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Focal marketing is considered cheap in Singapore ba?? dun compare to Malaysia cos i cant go with you gals


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leely: Nope, I didn't! I also didn't expect them to have! :p But thank God I found them at the Taka bag and shoe fair recently...
Very affordable also! Anyway, I do have Multiply, but don't use v often, just for this purpose! My nick is ent29

Kelly: Hihi! I'm also sourcing for church caterer...I like this one but it's not halal...http://www.mumskitchen.com.sg/Wedding1.asp
I also think Four Seasons could be trustable too...http://www.fourseasons.com.sg/m_wedding_spring_buffet.htm
I may go for ISS: http://iss-catering.com/buffet.html
Go check the sites out and see which deal you prefer!
As for videographer, I'm just using my BS one cos not too particular since photos will be quite good memory already...
So where's your church wedding?


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crown> hahaha.. okie... cheap then.. cheaper than T dragon la..

your nail art pretty simple..

but since its free..its cheap la..


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i was thinking that photoshoot cant really take closeup on my hands and feet hence i decide to go for simple ones. Main objective is to clear all the dead skin, keke


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kailing,what time you are there today? i was there with my HTB at 2pm to collect my wedding bands. i saw two couples there that time.

hi girls (esp Neko, Rach, gina)...Carol email me saying she receive a few emails asking for similiar designs after i told her that i "am promoting" her service in the forum...she wonder if it is my online kaki...haha. she said maybe u girls can consolidate an order list with design and Qty, and she try to work out better charges if possible...

for e.g. i am also keen in WROSE600 (need 1 piece only), but i only buy if it is cheaper.
she is already doing my 6 pcs of wrist corsage now as i juz order from her yesterday.


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Mum's kitchen.. My workplace caters that whenever we are celebrating someone's promotion (paid for the people who are promoted of course).. They have very nice presentation for their catering, but taste wise so-so only.. And I think it's not cheap.. Not worth the money IMHO..


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i decided to buy
as my husband say is simple and nice..
e rest i selected, he say got 3 flowers..look too big on gers hand..
i need 9..
gina, u wan?
now carol is selling each @ $4.80 and promo end on 20th May.
Let me noe who else wan this design too?

anyone wan to buy pin on corsages for guys?





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Wow, lots of happenings these few days. I also find it hard to catch up.

On the topic of spending money, think all of us here would like ourselves to be pretty on our big day. This is the only time when we can indulge ourselves and buy things for the wedding. Should enjoy the process but meanwhile we also need to weigh our priorities when spending the money. My HTB will ask me if I really like the item, then I will think if I really want to have that item. If so, he will usually let me buy cos he won't want me to regret not getting something I really like.

Meiling, so long as we look healthy, it doesnt matter if you weigh 45kg or 50+kg. I used to be about 63kg before the braces and now about 57kg, I am already very happy.

providencia, coming to braces, it depends on whether your PG will be able to edit away. My BS says they wont edit the teeth. So I am thinking of taking it out on the PS day and put it back the next day. Just worried that it will be painful when the teeth starts to shift position during the PS day.

nec, sounds like you have a fulfilling trip. Makes me want to go there to shop as well. But I am very kiasi one. Scared of safety.


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leely: Yahh, that's what drew me to want Mum's Kitchen...The deco looks so pretty!! But sadly the taste is not worth...

Kelly: ISS Catering also got food tasting, so can check them out!


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Hi lovexlb,
Thanks! As long as we hav e can-do spirit, all things will work out fine.

Hey, those post wedding brides, looking forward 2 see ur AD fotos on ur multiply / wedding websites!

Jus 2 more weeks for me....


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Hi gals,

when's ur GDL ? mine's next sun.. 9-11am..

unicorn > the bangle is given to u by ur MIL during tea ceremony.
for mine, i ve the usual, the GDL basket, cake vouchers, oranges, zhu jiao, ping jin ang pow, ang pow for shao zhu cos my parents sed dun wan shao zhu, so in-laws give AP as token n 2 bottles of liqueor.. tats all i can remember..


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Hi thias, mine is on 7th Jun 9-11am...hee, on some of your wedding days.

I fnally finished all my wedding cards. Ready to send out this week. 1mth exact

Unicorn, hav u met up with yr wedding coordinator? Think i hav to arrange to meet her tis week. Not yet contact her.


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Hi gals, back from HCM. Wah, you gals chatted a lot as usual. The garters look really good. Feel tempted to get to surprise FH...

Anyways, didn't manage to tailor ao dai or CS in HCM. Tried on an ao dai and don't quite like the look on me. The CS designs v normal so didn't get too. Its good to walk around and compare shops though. The first shop we went to charged so much more than the second shop we visited. The food was really good in HCM, esp the glass desserts. FH and I had one everyday we were there. :p


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Hi leely and Eunice,
I've added both of you to my multiply.
I also seldom use it :p

Thanks gals for sharing your heels!
They are lovely.
I still need to source for 1 more heels for my AD. I hope 1 shoe can wear with all gowns leh! Lazy to change. Haha....


