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  1. ViviDancer

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    Haha thanks! Will check them out!

  2. hellomich

    hellomich New Member

    Hi Starrie58,

    I am a Aug 2019 BTB. May I know the price of the package u signed up for? :)

    Thank you!
  3. starrie58

    starrie58 New Member

    pm you!
  4. KKR

    KKR New Member

    Hi coldjade,

    I am a Nov 2019 BTB. May I know the price of the package u signed up?

    Thank you!
  5. KKR

    KKR New Member

    Hi Starrie58,

    I am a Nov 2019 BTB. May I know the price of the package u signed up?

    Thank you!
  6. coldjade

    coldjade Active Member

    Got mine at 6k+. Cuz there was some National Day discount of $530.
  7. Jaes

    Jaes New Member

    Hi, June 2019 BTB here too. Mind adding me into the group chat as well? Thank you! :)
  8. Carolyn Wee

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  9. KKR

    KKR New Member

    Hi! Do you mind sharing your package with me at star_princess1611@yahoo.com.sg.

  10. KKR

    KKR New Member

    Hi! Mind adding me to the chat group as well. Nov 2019 bride here. Thanks!
  11. Carolyn Wee

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  12. awjwliz

    awjwliz New Member

    I'm a Sept 2019 BTB , booked fairmont :)
  13. awjwliz

    awjwliz New Member

    Hi fellow Sept 2019 BTB, I'm glad there is someone the same time as me. I do not think it will be too early to book. Is yours a lunch or dinner? I signed a package with Rico-a-mona so they provide me with gowns, PG, MUA and all flowers.
  14. HelloJ123

    HelloJ123 New Member

    Hi, can I join the whatsapp chat too? Thank you!
  15. Carolyn Wee

    Carolyn Wee Member

    sure. can PM me your name and number please?
  16. Prislalala

    Prislalala New Member

    hello. can i ask if you all have any master to recommend to see wedding dates?
  17. yukime

    yukime Member

    hi xbd, ohh so this are your worries because the previous thread you didnt mention.
    Let her know that Makeup she have to do it herself if she need a Professional MUA to do her makeup then ask her to pay the Makeup and hairdo Services. As for Buffet, Let her know that you and Your hubby will decide where to go. (But use a polite tone)
    Dont Be sad, Its Just a Small Matter. Just Be happy. Cheers:)
  18. emmzkeeps

    emmzkeeps New Member

    2019 Sept btb here : ) Anyone sending save the date invites ? I'm planning to do so by end Jan, or Feb/March just to roughly get a headcount for my banquet haha
  19. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

  20. BadKitty

    BadKitty Member

    Hi hi... I also signed with TGW. Have the free class too but HTB refuse to go for it. Zzz... have u gone for the dance class? Worth going?
  21. Knightinblack

    Knightinblack New Member

    Would recommend to Find the place that you will be having the wedding and book the place first
    After the date and place is confirmed then you confirm the numbers

    The number of tables can be changed accordingly but double check with the hotel and also confirm the minimum number of people that u know sure will make it before you book
  22. SummerCherry

    SummerCherry Member

    I’m Nov19 BTB
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  23. coldjade

    coldjade Active Member

    Havent yet. My HTB feel paiseh too but he also say since free as well go. Haha!
  24. RachelQueek

    RachelQueek New Member

    2019 BTB! :) Everything is more or less settled but video for banquet day not settle yet! :(
    I saw this company doing visual effect video but not sure suitable for wedding?
  25. beautillusion

    beautillusion New Member

    hi Starrie,

    I am also interested to find out about the package. Would you be able to share more?

  26. coldjade

    coldjade Active Member

    Hais... The MUA I chose for AD (part of bridal studio package) has suddenly quit and they replace with a MUA I've never heard before.
    She happen to be the same person the studio arranged for my PWS. So I shall see how my PWS turns out...
    But if I don't really like my PWS experience, do you guys think I should hire a MUA for my AD and just forgo the one from the Bridal studio?
  27. jenlia444

    jenlia444 New Member

    Hi 2019 btbs! Any recommendations for rom and AD MUA ? Preferably a budget of $300 or below for rom
  28. Mia F

    Mia F New Member

    Oh dear, I'm an Oct BTB and for now I've only settled my banquet venue and booked my overseas prewed shoot. Everything else is a blank (including ANY form of planning for my July ROM)....
    Is it too late to start planning now? I'm thinking of finding an AD package from a JB bridal shop ASAP (many good reviews on Castalia, but not sure about their dresses/kua designs) but my fiance wants to try our luck for affordable ones in Qingdao during our prewed shoots in end April, meaning to say the earliest we can start looking for an AD package will be in May. Is it too late then? Kinda stressed out now seeing so many BTBs planning so early in advance....
  29. coldjade

    coldjade Active Member

    But get in Qing Dao means must go back and return? Like mafan leh.

