(2008) Brides of year 2008


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Meiling, at least help filter the calories intake also gd... i tink i should start thinking of what to eat also.. i went jogging with my hubby last evening and was amazed that i complete a distance of 2km, simply cant believe it... but slow jog without much sweating = no fat burn. Sigh..

uksportgal, i tink your fren should request for the softcopy to return to her since she hire the PG, and i am in the opinion that all soft copy is to be return... u get ur fren to try calling the PG n keep us update of status..

Koyoyo, saw ur pic of Singapore Flyers... so nice... cant wait to go... was thinking of doing my PS up there too, but need to discuss with my in-laws...

Lex, what ur next item to settle?? look like most of ur things r done n u can relax n enjoy ur europe trip le..

btw girls, i was just brainstorming abt what to bring for indoor PS. some brides bring soft-toys, balloons, carplate... what else can we bring huh??


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WAH!!! jfaith you are very very lucky! i have to fork out my hard-earned money for tri-angles! cost me a bomb to have them for pre-wedding and actual day!

by the way dear brides-to-be, any recommendation for florist? Need a bouquet for my pre-wedding photography and my bridal studio only provides bouquet for actual day. and a bit scared-scared about the florist provided by my bridal studio. Never read good comments about them in this forum.


HI all,

whoever is keen on the below, pls email me coz' I do not check on forum reply.


Pre-wedding shoot in Perth

I posted on 4th March and got more information now.

If there are at least 2 couples, it should costs about SGD$2500.

This estimated costs includes:

* 1 Photographer (member of WPJA) & 1 Assistant for 1 day of photoshoot in Perth
* Professionally processed photos and digital editing services (45 photos)
* 3-5 mins Photo Montage
* DVD video slideshow
* ONE 12" x 12" deluxe coffee table magazine style album (20 pages - fits about 45 pictures) or 12" x 12" hard bound album (10 pages - fits about 25 pictures)
* All images returned in Mid-res digital copy & Hi-res digital copy

This photograper has been featured as one of Malaysia’s hippest wedding photographers, along with other renown photographers in Malyasia.

For more information, pls email me [email protected]

I am really keen but will need to look for another couple who is keen so that this price is valid. Else it will be more expensive than this.


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wah...ya gals have to wake up so early..

i tot my church at 11am was pretty late, but 5pm is the winner!!!
like that can sleep more!!
i was thinking i've to be up by 7am.
how long does the MUA require ah?

i've the UOB lady's card too!! :D
aiyah, you all stay in the north, i stay in the west...difficult to meet... :p


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I'm including me in the list too...

No. Name AD Bridal Studio Banquet Venue Photographer Videographer
1 CuiHui 5-Dec Carlton
2 Summer_ice 5-Dec Bliss Bridal Park Hotel Orchard
3 OriginalCraft 5-Dec Sattine Pan Pacific Hotel
4 angela02 5-Dec Precious Moment Bridal Raffles the Plaza
5 adathong 5-Dec Double Up Novotel Clarke Quay
6 little bride 6-Dec Elegance Wedding Furama Riverfront
7 cecilia tan 7-Dec GHA Tampines CSC Hilltop Shutterbug Studio Shutterbug Studio
8 Lizzybride 7-Dec SG Bridal Grand Copthorne Waterfront
9 Mindy Tay 7-Dec Sattine M Hotel
10 tazzy_@_@ 7-Dec
11 nebear 7-Dec Ritz Couture Sheraton
12 Ling Ling 7-Dec White Link Hotel Royal@ Queen Sundayz
13 Valerie 7-Dec Tan Yoong Brides St Regis Hotel kelvin koh.lightedpixels
14 anpanda 7-Dec E-Bridal Amara
15 hibernate 7-Dec GHA Tampines
16 zhuoen 8-Dec Julia Wedding News Merchant Court kelvin koh.lightedpixels
17 Pisceangal 10-Dec EverBliss Conrad Centennial Singapore Searching Searching
18 Karen 12-Dec Venus Bridal Rasa Sentosa
19 plasterbride 12-Dec Digio Carlton AM.PM photography Forest Productions
20 jie&pin7582 12-Dec Furama Riverfront
21 evonne 16-Dec Divine Couture Marina Mandarin
22 sillyg00se 16-Dec WhiteLink Oriental Mandarin
23 Karen Tham 20-Dec
24 Annette 20-Dec Mr & Miss Wedding Club Grand Copthorne Waterfront Pending Pending
25 ed_jo 20-Dec Le Belle Couture Merchant Court
26 Sharonie-me 20-Dec Bridal Concept M Hotel
27 necrosis 20-21Dec Venus, JB Marina Mandarin Daniel Beh Searching
28 kokobrok 23-Dec Hotel Intercontinental Daniel Beh
29 xiaojan 25-26 Dec Sattine Marriott
30 earthsea 26-Dec D'sire Novotel Clarke Quay D'sire
31 skywu 27-Dec Sophia Orchard Parade Hotel
32 luvz17 27-Dec Graceful Image Regent Hotel Lam (Rainbow Photo) Jimmy (Rainbow Photo)
33 xingin 27-Dec Julia Wedding News Carlton Daniel Beh YS Lee (Big Day Pictures)
34 msclaire 27-Dec Pending N.A Pending Pending
35 Floral Bliss 28-Dec MBR Regent Bobman Wedding Aspire Studio
36 Evisu 28-Dec GHA Tampines Merchant Court Xiao Chai Oneeyeclick
37 tracy 28-Dec Julia Wedding News Raffles the Plaza
38 Jac 28-Dec Silhouette Four Seasons Daniel Beh Friend (Freelancer)
39 Jas 30 Dec La Vie Swissotel The Stamford Hotel
40 blurz_ger 31-Dec Bliss Bridal Hotel Intercontinental
41 cassie02 19-Dec French Bridal Traders Hotel Dreamcatcher Forest Productions
42 Jac 28-Dec Silhouette The Atelier Four Seasons Hotel Daniel Beh Friend


