(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Hi everyone,
Wow polar finally your ps over one thing down the list.. haha seeing all u gers taken ur ps make me feel like mine is way too long a wait.

Sue ,
Actually hello kitty stuff are quite ok.. i have a fren 30 plus still adore HK stuff so i dun find it weird la .. local ppl need time to get use forget them lor

AJ ,
The heart shape coaster look cute.. are u getting them or all the design shown??


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wow qunqun, so many things need to prepare mah?? all the things u listed are to be prepared by the bride's side or groom's side?? but think my mil n mum says just simple GDL can already.. buy those things are really necessary.. actually most of the things are already prepared during my sister's wedding last year, but in the end she doesn't want at all (my sister & bil very english type one).. so passed down to me.. only need to buy the lamps and slippers now.. the others think my mil will prepare for us..

2 more days to June, which bring us nearer to our wedding dates in July.. excited leh..

Hi JJ: since qunqun sent u the songs, do u still need my sister's ones?? I don't have the time to get it from her yet.. last night reached home at 12 midnight..


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Hi all,

my Bridal is Digio Bridal and i have engage Fotowerke for my AD PG+VG..

Just wonder if you all are having the morning express highlight to show during your wedding dinner? My thought was to have a montage done for our childhood days + courtship days and another featurng our wedding album photos.

Any advise...


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i change into my casual clothings before going to the toilet. hmm... i think i only go to the toilet twice throughout the PS :p


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hana> Go try the buffet next time you're there.. really not bad. For my PS, I went to HortPark and Palawan Beach at Sentosa. For Singapore Flyer and Esplandae, I went there to take photos after my ROM, so didn't want to go again. What day are you taking photos on? If it's weekend, certain places like Sentosa is probably out - too crowded. Weekends I recommend Shenton Way (the only place that's deserted on weekends.. haha..) My sis had her PS at Shenton Way and it turned out quite nice..

Princess Kitty> For most wedding I go to, they have a slideshow of wedding album pics while waiting for dinner to begin (which keeps repeating), a montage of childhood days after the first march-in and the morning express before the second march-in.. So three slideshows in total.


Ivy : Can macarons hold well in our weather? There is a baker who told me that it will melt even in aircon environment. That's why I gave up on the idea of having macarons at my reception.

To everyone, you can check out this website that I found in another thread on cupcakes that you can order for your wedding. http://woyaojiehunle.blogspot.com/2007/08/cupcakes-for-wedding.html

I have tried the muffins from Mad Baker. Quite nice. Have a couple of photos on my multiply with the muffins that she did a little deco on the last time.

Update on photobook : have also uploaded a few pics of the photobook that I took with my camera phone. After scrutiny, there are a few glitches in the photobook. Overall, still quite happy. BTW, the paper is not high-glossy, but is a bit like canvas material. Matt with some gradient.


hmm yeah macarons with buttercream cun stay too long outside..so normally i did chocoLate one can stay longer :p & chestnut puree one hehehe
As for me if i doing for my own..i will get the restaurant put in fridge first...then after that i will serve it on the table as per dessert type cos all individual pack..unless i get the flower gal to distribute hahaha


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I also change to casual clothes when I go toilet until the last one when I change to outdoor gown, I jus went with the gown. I lagi cham, I need to check if I got overflow, hehe.


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you gals thinking of giving macaroons as wedding favours? i did think, but thought quite pricy...like $1+ per piece and say an assorted 4-5 pices would be already $7-8 plus some wrapping/pouch...
gave up on that idea liao. ;(

PS locations...mmm...depends on what you prefer...old buildings, skyscrapers, beach, park, cafes, bookshops, malls...fountains, hotel lobbies...?


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hi mrs kel,

ur fh so sweet to u..... hahaha.... well, i asked the photographer, will he take my shoes for outdoor, he say no.... so i wear sneakers lor.... wahahaha....


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msclaire...oh no.
best to be careful with things we apply on our faces.

one video editor dua me...
say he confirm with someone else liao.... ;(
now am stuck with no video editor...
know any one who can edit videos?
i'm sure your VGs all will...wanna recommend your VGs?
my VG video editing along is too costly. ;(


R&amp;J< thanks..it's alright. ya i manage to get the songs from some people on forum and qunqun. thanks qunqun for your songs, got it. got the wedding march..yeah. do you girls think the wedding march is too typical? but guess hearing it sounds like really getting married lor..hah.


