(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Just sth to share.. some info collected else where :p Don't know is it good or not... just a piece of info

but note that this wine is 1.5L / bottle ya...

- Carlo Rossi California Red 1.5L $34
- White Tail Cab. Sauv. 1.5L $33.6
- White Tail Merlot 1.5L $33.6
- Corbette Canyon Cab. Sauv. 1.5L $38

euro link spirits n wine. u can call them at 6255-7271 It is at Toa Payoh.. I dun have the address.. :p

Hmm is there wine fair again at careffer?


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actually i got a manicurist who do home service..
she is quite gd oso..
last yr i buy fr her a 5 set package (pedi & mani)
cost only $175 so each set is only $35.
is damm cheap..
but i tink this yr she increase price..i tink $45 per set.
and if u stay at those wulu place, she got surcharge of $5-$10.
for me, she didnt charge me surcharge..
she stay at west side..
i recommend a few frens to her..
all like her oso..


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strawclare> we bought the house without knowing the actual valuation. we bought it based on an assumption that the valuation is probably at a certain price. This valuation is the owner's first valuation and he only just received the report yesterday. it is a calculated low-risk (to us) bet that has turned out well.


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My auntie is also doing mani/pedi services at her house at Khatib, her house is near the NTUC. She charges $30 for mani and pedi. If buy set of 5, she gives 10 nailarts for free.


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hey girls, i decide to order from a lady call Carol who specialise for wedding wrist corsages for 6 yrs already! i ask her to customise make a 3 pink roses with 3 white small roses for me... here is the picture...

i juz order from her at $6.50 each... 6 of them. she will make for me....and later will collect from her.

you can click n view other wrist corsages in this website as well.

you can email or msn her at [email protected]


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Hi qunqun,

I had seen your corsages, very nice and lovely.
Especially the one with pearl and rose one. Can i know how much you order yours and where website can i order from?


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hi mrs chiew,

juz so happen that i have the address for euro link spirits n wine.... hahaha.... my fred gave it to me wan....

Blk 85A, Toa Payoh Lor 4, #01-324


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hi jule,

the corsages very nice.. where in bangkok did u got them from?? maybe can get my friend to get them for me too.. how much??


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wow really alot of wrist corsages..
so many until i dunno which to choose..
anyone wan to bulk purchase? mayb can check if got cheaper price?


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hi jule, your corsages are very nice & special. good buy! my friend told me that there are many nice stuff for wedding in bangkok, like flower girl dress, wedding favour etc. Guess it must have been a fruitful trip for you =P wanted to go with my friend in early May but my fiance say going to get marry should save $$ so don't want me to go sigh...

hi r&j, i stay near IMM but the rest of my mother side relative all stay in cck. i used to stay with my granny in cck when i was younger so very familiar with cck.

hi berry_egg, me just went with my mom, aunt & granny to buy the "gold" during mother's day. they kept nagging at me to go and buy with them. think they are more excited than me too haha. and they insist on buying yellow gold but in the end we bought those with mixture of yellow & white gold. now i wonder what to do with these yellow gold jewellery in future. don't think i will ever wear them again after wedding haha.

for the corsages, i ordered one from the "Brides" series and others the normal not so elaborate ones. mine is kinda custom made. I chose the style I like from the website and told the person exactly what I want. e.g the mixture of ribbon colours etc. each one is about $6, the "Brides" series is about $7 if I didn't remember wrongly. If you order more there will be discount. to order, just email [email protected] / [email protected] and discuss with them the item and price. after the order is confirmed, transfer the money to them and a few weeks later the corsages will be delivered to ur place.

initially thot of making myself but too busy already so lazy haha. my friend's sis was not working before her wedding and she did everything herself from wrist corsages, ang pow box, ring pillow etc. how i wish i have the time too. it would be so fun! s'rene & berry_egg have fun making ur corsages. do let us see when they r ready ;) usually handicraft shop would have all the stuff u need to buy. but not sure exactly where got. maybe s'rene can advise.


