(2008) Brides of year 2008


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waxie > I not in there..heehee ("p)
Mine is 14th sept.hilton hotel.Julia wedding news.cheers..

YL > I going to Tai zhong now liao..haha..will tell u my discovery when I come back,maybe u can go during sept.

Ah yah...dun tok abt the PS liao..We added 18 pics in total.I was quite piss with my FH.He is the one that wans to add,I was trying with hard to omit the ugly pics..haiz..

I can collect my album in aug liao..will post wen it is out.

spoiltbabe > will be nice lah...pretty gal will have nice pics and nice nice layouts lah..dun worry. (^-^)


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strawclare>ohh, thanks! I think I'll bring FH to Chingjing. But after that, donno want to go to Hualien or Taizhong. More inclined towards Taizhong now as I never really visited it. Look forward to new discoveries from you.
I'm sure your photos are not ugly or your FH won't want to add them. :p

celine>nice to meet you. have added you in multiply.


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Hi Cynthia,
Thanks alot for your fast response!!! I has definitely helped me in my preparation! esp the sandals
I think it is tiring to talk in those heels outdoor !!
Went to buy rose petals just now , bought a very big packet of them for only S$9. it is such a good deal!
And I manage to find a shop doing alteration near my house, luckily the alteration is not expensvie :p


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Hmm... i bought mini clogs to represent the real clogs.. the person says its okay.. so i bought that..

i bought..
-dragon & phoenix candles
-hair combing that set
-2 sets of pyjamas
-hair combing that set
-miniature clogs to represent real clogs
-2 pairs of bedroom slippers
-2 face towels
-1 baby tub
-1 potty
-sewing kit box
-2 electric lamps
-umbrella [$10 bucks i remember hahahaa]
-teaset [$25 for the cutie couple set w 4 cups]
........ i bought the basic needs loh.. spend about $200 like that....
My FIL and mum very TRADITIONAL so we bought the needs loh.... but i realise this particular shop sells quite cheap as compared to other shops... and they have a wide variety... the uncles there also not bad... =)

hehehe.. yah loh.. i am very active in WL there.. but over here sometimes no reply leh so i never come here often.. but now i come more often bah.. hahaha...

I have collected my albums and frames liao le.. so happy and satisfied with it.. haha.. can hug to bed with the album le.. wahhahaa... now waiting to collect the big frame to hang in the room nia.. but should be within these 2 weeks bah... keke...


celine> hihi.... come more often hor.. hehe.. i've added u on multiply already.. btw.. i bought clogs (minature ones), jus for the "yi si"..

clar> will be adding ya into the list tomolo... hehe.. paiseh ar.. u successfully omit the pics u didnt like ma?

xiaomei> becare leh.. cos the edges a bit pointy.. it will hurt u.. but u dun really hug it to bed rite.. hahaha..

i think my GDL stuffs for gal side 7788 le.. i bought everything from the wedding stuff shop in chinatown at level 1 of the newly renovated hawker centre(makan on level 2).. quite near to CK dept n the durian shop.. FH's side.. i left to them to settle..

my invites also 7788 le.. left pasting n writing of names.. will be sending them out soon.. but first...i'll need to collect all the addresses of people first.. haha..

another recommended cake shop appearing very often in forum is pine garden (www.pgcake.com) rite? its at ang mo kio ave 10..


woah.. more n more ppl means our gathering will get bigger n bigger ya..

Sept 08 Brides
Lets meet up for dinner on one of the date:
31 July (wed), 3 Aug (Mon) or 7 Aug (Thurs)

dates n venues open for suggestions... wanna make sure we have as many btb to join as possible..


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hi waxie24! Okok I will come in often ..used to come in here but stop for awhile after rom =P

Miniature ones also can mah?? Maybe can ask my hubby..cos i told him maybe can buy red color bedroom slippers..=X

Pine garden's cake is nice and yummy!! Especially Lychee Martini! Both my sisters ordered the birthday cakes for my nieces.


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hahaha.. almost held to bed but still put beside my bed.. hahahaa... LOL! SCARE night time i drool on it then spoil my album.. wahahahaa...