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koyoyo, when is ur PS ? u know for me, it's only recently, that i feel that, OMG, i am getting married, and the weddg is SSOON... "bite fingers"

sue, not weird lah, i like GARFIELD n i always wl ! hv one big one on my bed. n there was one year, i rec'v 3 garfields as xmas present !

mrs kel, what ur fh did was very sweet lor. :p

i came across the coasters by chance, at some masar palam. cost me S$0.40/piece only.
the pics r only sm of the designs i bot. bot abt 40 coasters.

the flowers i intend to hang on the trees at rasa. was also thinkg of hanging on the front of the bridal car, instead of the ususal bears/soft toys. home har .. let me think where i can hang..
i intend to get a few more.

oh, i saw ts mini tumbler glass in the sg bride forum, quite nice as weddg favor. but i'm abit confused by the charges.


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Mary poppins,
any idea when is the robinsons sale until? Like Nec, its very troublesome for me to go to Expo...is the one at orchard having sale too?

My designer told me to getb silicone bra...gave me 2 brands to get....either From Blush! or from Robinsons...but as I'm going to KL, I wonder if the stuff there will be cheaper....

I also wanna buy stuff for the bed....


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Hi all,

Was wondering, have your started informing and inviting(verbally) friends to your wedding? or when do your think its appropropriate to start asking?


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hi Lsntyl,
How does midnight blue look like? Anyway I am sure you will end up getting a colour tt suit you best. I can understand your prob. I show my bs the pink I wan and they convince me a colour they show me is the same but I am super sure it look diff . I even took foto ,.. they say it the lighting .. faint...Now i am stuck with that colour...

Congrats as ur day approaches .. When u said your frens all "wow " are they still single? I also wow at my friends when they told me they are changing 3 dress for the night but now i "wow" when i heard bride aiming to get 5 dress for the night..

Check with you . I wana to decro my AD ntie reception table with some flower petals. normally do hotel provides or i need to arrange for JMs to get a small bounquet just for the petal??

Wow nec,
You are doing salsa as first march in. I attend a couple wedding last dec.. Salsa in is hot and cool.. all the best.. What ur salsa EG like bet it sexy ... haha i also wish to do something like that unfortunately i sux at salsa and think i will panic n tripped on my HB tt nite and make a fool of myslf lol. Nec what your budget like for VG editing?


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BBIguana >> I'm Cantonese

I think qunqun's list is quite standard. I have to get those items as well. Fiance bought most of them already. I'm left with some items on my side.

I'm going to the City Square one to enquire on prices first.


