also worried tat is all sales talk, but after visiting a few more bridals, i guess i will have to take a risk...haha..cos i really love the photos! Will take my photoshoot in June 2010.. pray hard that it will be nice..


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so WHOEVER need to have better and more free gifts wedding packages..come n join us !! jommmlahhh..

Amanda - Shiryu -- crisp crisp have been invited to sign up together ...any1 keen to join ...

as at 2/3/10 -1600HRS - 2-/3-4pairs ON !!!!


but dun think will sign Venus (indoor design boring & album looks darky , too far cant see clear faces and so many ppl having same backdrops liao outdoor acceptable) unless they able to change bright design and closed up.. we can bargain if we really pair up signing. (out of basic package) TOLD BY YIMIAN HONG (SG BRIDAL) , FELICIA (FABLES)

OLD MSG : ---æ­å–œå‘è´¢ æ–°å¹´å¿«ä¹ -mind to share your ex-PRETTY brides / new quotes COMING TO BE wedding packages ?? email me at [email protected]

anybody keen to sign on wedding packages in Jb/ Spore this moment Sg bridal / Fables quite attract me ... .. perhaps we can sign together to get better 1 time offer ..hahaha ... heard can get get better deal (some bs) ...


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thanks Jazz....

any1 used FAbles/Dawn/Venus/Di gio/Sg Bridal services ...any comments ? can share with me ?? i headache to choose which bs to handle my ps....

receive alert from some1 not right to post here .. seems violent / offensive ...


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any1 love to share their wedding packages ?? wish to view via FB or other sources ...heeee

im going to sign coming Apr 2010 ...

anybody wanna join me to get more freebies ??


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Hi charlene annabelle,

I saw their website. Their work is really impressive. Do share your experiences and album with us after your photoshoot. :D

Looking forward to your post.