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Hi Valeria,

My friend and I recently just join The Health Club.

They do a live blood anaysis. From there, they will recommend suitable preventive measures using the supplements and nutrition to improve your health and manage weight problems.

May be u can fix an appointment to see them.

Every girl wants to look pretty and slim on their big day... :)


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Hi Mei, ya lor, jfaith very lucky hor. So envious. I end up cannot engage their services cos out of budget.

Recommendation for florist? I have a florist near my residential area in Hong Lim. The florist shop name is LILY florist. The lady boss is called AMY. She is very nice and her charges are reasonable. She puts heart in every floral bouquet she does. U can try to search for her phone number using yellow pages and see if there is any website or whatever.


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wah seh...you gals post like your bosses all on leave !! :p
mine is walking everywhere!!! ;p

yes yes, that's the kind of ring i'm eyeing...
where did ya get it made and how much and diamond specs?
;) so many questions...

where is emerald er...place? with the closing down lee hwa...
i went to the branch in wisma, they didn't have anything remotely like provid's pic.

the pendent is very nice!!!
xinglin's crystal bracelet is also a good idea...
i wonder what else we can make as gifts...?

if in your jewellery shoppings for pendants/tennis bracelets etc, you gals happen to see something like provid's trilogy,
pls let me know yeah.

your CPF is soooo full! can pay up a whole flat!!
*super impressed*
my CPF has like...can count on 1 hand :p


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so when is our meet up? is it still 24th march?

if you all meeting up on 29th march, count me out, cos i will be in KL from 28th till 31st march.


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PSH : The cold dish was not nice, the taste of the items does taste, tasted funny.
Shark's Fin was a disappointment, no shark fins, only starchy soup and crab meat.
The prawns was fresh though but the herbs taste not there, it tasted bland.
Chicken tasted funny too, probably cinnamon.
Fried Noodles was so dry, and the ingrdients inside was tasteless as well.
Sea cucumber was too soft and got "fishy" taste.
Only the fish was good, fresh. And dessert was alright.
Vegetable so so only..
I'm going to change some of the dishes, hopefully it'll be better.

Queenie : Thanks, I'll call them up later to check it out


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Hi, I am new to the thread. Hmm.. do you have any recommendation for wedding gown packages cum rom gown. I heard some of the BS will throw the rom packages for free. Anyone tried BS in JB too? I heard that they are so much cheaper.. Anyone?
For the printing of the cards, rach.. do you collect the cards on the same day or you have to go back JB another day?
Tks for advices in advance. Cheers


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aiyo, nec, my 1st CPF deduction job starts at 16, so have been accum & investing.
Now you know why my brain always go ka-ching ka-ching when I see numbers.
<font color="0077aa">Rach >> I MTM both gowns cos they dun substitute any photos if i even MTM one of the gowns, so i might as well make both lol.... but the one i found OTR, I liked it cos it's very light, and design very simple... design wise, alright only lah, just that it was the only one i liked of all I tried... so might as well MTM to a design which I'm really really fond of... </font>

<font color="0077aa">the material is Tafetta.. very light, glossy and white!! so, for my MTM gown, i requested they use Tafetta so I can jump and run in the gown!! lol. clown bride.</font>


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meiling, tat time tat tennis bracelet was selling at 4K, but it's usual price was 13K. Really regret not buying tat time. If got the same bargain, I'll definitely buy it this time.