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<table border=1><tr><td>No.</TD><TD>Bride/ Groom</TD><TD>AD</TD><TD>Bridal Studio</TD><TD>Banquet Venue</TD><TD>AD PG</TD><TD>AD VG </TD></TR><TR><TD>1</TD><TD>Edwen</TD><TD>2-Dec</TD><TD>Bridal Zone</TD><TD>Marina Mandarin</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>2</TD><TD>Nylek</TD><TD>3-Dec</TD><TD>The Aisle</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>The Aisle</TD><TD>The Aisle </TD></TR><TR><TD>3</TD><TD>adathong</TD><TD>5-Dec</TD><TD>Double Up</TD><TD>NCQ</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>4</TD><TD>angela02</TD><TD>5-Dec</TD><TD>Precious Moment Bridal</TD><TD>Raffles the Plaza</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>5</TD><TD>CuiHui</TD><TD>5-Dec</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>Carlton</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>6</TD><TD>Knightley</TD><TD>5-Dec</TD><TD>Sattine</TD><TD>PPR Beach Road</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>7</TD><TD>OriginalCraft</TD><TD>5-Dec</TD><TD>Sattine</TD><TD>Pan Pacific</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>8</TD><TD>Summer_ice</TD><TD>5-Dec</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD>Park Hotel Orchard</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>9</TD><TD>Erlina</TD><TD>5&amp;9-Dec</TD><TD>Emanuel B Couture</TD><TD>Conrad Centennial</TD><TD>Amos Leong (Reflection)</TD><TD>NIL </TD></TR><TR><TD>10</TD><TD>Mrs Lim</TD><TD>5-Dec</TD><TD>Vaughn Tan</TD><TD>Hotel Intercontinental</TD><TD>Derrick Ong</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>11</TD><TD>fionachua</TD><TD>6-Dec</TD><TD>Our wedding affair</TD><TD>OCC</TD><TD>Sam Ong</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>12</TD><TD>little bride</TD><TD>6-Dec</TD><TD>Elegance Wedding</TD><TD>Furama Riverfront</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>13</TD><TD>Fern</TD><TD>6&amp;8-Dec</TD><TD>Margaret Brides</TD><TD>Conrad Centennial</TD><TD>William Chua</TD><TD>Brilliant Pcs (Dino) </TD></TR><TR><TD>14</TD><TD>Peg08</TD><TD>6-Dec</TD><TD>Double Up</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>15</TD><TD>cfay</TD><TD>6-Dec</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Le Merdien Hotel</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>16</TD><TD>anpanda</TD><TD>7-Dec</TD><TD>E-Bridal</TD><TD>Amara</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>17</TD><TD>cecilia tan</TD><TD>7-Dec</TD><TD>GHA Tampines</TD><TD>CSC Hilltop</TD><TD>Shutterbug Studio</TD><TD>Shutterbug Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>18</TD><TD>hibernate</TD><TD>7-Dec</TD><TD>GHA Tampines</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>photowerk</TD><TD>Nil </TD></TR><TR><TD>19</TD><TD>jules</TD><TD>7-Dec</TD><TD>Bridal Veil</TD><TD>Regent</TD><TD>Tri-Angles</TD><TD>Damon Low </TD></TR><TR><TD>20</TD><TD>Ling Ling</TD><TD>7-Dec</TD><TD>White Link</TD><TD>Hotel Royal@ Queen</TD><TD>Sundayz</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>21</TD><TD>Lizzybride</TD><TD>7-Dec</TD><TD>SG Bridal</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>22</TD><TD>Mindy Tay</TD><TD>7-Dec</TD><TD>Sattine</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>23</TD><TD>nebear</TD><TD>7-Dec</TD><TD>Ritz Couture</TD><TD>Sheraton</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>24</TD><TD>tazzy_@_@</TD><TD>7-Dec</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>25</TD><TD>Valerie</TD><TD>7-Dec</TD><TD>Tan Yoong Brides</TD><TD>St Regis Hotel</TD><TD>kelvin koh.lightedpixels</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>26</TD><TD>YS Lam</TD><TD>7-Dec</TD><TD>Passion @ JB</TD><TD>Parkroyal</TD><TD>Coffee &amp; Tea Dreamworks</TD><TD>Coffee &amp; Tea Dreamworks </TD></TR><TR><TD>27</TD><TD>Sue-Kay</TD><TD>7-Dec</TD><TD>Amanda