Advise For slimming


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Hi Sally ,

Where would you like lost? tighs , legs ? its easy to lose them witht he help of excersies, of course correct excersies. Can tey going to gym and lost weight witht the help og gym instructors =)

It works and also create a healthy lifestyle for you too , which wll be easier to maintin and lose weight in future.


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Hi Sally,

I lost 9kg with by Acupunture Slimming..This is very very good good program de..My health also improve after go through this program..
This program about acupunture,detox & dietary..

Oh..Go to meet my consultant & do a body analyisis & consultant will go through with you how much you need to slimdown & how this program works for you..

When is your PS?? This is 3mth program lol..Sure can make it for you...
Need to be decipline when start this program..

anyway, you may add me at [email protected] or can mail to ask for details/contact about the program...


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Hi Nana,

EMail you de details.
Kindly check my email at [email protected]

Hi Magdalena,

How much you need to slimdown wor??
This program is about detox+acuptunture+dietary plan..I lost about 9kg..Good Program to recommend..Anything you may email or add me at MSN [email protected]...


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Hi ying ying,

Has email you the details already, please check.

Hi mag & Nana,

How's everything? Went for the consultation already? Care to share the results?


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Hi Fat_ger,

I am also interested in this program.
care to email me the details too?
my email is [email protected]

Thank You


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Hi Happy Girl,

Oh..I total lost 10kg through this acupunture program!! This program aboput detox+acupunture+dietary plan...I find this program very good & not that costly too..Affordable lo,if compare to othes slimming center....

You may add me at [email protected] as yr slimming frd too..


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I recently joined an acupuncture program. I lose 1kg per week. I am not that heavy in weight, so I don't lose as much as those who are heavier.

My Aunt lost 2.5kg in 1 week when she joined the program. My mother-in-law has lost 7kg in a period of 2 months. And sometimes she does not follow the diet strictly. But still can lose weight.

You can just call her to inquire.
Ms. Ho Yu Chen Tel. 67563521
Add: Blk 761 Yishun St 72 #01-348


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Hi Pink Lady:

Oh..Already mail you the details lioa...
Check my mail at [email protected]
Do add me in MSN too,so anything can ask me there mar..

Hope the information can help you to understand more lo...Anything can still shoot me in MSN..haaaa



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Hi Pink_lady,

Are you btb also? Have you tried before other ways to slim down? I have tried varies of way but no effect until i found this program.


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Hi Fat_ger,

Yup...I'm a btb. I haven tried much other then taking those slimming pills prescribe by doc. 5ys back i went on a strict diet and lost abt 10kg w/o any medicines or slimming program but this recent yrs i started to gain weight so i need to lose another 3-4kg. Those slimming pills dun work on me so tot of trying other method. But where did u do your accupuncture program?


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Hi Pink lady:
I have tried others slimming method like taking pills,control diet,gym la..But not good de! harmful to body for slimming pills & just can see the temporarly result..will bounce back de..

Between,i feel acupunture is good since it can help to maintain our figure la & increase our health too...

Emm,this wellness clinic for acupunture is at marine parade de...

I think in my mail explain very clearly gua...


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Hi Yuki: Oh,sure will send you the details lo..
Provide me your email la or you send mail to [email protected] lo..

Will forward you the contact & program details..
You go to meet my consultant..



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Hi Pink lady,

i also tried before slimming pills prescribe by doc (panbesy) but got side effect, hence i decide to stop it. i also tried exercise, pt and diet.. rebound back also. Is located at marine parade, i already email you the details. My email add is [email protected]


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My sis slim down recently and the result was good. Contact her direct on the program she joined. A few of her friends also join in and they see result in their first week liao. My sis is Helen and number is 96680648.


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Hi Peggy and onlyblue,

Welcome to this thread, i saw that this is the first post you have done. Anyway are both of you BTB? When is your AD? Mine is coming soon.. so nervous
by the way, i have replied your email. If any question can just ask mi.


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Hi OurSignatureboutique...Many malay sign for this acupunture slimming de..
I have send you the details..
Please check my mail [email protected]

Anything can ask me in the mail..
Good luck..Hope the info can help you..


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Hi ourSignatureboutique,

Are you btb also? I do saw malay people in the slimming centre. I guess everyone can go there as they are not just slimming centre but more on wellness side. As long as you have this 2 factor - Determination & discipline can already.

Anyway i have email you my program details, i hope is useful for you. My email is [email protected]