(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Yeah! It's so fun to join in everyone else's fun in choosing gowns and going for photoshoots and all...Glad you all can be part of it...And thank you for the very sweet comments...I think every bride is beautiful and everyone's PS turns out so well! Savour such moments, Dec brides! It's once in a lifetime!


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tinkybell n i went to chk out d rental of GDL baskets, u shd b able to find them at chinatown complex, there's a row of shophouses there, 2 shops do rental...some rates r based on d different sizes....sorry, duno d exact name of d 2 shops but i think 1 of d shops i passed d cards over to koyoyo...


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hi all thx for all yr recommend I will look into it , actually if u are me will u change
my BS give me a rates of Full day PG and VD for me AD at 1200 . Due to I did not top up picture the PG give me black face see and dun feel like taking my AD for me .

But frenz call me dun care them as 1200 they sure lose money and make of this they want u to change to other .

But I scare on AD she give me see black face and spoilt my mood

How how , I have budget as less than 1K for PG ma , I can consider of dun want VG .

If u are me will u give up the 1.2K package . ( I have not pay la )


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gals i start to stress leh , I have not start anything of this and now BS cause this problem make me so "F__ _ _ K up . stressssssssss

Why is like I the one doing all and stress .

I dunno where to start 1st .

1) card
2) Testing food
3) angbao and other
4) Guest list

anymore ?? Who have the AD planning list and email me or post here

Anyone can email me nice love song for highlight and march in

My email : [email protected]


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Hi BTBs,

I’m very sad and confused. Sorry I decided to post my story here coz I badly need yr advice. My customary was scheduled end of this yr.

I just found out about my husband infidelity. I confronted him and he admits, but he told me he had already ended the relationship and he wanted to marry me and start a family with me only. I can’t bear to end this relationship, we have been together for 14 yrs. Should I leave him or trust him one last time? We will be going for marriage counseling end july and I would like to hear yr opinion.

We started our relationship during poly days, and rom 9yrs ago. We didn’t stay together until 1.5yrs go. Yr 2004, I found out that he was on close terms (going out only) with a girl and I confronted him and he ended the relationship. We quarrel a lot during that yr because I have given him too much pressure and he was jobless for months.

We are preparing for our wedding end of the yr. I was peeping through his pc and I was stunned when I saw photos of him with 2 other girls. I confronted him and found out that he had a relationship with another girl in yr 2006 and it ended after a few months.

The 3rd girl that he had, started in feb 08. And he had sex with her (once) 2 weeks right after our ps. He told me that he feel that the relationship was not right and had since ended (mid may).He told me he had thought over for some time and realized that I’m the one that he wanted to start a family with. He apologized and told me to give him one last chance to make up. He begged me not to leave him.

What should I do?
I recommend u to tell your coordinator your issue. Many times, can squeeze in a few tables more than the so-called max tables
I saw someone did it before at my hotel.

They opened up the storeroom connected to my ballroom to squeeze 3 more tables, and added 3 more tables to ballroom itself.

Yeah I also try to give in to my mom's and in-laws' requests because they brought us up from a baby! We held the banquet for my mom else we would skip it.


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spoiltbabe> Mr Chan has got no hp.. how to sms him?? hhehe... he only has a home phone..

sms JP is like.. rude leh.. coz they are supposed to be VIP. should call personally and invite them.. sms is like.. sms fren like that.. Mmm....

but anyway..

msbean> i think i will give up.. i dun wanna because of cheap..end up spoil my AD.. no nice pics.. haha...
when is ur AD?
i think i emailed u my planner before?? ur email looks familiar... if u need still.. i'll email u anyway..


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alot of 678 cos some of my friends cannot attend due to other 678 brides...

serene: i mean he look like a JP, his face. Heehee...looks like hao ren.

r&j: i haven't collect rings, tml then do montage. I think we like to work under stress man.


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gals, can u all suggest songs for 1st dish presentation?? i cant seem to find any song suitable leh.

i realise that every night when i at home, i will think abt my EG... sianz leh, i wan to change but dun thk BS allow leh... i've changed 2x le.... though i really like the black EG, it doesnt really look dat stunning on photos... how ar....

if both WG and EG got can-can, is it ugly or boring?