Lee</TD><TD>Four Seasons</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>28</TD><TD>Kelly Ng</TD><TD>7&amp;8-Dec</TD><TD>Z Wed D'sign</TD><TD>Mandarin Oriental Hotel</TD><TD>Chris Ling</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>29</TD><TD>Nath.Adrie</TD><TD>8-Dec</TD><TD>Flamingo Bridal</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Tomato Photography</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>30</TD><TD>zhuoen</TD><TD>8-Dec</TD><TD>Julia Wedding News</TD><TD>Merchant Court</TD><TD>kelvin koh.lightedpixels</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>31</TD><TD>Pisceangal</TD><TD>10-Dec</TD><TD>EverBliss</TD><TD>Conrad Centennial</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>32</TD><TD>jie&amp;pin7582</TD><TD>12-Dec</TD><TD>Furama Riverfront</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>33</TD><TD>Karen</TD><TD>12-Dec</TD><TD>Venus Bridal</TD><TD>Rasa Sentosa</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>34</TD><TD>pinjie8275</TD><TD>12-Dec</TD><TD>Sg Bridal</TD><TD>Furama RiverFront</TD><TD>Phototerrain</TD><TD>Phototerrain </TD></TR><TR><TD>35</TD><TD>plasterbride</TD><TD>12-Dec</TD><TD>Digio</TD><TD>Carlton</TD><TD>AM.PM photography</TD><TD>AM.PM photography </TD></TR><TR><TD>36</TD><TD>Melody</TD><TD>12-Dec</TD><TD>Sattine</TD><TD>Peony Jade</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>37</TD><TD>Keer</TD><TD>13-Dec</TD><TD>Digio</TD><TD>Bliss Garden</TD><TD>AM.PM</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>38</TD><TD>Elle</TD><TD>13-Dec</TD><TD>Snapz</TD><TD>Park Hotel Orchard</TD><TD>Snapz</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>39</TD><TD>Rachel</TD><TD>14-Dec</TD><TD>Bridal Zone</TD><TD>OCC</TD><TD>Fotowerke</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>40</TD><TD>Ivy Chan</TD><TD>14-Dec</TD><TD>FreeLance</TD><TD>Peony Jade</TD><TD>FreeLance</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>41</TD><TD>evonne</TD><TD>16-Dec</TD><TD>Divine Couture</TD><TD>Marina Mandarin</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>42</TD><TD>sillyg00se</TD><TD>16-Dec</TD><TD>White Link</TD><TD>Oriental Mandarin</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>43</TD><TD>keluvcyn</TD><TD>16-Dec</TD><TD>GHA (Yishun)</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>Glorystudio (David Goh)</TD><TD>Glorystudio (David Goh) </TD></TR><TR><TD>44</TD><TD>cassie02</TD><TD>19-Dec</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>Traders Hotel</TD><TD>Dreamcatcher</TD><TD>Forest Productions </TD></TR><TR><TD>45</TD><TD>Annette</TD><TD>20-Dec</TD><TD>Mr &amp; Miss Wedding Club</TD><TD>GCW</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>46</TD><TD>ed_jo</TD><TD>20-Dec</TD><TD>Le Belle Couture</TD><TD>Merchant Court</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>47</TD><TD>Karen Tham</TD><TD>20-Dec</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>48</TD><TD>Sharonie-me</TD><TD>20-Dec</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>49</TD><TD>necrosis</TD><TD>20-21Dec</TD><TD>Venus, JB</TD><TD>Marina Mandarin</TD><TD>Daniel Beh</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>50</TD><TD>plug</TD><TD>21-Dec</TD><TD>Allure</TD><TD>Peony Jade</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>51</TD><TD>Berie Ho</TD><TD>21-Dec</TD><TD>x-zen</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>52</TD><TD>Princess Kitty</TD><TD>21-Dec</TD><TD>Digio Bridal </TD><TD>Swissotel the stamford</TD><TD>Fotowerke</TD><TD>Fotowerke </TD></TR><TR><TD>53</TD><TD>kokobrok</TD><TD>23-Dec</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD>Hotel Intercontinental</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding </TD></TR><TR><TD>54</TD><TD>Charmaine</TD><TD>25-Dec</TD><TD>GHA / Digio</TD><TD>Holiday Inn Park