$20k for Jurong West Executive possible?


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oic, i tot the pipe go all the way to the roof..so can strike out the workers... do u thk it could be smell from chemicals? even if reno works, workers got toilet to use, no need to pee in the balcony.. haha..

anyway, past few days raining, the smell so strong.. i wake up in the morning, get out of the room to take a deep breath of urine stench...

i probably wil hv to resort to taping up the hole for the time being while I look for a longer term solution..


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Hi, peeps.
Me also looking for contractors, anyone here bot a resale flat thru ERA? heard they have their own contractors and if u buy house from an ERA agent, they will do it at a subsidised price. So any experience/advice? How much is a good budget to set aside for reno for a 5 room flat? Maybe jus to do up the dining, kitchen and toilet area with walk-in wardrobe? Thanks!
Hi Hi,

This thread still around.. hehe.. I have been moving in 2yrs..

Cynthia-you are staying at 656x too? Me staying at 656D


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i also stay in jurong. the issue i think is the piping is burst ? my experience last time is that upstairs fellow broke the pipe that leads dirty water to the main pipe...

ended making my balcony a huge mess... made a huge fuss over at town council, visit MP. and 2 days later contractor came and looked and repair.

maybe its time u paid a visit to hdb + town council + mp to make a fuss ? worked for me at very least.


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I've an Exec Condo @ Floravale for sales with tenancy til Feb 2010.

3BR, 1313sqft
Facing greenery
Full condo facilities

I'm the owner trying direct sales, if you are interested to view, please email me, [email protected]



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Hi ladies

In case u found ur perfect furniture at Barang Barang, I can offer 25% off my voucher value of $500. Reason for letting go is because the items there don't fit my house decor theme. Pls PM me if interested.