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ooo hehe.. thought its your real sis.. :p. mei is right, china town has it i have seen it there before.

Mei, you working today? So xian... now working again. full long day.

mrs chiew, better take care too and rest well during the weekend.


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hmm, not sure eh.... maybe mr chan is not on his list in that case. Yea, quite true ah, kinda impolite not calling them but i dun wan to step in to search for the JPs, let my fh do some work :p


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relax.... take deep breaths... sometimes i get panic attacks too but after awhile i find these issues are not that serious (comparing to my BQ seatings lah).

IMO you can settle your card and guestlist 1st coz card needs time to print, proof-read, confirm with parents then do the printing. If on tight budget just print on inserts will do. And for guestlist, need to discuss with both parents if they are inviting 'extra' people.

Food tasting usually 3mths before the AD can go liao. That only takes up 2hrs of your time so it's not tat bad.

Music... hmm... do you have any themes for your wedding? If no just throw in those love songs. I got a live band so my choices of songs are a mixture of jazz pieces and chinese classic songs (to entertain the uncles aunties)

Miscellaneous stuffs (angpaos etc) can buy anytime! You go shopping and if happen to see them, buy them. Do you have GDL? Need to decorate your newlywed room? Furniture need to buy 1st bah. Now GSS can get better bargains

When is your AD btw?


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hmm, better build up the rapport with your BS in case they sabo you... My point of view ah :p $1200 for PG & VG is really cheap but can they produce the quality of work?


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hmm, really no space liao eh. The restaurant is quite small. Nevertheless I will ask them if they can squeeze in a table or 2 or not. I know there's a private room right at the back but aint sure if that area is oredi considered into the set up. Thanks for your pointer!

i also dunno wat song for my march-in, 2nd march-in and 1st dish. I was thinking 1st dish use a chinese song. March in i having problem coz ours is a military march in, use love songs like weird leh.

Wat's most impt is you like it. AND you have no regrets. If you really really really like that black WG, go for it! Who cares what others think, it's your day!


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sue: actually I been struggling whether 2 quit for the pst years..juz nice wedding come into the pic. Indeed it really takes alot of courage to make the big decision. Well but as big as getting married lor..which is a lifetime thing. It doesnt matter whether our hubbies r either sharks or even ikan bilis..wat matters most do they truly loves us a-nt, agree? Hmm u wking full day, so u gt 2 claim off on wkday?

michelle: paiseh..misundstd yr statment. Xiaomei is just a frd. Im not using baskets, just use red trays coz my items nt alot. I gt the GDL shop list, u want? PM me.

Mei: Since we born on same day, shall we call each other "mei or jie" :p The 2 shops izit Amanda Dreamweaver & World of Fortunate? Coz so far I pass by the shops in Chinatown, only these 2 shops pass me their namecards.

Mrs Chiew: Have a gd rest. Tak care.


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it's ard $18-$40 depending on d size of d baskets, these shops r located at d newly renovated food centre area, along d shophouses beside chinatown complex, many GDL shops there wor...spoilt for choices

yah lor...super sian, have to wk on sats but heng nxt time i juz need to rotate once every 5 weeks so lucky for me :p endure.....jiayou!!!

meimei, ok im jiejie :p nope, not these 2 shops...i managed to find a few more shops: there r other shops ard chinatown complex area, d old hawker centre dat was recently renovated there oso have many shops

mrs chiew,
hope u r feeling better n have a gd rest over d wkend ok?


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cheryl, lucky that you mgt to make the big decision i guess you are a very happy and contented bride to be
hehe... nah i dun get to claim weekday off coz its expected that i to work on sat. mine is 5.5 days but they have changed it in such a way whereby the first 2 sat after my month end, i will not have to work and subseqent sat half day and last sat which is month end a full day.. which is today... so its like working 6 days this week.. very xian. :p

and yes i have seen the amanda shop at china town and they do have the basket for rent. btw, you can also go to far east plaza,they have a wedding shop there too.. i think its 3 or 4 level i cannot remember and i do recall seeing the basket there too.

mei, you so lucky 5 weeks then rotate once... i also wan hahaha....