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Hi gals,

back from hcm. Was a great birthday trip.

Kirei>I', interested the corsages. WC9099 is nice. Can order 3 for me?

Kailing>congrats on getting your HDB flat! FH and I are almost on the verge of giving up.
Maybe stay at my place till prices are better.


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Tks Eunice & Leely!

This caterer was recommendated by someone in the forum too!

We are having our church wedding at Risen Christ. What abt u? When is your big day?

I am still looking ard. Considering purple sage or Criston (wrong spelling since the original word is nt allowed in this discussion board?? Any idea y? hmm...). Tried 2 yrs ago. Nice presentation & good food. But not sure whether is it still the same. They are having a 'wedding show' in Botanic Garden next Sun. Will be going down. Tried four seasons beginning of this yr, food so-so.. but will keep this as my backup caterer..


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finally finish my wedding last nite,was really very happy that the whole procedure went on smoothly & everything was wonderful especially my night banquet. Shall post my morning express highlight soon so stay tuned. Will be going honeymoon tml so by the time i come back,jus nice to get back my video & photos to share with u all in my multiply.

Btw i've 12 bottles of Woflblass Eagle Hawk Cabernet Sauvignon 2006 for sale at $16 per bottle,self pickup at queensway. The wine is quite smooth & retail is selling abt $22+ at cold storage. I used up 36 bottles of wine for 28 tables. Pls contact me at [email protected] if anyone is interested.


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xinglin: My heels only can be used for the WG, so I was thinking of remaking my old pair of black heels for the EG!! May go get pearls or sequins or something to stick onto my black heels! My personal project!

Kelly: Mine is going to be at Calvary Baptist Church, a church of my childhood days...But very modern looking...Have u thought of church deco already? And are you printing separate invitation cards for church wedding and banquet? I'm not too picky about food, so just want affordable and presentable, cos still got the banquet to think abt...But do tell me abt your food-tasting experience! Is it a free wedding show btw?


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Kittyng, yaya.. but good things is we dont have much relatives in sg.. so no need to spend lot of time in giving out the 'xi bing'.

i busy finalising the stuffs.. still got quite a no. of things to settle..

hello Lara..


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Hi bianchibicicletta, how is Spottiswoode Park like? you have any pic to share?

Ladies, like to check with you, normally, do couples buy beer from hotel directly for the banquet?


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sleepydopeey...heels not really recommended

me went there to have a look too cuz thinking of having photoshoot there but the road is made of steel plating with lots of holes if u go further...if u just wan to waves brides then i think it shd be fine.


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Welcome welcome! I'm sure we all feel stressed at some point in time cos it's barely 2 months away from our big days.

Sorry I'm not able to help with the 2 questions that you're asking... maybe the others can?

Care to update your details here? Wow... You're gonna be the first one! Yay!

Ami - 5 July 2008 / Furama Riverfront / No BS yet
Winwin - 6 July 2008 / Grand Copthrone Waterfront / Bridal Zone
R&J - 6 July 2008 / Novotel Clarke Quay / Sophia Wedding
Gloomybear - 6 July 2008 / Four Seasons Hotel / No BS yet.
Praisey - 6 July 2008 / Marriott Hotel / Thomson Wedding Design / Expressively Joho
Piggypang - 06 July 2008 /Marina Mandarin / Whitelink
Michelle Tan - 06 July 2008 / Swissotel de Stamford / My Bridal Room
Gladys Ho - 07 July 2008 / Marina Mandarin / no BS (DIY)
MT - 12 July 2008 / Marriott Hotel / Thomson Wedding Design /Bobman Photography/ Candy Cake Shop (3 tier cake)
Kara Wong - 12 July 2008 / Peony Jade Restaurant / My Bridal Room / Lam (Rainbow Centre)
qunqun - 13 July 2008 / Grand Copthrone Waterfront / Yvonne Creative
Happytown - 13 July 2008 / Sheraton Towers / Dang Bridal
BBIguana - 14 & 19 July 2008 / Marriott Hotel / Flamingo Bridal / Linn Kong Photography & Mokey (AD&Dinner) / Fairys' Inc
Nehoc - 18 July 2008 / Oriental / Julia Wedding News /Plushphotography[ROM]Oneeyeclick[AD]
S'rene - 19 July 2008 / Peony Jade Restaurant / Elegance Wedding Collection (JB) / Snapxot Photography
Cindy - 19 July 2008 / Holiday Inn Atrium /No BS yet/ Bobby Leong photography
Vividz - 20 July 2008 / Novotel Clarke Quay / J&M
De_princess- 20 & 21 July 2008 /The Arts House & Marina Mandarin/ Silverlining Bridal Couture/ The Edge Photography
Jule - 25 July 2008 / Raffles the Plaza / Yvonne Creative / EmOti0nPix
berry_egg - 26 July 2008 / Peach Garden @thomson plaza / Di Gio
Flauntiq- 26 Jul'08/ No banquet / French Bridal
JJ - 26 July 2008 / M Hotel / Di Gio
piyo1818 - 26 July 2008 / 88 Restaurant / My Bridal Room / Sam Wong / Beyond The Lens
Stef - 26 & 27 July 2008 / Novotel Clarke Quay / French Bridal
Jukel - 26 & 28 July 2008 / Mandarin Oriental / X-Zen
Ling - 27 Jul 2008 / HIPV / My Bridal Room


