(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Hi Michelle! Depends on whether you are having a bridal package. Most of the girls here sign on a package which covers alot of things, then you don't need to source separately. If you are like me, very kiam, then it will be quite ala carte.
There are many good makeup artists who advertise on 88db.sg. For PG & VG, depends on the style you like, and of course....the budget!

oh, sotonglet, I went to see the gowns at justgowns.biz. Tried on a few and they are really nice. Rental starts from $128 to $300+.
Or you can go to this shop above Bugis Village's McDonald outlet (Next to McDonald's drink counter,go up the staircase, 2nd level.) They have rental of WG at $300. Not bad too.

For EG, Blum's affiliate, Miso at Marina Sq has nice gowns too. A little too glitzy and glittery for me. They are affordable at about $600+ considering the handiwork.

Based on your PG's advice, it can be quite rush for you. But I may be wrong as I am sure he must have done this many times.


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nelle, the GSS will start in May, probably near to the end of the mth. If I'm not wrong, there is a website on it.

meiling and nec, ya lor, I feel like banging my head agst the wall. Shd hv bought the bracelet then. Simply beautiful. It was so heart wrenching to step out of the outlet without it. Since then, I’ve been sourcing around for something similar. But all the replies I’ve gotten so far was a 3 carat tennis bracelet like tat one will cost at least 12K.

Oh god, help me, help me. Grant me a big big discount!!!


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hohoho.. confusing everyone.. sorry~~~

aiya not me... hee hee hee....is my friend who sign BS without PS and sign another studio for PS alone.... is not 1950... nothing to do with them... is another one...

then the PS they sign.. the shop say no return of soft copy...unless u take ALOT of pic (their extra pic is like $60-70/extra pic) then can consider maybe give back the soft copy... let say she only take the basic package with 30pic ... then no soft copy of the selected one even the package say included the 30 pic....

abit unfair..... hee hee no prob no prob... think dun confuse your.... wait and see how's she negoiate with the PS studio....


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LoL ok.. it's your friend then :p Have they paid the full sum? If not, maybe it might be worthwhile for them to forfeit the desposit le .. especially if they're going to take a lot of photos.. I mean, I've heard of couples who top up like thousands of dollars for the extra pictures.. which is kinda... pricey..


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nelle, i agree lor...have videography to film down your big day moments very nice ma

Wah...u even thot of not wanting a PG wor. haha.
You r the most beautiful woman of the day leh. Muz take down for evidence ma...keke
Well, i understand the priorites of people differ. Some ppl dun really like to take pix. For me i like to take pix.. to any where i'll take and always bring a camera to where i go...haha...

I juz played WII in ofc! Damn fun.

Talk yo u gals again ya.


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Rach, tks for your info. Have you decide your BS and which hotel are you engaging for the dinner? I am in the midst of planning for my solemnization on Jun 2008. I will be probably doing the solemnization at Furama riverfront (yet to be confirm; meeting the co-ordinator this fri).


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hi providencia,

please help to update my details:

i've changed my AD date from 16/11/2008 to 19/11/2008 and venue has been changed from OCC to MM (marina mandarin)

BS: Santiago

VG and PG: not chosen yet.. maybe taking Santiago recommended one.



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Hi karen! well, i burst my budget... Looks like you have better self -control. now i have to cut back on other things.
thanks for your quick response! will check it out...er, where's Hong Lim? sounds far... i live in the east...

thinking of checking out June Florist and Greenpoint. But won't be doing anytime soon. But once i do, i'll post my "findings".

and happy planning for the rest of the nov brides! me desperately growing out my hair. Looks like it won't be long enough for my june photoshoot.


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Hi Queenie, I am not registered with mulyiply. However will soon.... heheh. I'll add u once I register myself.

PSH: Sorry to hear what had happened to ur gfr. I am not able to comment on that as I am make-to-keep my wedding gown. However, if I know that my BS allow other brides to try my gown without my permission. I'll sue them right to their a_s!