View</TD><TD>SimonVideo</TD><TD>SimonVideo </TD></TR><TR><TD>55</TD><TD>XavJess</TD><TD>25-Dec</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Holiday Inn Park View</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>56</TD><TD>xiaojan</TD><TD>25-26 Dec</TD><TD>Sattine</TD><TD>Marriott</TD><TD>Depixel</TD><TD>Coffee &amp; Tea </TD></TR><TR><TD>57</TD><TD>earthsea</TD><TD>26-Dec</TD><TD>D'sire</TD><TD>NCQ</TD><TD>D'sire</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>58</TD><TD>danger82</TD><TD>27-Dec</TD><TD>Z Wed D'sign</TD><TD>Holiday Inn Atrium</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>59</TD><TD>luvz17</TD><TD>27-Dec</TD><TD>Graceful Image</TD><TD>Regent</TD><TD>Lam (Rainbow Photo)</TD><TD>Jimmy (Rainbow Photo) </TD></TR><TR><TD>60</TD><TD>msclaire</TD><TD>27-Dec</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>N.A.</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>61</TD><TD>skywu</TD><TD>27-Dec</TD><TD>Sophia</TD><TD>Orchard Parade</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>62</TD><TD>xingin</TD><TD>27-Dec</TD><TD>Julia Wedding News</TD><TD>Carlton</TD><TD>Daniel Beh</TD><TD>YS Lee (Big Day Pictures) </TD></TR><TR><TD>63</TD><TD>Eunice</TD><TD>27-Dec</TD><TD>Bridal Elegance</TD><TD>Pan Pac</TD><TD>Ken Koh (TBC)</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>64</TD><TD>eml</TD><TD>27-Dec</TD><TD>Blush Blush</TD><TD>Marriott</TD><TD>Mojoideas</TD><TD>Mojoideas </TD></TR><TR><TD>65</TD><TD>Selina79</TD><TD>27-Dec</TD><TD>My bridal room</TD><TD>Hotel Intercontinental</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>66</TD><TD>leely</TD><TD>27-Dec</TD><TD>Seletar BW</TD><TD>Furama City Centre</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>Home Video </TD></TR><TR><TD>67</TD><TD>Hana</TD><TD>27-Dec</TD><TD>Bridal Concept</TD><TD>Park Royal (Kitchener Rd)</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>68</TD><TD>sotonglet</TD><TD>27-29-Dec</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding Design</TD><TD>M Hotel</TD><TD>Thomson Wedding Design</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>69</TD><TD>Evisu</TD><TD>28-Dec</TD><TD>GHA Tampines</TD><TD>Merchant Court</TD><TD>Xiao Chai</TD><TD>Oneeyeclick </TD></TR><TR><TD>70</TD><TD>florabliss</TD><TD>28-Dec</TD><TD>My Bridal Room</TD><TD>Regent</TD><TD>Amos &amp; Stanley</TD><TD>Aspire Studio </TD></TR><TR><TD>71</TD><TD>Jac</TD><TD>28-Dec</TD><TD>Silhouette</TD><TD>Four Seasons</TD><TD>Daniel Beh</TD><TD>Friend (Freelancer) </TD></TR><TR><TD>72</TD><TD>Ng Kee Hui</TD><TD>28-Dec</TD><TD>Seletar BW</TD><TD>Swissotel The Stamford</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>73</TD><TD>tracy</TD><TD>28-Dec</TD><TD>Julia Wedding News</TD><TD>Raffles the Plaza</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>74</TD><TD>Jennie Wong</TD><TD>28-Dec</TD><TD>Whitelink</TD><TD>Hilton hotel</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>75</TD><TD>iciclediamond</TD><TD>28-Dec</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD>Marina Mandarin</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding</TD><TD>Sophia Wedding </TD></TR><TR><TD>76</TD><TD>Mr &amp; Mrs Khoo</TD><TD>28-Dec</TD><TD>DiGio</TD><TD>Singapore Expo</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>77</TD><TD>skyMichelle</TD><TD>28-Dec</TD><TD>French Bridal</TD><TD>88 Restaurant</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>78</TD><TD>Jas</TD><TD>30-Dec</TD><TD>La Vie</TD><TD>Swissotel The Stamford</TD><TD>TBC</TD><TD>TBC </TD></TR><TR><TD>79</TD><TD>blurz_ger</TD><TD>31-Dec</TD><TD>Bliss Bridal</TD><TD>Hotel Intercontinental</TD><TD>Bobman Photography</TD><TD>Simon Photo &amp; Video </TD></TR><TR><TD>80</TD><TD>SCL</TD><TD>31-Dec</TD><TD>Silhouette</TD><TD>Four Seasons</TD><TD>Kuang (39 East)</TD><TD>Yang (Substance Film) </TD></TR><TR><TD></td></tr></table>