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Hi, I'm also a jan bride, I'm having my 1st child, 21 weeks pregnant, I got some questions.
Have u all feel the kick from the bb, i had some strange feeling. Feeling was like when u press hard on ur chest and feel the heart beat. is that the kicking from the bb, however everytime i had the feeling, i place my hand at the tummy, it will gone, is it the kicking of the bb or just some gas in my tummy?


r&j, I bought them from Sampeng Lane in Chinatown, one of the stalls.

qunqun, it was an impromptu trip with my cousin. Went only 3 days, did buy some things like shoes and flower girl dress.


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Prices from the promise to love..
anyone interested? only left 1 month to enjoy e promo price..

1) http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2518198800101131456qQatpe (WC9099)
Promotional Price: $4.80each
Usual price: $5.20each

2) http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2763573220101131456NQlqgF (WROSE600)
Cost : $7.80each

3) http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2051343830101131456aTLVCd (WC1700)
Promotional Price: $5.80each
Usual price: $6.20each

4) http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2492512370101131456aiMGlW (WC7100)
Promotional Price: $5.80each
Usual price: $6.20each

5) http://good-times.webshots.com/photo/2385709460101131456OOgtfa (Ivory & lavender)
Price: $5.70each


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Ohh all your shoes are so nice....

Hmm,, I'm thinking of getting a black strapy heels for my EG... Cos if I get a red one, I don think I will be wearing it often in future... ;)

Enuice> Hmm,,, its a kinda of tone for red,, but its not exactly those bright color... Will try to upload some pics for u to see when the gown is ready... Mine is a bustler... so no bareback.. moreover, too fat to wear one.. haha...


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ya neko... if order from iDearz .. such design will cost $10 at least...i ask already..
so carol's one is still cheaper.

u can ask carol through msn or email if got bulk discount or not... cos i order 6 pcs....she charge me $6.50 per pc.

if register mail have to pay $3.50 for postage..but i choose to self collect as her place is in ang mo kio...near to my neighourhood.

note in her email, she wrote lead time may take up to 4 weeks...

so order early.


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neko, WC9099 is one of my favourite...very nice! haa..

in fact cos i saw the white small rose in this picture, that why i decide to put it to the 3 pink organza roses that i have initially...so keep emailing carol n she very nice...she keep amending the design that i want till i am satisifed.

i love WROSE600, very tempted to buy n put on my hairstyle for photo shoot. haha. :p


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wc9099 is my first sight in love..
but she got so many..i tink i m goin home to open up a few windows to view and compare..

i like e purple color oso...but now i havent decide which color theme my bridemaid going wear...and i m goin down to e place where rach introduce to c bridemaids gown


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Wow, u all bought yr shoes liao. Me still hunting high n low for a 2" heels. It's so hard to get one that is diamante n low heel.


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Hi qunqun, I go a shop on Arab street. They have fabulous stuff there. First time I see rolls of ribbons with sequins already sewn on. And prices start from $2/metre. The more elaborate, the more expensive


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hey all,
what wine is good? i really don't know. don't know how to appreciate wine. leaving to my fh and ILs to decide. since my ILs paying for them, or so i think =)

when are u gg to bali? have fun! dinner by the beach sounds romantic. enjoy! can imagine gg there with a good book and tanning on the beach. think u can have massage on the beach. very relaxing... but i've never been. just heard of it from friends. =)

so is someone planning for the next gathering already? maybe can meet at some games cafe. can chit chat, eat n play games. =) maybe the FHs can come along too. the more the merrier. lol..

sorry. i have no contacts for flowers. mine's provided by hotel n flyer.

anyone has contact for car rental? maybe for lexus or BMW for actual day. and florist for car deco too.

2 more weeks before fh is officially on holz. can't wait! can finally do up our lovenest. and drive in to m'sia for food n shopping. hee...
though i would love to go HK or BKK. but guess not enough time..

have you thought of where to go for PS already? and the props? hairdos? have lotsa rest till your PS. =)


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Rachel: Hehe, I quite like me heels too, though a little sad I can't wear with the EG...But don't worry, you'll find a pair you really like too! And when you do, rmb to upload the photos! And sure, upload the photos for the gown too!! :D

LingLing: What kind of shoes are you looking for and what is your budget? Someone told me Leaping Lizard is a favourite place to get wedding shoes? http://woyaojiehunle.blogspot.com/2007/09/bridal-footwear.html suggests some sources for wedding shoes. Don't know if it'll be useful for you!


