Any Bridal Shop In JB You Want To Recommend?


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Hi littlebride2008 ,

i didn't sign them up for my wedding , 1 of the reason is limited gowns & their indoor backgrounds.

I signed up with Venus Bridal

u also can check out the thread for Venus Brides at :

If u would like to see wedding photos , u can email me at [email protected]

There's bridal fair 28 Dec 07 - 01 Jan 08 at Tebrau City in JB ... Pelangi Plaza also have at level 2 , 05 Dec - 31 Dec 2007.


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Hi Brides-to-be

I have signed up with AEGEAN wedding studio 2day @ "FOREVER LOVE BRIDAL FAIR" at PLAZA PELANGI.

Please give me advice whether is it worth the price.

Package RM3388
PS for indoor & local JB outdoor
24" x 18" album( 10pages, 25 poses) (RM90 for additional each pose)
12" x 16" small album ( 10pages, 25 poses, same photo as the big album)
both albums are crosspage
*free album bag
*type of album cover & protected side album, free to choose
3 10" x 12" tabletop
1 20" x 40" portriat
1 16" x 20" crystal portriat
100 4R photos(5 to 10poses)
1 dvd montage (2 songs + additional of own childhood photo)
1 CD of all softcopy photos take back.
3 WG
3 EG
2 tradition costume (can be change to other gown)
1 coat
(can bring my own ROM dress for photoshoto too)
8 types makeover & 8 types hairstyles
*free usage eyelashes (worth RM30)
*free usage ampoule (worth RM30)
*free usage hair set (worth RM30)
*free groom hair blow (worth RM20)
(the above 4 frees are bargained from them, otherwise they will charge us)

2 groom coats
2 father's coat
Bridal accessories
Bridal's Car Deco


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Hi Karen Tay (fifteenmay) ,

I also signed up with Venus But was during last yr Dec bridal fair. My AD is 31st Aug 2008.

Which package u take ? RM4288 or RM5088


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Hi LIM SING YEN (singyen)
ur package is not bad .. the price also gd.
wah u gd in bargain o .. free hairset , eyelashes , ampuole .. mine all must pay =(
Actually bridal shops different location , different pricing , also affected by their shop's rental. Especially City Square , the pricing is much higher cos the rental there is very high.
I saw AEGEAN's photos nice , especially their outdoor shoot .. but i didnt signed up with them cos it's quite far , i lazy to travel =p , it's in Johor Jaya right ?


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Hi All,

May I know is there anyone went to bridal fair last weekend at Tebrau City? Anyone knows the pricing of Theme package "Yu Xiang Yi Shang" from Inspiration for indoor + outdoor? Pls share with me...

Thanks ya...


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Hi Sharon,
I am at the bridal fare at Terbau City that weekend.
In the end, I choose Passion.
We only put a deposit but haven't sign up for the package.
I wonder who can tell me more on this studio.


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Dear all,

Is there anyone having the experience of bargainig only after sign up the package?

I had signed up a package recently and realise that I did not ask for freebies! =(

Can anyone gimme some suggestion or advice?

Many thanks.


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Hi Sheffie ,

which BS did u sign up ?
actually can bargain or not .. have to depends on the coordinators lo ...
some are real friendly .. some are real stuck up ..
u wanna ask for freebies right .. next trip down .. u can try to ask and see whether can get ..

u ask , u might get .. if u dun ask .. u confirm wont get & u keep thinking n thinking by urself .. sure turn ur mood down liao ...

I signed up with Venus bridal selection .. finished my PS & photo selections
.. Now waiting for my album layout.
I'm very happy with Venus bridal & my coordinator Lisa.


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Hi vincents_wife,

Thanks a lot.

I will try and ask during my next trip. =) I signed up with Dawn's during the wedding fair laz weekend at City Square.

Anyone know about their service?

Hope to see your photos soon.


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Hi Catty

there's bridal fair coming up ..
18th - 20th of july at the t Persada convention johor bahru

sign at bridal fair .. can ask for better deals


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I just want to share my bad experience with everyone regarding a particular bridal studio called DREAMS COME TRUE at Tun Aminah, Johor Bahru in Malaysia.

I happened to be searching for a Bridal Studio around mid-July 2007 last year to do a photo shoot for my wedding album and came across this particular bridal studio. The boss is a lady in her late 40s or early 50s who comes across as someone with a glib tongue. The impression that I gathered was that she was someone who wanted to strike a deal quickly and I would say that she was quite an inexperienced salesperson, quite often struggling to communicate to customers with her poor command of the English language. However, she sounded quite convincing in Mandarin to a certain extent. Together with her son, who happens to be the photographer for the business, and her daughter-in-law, who also helps to run the business, they came across as very “pushy†people and very quick to “jump to the gun†in that sense.

I recalled the first visit to the shop whereby I was taking a brief glance at some of the wedding gowns being showcased along the displays and was unconsciously being “introduced†into the shop to visit more of the exhibits. After sitting down for a short discussion with the lady boss, she somehow managed to convince me and came up with an offer package which she claimed was worth RM$2688. It included 2 wedding gowns, 2 night gowns and 4 traditional gowns for the photo shoot. Also, she was very quick to throw in quite a number of “freebies†to entice couples to sign up for their wedding packages. When asked if I could take a further look at more samples of the wedding gowns available, she immediately told me that it was not necessary as all the gowns available belonged to the VIP category and that upon signing up with them for a package, I was entitled to all the varieties that were available in the studio. She added that they do import new gowns quite frequently from time to time and promised that none of the gowns offered would be old or outdated. I thought that it was quite a reasonable deal then and somehow I convinced myself to sign up for the package.

