(2008) Brides of year 2008


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i think i'll b e having 4 changes too..
1) cocktail (WG)
2) march in (salsa)
3) 2nd march in (EG)
4) sending off (sari)

hardly think i can squeeze any more for the night 'fashion show'haha..

how's your EG? so you'll get a tailor to do the corded-lace EG for you and not take EG fr BS?
maybe can change for more photos?


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I need to go get bedside lamp, "xi" stickers, dining sets, hairbrushes, pajamas (must be button-down type), and god knows what else. My Dad just doesn't have the time to write them down. I think I'm going to the City Square shop this weekend to enquire.


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yah i agree...dun think i can afford too many change of outfits given d tight time schedule :p
i'll b having 4 changes:-
1) ROM dress (cocktail)
2) WG (1st march-in)
3) EG (2nd march-in)
4) CS (sending off guests)


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what is the hairbrush for?? dunno must buy new pajamas anot.. anyway if got nice ones then i buy.. my mum says she will bring me to a shop at jurong west to get those stuff.. hopefully can settled by this weekend..


hey girls,..i always see the bride during make up in the morning they wear those PJs..it's is neceesary or a custom to do so??? i dun normally wear such stuff....need to wear ah? really no idea abt these customary things man..


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R&J >> comb for "san shu" in the morning...

JJ >> PJs not really necessary... just that if they're button-down types makes it easier for you to get changed into your gown without ruining your make-up/hair. My fiance suggested bright red... I said... "Siao!"


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Cheryl, for me, i was wearing jeans inside the gown (got can can) for photo taking :p

we not sure abt honeymoon yet, but definitely goin to do diving.

my fh only see/talk to his mum, less than 3 times in a year. i wanted to make things better for them, then again, i do not want to interfer too much. she only got to know we r gettg married 2 mths ago.

i wanted to use fresh flowers for corsages, but the silk/plastic ones seem to be cheaper, want to save some money. so see how. bedok way out for us.

weiwei, my wedding gown package is quite reasonable, maybe you can try them, the designer name is Katherine. package cost S$1900, include 1 MTM white gown (get to keep) & 1 MTM kebaya (S$200 more to keep) n 2 makeup (morng n nite).
they also offer me S$650 for PG. as for the PG - i did not take it up that time with them, so i do not know the details.

weiwei, actually for us, we just want to share our happiness with our relatvies n frens, so was meant to be simple also... but smhow, the thing jus expanded...haiz

talkg abt hello kitty, i came across the other day, a very cute hello kitty pic, holdg the "XI" word. can use as replacement for the chinese "XI" word to stick on the doors/walls.

i am sourcing for weddg favors/ PG & VG now.


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zen> precisely groom on the right side... then father stand on left... just pass our hand over to groom..then we are already on the right.. groom walk to us.. we already so bulky with the WG... dun expect alot of movement la.. hehehe...

shybride> Hock Hwa's Top Grade is Kuan Yan.. $55.. with 20% with the coupon is $44 till 30 Jun 08.

March in no carry bouquet de..already throw away to the jiemeis to 'hop' liaoz.. in the afternoon.. hehe..

See who's the next!

Lara> members should have received the 20% coupon ma..they sent out last month..


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pin&jie8275 (pinjie8275)
i tried pm u but was unable..
u going to take your PS at vivocity too?
i m intending to too lei
i need to contact vivocity abt it ah...
do i need to pay?


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Happy shoe viewing at Belinda's house.

As for wrist corsages, just an advise.. use fake flowers.. coz your jie mei's will be wearing them throughout the whole day.. so. fake flowers are better.

Hi gals,
I went to to forum on the music.. and found that there are lots of songs to choose.. wow!! Maybe you wana take a look at this link?

Is any bride here a Cantonese? =p


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mei.. i went to try my altered CS yesterday.. was soooo disappointing! becos my chest too small for the CS, i was told to put tissue and masking tape! got a shock! I was like, can't you alter the CS to fit me? the designer then said it'll look too flat.. sighs. so sians now... quite disappointed.. anyway, she's altering again. hopefully it'll be better the next time i go collect... you have more CS to collect right? how's it coming along?

any of you ladies know of good manicure with reasonable price?


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cyc: wa! how can the designer say such things?? come on lor.. if want clothes w/o alter.. will have go shopping center buy OTR lor right?? need them for what? if he dun make the cloth suit you I think is his skill got prob lor... your CS is BS one? is it becoz they dun wanna alter? some BS v bad.. coz the gowns are share with other customer ma.. they prefer minor alter one..

AJ: if u like you can find see see mine :p they are friendly and humble ppl but of coz you must like their feel http://www.1950photography.com/ http://1950photography.blogspot.com/


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Ladies.. anyone know about wine one?? which wine is better?

- Carlo Rossi California Red 1.5L $34
- White Tail Cab. Sauv. 1.5L $33.6
- White Tail Merlot 1.5L $33.6
- Corbette Canyon Cab. Sauv. 1.5L $38
- Doña Consuelo Merlot2004,Chile 1.5L $38


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Hi, Ladies

I'm still sourcing for the songs for My march in.. It seems like a lot of things is undone. MY GDL is on 9th June, close to my AD... Feel it will too pack...