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budget for just editing is abt $300-500.
it's my india wedding footage...so i think will have abt 4-6hrs of stuff, then need to edit to abt 10-15mins...
either as one piece of 10-15mins or 2x shorter pieces of 6-8mins each.

will show this in lieu of morning express. =)

so the editor will have abt 2 weeks plus to edit.
(my india wedding ends on 2nd dec, pass him footage on 4-5th dec, my sg wedding on 20th dec)

and best if we can sit in with the editor for a few hrs also.

any lobangs??


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Hi AJ Wech, your hotel did not provide any wedding flavours to you? I plan to get those keychain (couple one) from Malaysia. Let me try to get a photo of it when i go there. Its retailing about S$2.50. I guess with 30guest, it would cost me S$75. But is keychain very boring? Or those small teddy bear cuter?

Mrs Kel: your bf is so sweet to you!

Can anyone also recommend me actual day photograper? I need it only for 4 hours the most. Thanks!


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if u all wan to save trouble to go JB..try this contact..same price as JB
I still checking if e prices below includes priting of maps..

Jasvy Marketing Agency
Blk 30 Kallang Place #04-06
JTC Flatted Factory Singapore 339159
Tel : 6299 2263 (3 Lines) Fax : 6299 0216
e-mail : [email protected]

Item 1. Shiny Gold / Silver Hotstamping on Cards (Chinese &amp; English Texts)
a) First 100 copies - $120.00 nett (Price include Artworks and Stamping Blocks)
b) Thereafter $0.40 per copy

Item 2. Normal Printing on Inserts (Choice of Ivory or Pink Papers)
a) First 200 copies - $ 100.00 nett (Price include all)
b) Thereafter $0.20 per copy
Delivery : 3 - 5days upon confirmation of order


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hi nec,
as a Matter of fact i have a lobang. This lady from Visio Workz she is a very simple and practical person. go and have a chat with her. When u went to her company you will realize they have a lot of work experience with many companies, their pricing is rather reasonable. See if you like their work.


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oh i realise rach multiply put
100 inserts RM100
subseq 100 is RM20

then forum put
Coz normal inserts is RM$60 for 100 pcs..
Subseq 100 is RM$20...

so jasvy not same price as JB T&amp;T


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Tks Gals for all yr feedbk on protective shorts for gowns &amp; flowers issues.

AJ Wech:wow..so adventurous..go diving for HM. Seems diving has becomin more popular nwdays. My frd even join the 3days diving trip.
Nice coasters, I like the heart shaped also..cheap siah..
How many favors r u looking for? Any budget? I gt a few contacts, PS me if u need them..

cyc: Hw dare yr designer say such mean comments!! Hey u didnt say "U r not much better either"..who knws hers is packed with many packets of tissues..WAaahahah

Polar: So sporty siah..hmm y muz wear girdle? Will it help?

Sue: its ok..I gt a panda, a teddy &amp; a dog sleeping with me..But always gt 1 of them sure kenna landed on the floor in the morning.. :p


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Wei: wats yr budget? I just went 2 Bk North &amp; intrchg in the morning..Mrs Teo's hand bouquet looks more pro indeed, saw some with pearls so elegant!! But her flower petals for march-in more exp than interchg..wrist corsage same $$

Dun knw want to buy real or fake flowere wrist corsages..any suggestions?


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neko> hahaha...where got same price??? even if its RM$100 and $100nett...alot of diff leh....

T&amp;T is:
1st 100 pcs: RM$60
Subseq 100pcs: RM$20

200pcs: RM$80
300pcs: RM$100

Add map: RM$20 one time..
Add photo: RM$20 per photo (cuz require more ink)

None of Spore prices can match JB one la... hehhe..sure cheaper de..


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Hi AJ, happy that you like my pic ... got to ask them for the latest package.. mine is sign 2007... I think for now their AD will be about 2K? you can try to quote "yuqi" intro to see if they can give more discount :p


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koyoyo>midnite blue is v close to black. Its the closest I can get to a black gown without getting scoldings. :p

Nec>wah, so many changes. But got salsa and sari. Sounds v fun. What colour is your sari? I've a blue sari that I made once and never wore again. Really love the fabric though.


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no prob JJ.. I'm using wedding march too.. think now hardly got people used.. i also feel use wedding march really feel like getting married.. hehehe..

actually after carefully reading thru the list and comparing what both our families prepared for my GDL &amp; An Chuan.. pretty similar leh.. tot mine very simple.. but come to think of it, we got most of the things listed in qunqun's list.. hahaha.. the things we don't have are sucking pig, red bedsheets (cos my fengshui master says red not good for us, so we got gold) and the bowl sets for tang yuan..

oh ya, check with u all.. who will prepare the tang yuan on that day?? groom's side or bride's side??


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neko> it has always been RM$60... my mistake on my multiply..my apologies..

exchange rate is now 2.35 as of last week...
if it goes up more...i'm going to find some money to exchange first...coz reduce our cost further.. hehe...

as mentioned to u on MSN...