We might be buying it from the same stall.. hahahaa... we bought for both bride and groom cos we 2 went to buy nia.. hahahaa...

Gathering??? But i dont know anyone except spoiltbabe but i never see before... 31st July is a thursday leh.... not wednesday... but i am free on 03aug and 07aug.. but i very shy leh... if i come i think u all may find me too kiddy then i become so extra... -_-


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hi gals,
i finally contacted the contact of rachel for the traditional cards writing..=p and i am impressed that he's gonna write in calligraphy!one big prob semi-settled(cos have write yet..haha)

most of u bought the GDL stuff liao hor..hrm, i din reali buy yet cos tink my GDL date in 1wk of sept..i onli bought the teasets...my honeymoon also nt settled...haiz..

waxie24>i juz happen to go AMK today leh,n visited the pine gardens cake shop,told my parents they famous for their wedding cakes,bt my parents were quite put off by the cake shop lady,and they find her quite rude..i juz felt that she was quite boorish tat's all..don tink i will order from them liao since my parents don like..anyhow i bought 2 mini cakes to eat, quite interesting taste,bt find it quite creamy leh. din see the lychee one tat celine said..=(


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hi Brenda, u must write in to all yacht clubs and marinas to seek for permission to take PS there and all of them charge a photography fee.


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hmm.. i bought my GDL stuff last friday loh.. buy early also ok.. but i didnt buy those food items lah.. later rotten how.. hahaa... my GDL also 1st week of Sept.. =) when will you be having your food tasting?


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jrgal- i think need to place order for lychee martini
i also the same as u wor..my GDL is 5th sep. Honeymoon not settle yet. Dunno want to postpone my honeymoon mah


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where you wanna go for honeymoon? now still have time to book honeymoon wor.. heard that august have natas also.. but normally natas also not cheaper loh.. might be more expensive i realised


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what are the cloags supposed to be for arh? no one told me need to get that. Only said must get the bedside lamps. I just double-checked with FMIL. She said no need me to do anthing else for GDL... On my side, mom said nothing else need to get for GDL... Invites prob need to start confirming soon. But lazy to start. Maybe once FH finish his reservist. :p

Waxie>tentatively, all dates for the gathering ok for me. No request for where we meet as long as its somewhere central.

heard that pinegarden is good but the bosses rather stuck-up maybe cos of all the good biz they've been getting.


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heya dec brides...
long time never log in...

gals, i am actually thinking of doing lasik, after going to the lasik forum talk last sat at paragon

if you were me, with wedding in Dec, and photoshoot in Sep, will you do the lasik before the wedding or after the wedding ????

anyone drinking fancl tenseup ex now ???
i stopped drinking..but want to resume, to make my skin better before wedding.
anyone has any contacts for cheaper buy for fancl tenseup ??


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Table updated.