Subsequent visits to the place were not as pleasant as expected. Besides having to wait long periods of time for them to attend to me despite having a scheduled appointment with them, I also had to endure the pain of renegotiating the package price as the items that they have promised differ from the expectations of our initial package that had been agreed earlier on. The attitude of the staff at the studio also changed after they have received payment for the deposit and subsequent partial payments.

During the day of our actual photo shoot, I realized that all the “VIP gowns†being offered were quite old-fashioned and rather old and dirty. Just before the start of the photo shoot, the lady boss actually suggested that I do a “top-up†of $250-$300 per gown and upgrade to a “Super VIP†package which included the “Super Gowns†in which they claimed were the “newer†gown collections that have just arrived. If I were to switch to an extra Day Gown, I would have to use 2 sets of Traditional Gown in exchange for either 1 set of Day/Night Gown. The reason is that they have given me more sets of Traditional Gown and only 1 set of Day/Night Gown. I realized that some of the other neighboring bridal studios can offer me a better package at RM$2988 or less without having to incur any additional hidden costs.

To make matters worse, I realized that the studio actually charges a higher rate for Singaporeans. They try to come up with 2 different sets of prices for the same exact package and usually Singaporean customers have to pay a much higher price for the same package. The reason given by the lady boss is that there is a difference in the currency exchange and Singaporean customers have already benefited due to the stronger currency although they are paying more for the same exact package. She even tried to justify her explanation by giving names of Singapore Bridal Studios and their higher price packages as compared to her own rates. It came across as ridiculous to me as I knew that this was an “Apple-Orange†comparison.

I felt extremely annoyed as the quality of work was mediocre and the service rendered was way below average. There was no sincere attempt by them to build a long-term relationship with their customers and I concluded that they were simply going for a “1-time†business opportunity. Last but not least, I sincerely urge all couples who wish to go over to JB to have their wedding photo shoots taken to seriously consider and choose the right bridal studio. Do take special note of this particular bridal studio, lest your NIGHTMARES COME TRUE.


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Hi ladies,

My BS is Sg Bridal House in JB.

Just to share, I just had my photoshoot session last weekend. Managed to capture some candid shots with the help of my sis and bro. I have posted the photos in my multiply (swee11).

In case, anyone interested in my BS, do PM or email me. I can share with u my package.


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Hi xuan (kachina) , currently there's one fair at Jusco tebrau city from 1st - 13th july .. 6th & 13th is their stage show at 2.30pm .... for this one i duno what are the BS involved. I tink should be printemps , inspiration & etc ..

For the 18-20th at the convention centre nearby kotaraya & Pan pacific hotel .. there's passion , venus , fables & etc .. my friend told me she saw in newspaper .. alot of BS involved ..

My BS is Venus .. can see my preview pics in my multiply .. id is iryn8383


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FionDan, I've been to Dream Come True before and I don't feel good signing up with them at all. Their albums qualities are not good imo.

The best BS that I've seen so far in JB is actually this BS called Dreams.

I do think their packages are more catered towards Singaporeans.

vincents_wife, oh there's a bridal fair coming up?


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Hi all, I engaged Dreams as my BS (vy diff with Dreams come true). Had finished my PS and now waiting for the design of the album.

Very happy with the service and photos.


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I've signed up with Dreams and I've got a very attractive package. Those interested can PM for more information.


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Hi i went ti the JB fair and was surprised that there are many people at certain booths while others were very empty. Can anyone which are the more reputable BS ? Tks !


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I have signed up Aegean Wedding located at Johor Jaya. My consultant is very friendly.

PM me if u wan to share my package.

Value for money...


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Hi gals,

I'm keen to get a BS from JB. Seems like there are a couple of recommended ones like Aegean, Venue, SG, Dreams.

Appreciate if any of you can email to me the details of your pkg at [email protected].


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Dawns – western style
Venus and SG bridal gd quality but more expensive
Tun aminah not much Singaporean will go there. Is more to Taiwanese style, but price is much cheaper than Dawns, Venus & SG bridal.


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Dear sisters,

Need some advices from all of you in this forum. I had my photo shoot take on 28 and 29 July. But I received a call today from the bridal shop, telling me that my photographer's laptop has been stolen. They had requested me to go back and re-take all the photos again.

I had told them that it is a hassle for me to re-schedule my time. What will you do if you were me?


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i finally sign up with MONDORE after hunting almost all BS in Tun Ahminah....!!!

fell in love with the 1st gown i tried when we went on our 1st time....

they sure give us a good impression on the very 1st step we walk in as we dressed very sloppy & i do look very haggard after getting thru custom & it was already late night
my coordinator Jessy really take the time n patient talking to me...

hope everything will turn up well & expected


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SHE in teman sentosa of JB is quite good. I've collected my album and all the large photo frame. All our relatives and friends who have seen it were all impressed. And at the price we paid RM3000+, it is sooooo worth it


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I would like to banned SG Bridal House@JB,
never never engage the photographer by the name(JJ). He is very irresponsible and not professional guys.
We engaged him, thru friend recommendation, however it turn out to be a disaster for my wedding. We engage him to be our photographer for wedding dinner in Spore at 5.00p.m, we waited and waited for him, but he didn't turn out on time. Reason given, he can't find the place....
end up we have not choice, just borrow camera from our guest and take some picture for memories......very sad....

So, brides to be ...pls take my advise, dun ever engage this photographer (JJ from SG Bridal House).


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Bridal Fair on 14-16 Novemeber at Palza Pelangi. Bridal Shops include: Venus, Fables, SG, Mondore, Milan, Memory, Perfect wedding, Ivory Romance. Show on Sun 2pm.