(2008) Brides of year 2008


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wow FSS... your dinner looked super happening! Were you two doing the salsa?


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Enjoy your weekend. I agree we need to recharge...relax as you have completed a lot of your stuff already, now must maintain and count down to the big day.

Mrs Chiew,
you using silk flower ? For hair ?? I am looking for it too.


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hi FSS... congratulations!! Your photos are nice nice. Nice blue.

So fast time flies!!! One by one we are walking down the red carpet...


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hee ... no problem, kelly ... those shots at National Museum are great! did u pay to go in the museum for PS or juz went outside to take pics?


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mei: the PG asked us what kind of style of photos we want.. casual? romantic? etc.. then can help you with posing.. but different pg maybe different..

chimes: i did not go in museum. we decided to go there only just before we move off. so we took only the exterior.. no need pay.. if you wan to go in, need to apply first and pay.


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Hi everyone, wow, we're having a NuBra spree :D So fun, hee. Go Pin! Cynthia, I voted for 12 Sep, but any of those dates is ok, really.

And thanks everyone for the compliments on the EG and the votes for the CS! Yah, I think the only 2 real choices were the pink or white CS, and I'll go for the white CS.

Actually, my wedding is so short I don't know if I even have time to wear. Nevermind lah, just take since it's in the package
Can wear for PS.
Thanks rachel for the explanation.

I'll ask u again when I need to buy cakes in Dec hehe. I asked my bf just now. He prefers real cakes, so we will buy cakes & distribute lor. Haha I find I like western cupcakes while he likes traditional cakes. I'll give in to his choice this time.


Thanks Waxie for consolidating the list. I realise there are more Sept brides than Jan brides.


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hee, thanks for including me, waxie. just realised some more recent active brides like spoiltbabe and strawclare are not in the list too. Think we were not active in this thread when it was last collated. :p

I thought about it and think I better not ask the parents whether they want to get stuff from Gin Thye. Now my GDL is v simple. Only some cake vouchers, some cakes and pork trotters. Think better don't complicate it with more stuff. Wait means more work for me. :p


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Thanks for the information on the wedding cake voucher!

wow... must be feeling excited ya? Dun forget to post your pics in multiply! Mi going to view my layouts this Sunday after 2mths of loooong wait! Excited yet nervous, scare the layouts will not turn out nice -_-

Can add mi onto the list? My details are:
AD: 14 Sep / BS: Whitelink / Venue: Peony-Jade / PG: Whitelink / VG: nil

cupcakes sound good! Just now i tot of getting delifrance vouchers then my mum said ppl dun eat bread and tarts -_-" damn LL. She brought me to Poh Heng to buy jewellery... I try to choose the cheaper range liao but still comes up to over $1k. Tat excludes a necklace which she got earlier and she said tat's to give me when i serve tea. Sigh.... pls give me money, i need tat more.


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green> i wanted cupcakes too. but i felt that traditional cakes are more 'friendly' la.. dun wanna offend the old folks..hahaha.. this time really going for old old traditional kind of cakes..cheaper also..

Cupcakes is like almost $2 each..and u need min. 4 in a box..ex la..and it melts too..hahaha..traditional one..more secure..and its nice..
inside got raisins and orange skin de.. heehee..and he doing a heart shape one for us..

YL> where u gonna get ur cakes from? there are certain peanuts or stuff they need to get rite??arent there?? then can get from Gin Thye..easier..

spoiltbabe> we all need more of that.. i dun mind another $10k anytime to clear my existing debts.. hahahaa...


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FSS...hearty congrats to you.

the blue colour brings all out. great photos.

The eve for 678 brides....remember to rest early ladies.


babe> thanks thanks.. i'll update you in the list on monday.. erm.. cos the list is in office computer.. hahaha..

green> i did tot of cupcakes.. but my mom wan "xi bing" cos the who who's daughter also got give.. then say xi bing more meaningful which i think its true lor..

oh ya... ladies.. i heard that the bride cannot eat her own "xi bing", unless the "xi bing" is seperately packed (as in not packed in "xi bing" gift box) then can eat...

yl> u getting fresh pork trotters? my mom say since no canned one.. then dun need.. roast pig also dun need...