<font face="Times New Roman"><table border=1><tr><td>Name</TD><TD>AD</TD><TD>Venue</TD><TD>BS</TD><TD>PG</TD><TD>VG </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lydia</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Anne</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>TO</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD>WS.FeldBeryl</TD><TD>Bigdaypictures </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ciremis</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>FSH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sassy_girl</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>SH</TD><TD>Divine Couture</TD><TD>Xiao Yi Xiao (DL)</TD><TD>Xiao Yi Xiao (DL) </TD></TR><TR><TD>Jacqueline</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>SLH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Tri-angles</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Winnie</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>FCC</TD><TD>The Aisle Bridal Boutique</TD><TD>Aisle Bridal</TD><TD>Aisle Bridal </TD></TR><TR><TD>Katherine</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Raspberriez</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>CSA/KC</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD>Nozza.net </TD><TD>Nozza.net </TD></TR><TR><TD>Linda</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>joeve</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>June</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>CC </TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>TanLee</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>HI</TD><TD>Jazz B</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>cho</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>applepiez</TD><TD>1/11/2008</TD><TD>TO</TD><TD>Golden Horse</TD><TD>Lightbox production</TD><TD>Lightbox production </TD></TR><TR><TD>sleepyapple</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>CH</TD><TD>La Vie Bridal</TD><TD>One Eye Click</TD><TD>Visio Workz </TD></TR><TR><TD>qinying</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>TO</TD><TD>Divine Couture</TD><TD>William Chua</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Angeline</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>GPPH</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Fruittea</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>HI</TD><TD>Milan Weddings</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sharine</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>HG</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Sam Wong</TD><TD>ForestProduction </TD></TR><TR><TD>sockie</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>kat</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>SMC</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD>Jayce Photography</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sandy</TD><TD>2/11/2008</TD><TD>PR</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Jane</TD><TD>7/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Santiago </TD><TD>One Eye Click</TD><TD>Wow Media </TD></TR><TR><TD>Shermie</TD><TD>7/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lost</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Signoria Nuziale</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>chemie</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>FSH</TD><TD>Volan</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>ylbbubippah</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>mi_kel</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>abc</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>CH</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD>Essential Photography</TD><TD>Essential Photography </TD></TR><TR><TD>jie</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>GWP</TD><TD>D'sire</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Rachel</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>DG</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD>C F Tien</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>ballerina</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>RH</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>sharene</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>PP</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Edmund Leong </TD><TD>Miror creations </TD></TR><TR><TD>Alyssa</TD><TD>8/11/2008</TD><TD>NCQ</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>chimes</TD><TD>9/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>1950photography</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Josephine</TD><TD>9/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Starry</TD><TD>10/11/2008</TD><TD>CCH</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>1950photography</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>yaksweetmail</TD><TD>10/11/2008</TD><TD>PP</TD><TD>D'sire</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>funfun</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>NCQ</TD><TD>Mon'liza Wedding Castle, KL</TD><TD>1950photography</TD><TD>aterlier X </TD></TR><TR><TD>Maple</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>GPPH</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD>Sundayz Photography </TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Eve</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>BG</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>HappyMrsKoh</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>Margaret Brides</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>pang</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>GH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>bianchibi</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>PP</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Snowball</TD><TD>11/11/2008</TD><TD>RH</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Hwa Seng</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Xiaozhu</TD><TD>12/11/2008</TD><TD>NCQ</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding Design</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>keer13</TD><TD>13/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Rommie</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>FCC</TD><TD>Bridal Elegance</TD><TD>Signature Photography</TD><TD>Signature Photography </TD></TR><TR><TD>anomaly</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>HH</TD><TD>Golden Horse</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>denril</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>Jazz B</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>blanqq</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>YLG</TD><TD>Santiago JB</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Angel </TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Kelly</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>AH</TD><TD>Bridal Zone</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Claudia</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>SMC</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>angsinnee</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>GH</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding Design</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>deedee</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>AH</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD>3some</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Bitchy Wife</TD><TD>15/11/2008</TD><TD>GS</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>mei</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Silhouette</TD><TD>Tri-angles</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jiniwin</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>STS</TD><TD>Golden Horse</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Yvonne</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>HR</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>YukiMegumi</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>SH</TD><TD>The Wedding Present</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Clarissa</TD><TD>16/11/2008</TD><TD>HRV</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD>Filmman</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>new_here</TD><TD>17/11/2008</TD><TD>RP</TD><TD>Inspiration</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jane</TD><TD>19/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>Santiago</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lynn