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hi catherine,

i went through acu slimming too and still maintaining till now after graduate from the program 1yr ago. Are you btb also? I can send you the details if you want.


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Hi BluEy,

YOu btb or going to PS la..
Emmm..I send you the contact/details lioa..
check my mail at [email protected]

For me lose 10kg through this acupunture in 3mth
this program about detox+acupunture+dietary plan..and I able to maintain for 1yr+..

How much u need to lose??
I think you better call & book consultation with my consultant..
Do a body analysis with them and see how much fats u need to lose wo?
Dont worry my consultant very friendly der..heee!

you may add me in msn to chat ya..
hope above info can help u wo..


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Hi Fat Ger and Coolie,

Thanks for responding to my posting.

Fat Ger, do sent me the details of you Acu Slimming. Would love to find out more.

Actually I need to lose abt 5kg for my wedding next year.

I am very lazy to exercise and i love food.

So am trying to find other alternative to lose the extra baggage.


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Hi BLuEy,

YOu got my mail about the acupunture slimming..
My mail is [email protected]
Oh..Mine is the same acupunture as Fat Ger wo..

Emmm...I still looking in my mail for the javanese contact which pass by katherine wo..
She told me good too wo..

Oh Congrats to your next year wedding wo..
Hope you can be nice nice brides..

Yayaya..I lazy exercise too coz Im busy at work and need discipline too..hehehe! going alone very sien der...

Before I start this Acupunture Program, I love to eat a lot..But after that i became small eater lioa..hahaha~~~~

Now eat little bit full lioa..Emm!
That why now i still can maintain about 1yr+ lioa lo which teach by my consultant

Really need to thanks my consultant and doctor der! hehehe..and Of course my nutrionist..

BLuEy, you may call to book consultation with my consultant and do a body analysis and see how much u need to lose bah..


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Hi Bluey,

I have already send you the contact and details of the acu slimming, my email add is [email protected]. Not to worry, this program does not require to do exercise. I believe everyone love to eat
but right now i seldom go buffet already as my appetite become smaller, very wasted if go for buffet :p


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Coolie28 & Fatger always comes in together to talk about accupuncture slimming in most slimming threads in this forum... same person?? or sales pple??


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Hi yaya!

When ppl ask then I share!
Did i always post here..Can check recent post!
Nothing wrong with me..No matter wat details which I have share is up to the person to accept the offer or not wo..

Oh!Ppl not asking about gender or else..I dont even know who you are...or see you before!
So dont said bad mouth others and pull ppl down..
Hate this kind of ppl!!Sigh!


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Actually it reali make people feel skeptical, there is nothing wrong posting our comments, its just a thot of us, why are you so angry and defensive over others' comments? me too reading through many threads cos i am also finding ideas of losing weight, the posts does make people feel skeptical. People who chose to believe will believe. Neither Fatger nor yaya badmouthed you in any way, why are you so up tied?

My frd jus told me she is aware of this place that they r referring to here. her sis took up the program and did lose weight. it's not totally slimming center, instead they called themself health management center.

it is a MLM kind of thingy, during the 3 mths program one got to be very self discipline and ability to maintain. if not, everything will be back to square 1 or gaining even more weight than b4.

seriously looking around this forum to find some way to lose weight, end of day, nothing seems to be more real than having a balance diet, eating right and doing exercise.


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Hi BugzZ,

You can try Ashtanga Yoga, it really did helped me to lose the excess weight & tone my body all at once.
Through regular practise, it helped to lower down my stress level as well as to redunce my bad temper & increase my patience level. It works for both inner & outer well being for one's health!


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Hi Amelia,

Yoga?? where is that?? Does Yoga reali help in reducing weight? My frd did told me before about losing weight by doing yoga...


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Hey BugzZ,

It sure did helped me to lose weight & tone up as well. Not only that, I stop having cramps during my periods as well through the yogic breathing exercises
I intro a few of my colleagues to my instructor & all of them have nothing but praises for her classes for her dedication & professionalism. Try Yoga out, I am sure it will benefit you as much as it did for me.


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Its next year Feb. Cant wait ;p Need to shed a few more pounds in next few mths..I am almost there, hehe!! How about urs?


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Woww, thats cool, mine's on 24th!! Why dun you try looking for my instructor for her advice, I am sure she can help you to achieve your goal, just like how she did for me! :D


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Where is ur yoga place? Is it a studio for all females?
Is it a class or something?
R u doing the one tat gota b in very high temperature room de?