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Kai & Ling> good for u!

crown> focal ad not that cheap too...my Venue deals with focal ad.. hehe.. :p we didnt really check out their prices though. :p

fortunemew> its nearer to Yishun MRT.. Its at Blk 293.. Yup.. PM me can? I'll give u her number. Better to make appt..else she'll go home early.
Hahah.. she works alone.. so no customers then she'll go home one.. :p

neko>Mani with nail art.. no Pedi la.. Pedi is already $30 liaoz.. haha.. u mean u can get cheaper than these lobang??
I think usually its the nail art that costs more... for Esther.. her nail art are reasonably priced.

I love WROSE600. I'll need 12! can ask if got cheaper??? anyone else wants the same as well? :p


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ehhehe....actually whether it's approved or not depends largely on d P, but since i wk in my sch n tis is oso under purview so i can sorta give d green light to myself....gd luck! hope dat u can seek approval frm ur sch soon

sue n koyoyo,
thanks gals! heheheh...yah it's easier than wat i think n im glad to b able to b involved in such a meaningful event...sue, guz u must b relaxing at bali now...how was it?
i went for d presentation yest n den i went to learning journey at citibank, got many insights n learnt many things...really an eye opener for me
too bad cant go to fullerton

koyoyo, u can log unto their website to chk d current mobile blood bank locations....cos they have different locations every now n den....

mrs kel,
games cafe? heheheh...guz my fh will b d 1st one to volunteer to go cos he always play wif his frens n oso joined in d board games session organised on tuesdays by d cafes :p
for car rental, u can search under d contacts in sg bride forum....i think wedding cars is not bad...smtimes they have cheap promos too on convertibles etc...but i dun intend to splurge on cars cos only a few pics will b taken n few ppl will see...:p


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hi gals,
im back!!!! luckily didnt missed out on a lot...went for d award presentation, went learning journey at citibank, went to dinner wif my ex-colleague n den shopping....oppss, but i spent more on DVDs n VCDs to keep myself entertained while my fh is away....bought 3 tops frm OAMC, a bangle frm dorothy perkins n 2 pairs of frm c&k....bo bian, after wearing court shoes d whole day, my feet is full of blisters n plasters....i q guai n took a train n den bus back :p

envy envy...i really love a travelling job n im sure my fh will b supportive of me....den i can see d world, expose myself to different cultures n oso shop at d same time...wat shoes did u buy? frm where? wah, v seldom guys will b patient to tie ribbons n stuff, luckily we r 2 of d many btbs here who managed to find guys who r patient n gd at them :p
do up a balloting basis or rotate among ur frens for their shopping items else u'll b zonked out after buying n carrying so many things dat's not urs during ur biz trips :p

florabliss n providencia,
hehehe....i wished i cld b like u 2 leh, hehehe....if i can do it means my weight is more than 45 kg....guz dat's my weight in lower sec, after dat i hardly hit d fourish...my best is at 49 kg, still gotta wk a little harder to achieve dat

mumbai can b fun....i dun mind going there if i were u though i've juz been to india last yr...it'll b an eye opener esp when i dun need to fork out a single cent :p will b thinking of changing my job nature to sth dat allows me to travel every now n den...hopefully there'll b vacancy :p
heheheh....thanks for ur compliments! hope dat u can find d person who can replicate ur wedding gown into a mini version for u....when u do, remember to show ur d completed wk ok? i saw z weddings' adverts on dolls in their mini gowns, taken wif d brides b4...duno abt others :p

yah lor....i oso wana b 45 kg n below...but i guz it's impossible for me cos my bone mass is alrdy 40-41kg....did a fat analysis at some slimming centre b4...n they say my ideal weight shd b ard wat i am now cos human beings need ard 10 kg of fat...they must b ridiculous...im so fat now :p


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morning ladies..

i went for the ISETAN sale on thur and got a mattress guard at $40.. think that was quite a sale given that usu price is $79. anyway, ISETAN was really crowded. was quite a "warm-up" for GSS..;p

anyone of u bought bedsheets yet? was looking at some on display at ISETAN.. it was so ex! even with the sale, a set of nice comfy ones cost more than $200! so girls, rem to budget for bedsheets..

went for 1st fitting with mum yesterday (FH on MC). will post it on multiply in a while..

dear all.. have fun this long weekend yea!