200pcs is RM$80 = S$34.04

Kallang's $100 nett..

T&amp;T wins $60 hands down..


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hmm, neko, this jasvy charge includes price for as many icons as you want? But the might still go in to print since can treat it as day out with FH. Go shopping, buy GDL stuff, etc.


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hello ladies..

May is ending soon.. all the best to the June brides! so shybride will go 1st! Must stay pretty ya! and give us an update after your AD.

Next week is my last working week before I go on 1 week leave only.. haha..


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i've many many saris.

wedding one is red. (of course, with both traditions believing red to be lucky)

most likely i'll be using a red brocade sari.

(tell you all, sari is super flattering!!! even for fleshy pple like me!!)


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R&amp;J... Not sure if my MIL has any clue abt them but definitely the bride's side preparing tang yuan and hard-boiled egg.

Do you all need red umbrella when the bride leaves the house? I know that I need it...


i'm printing mine at focal-ad.. paid deposit liao

Shiny Gold / Silver Hotstamping on inserts/cards
english n chinese - $115 for 100 pcs ($80 for stamp, stamping cost $35 for 100)
thereafter each pc = $0.35
english only - $75 for 100 pcs ($50 for stamp, stamping cost $25 for 100)
thereafter each pc = $0.25

choice of FOC paper, or can choose translucent paper (vellum) @50cts per pic


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hello Karen,

you finished your PS too? wow.. so nice.. my PG was Howard and Jennifer went OD with us.

When can you see your Pics? you have multiply? can add me?
Thanks Spolitbabe &amp; Crown for the info.

Luckily no overflow happened for u, else BS might charge extra for drycleaning. I hope my menses dun come earlier, cos I always get cramps on 1st 2 days.


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hi green,
hee, i drank alot of water on PS..i very "chor lor"one.i go toliet 3-4 times during the PS bt is during the indoor shoot la.I juz lift up the cant cant and gown off the ground and go to the toilet lor=p hee..i tink it's quite ok..unless ur menses come like crown liddat..then a bit more troublesome.


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hi spoiltbabe,
i went casa italy at katong mall=p and i tink my PG uses digital cam..very excited to collect the soft copy in 1mth's time..hee


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s'rene, some of my frens need the red umbrella. I asked my mom she say she think don't need to have the umbrella but need to have fan so we only prepare the fan. hopefully no auntie go and tell her need umbrella haha.

R&amp;J, my fengshui master say red is very good for us so our new house is pretty red haha. tang yuan is prepare by the bride's side. actually we started the list with a few items. then with more &amp; more comments from more &amp; more ppl the list grew &amp; grew. irritating thing is that after buying, some ppl made some comment then need to buy more things again. furthermore, me &amp; HTB are the ones buying all the stuff.

praisey, u r so lucky. keep up the good work to ensure that ur parents don't know =P


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wah. our discussion really going on very actively... tt's great! Wah! It's gg be june soon.... means we only hv less than 2 months to our BIG BIG day!!!

I also using the wedding march cos it's wedding day.

Tot for GDL, can ask the person selling it? I went to Hong Lim Complex there to buy. Just ask the lady there what we need, which side needs to prepare what things and she will recommend. Of cos we'll see if we want the items that she mentioned.

Oh, thanks for giving me suggestions on where my mom can find her clothes. In the end, she went Chinatown area but I've yet to see what she has bought.

I think I am getting overly worried and anxious. Scared something will go wrong on the BIG day. Jialat. My friend said I too paranoid. Keke. Muz take deep breath, deep in... deep out...



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Hi Cheryl, my budget for the whole wedding is $700 for 30pax buffet, $100 for wedding flavours, $350 for wedding + car decor, $300 for angpows, $500 for a photographer. All in less than 2.5k ba.....but not inclusive of my WG yet.

Err,maybe you can buy roses and detach the petals yourself? Or buy hand bouquet from Mrs Teo and petals from interchage? I think the first method might be cheaper, and i think a nicer bouquet would compliment the WG to look nicer in pic. Waist corsages, i might get fake one, so my jie-mei can keep for sourvnier.

Finally it is weekend,i can relax and also do my search for my gown.