Gals, I can help you keep a lookout for the nice diamond pieces. But will only be going on Thur coz these 2 days my dad will be cooking dinner for the 1st time so need to be home to keep an eye on him.


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phew finally squeezed some time out last wkend to settle our wedding bands! gg to custom make to Tiffany design =) been so swarmed at work lately with events/projects n THE house reno starting too! looks like we r all gearing up! Yet to cfm our VG..looking at Big Day VG n SK media works, anyone has comments let me noe yah!


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Apple _gal >>> GOOD news!!! i see that the Jade Spring is back... for phase 2... one more chances for ya!!! =)

i think i may apply for this if my compassvale gone... kekee


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Actually must depend on the age when u buy hdb also ah. If you are like 25 and only work like 3 4 yrs as compared if u are 35 have been working for 10+ years. The amount in CPF can be inuff to pay for about 200k+ to 300k for a couple. Or else a much shorter loan servicing time.

Anyway, I have been going to a few BS recently, and I am thinking, can i just skip all the pre wedding fotos and just have an actual day foto graphy and video graphy.

I wonder what is going to be much use of the pre wedding pics after my wedding and i dun wanna spend so much money and then hide them in some dark corner in my cupboard. >.<


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why do u say slow job no effect leh.. at least u bother to execise start small still got sometime till oct let all buck up other den busy typing here we must work the whole body.. jsut went for this "body-lious" class last wkend not bad my lower half is aching it attempt to tone your butts.. tinkybell view from flyer is nice consider u view from inside but i am not sure about photo taking. I wouldnt be uploading my fren wedding on Flyer till i get her permission so it only scenary view.. neverthless it one unqiue wedding but i wish it can be cheaper lol..


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I do not have any pre-wedding shoots, not even video on actual day, cos I know that all these will end up at the back of the cupboard after a few months. hahaha....


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Woo..we've 5 27dec brides ya.
Eh, i duno when my hubby is going to fetch me on the day leh. Need checky...keke... But definately is those 8-8.30am i guess.
msclaire, we won't mit ya.
Sotonglet, yours too late ya. We won't mit too ya...haha

luvz, 5K deposit ah. Wah...it will be forfeited if you decided to back out right? Or unless you giving up to another couple.
Hougang and queenstown abit distance. Where your new home at? Hmm...maybe in between you cant have time to take some pix outdoor lo.


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I have bought my EG finally...which after the wedding, will post in the forum to sell it off...hahaha...

I never expect/imagine myself that I will choose a red sequinn dress. Now on a mission to find red shoes to match with.


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i duno how effective r d pills but i think exercise is better, for pills usually only make u feel better after pigging out...usually pills r d last resort esp for a lazy person like me :p i agree wif koyoyo, i think it's better for u to stick to exercise...how i wish i could b like u...i can hardly move my butt :p


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u really plan well ahead, even tot of honeymoon plans liao...i havent even have time to think abt it yet...rite now, if got extra $, it'll b europe, if not it'll b japan :p
GSS will start in end may...dun worry, by den we'll chong to d shopping malls n grab all d gd deals :p

flora bliss,
dat tennis bracelet is really a steal...u shd get it den...it's q hard to find such a gd deal le, i only get a $3K+ bracelet frm d destinee series, after discount is abt $2.8K cos it's supposed to b a replacement for d AP for d tea ceremony :p


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Mei, ok ok, but must wait till the shop had done the 1st alteration, which boils down to the sooner I got the shoes, the sooner it will be done. Cos the lady say the height of the shoes will determine how straight I stand, then she will amend accordingly.

Hard to say the gown is a good deal or not, at the price of $798. I think it is worth its price due to all the sequins on every part of the fabric.

I think the padding not enough for a flat chested person like me..hahaha... Got to buy those stick on bras.
Oh, girls, if you are buying stick on bras, please buy 1 size bigger (unless you are already a C or D cup), if not, you will still look the same.


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i can imagine all d shimmery sequinns frm d red gown, must look stunning esp on such a nice figure like urs
really look forward to see pic of ur EG here :p


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don't save on wedding video leh...
i think video is very impt...even if you get a budget one without fancy editing, also good (my plan) cos video can be really fun to watch w your kids later on...

photos can capture the moments, but you'll forget the before/after as time goes by..
video will record everything, even sound.

faster get shoes so we can see the red red gown!!

oh gals, any advice,
where to buy stick on bras...? and if C or D cup...then how?

wow, that tennis bracelet is >50% off leh!!! must grab!! i hear you gals talk, my saliva is dripping all over the place ah...