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hi cfay, i added u..
welcome to browse my wedding pictures..
i am so...excited over my SIL wedding, more excited than my own..i so afriad i might cry on her wedding.. LOL


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Come on, ger!!! From what i read thur and i knew that u are deeply love him BUT what the pt as this is not the first time already! I indeed proud of you that u can tahan till nw....

this time, u should say good-bye to him and start to find back who really you are!!!!! There no gal could stand it and ur case was countless time. COME ON, PLS WAKE UP!!!!! You sure could find a better guy than this beast!!!! Soory to say that, but indeed he is!!!!!

He really no worth for u to love and defintely no worth it for you to start a family with him. Stop it don't create anymore pain on you! So what, you had 14 yr with him. no love but with feeling!!!!????? NO! You should no think in this way. If a guy could really change for your sake and in sincere to totally love u truely, he should not hurt your feeling!

Leave him, i knew it is a unbear decision but you are just to prevent no more hurt anymore in future, right!!!!

Think it over, you may choose yes/no! We can give you 2 cent comment only.

Take care alway!


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hihi, waiting to board my flight in Paris airport now. now feeling excited to go back home to settle the remaining of my wedding stuff.

hi iris, congrats! half the job is done now and you can concentrate on your wedding dinner!

Hi winwin, I have asked around too and it is really up to the individual couple. Some only gatecrashing angpow. Some will have gatecrashing and also from parents and some will have from couple or different combi. For me, the couple will give 1, my mom will give 1 and also gatecrashing angpow. then i also giving my jie-mei pedi & medi as a gift.


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Hi why, I agree of wat cecilia said.. imagine he do it again after marriage or after you have kids..
it will be more worst than now lor.. I am not say pouring cold water to you lor.. u must tink far.
Now u still have time to say NO, have a deep deep consideration ba..
Rem most impt you must happy, no point forcing yourself to be happy..
Love n get used are 2 different things..
As ceilia said, this is a unbear decision, cant be kind hearted all the time.. as he knew you will forgive him, by saying sorries, promise n blak blak, in the end he still the same.. so wat's the point?
he is enjoying n u are suffering..
Seriously lor, how many times u can tahan?? U think abt it again ba..
Know it will be hard for you, but make a right decision now than later..

Take care..


haha i bought a fushia pink evening gown from allure....damn exp lor
sobs but kanna sai....someone at bf house comment about the pink gown make me super angry at first....how to post picture here? so i can show u gals the picture....oso with a matching heels =P
for anyone who wanna buy blazar for ur hubby to be...can go isetan now g2000 having sales...gd buy


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just attach ur pic inside under attachment, but there is a size limit, so make ur pic size smaller to reduce the file size, and u will be able to attach up. We would love to see ur fushia gown.


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I think it depends... I will personally be giving my jie-meis ang pao on top of the gate-crashing amt.

Spent today cleaning up the bridal room cos our new furniture has arrived!
Also went to pick up our stuff for next week's GDL...

678 brides... It's soon your turn to walk down the aisle!!!


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hi Why,
I read your post and understand you must be in great dilemma. However.. it time u need to stop giving yourslf execuse. i can understand your love. IF it one time you can stil say it a moment of lost control due to strss however..it not the first time how many times do u want to hear from him on the different reason he give each time u find him w another lady.. How secure would u feel next time u see him with another lady?
it not easy getting back on your feet but it not impossible . had a fren w the sameproblem after 2 years she manage to get back on her feet and find a guy tt love her more... The decision is hard to make but it better den wait till u have kids.. do think it through


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Hi Why,

I'm glad you had decided to share your experience with us. I agreed with the other gals. It's high time you leave him. If he really love you, he will not cheat on you. After the 1st affair, he already knew that you were deeply hurt. And yet, he went on to have the 2nd and 3rd affair. Whether he had sex with those women or not, is no longer important. The main issue now is that he no longer respect and love you. He simply took you for granted, knowing that you'll forgive him. With that in mind, he'll not stop at 3rd affair. In future, he just succumb to temptation and cheat on you again and again.

Do you want to go through this again in future? It's time to treat yourself better. Perhaps you'll are feeling sorry about letting go of a 14 yr relationship. But what's the point of keeping it going when his heart is no longer with you. There'll just gonna be more yrs of suffering for you instead.

A meaningful marriage is where a couple mature and builds the relationship together. In your case, that's not going to happen as only 1 party (You) is making the effort.