Kwek</TD><TD>20/11/2008</TD><TD>TH </TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Dreamcatcher photography</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Tweenty</TD><TD>20/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Karen</TD><TD>21/11/2008</TD><TD>RH</TD><TD>Ritz Couture</TD><TD>Nelson-Film.com (Nelson)</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Xin</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Fotowerke</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>tingie</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>FRF</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Blessings</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>HH</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Visio Workz</TD><TD>Visio Workz </TD></TR><TR><TD>Brenda</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>RTC</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Sundayz Photography </TD><TD>Big Days Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>Michelle</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>TL</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>charma97</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>YLG</TD><TD>Fame Bridal</TD><TD>Bernard</TD><TD>Johnny </TD></TR><TR><TD>Zhixin</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>AH</TD><TD>Julia Wedding News</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>providencia</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>FSH</TD><TD>Tan Yoong</TD><TD>36frames/Tinydot</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Mycelestial</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>SLH</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ivy</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>SR</TD><TD>Ritz Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Marcy</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>TH</TD><TD>Ritz Couture</TD><TD>Secret Heaven</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>olivia</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>PSR</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>yutaka</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>CRC</TD><TD>Bridal De Couture</TD><TD>Eirik Tan </TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>bubu</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>HyH</TD><TD>Dang </TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Ergina Tan</TD><TD>22/11/2008</TD><TD>AH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>MoMo</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sleepydopeey</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>MM </TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Christina</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>sleepygal</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>GMR</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>ctgal</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HIA</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Wendelyn</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HH</TD><TD>Ted Collection</TD><TD>Yew Kwang</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>Mary Poppins</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD>Thomas Tan &amp; SVPS</TD><TD>Simon Video &amp; Photo Service (S) </TD></TR><TR><TD>dollypolly</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Precious Moment</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Karen Ho</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>SLH</TD><TD>Bridal Zone</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>pehling</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>HIPV</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>klkz</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>STS</TD><TD>Amanda Lee Weddings</TD><TD>Daniel Beh </TD><TD>Atelier X </TD></TR><TR><TD>Doreen Lim</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>ODF</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nico_2k</TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>PHO</TD><TD>Bridal De Couture</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Splendor Closet </TD><TD>23/11/2008</TD><TD>PSR</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Pinky81</TD><TD>26/11/2008</TD><TD>RS</TD><TD>Emanuel B</TD><TD>Derrick Ong</TD><TD>Substance Films </TD></TR><TR><TD>Celinn</TD><TD>27/11/2008</TD><TD>OH</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jo_vin</TD><TD>27/11/2008</TD><TD>SH</TD><TD>New York Classic, JB</TD><TD>Derrick Ong</TD><TD>ForestProduction </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nicole</TD><TD>28/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lin </TD><TD>28/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Yvling</TD><TD>28/11/2008</TD><TD>MH</TD><TD>Venus</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>I Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>buttercupz</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>TH</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Stay</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>SLH</TD><TD>Ted Wu</TD><TD>Tri-angles</TD><TD>The Wedding Paparazzi </TD></TR><TR><TD>Layling</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>HH</TD><TD>Rianne Bridal Workz</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>monkeymuffin</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Silhouette</TD><TD>One Eye Click</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Liz Tan</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Eileen</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Cyn</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>RaH</TD><TD>Emanuel B</TD><TD>John Lim</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Tng</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>sharon goh</TD><TD>29/11/2008</TD><TD>FR</TD><TD>VC</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>jfaith</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD>Tri-angles</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Diana</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>TH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>wnsbuim</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Amanda</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>MM</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Reflections (Amos)</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>qingqing</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Evelyn</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>PHO</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>deez</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>RaH</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>eelin</TD><TD>30/11/2008</TD><TD>RaH</TD><TD>Bridal Veil</TD><TD>Chester Tan</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Su hui Jun</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Bean</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>necrosis</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD>Venus</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD>Michellegerald</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> -</TD><TD> - </TD></TR><TR><TD></td></tr></table></font>
AH - Amara Hotel
BG - Bliss Garden
CCH - Conrad Centennial Hotel
CC - Chinaclub
CSA - Church St Anthony
CRC - Church of the Risen Christ
CSH - Church of the Sacred Heart
CH - Carlton Hotel
DG - Dragon Gate
FR - Furama Riverfront
FSH - Four Season Hotel
FCC - Furama City Centre
GCW - Grand Copthorne Waterfront
GH - Grand Hyatt
GMR - Grand Mercure Roxy
GPPH - Grand Plaza Park Hotel
GS - Grand Shanghai
GWP - Goodwood Park
HG - Hilltop Garden
HH - Hilton Hotel
HI - Hotel Intercontinental
HPIV - Holiday Inn Parkview
HR - Hotel Royal
HRV - Hotel Rendezvous
HyH - Hyatt Hotel
KC - Khalsa Club
MH - Marriot Hotel
MM - Marina Mandarin
NCQ - Novotel Clarke Quay
ODF - 1 Degree 15
OH - Orchard Hotel
OPH - Orchard Parade Hotel
PP - Pan Pacific Hotel
PHO - Park Hotel Orchard
PSR - Pioneer Spring Restaurant
PR - Park Royal
RH - Regent Hotel
RaH - Raffles Hotel
RP - Raffles The Plaza
RS - Rasa Sentosa
RTC - Raffles Town Club
SH - Sheraton Hotel
SLH - Shangri-La Hotel
SMC - Swissotel Merchant Court
STS - Swissotel The Stamford
SR- Sentosa Resort &amp; Spa
TH - Traders Hotel
TL - The Legends
TO - The Oriental
YLG - Yishun Lake Garden (OCC)


