Advise For slimming


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Hi Candy & Gillian,

Has email you the details.
Kindly check my mail [email protected]..
This program is about detox+acupunture+dietary plan..
I total lose 10Kg through this program & manage to maintain till now after 9mth stop the program...
Thanks to consultant & doctor who help me to slim a lot..

How much you need to lose..just call up my consultant & do inbody analysis & see how lo..
My consultant will advice you de..

Cheersss..Hope the info can help you lo..


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Hi Belinda,

Got your mail lioa..
I have replied to you about the program details & contact..
Anything need to clarify can ask me in the mail de..
HOw many kg you need to lose?? Getting married soon...

Hope the info can help you lo..
Do update me your consultation result ya.


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Hi Dearie83..Ohhh,I have send the details to your email de..Check my mail [email protected]

Btw,how many kg you want to lose wor????
I total lost 10kg through this program..

Hope the info can help you lo..
ANything can ask me in the email de..or do add me in MSN y..



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Hi All,

Long time never pop in already, been busy with work.Seem like there is alot new friends here. So everyone here went for the acupuncture slimming also? I have completed the program and lose 15KG from it. currently still maintain the weight. Hope everyone can lose down also, must jia you ok? Just like what fat ger always tell me, must have determination and discipline. Advance CNY to all of you.


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Hi... Can send me the details
[email protected]


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Hi Candy:

Welcome to this thread wor..You going to btb ar??
how many kg you need to lose??
I already send you the details/contact
Please check my mail at [email protected]

Hope the info can help you de..
Anything wana ask can chat in MSN or shoot me in the mail de..haaaa

Btw,I added you in my msn ya...Approved it lo!!!



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Hi stars: welcome to this thread..

I have send you the details..Please check my mail [email protected]..

I total lost 10kg through this acupunture slimming program..I able to maintain after 9mth stop the program.. This program about detox+acupunture+dietary plan...
This program requires your determination & discipline only..

Anyway,do check my mail ya..
Add me in MSN too as your slimming frd..
Anything still can ask me in email de..



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Hi Fat ger, thanks for the fast response. Will check my mail later. My PS is actually 2 weeks away... Kinda last min for me le... sob sob...

Btw, Happy Lunar New Year!


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Hi Nerakyllis,

Welcome to this got 3mths to your PS ar!! emm..still can make it lor...
I total lost 10kg through this acupunture slimming.. This program about detox+acupunture+dietary plan.. Need your determination & discipline during the program..

anyway,I have email you the details..
Check my mail [email protected]

Hope the info enough & may help you...
Do add me in MSN anything can ask me there too..



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Hi mayshalws,welcome to this thread too..
Emm..Oh,you not on btb..okie,then how many kg you need to lose wor..

I total lost 10kg through this acupunture slimming..

Oh..I have send you the details lioa...
Check my mail [email protected] Add me in MSN too as your slimming frds ya..


New Member need to lose 8kg!!!
Can make it lo..I think you better call my consultant to arrange consultation lo..Then do body analysis.This analysis will show your body total fats,mass muscle,bone & water lo..Dont faint when see the total fats ya.haaaa

Dont look into the weight as weight consist of bone mass,mucles,water & etc lo..

This is 3mth program de..


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haven't receive ur details yet, can send me again. paiseh.. is your consultant female ? and need to pay any for consulatation ?


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Yes..consultant is female de!!
Oh..Consultation is free de! only pay $10.70 for the body analysis only...

Sorry wor..I resend the details again la..
Worry send to wrong email acc de..
Check it again lo...sorry ya..


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Hi Fat_ger And Coolie28,

I'm new to this thread but would like to find out more on this slimming acupuncture program.
Kindly email me more details to [email protected]
Thanks and Happy Lunar New Year!


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Hi Pandanz,

Welcome to this thread..
Oh..sure sure,I have send you the details/Contact of this acupunture slimming.
I total lost 10kg through this acupunture.
Thanks to my consultant & doctors who help & encourage me alot.
I would say this program need to be determination & discipline...

I have added you in my MSN de..
Check my mail at [email protected]
Anything can ask me in email or MSN..
Between you going to btb or PS???
how many kg you need to lose wor..



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Hi Pandanz,

You are welcome.
Do update me your consultation result ya..
Dont faint when see your body analysis.


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Hi pandanz,

i had tried the acupuncture slimming recommended by fat ger. Total i have lost about 15KG already. When is your consultation?


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Hi kitty,

welcome to this thread..
I ady send u the details and many kg u need to lose...
Check my mail at [email protected]
anything can ask me on email or msn too
see u there lo...heeee


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Hi Carol:

Congrats on your wedding wor.
How many kg you need to lose???
I total lost 10kg through this acupunture slimming..This porgram about detox+acupunture+dietary plan..
I think you need to meet my consultant & do a body analysis to check your total fats in your body..From there my consultant will explain how the program can help you to slimdown..

You need to know about the program can email me at [email protected].. Add me in MSN too..



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Hi Carol,

When is your AD? Taken your PS already? Care to share what is the weight now? This program help mi to slim down and till now i am still able to maintain it. Add me as slimming buddy @ [email protected]


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hi Coolie

I think i nit to shake off at least 5 -8 kg.
So how much is your package for this sliming course? Is the consultant a chinese sin seh?


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Hi Fat Ger

Have not fix my AD.. Coz still searching around for geo. to fix auspicious date.. sigh.. so many things have not do yet..

THe only thing i done = sign up the wedding package. Any one heard of this bridal shop...V


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Hi smilem, need to lose for 5-8kg! Nia,small problems de...hee! but anyway,dont judge from the weight itself coz weight consist of fats,bone mass,muscle mass & water ma..

As mentioned,you need to do a body analysis & check out the total fats..once fats drop you will look slim de..This is wat my consultant told me de..

Package is depend on your total fats need to slim lo..From 1.8k above gua..I think max only 3K gua if im not wrong lo..Sometimes got promotion might be cheaper..
Affordable if compare to other lo...

yaya,my consultant is chinese de! the doctors have more than 20years lo..
heee...i did all the survey before I took this package lo..Thanks to my consultant & doctors who help me slim a lot lo..haaa

So anything can email me or add me in MSN at [email protected]
I can pass you the contact/details of the program yaa....



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Hi Smilem,

Oic, then still got times to settle all the small small things first. Which shop you went to? By the way, the program i went through is the same as coolie. As for your case, 5-8KG is quite easy to shed off. the price will be depend on your body condition, add me as buddy. We can discuss more.


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Hi eileen,

Are you btb also? i have send you the details, pls check. My email as per previous post. Let's be slimming buddy.


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Hi eileen & Hyperangel

welcome to this thread de..
i total lost 10kg through this acupunture slimming.
This program about detox+acupunture+dietary plan.
Need your determination and discipline during this program..

Wat u need to do is to call my a inbody analysis then the report will show yr total fats and consultant will explain how the program can help you slimdown de!!

Add me in msn at [email protected] we can be
slimming frds ya..can chat over there ..



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Hi Ruthie,

Emm...No idea where is a good place for toning and firming leh..

I total lost 10kg through acupunture slimming.
THis program about detox+acupunuture+dietary.
This program also help to slim & toning by increase your muscle mass so you doesnt look like soft teddy bear lo once you lose weight...

You need to book with my consultation and do a body analysis to know your total fats need to shed off..

If you are interested this program,can email me to [email protected] or add me in msn ya