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hi all... i juz finish PS on thurs... but not enuff time for the outdoor part so gotta arrange another time to do it which is end Jul.. haha hopefully there's enuff time for them to prepare the album...


babe> u so early wake up liao ar.. hahaha...

msbean> Full day PG n VD at 1200 is cheap.. but if PG give u black face n random take shots on your AD.. then its not worth it.. Cos if u dun like ur PS shoots.. nevermind can retake.. but AD cannot retake.. u try to see if Rach's PG is available since its within ur budget as well..

ahnet> i think ur black gown looks good on you leh.. both gowns with can can dun look similiar.. cos the colour already make it different.. that's why EG are normally not in white or ivory colour.. my EG can be with or without can can.. but i think a small can can makes it easier to walk ard.. it depend on the design of the gown also lor..

jialiat.. my future room not even done yet.. now waiting for carpenter to come take final measurements, then have to paint n fix the electrical wirings.. alamak.. not sure if everything will be on time.. FH doing co-ordinating with the reno ppl.. but he like not kan cheong at all.. wat to do..


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Yeah, Ivy! We would love to see the gown! Well, as long as you like can already lor...Different pple have different tastes...So wear the gown with pride! Am sure you'll be a beautiful bride!


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oh gosh.........
seems like all the Dec brides has finalised their gown....
i haven't found what i like at my bridal studio...
getting worried.........
don't know how


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hi why,
sorry to hear abt ur situation n im glad dat u decided to share ur prob wif us rather than keep it bottled up inside u....i read ur post yest n made my fh read it wif me juz minutes b4 i write tis post, as a guy he felt d same way as all d ladies dat have posted their replies....LEAVE HIM
i understand ur dilemma....being tgr wif him for 14 yrs is a long time n u r alrdy married n planning to hold ur wedding end of d yr but u'll have many 14 yrs ahead of u....how many times can u tolerate his infidelity? true enuff dat he started his flings (d ones u know) only many yrs after u 2 r tgr but honestly, how many others have u not found out....is another issue
can u 4give n trust him wholeheartedly knowing dat u has betrayed ur trust n commit "adultery" mentally n physically? there'll sure b shadows of doubts cast over ur r/ship n marriage which may lead to mistrust n quarrels...i really must applaud u for ur strength n tolerance level, for me....i'll end it immediately cos i cant see myself spending d rest of my life wif a guy i cant emplaced my trust n heart completely....
we've said out piece here but since u r willing to give him another chance to undergo marriage counselling end of jul, den perhaps there may b a turning pt n u can make ur decision den cos there may b more truth unravelled dat u duno or u may decide to completely 4get d whole saga n decided to start a new lease of life wif him....regardless of wat decision u decide to make, all d best, dun hurt urself n b strong!


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hi winwin & praisey: one more week to go for us!! jia you lor..

i've packed half way too.. but haven't shifted the stuff to my in-law's place yet.. will be doing so next friday..

my mother & MIL told me not need to give my jie mei ang bao.. but I've prepared gifts for them..


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Hi Ladies, may i please ask for advice as my wedding day is fall on Tuesday (weekday).

Could anyone please help comment if it is okay to have Church wedding in the morning then dinner on the same day. i'm not sure if it is normal where guests have to go back home after Church wedding (ROM)then come out again for dinner. Me and my BF were a little concerned if we do lunch rather than dinner cuz many ppl won't be able to turn up. Thank you in advance.


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hi gals. Thanks for replies. Think I will still give a token ang bao, although I was planning to get them a gift during my honeymoon in Hokkaido.

ya, its down to the last week, I only shifted the minimal to my in-law's house cos I would only be there for 3 months or so... (my own house is coming soon)


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Hi Why, tks for sharing with us and seeking our opinions. I'm sorry to hear about this situation. My sentiments are the same as the rest of the gals. I feel that trust is a very crucial part of a relationship. I cannot tolerate infidelity. For me, if I can no longer trust him, I don't think I can sustain the relationship. I would spend most of my time second-guessing every movement of his, and may eventually suffer a nervous breakdown.
These are only our two cents worth, the final decision is yours. But whatever it may be, may it be for your own happiness, and not for others. Take care.