New Member
hi ladies...anyone here has any recommendation on where i can go to make good and affordable curtains? understand from my friend that customise curtains are very costly...

what are some of the preparations that you gers have done? me also a Oct BTB but apart from sourcing furnitures for my house, there is hardly anything much that i have done...am i behind schedule?


New Member
princessxiaomei- erm..i think japan. either tokyo or hokkiado. Yah my colleague just told me about natas fair and sometimes not worth it too. Can look around first. Where u planning?


New Member
princessxiaomei>my dates for GDL nt settled yet,ha,cos my blur FH told the fengshui master to give a date in august which is 7th month,i blasted at him n told him to get a new date from the fengshui master..so we shld be confirming the date nxt wk.=p my food tasting mayb end of tis mth=p cos i working late nxt wk,and the following wk i "on standby" and wil get called back to work anytime at nite one..so i dunwan to hv a stressful food tasting=p

celine>i tink i going hokkaido also..if i haven resign from my work place,then i hv to complete my honeymoon by 5th oct after my banquet on 28th sept=( cos my leave is fixed on tat wk. so i also haven book cos so far i found the ctc package departing on 29th sept nite,which is juz nice for me,so i can take the time in the afternoon to return gowns, and return on 5th oct nite...=) however,nw onli got 2 person,if book now got early bird discount at 1988 for 1st 10 pax.need 10 ppl to confirm departure. anyone of u interested??hee..


New Member
celine, i think a few of us are gg Japan for honeymoon. Maybe we happen to go at the same time. Haha. I was hoping to go one or two days after our wedding. Main thing is dont want to go back to work. Keke


New Member
woah so many of us going to JAPAN.. i think we might just bump into each other loh.. haha..

I have booked mine with SA Tours.. 7D5N..central japan and universal studio.. flying by SQ.. depart on 1st Oct 1am... hehehe.. wondering if anyone of you booked with them too?? =)


New Member
huh not settled yet? still have time mah?
maybe you can try to book SA Tours.. cos my hb and i are the 7th and 8th person when we booked.. we need 7 more adults.. hahahaa... i think the price is about the same as what you were quoted by CTC... =)


New Member
We can have a little macdonald party liao.. haha! i think 31 Jul will be a better day for me, start from aug i will be damn busy with my seminar stuffs.

dun worry, i have never meet them before too, missed the last gathering :p
Oh dear, so many things to buy ah... Hopefully my mum will keep things simple.

my GDL is also on 5th Sep, and we have buy nothing for it yet :p You postponing your HM to...? We would prolly be going in Oct to egypt coz read up abit and quite a number of ppl saying is best to go between oct - jan.

erm, the master also sotong sia... how come give a date on a lunar 7th month -_-" Talking abt food tasting, we have not arrange for it yet... sigh...


New Member

Thanks for the contact..
My sis had ordered from Neo garden coz she is a member with them.

Hi all 678 Brides,
Congrats to your BIG DAY!! :D
"Lets meet up for dinner on one of the date:
31 July (wed), 4 Aug (Mon) or 8 Aug (Thurs) "

31 July is my photoshoot so I pick the other dates. I have updated the outing dates after seeing princess's post.

31 July (wed)- spolitbabe
4 Aug (Mon)- green, princess
8 Aug (Thurs) - green, princess


New Member
haha.. green... you put mine as xiaomei better.. cos most of them call me xiaomei rather than princess. hahaha..and i look more like xiaomei than princess.. LOL!