Crispy> may i ask which hotel you having your wedding at?


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im so angry!!!!! my damn office is changing some darn system and everyone has to work ot for dat bloody new system prep.
so i have to work late everyday for the whole month of april!!
damn it!!! and my PS is on 5th May!!! how???

anyone can share and tell me how to maintain my complexion and skin condition for the whole of april month cos i'll be stuck in office till late hours... im planning to buy SK2 eye mask and facial mask le... hw abt eating bird's nest?


anyone, i've jus created Multiply account.... add me!!! my id is ahnetsan.... add me!!!


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btw, i try to make it on 26th march for the gathering....

since i've already posted my hp no... pls get in contact wif me ok? haha
26 March (Next Wed) Gathering at Plaza Sing
1. Rach
2. Green
3. Net

Please append your name to the list if you are coming


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nelle, so envious, good financial and makeup skills, beauty and brains.. what more can a man ask for? I never know where my money goes, like MeiLing,I also got jialat savings acct.
I'm only debt-rich.

Hee hee, MeiLing, time to cut down on your Coach purchases.

Sotong, nelle, i'm skipping VG too (camera shy), but pre weddings and AD is a must.

nec, u are so well-endowed ya. Abt the ring,i need to dig my records, we supplied our own loose diamonds and got the jeweller to set it into the trilogy setting. Cost of setting the diamonds abt 1k for white gold.

xinglin, so cool, got Wll in ofc. shiok.


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Hi nec,
U also stay in West? Which part of west r u staying. Me staying in Jurong West.

Both my fh & I were teochew, luckily my MIL didnt insist us to do all before dawn. (at least can sleep longer)
My auspicious timing given was bet 7am - 11am
My schedule is something like this
8.30am - fetch bride
9.00am - depart for outdoor photoshoot
10.30am - reach groom house, tea cememory
12.30pm - reach new house
I hear from my fortune teller. The timing only apply during fetch bride n reach groom house. The rest nevermind.


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Wah, you all have auspicious timings....I don't have auspicious timings...will just do things at our own time and own pace.

Wondering what happens if you don't have your own house by your wedding and only managed to get own place only after wedding? In that case, does all the an chuang and other stuff apply?
<font color="0077aa">hey green, oooh... EG not so problem lah, cos not so heavy... hahaaaa... me more problem lah, very chor lor, and very clown... so need special material lol</font>

<font color="0077aa">ya mask works.. or weekend, go for a facial / massage to relax... facial does work lah... esp the treatment type heee</font>


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Lex, different ppl lead different life so dun compare yeah... i am sure girls like us who strive for a career n have occasional high-tea are equally happy... no europe trip nw, can always go again in future...

koyoyo, i bet ur fren'z pic will look gd at the flyers. if u get permission from her, rem to post n share with us ok.


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hmmm, am not quite sure what is the topic going on now...a bit of confused...

To add my 2 cents worth, personally I think pre-wedding, AD PG and Vg are impt...Pre-wedding prolly cos I'd hardly have the chance to walk around S'pore in a wedding gown and to capture beautiful images...and the other 2 to capture moments of the special day whereby HTB and I officially become one


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xinglin how much is the crystal bracelet? my fren getting married in july, need some ideas too. and yep today was part 2 of my photo shoot! today's weather good, everything went well!

sotong the seamstress stays near serangoon mrt. actually yeah i also dunno pre wedding photos for what haha..:p i guess it's just something most people do when getting married. but it's fun! more memories of wedding shared with hubby mah

nec, yah lor, c or d cup no need stick on bra liao!! but anyway i got nubra from la senza.. it's good! i bought same cup size as my usual.. think it's ok leh.. got help quite a bit :p

nelle you really thrifty! your hubby muz be feelin very heng hee hee


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jfaith, oh so lucky, i never won anything in my whole life.

mei, read in the forum that a Mrs Teo in Blk 85 Batok North Rd #01-124, 6444 6470 is highly recommended. U might want to check it out since u live in the east. I'm also on the lookout for cheap and gd florist.