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i am? no one getting married on 1 june? it's weekend leh :p

applegal, just relax.. if really cannot finish something, how about just forget about it?


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Bubbly>thanks wor! But I think no need lah cos I don't know when I can return you the card. Can't buy the bedsheets without FH's input mah.

I can't remember who but someone was stressing over renting a WG? Maybe can consider buying one instead? Allure Charix is at Amoy Street and they just launched a new collection. I quite like some of their new WGs.


hi ladies, the photobook looks good. ;) wat u see on while doing the layout is really wat u get. Only the front and back covers r off center although I did place them in the middle. Will try to upload the proofs this weekend if htb didnt delete them away. I think worth the money and effort.

Btw, my sis and I r baking a batch of cupcakes now. Haha. Dun think will turn out well.. Overflowing already. Put too much batter in each cup. Haha.. Result of not baking with mum ard. Haha


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Hi AJ Wech, is Katherine a home base or shop base? Kebaya? Hehe, does she make CS? I think its interesting to change out of WG into CS for send off for my relatives. Can you advise on her location so i can drop her a visit during weekend?

Hi Cheryl,
I did not take up the Bedok Interchange one. Feel her work is very not so pro, and the flower used not very creative. Mrs Teo is very delicated and more in details.Judging from the ROM bouquet she did for me, i am one of her statisfied customer! Of course, maybe only about $20 to $30 more expensive depends on the flower used. But i feel wedding one in a life time, cannot afford to make mistake. Haha!

Hi cyc, how about using push up bra? They sure work wonders

Anyone know when is Natas fair? Heard its cheaper. We are aiming Korea or Japan for 1 week break.


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hana: I'm a 27 Dec bride too! And Parkroyal (K) is really near my house!! Hehe...I've been there for the buffets quite a number of times liao... :p My PS is also in June, a week before yours. You have any idea where you wanna take photos yet?

Erlina: No lahhhh...Where got so fast...You took 3 weeks to finish leh!!! :p I was just wondering if can get photos from my PS, and if it'll be in time for the reception lor. But paper really very thin ah...How clear must the photos be ah? What resolution?

Ivy: WOWWWW!!! Your stuff looks really good!! The cupcakes look sooooooo sweet!! I know it's a crazy idea, but you should make for your wedding!! Haha!! :p People always say cupcakes look better than they taste, but the way you desribe the smell...Mmmm!!! Do you bake and sell??? :p


haha yah i do bake n sell to friends
cos its my passion....

verdict is the people who ate likes lor...i am thinking of doing macarons for wedding favours...and cupcakes i doing for guo da li
cos my relative never have chance of trying cupcakes...

and on actual day cupcakes for jie mei


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Same here, I will be having 4 changes as well:
(1) CS during the tea ceremony and cocktail in the hotel before the lunch starts
(2) WG for first march in
(3) EG for second march in
(4) Tea dress for sending of guests

Meiling & msclaire, I went to Orchard on sunday evening and was surprised to find it not that crowded. Maybe the consumer sentiments are really not as strong as before. Didn't get much anything though, but ate two big scopes of ice cream. However, I went to the Robinson sale at expo hall 7 on Monday after work and bought quite a few things. The loreal sale is also inside hall 7. Maybe you all can go take a look.


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Eunice>> You like the buffet at Parkroyal K..? I've been there once with my family, it's nice..!
.. And when we were there, my sis ask me to consider the place for my wedding dinner.. Guess someone else booked it.. haha..


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Ivy: Lucky everyone who's involved in your wedding!! Your macaroons look super good too!! And they look sweet and happy for the wedding!!! Pity my wedding is in Dec also, don't want to order fr you and tire you out!!

leely: Yeah, it's not too bad right the buffet?? Quite a good spread, plus the price is reasonable...But hehe, you just met the bride who's taking that venue on the same AD as you! :p


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Finished my PS yesterday, had great times with Bridal Zone team. We were very lucky that rain stopped after our Studio PS. Believe it, we didnt sweat during PS. I had been wearing slipper for OD, at labrador park we even ran to the beach to catch the sunset. Our PG, Vincent was surprised that we could ran faster than his assistant. Haha we did not want to miss the pretty shot which last only a few minutes.
10am - 4pm: Studio PS
4:30pm - 7.45pm: went 3 locations Botanica Garden, Henderson bridge, Labrador Park and beach. Worn 2 different wedding gown for OD


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To those 30th and 31st May Bride....last leg of our May's Bride Marathon

Jia You orh!!! Relax and Enjoy every moment of your Big Day!
Stay Pretty ;>



if i really bake it during my wedding i sure left some for the brides here....or if i did it in nov...perhaps we can all meet up i can treat every 1 macarons and we all have our blissful marriage hahaha


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the robinsons sale at expo worth going?
thinking of getting all the wedding bed stsuff...
like sheets, quilt, covers, pillows...???
etc.. whatever else goes on the bed lah!

or just robinsons at orchard can liao?

cos i work n stay in the west, it's very mah fan to go down town and worse to go to the super east....so if you could give some reviews, wld apapreciate it


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Cyc, i dont mean to make things worse, but dont like ur designer attitude, it's MTM lor, so how can the SIZE not be FITTING !! and if it does not look nice, she sld hv pointed out to u earlier right ? not now lor..

thanks, mrs chiew ! fh and i iike it ! er.. what is the package like har ? do u mind sharing ?