New Member
hello iciclediamond,
glad that you find them useful.
do show us ur photoshoots when they are ready then.

hello plasterbride
if you do lasik, you will have 5 days MC where you need time for your eyes to re-adjust. after that you need to do for about 2 - 3 post review.. (something like that right).

i will suggest you do it AFTER your wedding. i find that its a major operation and you need lots of rest. now it better to fully prepare for your wedding..and its quite stress enough.


New Member
Hi Mrs Kel,

Which album type (landscape/potrait) did you choose for yr album? My layout was more suitable for landscape, but my co-ordinator told me there's only one cover design for landscape and I find the cover design not nice at all. How abt the small album too? I opt for a smaller one (in order to have the layout exactly as my big album) and I was told there's only one colour to choose - Maroon). I find the whole album cover selection ridiculous, how can they have only one design, which means no room for selection. The guest book too, only 2 design to choose from.

I was quite disappointed with my layout too, waited for 6-7 weeks and it wasn't up to our expectation at all.


New Member
For lasik, I thought it's a 2-week MC? My bro stayed at home for that time and was bored out of his mind because can't leave the house cos the sun isn't good for you...Plus they give you sleeping pills to sleep as much as you can?


New Member
Hi All,

Any DG brides here to advise me on my concerns for the above postings? I dun want to post on the DG sites to complicate the whole matter.


New Member
Hi galz..! I've jus done my Photo choosing yesterday! Verrry pleased with the outcome n now gotta wait for my very efficient BS to come up with the layout!

Have a good week ahead galz!

p.s by the way, my nick was previously raspberriez91 ;)


babe> actually within the lunar 7th mths.. there are still good dates. jus that normally chinese ppl will try to avoid thw whole of the 7th mths..

yl> if me not wrong.. it mean 步步高å‡

oh dear.. i'm too blur..

green> thanks for consolidating wor.... hehe..

31 July (is actually thurs)- spolitbabe, waxie
4 Aug (Mon)- green, xiaomei, waxie
7 Aug (Thurs) - green, xiaomei, waxie


New Member
here got many taiwan experts so you dun have to worry :p

guess it doesnt harm coming out for a dinner in aug since so far no one choose Jul yet. Really wanna meet you all :D

31 July (is actually thurs)- spolitbabe, waxie
4 Aug (Mon)- green, xiaomei, waxie, spoiltbabe
7 Aug (Thurs) - green, xiaomei, waxie