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hee Kelly ... I have already taken my PS. Yup, I know abt the photography charges that National Museum impose on ... I was originally thinking of either going to ACM or National Museum for my PS, but upon learning about the photography charges, I kinda changed my mind. I went Singapore Arts Museum SAM instead.


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Your wedding looks sooo fun and you both look so gorgeous. Congrats,babe!
Can i check with you, the bubbles for your march in..issit arranged by the hotels or you rent the machine? I'm looking for that kinda effect too...can send me the contacts for it?


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rach>nope, none of the moms mention those peanuts and stuff so I'm assuming no need to get them. Not sure where FMIL intends to get the cakes. Guess I'll ask her and offer to help when I see her tomorrow.

Waxie>FMIL giving us fresh pork trotters. Actually, my mom said don't need but she insist must give. She wanted to substitute the canned pork trotters with sausages or luncheon meat so my mom said she'll rather take fresh pork trotters cos healthier. FMIL oso insist must give a roast suckling pig.


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hi all fellow 678 brides!

I think you must be feeling the same as me! Excited and restless!!!

We got less than 12 hours to go! Jiayou!!


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hi all *wave*

Can i join in?? =)
long time din't come in this thread. Btw when can we give out invitation cards?

i'm thinking of getting from Yiling's confectionary at hougang. Anyone tried before?


Hi ladies, sorry been a while since I last logged in. As I was busy & stressed up with the wedding preparations. Still looking for an ideal EG & shopping for ideal shoes but to no avail. Haha..

Hi Sotong, $350 for a MTM EG is a good buy. Can you share the photo of your EG with me if it’s ready. Thanks! And, yes, maybe, I will also adopt your suggestion to change my teadress to a EG instead but this is really subject to my BS approval as they are have lotsa restictions. Haiz.. Btw, I think it’s still better to use your BS’s MUA ampoules & fake eyelash, in case, if they are unhappy & does not help you do a great job. But, that’s just my personal opinion. It also depends of the attitude of the MUA, of course..

Hi Eunice, my wedding is held only for 1 day. So, planning to wear 1 WG in the morning. Another WG & 2 EG at night. Haha.. But, that’s just a dream.. My hubby has given me the red lights to these thoughts.. LOL!!! Oh, your photos at the church look great. Btw, are they open everyday? I mean just outside where we can take photos of the exterior? And, currently, I’m not attending church at the moment as my hubby is a non Christian. But, will like to look for 1 though..


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wa love xlb,
Read e sattine thread. Beri messy...pg left, designer left...n all e brides grumbling like crazy.

Ya still on multiply. Will include u in my list cos u qite fun to chat w...
Donno whether 2 feel sad n happy over e outcome. Sad for all btbs in sattine n glad tat we had our wedding before this happens... guess it goes e same 4 u.

I getting my video clips next week; AD fotoz cum coffeetable album end July. Then may choose some selected images for my multiply site.

take care love xlb...u still in Shanghai? Or in Spore?


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wow, i realise so many getting married on 14th sept, chinese 8th mth the 15th... so nice.

wow, the cakes look nice leh... too bad, my MIL getting the traditional cantonese style xi bing, and MIL says the ones she gg to buy are expensive ones... i wonder why must buy so expensive one, ppl eat liao also will shit out.... i doubt i can ever see the nice cakes which u all talk abt..

i went to see my album layout last nite le, and also collected the cd rom.
i think i will post in multiply. haha.

yes yes, i also heard dat we cannot eat our own xi bing.. dat night i was watching channel 54 the taiwanese program - nu ren wo sui da, they say cannot eat own xi bing at all. quite funny, cos the taiwan artiste see got one extra box, den she feelin hungry, plus the wrapping so nice, she wanted to eat, den heng her agent called her say cannot eat no matter hw hungry she is... seems tat if we eat our xi bing, den it will be bad luck. unless the xi bing is not wrapped in the xi box den ok.

hi celine. *wave back*


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i've uploaded a few of my wedding photos in multiply.

i jus collected my wedding cards from AWT... next would be settling the guest list and table arrangement. hmmm, dat's the toughest of all planning.

btw, are u all going to do any wedding prep during august? cos i heard cannot do any prep in aug as it's chinese 7th mth...