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Hi princess,

are you btb? I undergo acu slimming but till now no side effect, in fact my health is getting better.
Email you my program details, you can check it out.


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My sister n i went for acc slimming, there was a bit of results initially, however it ballooned back and worse off after the program stops. Unless u haf the $$$ to keep on w the pacakages.
Jus like any slimming centres, its the same jus diff techniques used. if its Ai*** , i believe its jus mlm pple here to spread the goodness of it...
i tried also HerbalL*** products... Express***, Body Per**** for slimming as well...
nothing works or i shld say maintain if we do not chg life styles...
a moment of wanting so call fast results always end up w unnecessary $ wasted... more realistic way will be taking up aerobics or kickboxing exercise...
I have wasted enuf $$$ listening to others, reali regretted. =(


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Hi BugzZ,

My classes are at this studio at Haji Lane. Oh no, I am not doing hot yoga. Yes, it is an ongoing weekend class & my class of 4 consist of all ladies. Do you want to contact my instructor directly, maybe she can explain more & definitely better than me. If you are really interested, why don't you drop her an email at [email protected]! Maybe I will cya around soon *wink*


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Hi Amelia,

Okie... thank u for the info... Haji Lane, hmmm... near kallang side - Sadhana? wow, tats very far, they only have one branch?


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hi all,

found a thread in Flowerpod Forumss, hope it helps.. my advise is to do check out other forumss on whatever you need b4 committing.

Below is wat i copy from there.

QUOTE (beannie @ Mar 23 2010, 07:21 PM)
I have signed up a package from LF last friday.. Cost around $3.6K !!! Each time i think of it, i feel heart pain.
is 20 sessions plus the products (S-factor, B&H) . Give me quite a lot

For the first two weeks, i am asked to detox first.. Today is my 4th day. Lost around 1Kg. Will start for the acupture slimming end of this mth. Hopefully by end of Apr, I can really see weight loss and by end of the whole sessions (around 3mths), i can lose at least 10Kg or not. I'm weighing 65kg and been putting 10Kg for the past 3 years

Anyone went to LF? Do PM me to share your experience. We can also motivate each other to get our ideal weights


Hi Beannie...

Just came across your post. I am with the same acupuncture centre(@ MP) as well.
How much weight did you lose? Is the dietary plan working & did not weaken your health?

Sad to said... I din lose much weight(slimmed down ard 5kg) because I did not follow 100% of their dietary plan.
I feel e dietary plan is not quite ideal if you are a sports person like me.
It weaken my stamina greatly due to low sugar & zero carbo intake.
I was even panting when i climb the stairs during the first mth. Sigh...
After struggling for ard 2 mths, I finally gave up cos I feel it not a right thing to do if you want to slim down in a healthy way.

Conclusion is if you did not follow their dietary plan. You won't slim down. Acupuncture is useless too.
After I stopped following their dietary plan, I went for 6 sessions of acupuncture sessions but to find
tat I only slim 0.1kg of internal fat. *Shake head* I did not over eat, i only ate half the portion of the
original bowl as I need carbo & protein to maintain my exercise routine such as jogging, swimming or
cardio workout. Once you intake carbo, the dietary plan dun work anymore. Please think twice to see
if you can really commit to the strict dietary plan & zero basic stamina(for climbing stairs).

I learnt my lesson. The only way for healthy slimming will be: Low carbo, high protein & lotsa exercise.

I am no longer with the acupuncture centre now. With the low carbo, high protein & lotsa exercise theory,
I am still slimming down in term of weight & inches. Try this & best of all... its FREE!


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Hi Ladies,

Been a silent reader of this thread. While reading this thread, it was really encouraging to see podders posting that said they lost 10+ kgs after 3 months. Coz I'm getting married in Oct, I tot y not just give it a try. If it really works den good for me! So I went for the consultation to hear more and see what really makes it tick.