<table border=1><tr><td> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Nick </TD><TD>AD Date</TD><TD>Venue</TD><TD>BS </TD><TD>PG </TD><TD>VG </TD></TR><TR><TD>green</TD><TD>1-Sep-08</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>raragal</TD><TD>1-Sep-08</TD><TD>OCC</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD>Melvin Ho</TD><TD>Stefine </TD></TR><TR><TD>gorkim</TD><TD>5-Sep-08</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>yongyong</TD><TD>6-Sep-08</TD><TD>Marina Mandarin</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Seacool</TD><TD>7-Sep-08</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Daphne Wong (noel7z7)</TD><TD>7-Sep-08</TD><TD>Qian Xi(Farrer Park)</TD><TD>My Bridal room</TD><TD>Sam Wong</TD><TD>Kevin(YP) </TD></TR><TR><TD>jess_liang</TD><TD>7-Sep-08</TD><TD>Orchard Hotel</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>mentos</TD><TD>7-Sep-08</TD><TD>FRH</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD>Depixel</TD><TD>Atelier-X </TD></TR><TR><TD>wongfam</TD><TD>7-Sep-08</TD><TD>Marriott</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>d0lphin</TD><TD>7-Sep-08</TD><TD>Hyatt</TD><TD>Ritz Couture</TD><TD>secretheaven</TD><TD>secretheaven </TD></TR><TR><TD>chumint</TD><TD>7-Sep-08</TD><TD>FCC</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>bubbleluv</TD><TD>7-Sep-08</TD><TD>RVH</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD>Lam-Rainbow Photo</TD><TD>Lam-Rainbow Photo </TD></TR><TR><TD>fruitchick</TD><TD>7-Sep-08</TD><TD>Four Seasons</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>cayenne</TD><TD>7-Sep-08</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>Sattine</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>frostyflake</TD><TD>07Sep08(ROM/Customary)</TD><TD>Scarlet Hotel</TD><TD>Kai Bridal</TD><TD>Feldberyl</TD><TD>Nil </TD></TR><TR><TD>eleven_soyabeans</TD><TD>11-Sep-08</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>Mr&amp;Miss Wedding Club</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Winniethepooh</TD><TD>13-Sep-08</TD><TD>Marina Mandarin</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Crown</TD><TD>13-Sep-08</TD><TD>Peach Garden at Thomson Plaza</TD><TD>Precious moments</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Groombride</TD><TD>13-Sep-08</TD><TD>Grand Plaza Park Hotel</TD><TD>Volan Couture</TD><TD>Volan Couture</TD><TD>Atelier-X </TD></TR><TR><TD>babyxanne</TD><TD>13-Sep-08</TD><TD>Hyatt</TD><TD>di Gio</TD><TD>Derrick Ong</TD><TD>Andrew Chooi(EMC Group) </TD></TR><TR><TD>alanis</TD><TD>13-Sep-08</TD><TD>FCC</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>yanqiu</TD><TD>13-Sep-08</TD><TD>Hotel rendezvous</TD><TD>Sattine</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>missy54</TD><TD>13-Sep-08</TD><TD>Four Seasons</TD><TD>Amanda Lee Weddings</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>waxie24</TD><TD>13-Sep-08</TD><TD>Oriental</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Greymatter</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>pearlybling79</TD><TD>13-Sep-08</TD><TD>Grand Shanghai</TD><TD>Julia Weddings News</TD><TD>FOC</TD><TD>FOC </TD></TR><TR><TD>princess_sha</TD><TD>13-Sep-08</TD><TD>Shangri-la</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>eveve</TD><TD>13-Sep-08</TD><TD>Qianxi</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>truefaith</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>peach</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Mandarin</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>xiaolubao</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Oriental Hotel</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>dannybo</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Santiago</TD><TD>Albert-Everafter</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>tlisa</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>FRH</TD><TD>PMM Bridal</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>celine08</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Traders</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>llgnme</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Orchard Hotel</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>weddinghunt</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Amara(Sentosa)</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>ssunsett</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Pan Pacific</TD><TD>L@ Belle</TD><TD>The Wedding Paparazzi</TD><TD>Eulee </TD></TR><TR><TD>renel</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>InterContinental SG</TD><TD>Sattine</TD><TD>Tinydot Photography</TD><TD>BrilliantPic Videography </TD></TR><TR><TD>tomoko77</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Bliss Garden</TD><TD>Bliss Creation</TD><TD>Bliss Creation</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>strawberri</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Carlton</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD>Michael</TD><TD>Mirage Pictures </TD></TR><TR><TD>jassng</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>ezvy</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Jade Room-Htl Royal</TD><TD>Volan Couture</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>ryu</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Four