Jane, will update your changes.


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thanks for the info, nelle! at least i know how much i can put aside that budget.

shybride, i tried to email your seamstress' contact. but can't. Is the address correct?
anyone has other seamstress' contact? budget abt $80 per pc.

btw, ladies...finally i found myself a resale flat. the seller agreed to the negotiated amount. now arranging for HDB 1st appoinment. so i wun be waiting for BE already..


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congrats! where is the flat located at? why did you decide not to wait for BE?

Meiling and Flora,
Do you think if say 'heng heng' manage to get a flat for the BE, will there be enough time to apply for HLE after we have selected the flat? I haven't applied for HLE before. In addition, is there a big diff in the max loan granted between the actual value and value stated on the HDB website when you try the online computation?


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Jac, the HLE will take max 2 weeks to process. I guess shouldn't be a problem bah.

I didn't notice abt the max loan and actual value leh.

Luz17, congrats! So where will your lovenest be?


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seems like most of you mtm your EG.. but i mtm my WG instead.. maybe i more particular abt WG.. hee..

Ah net -> i think eating bird nest will not help much coz it will only be effective if you take for quite some time.. maybe you try to sleep more if possible or go for facial instead..

rach -> next wed should be alright for me.. unless last min need to stay back.. so we meeting at 7pm at PS right? any idea wat to eat on that day?


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26 March (Next Wed) Gathering at Plaza Sing
1. Rach
2. Green
3. Net
4. Gina


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congratz ah luz!!! So where u staying next

Shybride, serangoon mrt good near my place.. but u have the number?

I wanna see nec sexy figureeeeeeeeee and nelle sexxxyyy EG! ^^


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green> but I'm paying the restaurant separately for the buffet leh.. I'm paying the normal rates at Ellenborough Cafe.... cannot use ah?? its stated there??? huh...

Gina> coz EG u wear the longest in the nite..hence more wu hua to MTM EG.. WG will only appear like a few times.. hehhee... btw I sad liaoz la... my WG i'm supposed to be the 1st to wear... OTR.. now...somebody changed to it on her 2nd fitting...she loved it at 1st sight....so i'll be wearing an old WG liaoz.. sob sob....and and and.... sigh.... u all go read my multiply... u'll know why i sooo sad liaoz... sigh sigh sigh... go see my trial fitting comments..... sigh.....
I prefer to take OTR if there's suitable one, haha save time. But my studio only has < 6 OTR EGs, unbelievable right? None of the color suits me.

I asked to have my EG's length chopped off with no trail! Haha I'm siao one, I want to move around easily.

So the buffet is not part of the hotel's ROM package? Then I can borrow you the card for your ROM buffet!
It'll help you save about $200. Shhhh dun let my bf know.

I just called up to check on terms and conditions. Card discount is applicable to 1 table. 20% discount for 4 to max 10 ppl on a single table.

Cheer up gal! Dun feel so disappointed, wedding is supposed to be a happy event. My WG is also wore by other gals. Actually all studios will let other gals wear our OTR gowns, some even let other gals wear our MTM gowns. If u really mind, maybe u can MTM your WG? There's still enough time to MTM. Even if the WG is wore by other gal, u will still look gorgeous in it!

For my case, I dun have any outdoor PS gown I like from the limited selection, so I just anyhow choose. Makeup isn't well-done too. Well I try to take it easy, so still feeling fine.

Any masks to recommend? It's cheaper to buy off counters and do it on our own. Hehe gotto save $$, plan to buy resales flat.


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Hi Chimes and Karen, Thanks for the welcome.

Though it's still far from my wedding, there's really alot of homework to do. Hope I don't miss out anything by the wedding day!

Cheers! =)


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Hee....me too! Include myself! kekeekeke....so excited!