Seriously, I tink dun any of us need to pay them to ask them to help us slim down... Total cut of carbo diet, drinking shakes 6 days a week, who wldn't slim down if they are on a diet such as this??!!
Honestly, you must have a really strong mind la.. the consultant there can speak super well and sound totally convincing. But at the end of the day, when you hear about the diet plan they have for you, it's really pointless to waste such $$.
As long as you cut carbo, your weight sure drop one

Best is to find EXERCISE buddy to motivate each other to slim down =)


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QUOTE (fAiRy PaRaDiSe @ Jul 27 2010, 08:58 PM)
The consultant said differently. she told me if i were to take their package, i would have to take shakes to replace breakfast and dinner, than lunch eat as usual. dun decrease or increase the portion. i immd thought, will i faint from hunger?? LOL. ya 2.6k is alot actually. I had a friend who used to worked for them, but no more already. she did say that alot of pple slim down in that 3 months. i see how it goes. got extra money $$$$$ den go. haha

Hi all,

I am an ex-customer of the slimming centre @ MP. My advice is dun sign up too.
Acupuncture is just their selling point. In fact, I agreed that they r no difference from normal slimming centre.
I personally feel that acupuncture dun help much.
What really help is the diet & shakes. Why not spend your $$$ on shakes straight away?
You will definately slim down if u r on shakes for 2-3 meals.

Btw, their normal meal refers to lean meat & vege only. No carbo such as rice & noodle are allow.
If you wan noe more, feel free to PM me. I am willing to share my experience.


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Heys BugzZ,

Nope it is not Sadhana. It is her private studio, nearby Arab Street. I think there are other studios at other locations as well. Check it out with her, dun worry about talking to her cos she is really nice!


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Hi Dolphie,

Fret not! ;P Why don't you try Yoga? I lost several kg and managed to maintain it with regular practise. Sweat it out gal & the weight will never rebound!


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Hey dear all.. I'm soo sorry to miss all ur post.. I m seldom in this thread.. Haa.. I m having my wedding dinner coming 091010 at Sheraton Towers.. Haa, those girls interested in the java massage lady contact.. Pls email mi at [email protected].. It's easier to get mi this way!! All the ways to all BTB.. Cheers!! :D


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hi katherin, i am lazy to read through the posts. is the java massage able to improve blood circulation or can slim? pls advice location and cost. thks!


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Hi Aquarius, java massage helps with relaxing.. Full 1hr full body massage.. If u looking at slimming.. Then request for abdomen binding.. It realli works.. U can feel it urself.. No obligations one.. The best is it's done at ur home.. She will come to ur doorstep.. If u interested then u email mi n I will send u her contact..
her price is very reasonable, cheaper than outside massage plc lor.. My email: [email protected]


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Yoz Pixie,

My instructor is fabulous, thumbs UP!! ;) You can call War War at 9335 2556 and her studio is located at Haji Lane, just corner of Arab street. Usually, I will take a train or a bus and alight at Beach Road and about 5mins walk over. Call her soon as I know her schedule is really packed, esp year end! =)


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I'm slimming with Reductil bought online on , they do sell reductil at reasonable prices and I like how these diet pills work on me. I'm on Reductil for 7 months and I've lost 16kg
I think it's a great result


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Has anyone tried Marie France before? Does it work? Saw that they are having a promotion now- cheaper package price and a free trial. please share your experiences! I'm quite tempted to try but hope to hear some thoughts/experiences first. :)


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Hi lemongreen,

You can go for the trial but please leave all your card at home because after the program, they will hard sell you. I kena before and spend $$$$$$ over there but no result.


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I didn't want to go for acupuncture becoz of the risk of getting bacterial infection from contaminated needles and other materials used in the treatment. Anyway, I'm also not overweight. I just need to get rid of tummy fats. I join the TRA program which can help me loose pure fats. It has been 3 yrs since and my weight has not rebound. I feel in any weight lost program the most important is not to have weight rebound.
Anyone interested in the TRA program can email me at [email protected] or call 96329620. I can recommend you my consultant to do a health screen to check your fats level. She is very friendly and not pushy at all.
Not only has my weight not rebound, I always enjoy nice buffets whenever I'm overseas and my weight always maintain the same.


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Hi all!! I just sign up for a slimming package @ london weight management.I can't go anymore coz i just found out that im pregnant.So i'm looking to let go the package.

The package includes :
Lavender Lipo management x9
Body contouring treatment x9
Steam bath x9
The package is worth $3600 but im willing to let go at $2800.The package has no expiry and can use at any LWM branch.

Price is neg.
If interested please email me at [email protected].


Bought a London Weight Management package on an impulse at about $7000. It includes a comprehensive package of slimming, detox and wrap treatments. Barely used half the no. of treatments. Package has been unused for nearly a year.

Would like to let go at fraction of cost. No transfer fee. Can be used at any branch.

Pls PM if genuinely keen. Thanks.