Seasons(Lunch)</TD><TD>Signoria Nuziale</TD><TD>Bobman</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>goukisg</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>swissotel(Lunch)</TD><TD>Ted collection/Potrait gallery</TD><TD>Xiao Cai</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>itipit</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Legends at Fort Canning</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>icyxiaozhu</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Safra Mt. Faber</TD><TD>Signoria Nuziale</TD><TD>Absolute Video</TD><TD>Absolute Video </TD></TR><TR><TD>hui2426</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Marriot-Lunch</TD><TD>Di Gio</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>ayukie</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Mandarin</TD><TD>Jazreel</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Kai Ling </TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Seletar Country Club</TD><TD> </TD><TD>adrian(avenue8) </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>spoiltbabe </TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>Whitelink </TD><TD>Peony-Jade</TD><TD>Whitelink </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>strawclare</TD><TD>14-Sep-08</TD><TD>hilton hotel</TD><TD>Julia wedding news</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>sportgal</TD><TD>16-Sep-08</TD><TD></TD><TD>Precious Moment Bridal</TD><TD>Precious Moment Bridal</TD><TD>Precious Moment Bridal </TD></TR><TR><TD>vangiepooh</TD><TD>19-Sep-08</TD><TD>Fullerton</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>lastkiss83</TD><TD>20-Sep-08</TD><TD>grand plaza park</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Gina Ng</TD><TD>20-Sep-08</TD><TD>NCQ</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD>Visioworkz</TD><TD>Visioworkz </TD></TR><TR><TD>darienna</TD><TD>20-Sep-08</TD><TD>Mandarin</TD><TD>DI Gio</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>peggydog</TD><TD>20-Sep-08</TD><TD>Hilton</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>captain_piglet</TD><TD>20-Sep-08</TD><TD>Conrad</TD><TD>Margaret Brides</TD><TD>tsangstudios</TD><TD>vocare media </TD></TR><TR><TD>princessjj</TD><TD>20-Sep-08</TD><TD></TD><TD>Julia Wedding</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>vivicaleb</TD><TD>20-Sep-08</TD><TD>TRBC(Church wedding)</TD><TD>Sophia</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>Sweetbeng</TD><TD>21-Sep-08</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>nervous_bride</TD><TD>21-Sep-08</TD><TD>Goodwood park</TD><TD>Margarets Brides</TD><TD>Gideon Koh</TD><TD>Vocare-Sam </TD></TR><TR><TD>blinktulip</TD><TD>21-Sep-08</TD><TD>Park Hotel Orchard</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>frostyflake</TD><TD>21Sep(Dinner)</TD><TD>Sheraton Towers Hotel</TD><TD>Kai Bridal</TD><TD>Feldberyl</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>LSnTYL</TD><TD>21-Sep-08</TD><TD>Peony Jade</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>ahnetsan</TD><TD>23-Sep-08</TD><TD>Sheraton Towers Hotel</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Robin Photgraphy</TD><TD>Robin Photgraphy </TD></TR><TR><TD>green_tranquility</TD><TD>25-Sep-08</TD><TD>Holiday Inn Atrium</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD>Motion Image</TD><TD>Motion Image </TD></TR><TR><TD>princessxiaomei</TD><TD>26-Sep-08</TD><TD>Marriott</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD>Ave8(Beetles@Work)-Bernard)</TD><TD>Ave8(Beetles@Work)-Sam </TD></TR><TR><TD>teekel</TD><TD>26-Sep-08</TD><TD></TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>fumiko_neko</TD><TD>26-Sep-08</TD><TD>Carlton</TD><TD>Di Gio/GHA</TD><TD>Xiao Chai</TD><TD>Forest production </TD></TR><TR><TD>Lois</TD><TD>26-Sep-08</TD><TD>Copthorne King's - Tien Court</TD><TD>Ted Collection</TD><TD>Bobman</TD><TD>Bigday Pictures-YS Lee </TD></TR><TR><TD>angelic_piglet(Customary)</TD><TD>27-Sep-08</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>happinessbliss</TD><TD>27-Sep-08</TD><TD>NCQ</TD><TD>Wedding Affairs</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>msbean</TD><TD>28-Sep-08</TD><TD>Hotel rendezvous</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding </TD></TR><TR><TD>missbean_25</TD><TD>28-Sep-08</TD><TD>Civil Service Club-Bukit Batok</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>jrgal</TD><TD>28-Sep-08</TD><TD>FRH</TD><TD>Jazz Studio</TD><TD>1eyeclick</TD><TD>Forest Productions </TD></TR><TR><TD>sept08bride</TD><TD>28-Sep-08</TD><TD>Hotel Royal -Jade Rm</TD><TD>Bridal Zone</TD><TD>Bridal Zone</TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>pinkybtb</TD><TD>28-Sep-08</TD><TD>Plaza Parkroyal</TD><TD>M&amp;M weddingClub</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>cherrie20</TD><TD>28Sep08(Customary)</TD><TD>Swissotel the Stamford</TD><TD>Bridal de couture</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>angelic_piglet(Dinner)</TD><TD>29-Sep-08</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Yvonne Creative</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD>cherrie20</TD><TD>29Sep08(Dinner)</TD><TD>Swissotel the Stamford</TD><TD>Bridal de couture</TD><TD> </TD><TD> </TD></TR><TR><TD></td></tr></table>