No. Name AD Bridal Studio Banquet Venue Photographer Videographer
1 CuiHui 5-Dec Carlton
2 Summer_ice 5-Dec Bliss Bridal Park Hotel Orchard
3 OriginalCraft 5-Dec Sattine Pan Pacific Hotel
4 angela02 5-Dec Precious Moment Bridal Raffles the Plaza
5 adathong 5-Dec Double Up Novotel Clarke Quay
6 Knightley 5-Dec Sattine PPR Beach Road
7 little bride 6-Dec Elegance Wedding Furama Riverfront
8 cecilia tan 7-Dec GHA Tampines CSC Hilltop Shutterbug Studio Shutterbug Studio
9 Lizzybride 7-Dec SG Bridal Grand Copthorne Waterfront
10 Mindy Tay 7-Dec Sattine M Hotel
11 tazzy_@_@ 7-Dec
12 nebear 7-Dec Ritz Couture Sheraton
13 Ling Ling 7-Dec White Link Hotel Royal@ Queen Sundayz
14 Valerie 7-Dec Tan Yoong Brides St Regis Hotel kelvin koh.lightedpixels
15 anpanda 7-Dec E-Bridal Amara
16 hibernate 7-Dec GHA Tampines
17 zhuoen 8-Dec Julia Wedding News Merchant Court kelvin koh.lightedpixels
18 Pisceangal 10-Dec EverBliss Conrad Centennial Singapore Searching Searching
19 Karen 12-Dec Venus Bridal Rasa Sentosa
20 plasterbride 12-Dec Digio Carlton AM.PM photography Forest Productions
21 jie&amp;pin7582 12-Dec Furama Riverfront
22 evonne 16-Dec Divine Couture Marina Mandarin
23 sillyg00se 16-Dec WhiteLink Oriental Mandarin
24 Karen Tham 20-Dec
25 Annette 20-Dec Mr &amp; Miss Wedding Club Grand Copthorne Waterfront Pending Pending
26 ed_jo 20-Dec Le Belle Couture Merchant Court
27 Sharonie-me 20-Dec Bridal Concept M Hotel
28 necrosis 20-21Dec Venus, JB Marina Mandarin Daniel Beh Searching
29 kokobrok 23-Dec Hotel Intercontinental Daniel Beh
30 xiaojan 25-26 Dec Sattine Marriott
31 earthsea 26-Dec D'sire Novotel Clarke Quay D'sire
32 skywu 27-Dec Sophia Orchard Parade Hotel
33 luvz17 27-Dec Graceful Image Regent Hotel Lam (Rainbow Photo) Jimmy (Rainbow Photo)
34 xingin 27-Dec Julia Wedding News Carlton Daniel Beh YS Lee (Big Day Pictures)
35 msclaire 27-Dec Pending N.A Pending Pending
36 Floral Bliss 28-Dec MBR Regent Bobman Wedding Aspire Studio
37 Evisu 28-Dec GHA Tampines Merchant Court Xiao Chai Oneeyeclick
38 tracy 28-Dec Julia Wedding News Raffles the Plaza
39 Jac 28-Dec Silhouette Four Seasons Daniel Beh Friend (Freelancer)
40 Jas 30 Dec La Vie Swissotel The Stamford Hotel
41 blurz_ger 31-Dec Bliss Bridal Hotel Intercontinental
42 cassie02 19-Dec French Bridal Traders Hotel Dreamcatcher Forest Productions
43 Jac 28-Dec Silhouette The Atelier Four Seasons Hotel Daniel Beh Friend


hm.. my BS tell me once i confirm my gowns, no one can wear it, unless their wedding is after mine... although my package is MTM, i took all OTR gowns.. I dun have any design in mind..

i'm using bodyshop masks.. i learn from tv show, must exfoliate first, then apply the mask for 10-15 mins (do not exceed the time as advise by "niu er lao shi" on tv)

wed 26 shld be ok for me.. but i can't confirm now.. my multiply is waxie24 add me pls. hehe


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Hey girls...

FYI, my package is two MTM gowns too, but i manage to get two OTR, as i always like gowns with more details...