Hello weiwei, so sorry, i jus realised i so sotong, tell u name of designer, but no contact details n watsoever.. The bridal studio is called Inzimage Bridal Services, tel : 8183 9202, 664 north bridge rd, behind golden landmark. They are on the 2nd floor. She is a nice lady to work with, i ask her for advice on the corset n stuff. She was patient to work with me on the design and yet tell me what might be suitable for me. I will be having my 1st fitting the 1st week of June. xiao liao lor, cos i just put on another kg ! haha!

cheryl, actually i was not very sure wat i want to get for weddg favors har, but i am i came across some coasters tdy... n very cheap ! tell me wat u think ! n oh, i bought some decos stuff also. hehe

sorry ladies, abit too excited, so upload more pics !


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wow i really think our thread is moving very fast. there's 10 entry a day! really agree with you all that diff ppl having diff comments about wedding is one of the most irritating part of wedding prep.

s'rene, yup i went to the city sq one cos nearer to the causeway. we took off on 20th (day after vesak day) and went there. but due to long weekend, many ppl went to buy stuff from the shop so some items were out of stock so we came back to SG and bought the rest in IMM.

JJ, I've sent u some songs. But the file size quite big, total 10MB.

R&J, wow so nice you got friend playing music for u. think it will be veri nice =) me also planning to start giving out wedding invites next week. cos last 2 weeks of Jun I will be on MC (wisdom tooth extraction) & overseas for work so no time to give out already. as for what u need for GDL, really depends on yours & HTB's parents. the traditional things we bought for GDL/An Chuan/AD are:
-Nuptial lamps (bedside)
-hongbaos & "Xi" words deco
-Red cloth (for hanging about the doors aka hong cai bu)
-Basket to put oranges etc during GDL
-Fan (For the bride to carry with her on AD)
-Dragon phoenix candle & incence
-Tea set
-Dragon phoenix tray & auspicious items 4 An Chuan
-Red bedsheets
-bowl & bowl set for tang yuan
-Si Dian Jin (4 piece of jewellery)
-others: 2 bottles of liquor, wedding cakes, oranges, suckling pig
How did u gals cope with going to toilet on PS in our clumsy grown? I'm coughing badly, so drink a lot of water and go toilet at least once every hour :X I scared I'll feel sick if I dun drink enough water on PS. Do I need to get a friend to follow me for outdoor PS?

My PS is in 2 weeks time.


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hi mrs kel,
juz email him the details of ur solemnisation.... then he replied wif his license# and other info....

hi meiling,
i am back !!!! very tiring.... outdoor shots very hot.... btw, i wore sneakers for outdoor shots.... then i saw a lot of couples taking PS at bontanic gardens also... but i am the one 1 in sneakers... hahhaa.... i upload the photos liao, check it online....

hi cheryl,
i wore my girdle inside.... cos my girdle is until the thigh there wan.... hahhaa....

hi weiwei,
this yr natas fair i think is early Aug... check it out on their website for the dates....


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robinsons n loreal sale still on tmr? but...the last time my bestie bought loreal stuff for me from expo...when i put on my face i realised there was a smell, and caused a few pimples to popup...the batchnumber was like 2005 sth sth....so i threw them all away...


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hi cheryl, oh yes, i like hello kitty.. and many other sanrio characters .. hahaha.. (very childish hor ) haha... but then i find it so sweet and cute... makes me feel happy when i look at them :p hahahaha....

one day i was at bugis armed with my handbag and laoptop bag... looking all pro but then it was raining... i had to whipped out by hello kitty umbrella which my aunt bought me i think onlookers mus be thinking this gal is so weird and crazy hahaha.


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morn ladies.

you're cool man! PS in sneakers! have yet to check out your pics though. bet they must look cool too, like the bride.

the coasters are nice. i like it. how much are they? from? =) and the flowers are cute. but where do you intend to put them? home? AD?

yesterday went shopping with fh. wanted to get a bag to replace my current one. just a small casual one. you ladies prob heard how my fh is against branded stuff. but he knows i always wanted one. and since my current one is spoilt and my birthday is coming in aug, he bought me one from coach yesterday. just a small bag, not exactly exp but its the thought. i was surprised and touched. i'm loving the bag. =)


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leely : haha.. guess I'm a bit faster to book Parkroyal.. I have selected my gown two weeks ago. Now busy looking for bridal shoes & PS venue. So when u having ur PS? I don't have much photo to show coz only took 2 photos during gown selection.

Hi Eunice!! The buffet must b really nice since u & leely said so.. For the PS, we have not decided yet. We are now garthering ideas from friends.. so far we hv places like Sentosa, Singapore Flyer, Changi beach, Esplanade.. Will try to do some searching ourselves too.. How about u??