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hi gals,
hehehehe....had a fruitful wkend so far....went bbq wif my BS brides yest n had lotsa fun n den went for my fitting today, luckily d mtm EG didnt turned out as bad as i had imagined :p it's blue n wif 4-layered blue n pink frills, den laces as trimming...they will b adding some pink crystals to it...but no pics of it though
will b going for my final fitting for all my gowns on 7th jun....
went bugis for my shopping spree...got myself 2 sets of wedding bear pens....15 tops, 2 skirts, 13 pairs of earrings including 3 for wedding, 2 costume jewellery sets, some fancl pdts....lotsa poorer but it's a fruitful shopping trip!

perhaps u shd go end jun cos short hair means v limited hairstyles to choose frm for ur hubby...sigh, my fh oso comes back wif short hair, hopefully dat he can grow his hair longer within 2 weeks b4 our PS :p

mrs kel,
hehehe...blood donation is not as painful as i imagined, blood test is like an ant bite....no lah, wont die of pain one...they will use laughing gas on u to make it less painful during d labour process so dun worry


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hi gals,
hehehehe....had a fruitful wkend so far....went bbq wif my BS brides yest n had lotsa fun n den went for my fitting today, luckily d mtm EG didnt turned out as bad as i had imagined :p it's blue n wif 4-layered blue n pink frills, den laces as trimming...they will b adding some pink crystals to it...but no pics of it though will b going for my final fitting for all my gowns on 7th jun....
went bugis for my shopping spree...got myself 2 sets of wedding bear pens....15 tops, 2 skirts, 13 pairs of earrings including 3 for wedding, 2 costume jewellery sets, some fancl pdts....lotsa poorer but it's a fruitful shopping trip!

mary poppins,
so happy dat my BS ppl commented dat i seemed to lose a bit of weight, though it's not really true...but to lose 1 more kg b4 my PS date in mid jun :p

hi hi, welcome back! glad dat u enjoyed ur time in hcm, it's ok if u didnt get anything there if it's not worth buying, might as well save d $ to get sth u really like n oso most imptly u get to spend some Q time wif ur fh


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hi gals,

am sourcing for a church caterer too ;)
having it at Sacred Heart.

i think i shld be going down to the k-ristons food fair thing next sun.

oh, you can add me at multiply : necrosi
i'll be away for a few days, so prob cant accept till after friday.


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welcome back .

the food there shld be really yum, glad you 2 enjoyed.
if nothing there catches your eye, no worries also, like meiling says, save the $ for something that your really like.

i'm fainting again. 15 tops?
13 earrings.
WOW. i think i bought like 15 tops for the whole of last year!!! (and most are tees..hahah)
you are one power shopping queen.

as for blood donation, it's good to go regularly, every 3-4 months.
even if you can donate blood (but you meet all the requirements), you can donate platelets.
i'm one of the regulars. so sometimes if my heamoglobin is too low, they'll just take platelets.
but it's a longer process woh, so be prepared to spend abt 1.5-2hrs.

hi mary,
yeah, i'm also quite scared, but we just took a cab from hotel to mall and back. didnt walk in the streets.
so not so bad lor. also when taking cab in jakata, try to take bluebird, they are more reputable and won't drive you into some ulu ally to rob you. *touchwood*

going to manila tomorrow....
shopping list : salsa dress n shoes!! ;)
EG for mother.
(and other misc nice items that we chance by...lol)
take care ladies..


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Mrs kel: im looking for masterbed room set. Hws the the variety at yr frd's shop? Have to start searchin 4 the right model then go 2 the "usual" shop.

Mei: u already started yr GSS warming up liao? Bugis gt sell nice wedding pens, which part?

