(2007) Brides of year 2007


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hi sourz27 and all stressed brides..

Granted that we will be v busy and there would be tedious things to do. Let's try to enjoy the process too. It's sad if one had to say, "Phew, it's finally over!" when it's done.

If you are tired, do take a break, e.g. having one weekend where you and FH do anything but wedding and home stuff. It helps. *v*


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hi all, this thread is getting really fun!

JLee: i have not taken any pic or chosen any gown yet. i went there thru a fren recommendation.hve u bought latest issue of HER WORLD Brides? tht's my fren in LaVie page! Great job done so i just signed up. intend to go LaVie n check out their teadress for my ROM, on 26 Feb.

dear all: i hv booked my hotel, last miniute thingy, din know most are full for the yr!i'm done with hotel n BS. still sourcing for PG. keep me posted on good ones! any things else need to be done?
i also have a friendster ac:
[email protected]


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hi ,

i got my wine from Winebos recently. I have 1 unopened box of (12 bottles) of Rosso Leggero Cabernet Merlot,Maule Valley,Chile,. Original cost is $18+ per bottle. Price negotiable.
If you are interested, please call 92200802
Self collect at my place (AMK).


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Hi ladies,

Congrats to those who have had their weddings. hope it was a really fantastic one. CAn I just ask if everybody is using a videographer on the AD? My hubby and I are still considering on hiring one coz we're on a tight budget and we feel that its not absolutely necessary. And does anybody know where to get value for money Reisling? I still haven't gotten wines for my dinner yet!


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to corsage - for me, i will call them one week before my wedding to confirm attendance....i called all the guests literally...so u may wan to try this out...

to twinkle- for me, we substitue cake with cake vouchers


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Hi morning everyone..
elchwong.. me now posting at 2+ in the morning.. not that i am nite owl.. no choice.. just finsih my work for the day. Haven't even got time to read today's history.. going to read it after looking through the forum.

Nicole, can u send me the seamstress details n address.. cos my FW may want to make a tea dress..thanks [email protected]


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agnes, no holiday is enuff lor.. :eek:P and just finished booking my trip to Spain and Lisbon in May and now already searching for trip in Aug to Scandi. Hee...


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hey nee... i tink u look abit like the project superstar tis year - Carrie .. tink yr big sparkling eyes charm alot of us here...

anyone of u here whose hb is teochew?


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NIC>> the Bossa Lounge CD has vocals in the background. Very chill & smooth.

aiyah, just the thought of not being able to listen to it now makes me upset! :p

may hv to go check out That CD Shop & see if they sell & pay much more for it, hahah.


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junie: sembawang or gramaphone may have too...have purchased some bossa nova and jazz pieces from there and slightly cheaper than that CD shop..


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hi everyone...

thanks...really feel very welcome..hee..
my ad is on dec 24. all my auspicious dates were taken up long ago.end up choosing a monday.just booked my banquet and got my bridal package done.but not sure abt videographer and car rental..reli alot to prepare..


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held in pioneer spring..cuz most venues already taken up for my no. of tables.

signed up wif jazz bridal.ya..its provided but my HTB 1s a mercedes slk..so wil haf 2 find.


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pioneer spring @ Mt Faber.

hey, that was one of my selected venues but it's abit far out for pple who don't drive...

heard quite good reviews abt Pioneer Spring ;)


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Morn ladies,

Din get to sleep well... LAst night, suddenly cried... especially after hearing my Mum coughing badly.... Mabbe i cant bear to leave my family... That's y!


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hi strawberries,we haben meet each other b4.no problem,another day ba.

hi jaspire,do take care of ur eyes,dun read so much forum temporarily,heeee..


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ya...went there on sunday to taste their food. Their boss was there too.very friendly boss, and nice staff too.the food was nice too..quite excited now..hee..anyone wif the same ad as me?


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jaspire... take care of the eye.. one thing to remember is dun ever rub the eye. One of my colleagues accidentally rubbed in her sleep and the flap was displaced!!! she rushed to her doc the next morning and thankfully, it was nothing too serious.


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Morning Ladies !

Stary: Actually it wasnt my fren who have some reservations about Jon's photography. Hee... Otherwise she would not engage Jon and recommends to me :p. It was some of her guests who did not like the style of the shots (i duno the reason), but i guess they can't really appreciate the beauty that lies within the photos.

Junie: I saw quite a wide collection of Bossa music in HMV. Might want to take a peek whether they have what you want?


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hi cloudia, welcome!!!

nic!!! i also wan dec 8th...weepppsss =P

junie, man man look lor =)

cecilia, I after sat confirm crash liao =P
11am: meet co-ordinator
12.30am: meet designer for measurements
1pm: tuition (just opp designers studio)
5pm: church meeting (tentative)
7pm: meet designer



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hi sourz27: me also nov bride but lately nv sign in to chat with everyone... hehe... if u have a budget for hotels then i tink a few good choices is GrandPlaza Park Royal & Furama Cityview. I wen to these 2 hotels to check out coz their prices really good. GPPR szechuan food is not bad quite good. Furama cityview ballroom is veri big & square, got crystal chandelier can look quite grand i guess. but its abit old la.. like the wooden doors got scratches. i very particular hehe so i didnt choose it finally.
i almost took GPPR but i had a fren who had wedding there last nov oso tats why i had to drop it again. GPPR got jacuzzi in suite so you can consider lor...

smiles: so long nv come in hehe wat u up to? now i oni lacking VG havent book yet. Have you met up with Derrick oredi? me now researching for cheongsam and most likely have to start getting seamstress to make soon coz i wan it for my photoshoot in july :D


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Hi kaye,

Oh no... I feel like tearing when I read ur entry. I can truly understand how u feel. I definitely cannot bear to leave my mum...


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Actually, I know where to get the CDs but just don't want to spend unneccessary $$ on them, etc....cuz sometimes I listen for awhile then chuck aside liao. haha.

BKK is still the best! Bootleg CDs with good quality & cheap cheap. :p


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kaye, I know how you feel... these few days when I really moved over to hubby's place.. I could really feel it. Felt homesick during bedtime.. miss my family & our own room & bed. We need to give ourselves time to adjust.