    It's not tooooo late but I would prefer somewhere near so at least if anything happen (emergency alter service, change gown etc) can contact or go down easily. And usually package also include MUA, flowers etc. So get local (or at least JB) make more sense. Unless you are just buying the gown and come back.

    But alter gown quite pricey so even if the gowns in China is cheap and pretty, the altering will end up be more ex than the gown itself sometimes.

    If you are only doing banquet then it's fairly simple. Just look pretty can already.
    But if you are doing whole package ah, tea lah, church/chinese praying lah etc,
    then better start early if not near the date you will be super busy.
    Better spread out the work.

    Maybe start listing what you need, then plan accordingly.
  30. Mia F

    Mia F New Member

    Yeah, fiance is thinking of buying the gown & kua from Qingdao if we can find. But after extensive googling i'm not hopeful because they're not really cheap (they're only dirt cheap for rental), at least for the kind of kua (xiu he fu) I'm hoping to get. So i'm wondering if I should drop the idea of buying in QD and just going ahead with searching for JB bridal shop AD packages....

    Getting mixed advice on the "best" time to sign AD package though. Some advised if too late, will run short of available dresses. If too early, during the time of our booking till actual wedding day, many brides would have worn the dress (dress becomes worn out).
  31. coldjade

    coldjade Active Member

    The dresses are not new when you pick them anyway. So no matter what many people would have worn it, late or early. Bridal studios will maintain and do repairs, and no one will see the details actually.
  32. CLSH

    CLSH New Member

    Hi, can add me to the 2019 BTB chatgroup too?
  33. JuneBTB

    JuneBTB New Member

    Hello! Looking at the chain of messages, seem that there is a grp chat for BTB 2019. Mind adding me? Im June BTB. Thanks!
  34. Lingx91

    Lingx91 New Member

    I am still in btwn. Deciding btwn dec19 or feb20. Still waitin to "calculate" my date. Haha.
    I wanna do my weddin dinner at Park Royal kitchener. But the person on the email liaising with me like not very nice. And i have yet to arrange the time to head down and see how the ballroom is like.
    Anyone has feedbacks on the hotel?
  35. browniechen

    browniechen New Member

    Hi, Im a Nov btb 2019. Any chatgroup which I can join in? Thanks!
  36. CLSH

    CLSH New Member

    Hi All BtB,

    Any good solemnizer/JP to recommend (beside the very popular/top 10)?
  37. coldjade

    coldjade Active Member

    Just finished my PWS! Very happy just looking at the preview photos from the camera. Excited~
  38. chinleng

    chinleng Administrator Staff Member

  39. Huaysze

    Huaysze New Member

    Hi, i m a dec2019 BTB
    Can add me in the chatgroup!

    Had my prewed shoot took at taiwan with Franceparis.

    AD gowns MUA by lovestory from the BOWS

    Now looking for AD photography & videography!
  40. icecreamgirl

    icecreamgirl New Member

    Hi 2019 BTB,

    Congrats to your big day.

    I have some items that you might be interested. Kindly check the following Carousell link.
    - SKII whitening masks
    - Staccato Bling Bling shoes worn once for wedding. It is very very comfortable.
    - red plate for oranges
    - decorations such as wedding bears, guest book etc.
  41. Pokkiedots11

    Pokkiedots11 New Member

    Hi all!

    Due to the implementation of the GST tax in SG, understand that each person is only allow SGD100.

    Have signed for PWS & AD gowns from JB, anyone knows how to bring them into SG?
    Or Anyone encountered?

    What should I do?

    Thanks a million!
  42. psyy

    psyy New Member

    Hi! Can you share what does your package includes? Thanks a million!!
  43. Tuesdays

    Tuesdays New Member

    Hi :)
    Just wondering if anyone here has held their wedding banquet at Concorde Hotel recently? Any reviews (in terms of food & service) for Concorde hotel dinner banquet? Saw some positive reviews but the posts were quite back-dated. Am considering taking up their weekend dinner package for 2020.
    Thanks in advance! :)

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