I also had a nice week with IPL, facial spa, meet up with favour vendors, gathering with my primary school frds & finally bought my wedding shoes liao..i update all my "harvest" pics in my multiply, do give me your comments


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hehehehe....im always game for GSS anytime even though it's not sale....shopping is my life, gona feature shopping in my outdoor PS n oso pigging out....oh, for wedding pens, i got it frm d pushcart outside bossini n m1 stretch...but it's not cheap though, $19.90 for a pair...got 2 pairs :p


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heheheh...yah, didnt expect dat i'll buy so many but it's really nice n cheap, some for casual n some for work :p when i went BKK 2 yrs back. i brought back 78 pairs of earrings, my colleague commented dat i dun have dat many ears to wear so many pairs :p
how do i donate platelets? im new in tis area so must ask u cos u r d expert here :p wah....i really salute u cos u r so unbelieveable, u r really our gd samaritan here....i must look up to u

do have a gd trip to manila n have fun, hope u had a wonderful time shopping for ur sizzling hot salsa dress n shoes....n other nice stuff on ur shopping list, i shall continue my quest tm wif my mum :p cya back soon...


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thanks for the welcome back. Am totally fine with not buying any stuff back from HCM. Actually, we did spot a lot of bling bling shoes in the markets but since I've already bought my wedding shoes, I decided not to spend too much time on them as I didn't want to be tempted. There were also quite a few nice embroidered bags and evening bags but again, I though it best to avoid temptation.

Meiling>pengsan wor. I don't think I've ever bought so much even on my best shopping trip. No wonder they all say you are the shopping queen.

nec>have a fruitful trip! Don't forget your sexy garters.


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Mei, you are so amazing. 15 tops? You really have super sonic eyes to be able to see so many good buys in one day. 78 earrings...they probably thought u were buying for wholesale purposes rite?? haha you are so cute.

Remember some posts back u gals were discussing about bands and all. Actually music is really one of my passions, but due to budget i decided right from the start not to be so extravagant and strike bands off the list. But tonight i went for a church party and the group that performed was so so so excellent i had to ask my mum to ask them if they wanted to sing at my wedding. I'm pretty picky with musicians but i really think they sang with so much joy and sincerity and were just playing for everyone's enjoyment, not as performance. So excited!


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Lara & xinyi, seems like both of u are having GDL & an chuang on the same day. Dunno why mine on diff day...hmmm

I'm now still trying to figure out how to do the wrist corsages for my jiemeis. Bought the materials for some time but struggling with the making

Ladies, hav a restful holiday!


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hi ladies, i just went for my trial makeup yesterday and was informed by my makeup artist that 18 Oct is hot hot hot! so i've got to share her with two other ladies and that i'll have to be more flexible with the timing coz she'll juggle the 3 of us...eeks, 18 Oct ladies, are you having the same problem as me? As least my banquet is on 19 Oct so no problem with that...


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what a nice touch to have a live band.
i would really like that for both church n the dinner.
pity bands don't come cheap. or pity i'm not filthy rich.
or pity i;m not marrying a millionaire.
which band is it that you're asking? if you could share the price? maybe ...just maybe i could have them too. :p

oh yes, garters!!!
shall i get any for anyone?
mmm...but i dunno what kinda patterns your all like and i also dunno what kinda patterns there are.
sms me on my HP if you all want lah.
i'll try to get a corset too...haha...hold in all the flab.

can we give you a coronation?
for your ascendence on the throne of queen of shopping.
78 pairs.
i think that's more than ALL my earrings.
you are one power shopper.
have you thought of being a buyer? i think you've fantastic potential!!
as for platelet donation, it's the same ting lah, go to the center and tell them you wanna donate platelets instead of blood lor.
same form to fill etc etc, but takes longer time. and the downtime in between platelet donations is only 8 weeks.
instead of 12 weeks for blood donation. =)

good control over not buying more shoes. ;)


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Wah. Our discussion moves so fast now…. All very very busy.

Hi s'rene, qunqun…. Thanks for your well wishes for my ROM. It went along smoothly although feeling abit rushed as I need to go for makeup during the lunch buffet. But everything turned out well and more than expected. Wah, the ROM is a glimpser of how my AD will b like and I’m getting nervous about it. Like movie stars for the day wor. Not used to it. Haha! Must really enjoy the day.

Hi s’rene… saw your PS photos!! U look great!! So many outfit changes. Btw, how much in total you spent for bridal package?

Hi belleryn… oh, me hokkien, not teochew. Not sure about the cakes stuff. Hope u managed to find the ones you r looking for near your house. Think on GDL, it depends on both sides’ families. For mine, we will invite all my relatives to our house and pass the cakes to them on the spot. As for distant relatives, we will deliver to them or mayb leave at one of their places, not confirmed yet. As for hubby’s side, they do not need to give out cakes to relatives so will bring back two boxes for self consumption. We need to “hui(2)†all the “li(3)†(gifts) that they give us.

Yah. Mayb will consider your mattress recommendation… but after getting the bed first.

Hi R&J … looking forward to seeing your PS photos!!! I can only get mine at end June wor. Cos too many brides getting married in June at the BS.