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Eunice> Did you put the crystals yourself? Hush puppies doesn't come across as a brand that has bling bling shoes.. haha..

Anyway, do you all use Multiply? I just signed up.. I figure we're all ard the stage of choosing our gowns and having our PS, it'll be nice to share our photos to see what each others' gowns look like.. (and we probably don't want to post photos of our face on the forum ^_^).. If you have a multiply account, how about posting it here and we'll just add each other?

My multiply account is chrysalids18.


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heheheh...gd for u....glad to know dat everything's settled....when's ur PS date?

glad dat u had a gd time shopping....hmm, i'll going to bbq tonite n den fitting for my eg tm...hope can still fit after d feasting....have a gd break over d long wkend...im still stranded in office now :p


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Thanks Eunice.

I will go far east to look around.

my budget is abt 60 like that cos I think i will only wear for AD n PS as I dont like to wear heels.


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Hi Hi..
I am also a Dec 08 Bride!
There are so many brides getting married in Dec this yr!

My AD: 7 Dec 08
Dinner: 8 Dec 08
Venue: Mandarin Oriental Hotel (rename fr Oriental)
Bridal Shop: Z Wed Design
Photography: Chris Ling
Videography: TBC (any recommendation?)
Church Caterer: TBC (any recommendation?)


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meiling: we are still deciding...either end june or early to mid jul...prob is that fH going for reservist in early jul, meaning he iwll have short hair...haha...


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Hi Ladies,
Few days never come in and found that this tread have been moving very fast.. read until i a bit blur le.. hee.. I have just created my multiply and have uploaded some of my wedding photos.. Do add me on your multiply.

My ID is: colinandgina


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i like WC9099.. very nice.. anyone planning to buy also? btw have anyone decided on what colour theme for your bridesmaid dress in the morning? My jie mei have been asking me what colour theme i am having.. but i still deciding.. maybe white, cream or champane colour..


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the corsages are nice, love those with pearls
i will be taking from my BS, save on these details.

I told my jiemei to wear purple... ;) btw, gina, i have add you to my multiply


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fiancee and I went down today to Clarity, shortlisted wb00189 and wb00190, wb 00283 and wb00284. Not too adventurous I guess. We tried a lot of funky designs, like those 2 pairs best. By the way, I said I was referred by lynn. haha. she asked if she's VIP. she then gave me the benefit of the doubt. =P yeah. but the price is good.


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Hello all July BTBs! Im new to this thread!
Are you all feeling stressed or cool? Cause I am so stressed that I can almost feel my heart beat stop.
Anyone got good florist to recommend?
Anyone got contacts for caricature?

~ Tues 1 Jul 08, St Teresa Church and Mandarin Meritus


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hey ladies,
went katong mall today. thought the vhive mega store will be huge. but such a disappointment. think ikea also better than that. can skip katong mall if you're ever planning to take a look. lex is right. lol..

went furniture mall too. saw a bedframe. quite modern and neat design. $1280. initially wanted to get a $250 one since only for temp use. now thinking if should get the $1280 one...
basically the bedframe is the only item that caught our eyes today. tmr gg to a family friend's shop to look see. hope can get something decent.

yrs ago i thought of blood donation. but afraid of pain. even blood test also i'm scared. i'm so afraid of pain i was telling fh i will die of labour pain. lol..

i think bedsheet can get from robinsons. last dec bought 2 sets when there was sale. 400+ tc. only $300+.

anyone organising the next gathering do keep me updated! thanks!