My BS exchange these two MTM gowns to 5 extra photos instead...
Maybe u girls can try negotiating for some extras too...


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Hi Jule,

I have some suggestions for your wedding shoes!! :D
I went 3 places.. and in the end manage to get 1 pair of shoes for my 2 gowns!! :D And all the shoe shops i went, the shoes all <$100!! ;)

1. FairLady @ Shaw Centre #03-33/34.. There is this brand call ViVie in the shop.. They also sell mens shoes..I think currently they are having sale there.. =) You can take a look at the ViVie website at http://www.vivie.com.sg/

2. I went to Robinson @ RafflesCity and there were some shoes displayed near the cashier where they stated that the brand is oni in Robinson..Quite similar design to FairLady and cheaper.

3. Lastly, is LoeandBehold by Belinda. You can check out the designs of the shoes at http://www.loeandbehold.com.sg/. I bought my shoes from her.. Her shop aka house is located at Sixth Ave.. Very nice lady.. Was recommended by friend and went wif her for her shoe searching.. and I love her 'blink' 'blink' shoes!! ;)

Happy Shoe Shopping!! =)


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wow the thread is moving so fast! I am still at the cakes and now we are moving to slimming haha.

hi Valerie, a 40kg cake is about 3-4 tier depends on how they arrange. Normally 10kg ca serve about 100-120 guests. I have seen most people doing 3 tier here not so sure about 4 tier maybe difficult to do here unless base very big? I will be changing mine to something else because parents say dun want to serve cakes. Still negoitiating.

hi piyo21, me also teochew my timing about same as yours but before 8am bridegroom have to come le.

hi jac, if dun have then an chuang and do all things with where you will be staying for the time being or your hubbie house as a "symbolisation". Still have to do I think or can check with your shifu if you have.


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waxie> which BS u from?? sooo nice!! But my BS is as long as they are before me, they can take it.... sigh... sooo sad now........... so any thing in exchange for ur MTM?? i still not satisfied with my EG.. so I'm going to MTM.. keke.. :p


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me too, i've given up all hope alrdy, if u see my fitting photos nxt time, u know wat i mean :p hahaha...i feel exactly like u...when i meet other brides or my frens, i feel like crap, i look so fat, undermaintained in their company n dun work in d city wif no money to spend on luxury items
even my face looks like shit...:p if u r a giant cupcake den i'll look like a mudpie :p
u must b referring to me cos i committed abt $2K worth of extra photos wif my BS...

d thing abt those shops r juz out to squeeze u dry...if ur pic havent pay for d full amt, den perhaps it's wiser to forfeit d deposit now rather than to part wif a huge sum of $ later


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Hi Valerie,

Yes... but u still need 2 eat moderate and exercise... then u will see the result faster....

How much u pay for your photographer? Did you have videographer?

Cos i still looking around? Havent find anyone yet?

Thanks :)


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hehehe...i think i'll still have to wear a CS based on my fh n my future mil's suggestion, perhaps get d tailor to hide my flaws or create a more flattering cut for me :p im thinking of going to misse n mama at international plaza for my CS

congrats on getting ur flat! where's ur lovenest located?

u can try la senza, wacoal etc, there r some selling online, it looks gd but i duno whether if it's reliable...

flora bliss,
i can understand how u feel...wah, for 3 carat worth of diamonds for $4K is really cheap leh, my 5-D 0.42 which adds up to 2 carat is alrdy $3K...somemore urs is a classic design
btu dun worry, im sure dat u'll b able to find a similar or even better deal soon during d gss

wah ur office so gd one? still can play wii during office hrs? heheh...it's a gd form of exercise wor

too late....3 more coach bags will b arriving nxt week...but i made a promise not to buy so many n so frequently cos i juz paid my new comp in full...n oso gotta save for wedding :p

like wat flora bliss had said it shdnt b a prob cos it's q fast in processing, usually abt 2 weeks
oppsss, i havent try d online computation yet so im not too sure, mayb u can claify wif hdb on dat