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I'm quite shocked by my BS' reply to some negative feedback in their thread:

I hope things don't get any worse. Don't even know what to say. Having managed forums before, I don't think there is a legal case, but I worry about a lashback for all the brides participating, including myself. I also feel it is a pity...because I feel my BS had some good things about it which was negated by the way they responded. Negative feedback through new media is prevalent and the norm, and you cannot seek to control it, only clarify your standpoint and resolve the source of the negativity.

Thanks for listening, and pls don't respond in that thread because it is between us and the BS.


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bubbles & dry ice - by hotel. check with your hotel?


not salsa! it was a last minute effort. a mix of "moon river" and "i feel good"! so it's a soft to funky mix. total 2mins. phew. wanted to cancel it as all gowns not suitable to dance. in the end, went ahead in my cheongsam. (coz ted's 1st fitting & final fitting only on last week b4 actual day, so we didnt know gowns were too fanciful for danceing)


SMS me if you hafnt got buffet contact. my mum had one at our place. it was very good (tho i didnt even get a bite!)

Wish all lovely brides a lovely month ahead!


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Sigh......Earthsea, my BS also has a lot of problem but not becoz of its service and such....the thing is the main photographer was sacked recently and most of us signed up beocz of his photography skill....I'm like so stress up rite now coz my HTB already paid up all the $$ to the BS and we dun noe if they r even gonna survive....sigh....How come so many BS problems one.... :_(


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wow Lsntyl
guess u are getting busier as it approach ur sept wedding.. For me it the same no more fren wkend left only wkday for gathering///


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It seems many BS has their share of problems. But If you dun trust any, have to ala carte... My BS also kena afew complains, but when u see your gowns and fotos for fotoshoot and AD u sorta forget all the problems.

keer, yeah, but need to know wat you really wan. I got the materials pretty okie price loh and tailoring also pretty okie so add together a full lace gown 350. I will not use BS's MUA ampoules cos my facial people dun allow me to put as I have very sensitive and problematic skin. IF mua die die wanna sell to me, they told me to go pass their number to the mua to talk to them. *shrugs*


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yea, definitely.... give me cash anytime :D Settled our invites today at last! phew! 2-3weeks later then we can collect them, i think we gotta give our invites in sep liao, rush rush!

hi! May i know where is the confectionary shop? Coz mi stay in hougang :D Hmm, for the invites is either send out before or after the lunar 7th month. If your AD is early part of Sep i think better send out first bah.

pretty bride! Eh, the black EG is the one you are talking about? Tat's really nice eh! Sexy *wolf whistle*
Not at all? I mean, the wedding preps. Buying the GDL things can? Guess the whole of Aug we will be busy setting up our room liao.

i was there this afternoon! Saw 2 ladies collected cards, are you the one? Btw, added you in multiply liao.


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Kelly, so how was the ps session ? Tiring ??

I tink most of us shld b lookin for our bedroom stuff liao ... any recommendations for the bed frames and all ???

To take pics at the Yatch CLub, must we apply first ??


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Irene> I can emphatize with how you feel.. The PG I like also quit from my BS after I signed up.. But lucky for me was that the PG suddenly came back before my PS.. But I understand your anxiety and really feel that the way BS business is ran in Singapore is really disadvantageous to customers.. When there is a disagreement, its always the customer at the losing end, because we have to pay BEFORE we receive the service.. And we do not get a second chance to do it right..

I think bad BS services forms a vicious cycle.. So many stories of brides suffering from backlash when they complain about their BS.. As a results, ppl dun dare to speak up due to fear.. And BS get away with it and continue doing it..

So unless we're rich and dun mind throwing a few thousand away to start all over with another BS or go ala carte, otherwise the average Singaporean just swallow everything, bear with the imperfections and save the few thousand dollars for more practical things lah..

But let us not allow the ethics of BS to blind us from what is important.. Wedding is about you and your hubby.. As for gowns, make-up, photos etc.. After the wedding is over, all these will hardly seem important anymore.. Only thing that matters then is that we have our hubby by our side..