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u can get d stick on bras frm metro, OG etc...all d major dept stores shd have at their lingerie dept
i got mine frm triumph :p


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nec, many department stores carry it. If C/D, no need liao... :p~~~ hahahaha....
actually if it is not becos of relatives, we may not even have the photographer..yes we are extremely strange.
Save $ on some things, yet splurge on some.


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4placebride, me church in toa payoh ah. ^^;;

nec, dunno lah.. if too early like funny funny bu san bu si. Since my dinner is on a separate day, so it is okie to have it late late mah...

Xinglin, lol yeah loh.. i see everyone so early, i told myself i wanna as late as possible.


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xinglin, i know it is 5k..that is why. must have someone to take over thn nt too bad. or else, i have to forfeit deposit and 50% of the expected amount spend ..that will be.....the price of 18 tables. my new home will be around hougang area. so we have decided not to take any outdoor pict in between..but maybe after that loh.


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soyabeans> haha..okie... MM..which BS are u from??

green> 26th Mar Wed ...I'm okie..the rest???

green> can lend me ur card???????????????????? My ROM 10 May 2008 Sat...at Merchant Court's Ellenborough Cafe!!! how u get the membership card??? 30% is alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the buffet price increased for the period some more..can u check if ur card can be used??? and if yes, it would be GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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4placesbrides, it is the time enter the guys' house meh? my mum told me it is the time to enter own home. that is why we are thinking to enter own home first directly after he fetches me. provided my parents in law allow... u mean my tea ceremony for his family will be at my new home?? tot he fetches me thn go his house, thn go back my house..thn go new home..??? oh no..u mean i have been getting the wrong thoughts??
<font color="0077aa">yup... i asked what material... the one and only gown i liked was made of that material. very light, very comfy... and glossy too...!!! makes the gown look really princessy without being too "over"... heee try asking for this ba~!</font>


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Elise> hihi... strongly recommend u to My Bridal ROom.. they can throw in ur RPM package...just pay $70 for hairdo can liaoz..

U can try Venus in JB...if u dun find it too hassle.. but definitely half the price.. coz in RM$!.. hehe....
I collected my ROM cards on the same day...for inserts.. u prob gotta go back again...maybe 1 week later..


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wah.. nelle good at budgeting... must really learn. Now I calculate all the expenses i really heart pain pain.

Nelle, how did u settle on ur wedding gown ah? I think for evening gown i can go tailor since i got like 8 more mths. Worse go Blum and get some REALLY kua zhang gown.

I was talking to a fotographer who advised me to take my pre wedding shots during my wedding day where i have like 2 hrs + after de fetching to tea serving wayang before my church wedding. Den create a photo movie with like 30 shots to use for my dinner since it is 2 days apart.

Do you think it is a good idea?

Nec, where to get cheap video graphers ah?

Meiling, I think i need corset more LOL, where to get good and cheap 1 ah.
That card is not valid for ROM buffet. If can use, I'll be happy to borrow. I like the cakes and durian paste at Merchant Court.

My bf paid $400 for the card to enjoy the buffets. He always bringing me for buffets, therefore we expand horizortally over the years.


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I got no $$ go europe trip le.. the amount I pay for all this etc etc... can pay for one europe trip le.. now I got nightmare that I will look fat and overdressed on my big day - something like an expensively overdressed, over made up kind of cream cupcake with lotsa cream overflowing everywhere... and worst, everyone will look at me cuz I'm the bride.. it's like seeing a giant cream covered cupcake walking down the aisel...

At least you run 2km.. I'm so slack.. I can't be bothered to put on my running shoes...

I don't really understand the whole issue -.- a bit confused. You hired 1950 separately right? From what I know, my PG will have to return all (edited, whatever the deal was) soft copies to me. That's the reason why I prefer to take a non-BS PG in the first place, because I like the style that individual PGs have and also because there isn't an issue of how many pieces, copies, poses... unless you want them to specially print for you from a photo lab..

I'm beginning to think that exercise is hopeless for people like me. Today I had tea in town with my girlfriends and i'm so envious. They're so tai-tai, can go buy expensive branded bags, wear nice nice + make up, then super slim and tanned and manicured... drinking tea in town on weekday and I feel like a giant auntie-looking cupcake with them... hair in a mess, nails all super out of shape and short... Zzz