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Hmm... been MIA for super long time... so many of us getting married in lunar 8th mth... woooo... i wonder when will you be giving out your invitations for those AD 3rd and 4th week of septemeber???? Give end July like too early.. give early Sept like too late... no idea how also.. my xi bing also dont know need or dont need... sigh...

hello.. haha.. nice seeing you here...
i bought my GDL things le.. i bought almost everything lah.. hahaha.. quite cheap i feel.. i went to few shops and this is the cheapest le... you bought yours le???


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hi girls
Have not log in for awhile and there is so much activities going on!! Got a few qns that that need your girls advise:
1. I m gg for my PS tomorrow and have no idea still what to prepare and bring? Can anyone share your experience with me??

2. Anyone knows of place that does alteration? I bought a gown online and it requires some alterations.

BTW, my multiply id is iciclediamond, pls add me


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keer: I think the church is open every day...Most Catholic churches are I guess...So you're intending to take shots there also? When is your PS?
And you mean you're going to look for a church as in to take photo or to attend? :p

leely: You're right! At the end of the day, we have to remember that it's to have our hubbies by our side that is important!

Earthsea: I hope things turn out okay with your BS...And that they are professional enough not to take it out on their clients...


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ahnet- can i take a look at your photo? I'm still waiting for mine. Just took PS on 25 June.

spoiltbabe- hihi! Its located at hougang ave 8. I dunno where is the exact shop located but its near entrance of the carpark(but there for alot of entrance ^^!) they got webbie and map. u might want to see the photo first? i'm thinking of getting the walnut butter cake. http://www.yilingcakes.com.sg/

princessxiaomei- hi! Can I know wat items u bought for your GDL? Did you buy the clogs?? I wonder can replace it to the room slippers or not. Btw I haven't bought mine.

my mutiply id: precioustot add me too!


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hello icicledimond

i have just added you to my miltiply, i do not have the complete list of what to bring and do for photoshot, but i have a copy in my company's PC. i copy from somewhere.

hope this last minute info help you:
to do:
1) do not drink too much water one day b4 photoshoot
2) sleep early
3) have ur manicure and pedicure done today
4) pack all the things you need for tomorrow.
things you need:
1) wedding shoes (for your WG & EG)
2) nu bra (bring them..just in case)
3) wedding bands
4) facial bolotters
5) bottle of water with straw
6) a pair of sandals for you to walk when you are taking outdoor shoots, you can remove your heals. most of the time, ur shoe will not be reveal. or its for standing pose, then you may need to wear your heals to look taller. trust me, wear heals for outdoor shoot is not a nice experience.
7) your cascual wear for your photoshot
8) any things you wan to bring to include for photoshot, for example the first teddy bear ur hubby gave you etc...

that's all i can think of!
lastly, stand in front of the mirror and practise how to smile. find a best smile you think you can have. flash your pearly white!
and... ENJOY yourself tomorrow!


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wah, you so active in WL, come here chat more often lah :p I think my invites cant be ready so soon, so it will be give out in Sep. Meanwhile we are informing our friends, giving the invites is a formality.
Wah! So fast buy GDL things liao ah? Sigh... my fh haben come over to 'ti qing', dunno wat my mum wants him to buy also. It seems so many things we haben do yet...

add you to my multiply liao!
ooh, this one! the tv featured their majong cake and bikini cake :p But i not sure of the location -_-"


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All the best for 678 brides.

I tried neo garden international buffet menu during my customary last mth, not bad. the menu abit expensive but last mth they had 20% discount when order online, so I feel quite alrite, anyway I'm onli ordering for 30pax so I took the menu.


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spoiltbabe - I've added you too!
I din't see it in tv but I search through net then happen to see it. We went down to ask too..but the cataloge also same as shown on webbie. If u want to go down..u might wan to walk along outside shophouses.

I haven't buy GDL things too. Xiaomei is fast but its good! My GDL things should get it early sep cos my MIL's shop have. so i don't need to worry about it. I still haven't get my bedframe yet.