(2007) Brides of year 2007


Happylife: The medicine i tk is Paubesy 15mg. I got it from a clinic besides Enuos MRT. At blk 2A..

My HM Destinations got a few
Koh Samui, Korea, Japan and Australia.

Now still too early to decide. Coz still have alot of expenses yet to incurred. Tonight oso gg to Flats Viewing at Woodlands... omg.. i live in tampines and go there all the way. zzzz
Ani June brides oso looking for flats now? By when u wan move in ar? Dunno if is possible to get everything ready before my AD. lol

My EG is blue colour.. the designs is nice but i dun realli like blue.. lol


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emily: woodlands where? i also live in woodlands, i have already moved into my new flat...
pk: i also have only 1 sliver shoes


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Hi Brides,

If you need any projectors, audio equipment, can contact this guy. Sim @ 9743-2423. His price is reasonable, less than $200 and very reliable.

hi all, i'm also a nov bride!! i see a lot of btb on 11 nov!! its really a hot date...
my profile as follows,

ROM: 26.04.06
ROM Venue: Mansonic Garden
AD: 11.11.07
AD Venue: Hilton
BS: White Link
PS/VG: sourcing


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hi drea

its good to tell guests your wishes... for my "house-warming", i oni invited frens over, ordered food plus some simple home cooked food and they bought us gift according to wat we wanted ! i told then the design n colour some more!!!! kekeke... my frens oso understand lor.. like that oso practical keke... :>

just check with u gals, wats the market rate ang bao for just church wedding ?


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hmmm...saro, I wish I could help but I honestly no idea...Coz so far the church weddings I go for, my FH and I never give ang bao coz we cover it all together with the dinner we attend later.


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+_eMiLy_+ , why want to move to woodlands? i used to stay in tamp with my granny. now i visit her on sundays. i now stay in sengkang with my hb. i stay there for abt 6 mths...

macjoe, hehe maybe i will just have a silver shoe too.

Clueless, mine oso need can-can but not BIG one so still okie. actaully i wanted a red cheong sum.. but i scared now i fit nice on the cheong sum by then if i never take care i become fat... so i choose the can-can one... initially taking a blue cheong sum too.. but red looks better on me..


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I am also planning my ROM on 07-07-07 although I have not booked anything yet! Looking at a few venues this few wks. Wah now i am abit kan cheong coz realised so many ppl going to ROM on this date too!!!


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i saw that too. don't think i will get the lamp cos after that can't use again. thinking of getting a simple lamp from ikea and paste the 'xi' words or nice wedding pic of bride and groom on it. i think the effect will be nice too...
at least after that, i can still remove the sticker and use the lamp as usual. :p

i will move in to new house with FH after its ready in feb.


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Kelly, after marriage wan to have new hairdo? must be something diferent

Jazol, go to some1 tat is more reliable bah.

Kitty, u still no gg on leave?
What else u havent do?

Any1 know how much to rent a splitter (to connect 1 laptop to 2 projectors)?


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hi all,

Just wondering if any of you engaging musician for your wedding nite. I am thinking of engaging a jazz band, found few contacts but havent really decided.

I saw that few of you recommended hilaron as ad photographer, i called him to booked appt. Hopefully his charges is not too steep.

so many things to plan...


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macjoe : ya lor.. ppl wil gossips..
but i feel dat its stil ok lah.. haha..
so long its wif my FH go anywhere oso ok.. hehe

btw hor.. go Perth by tiger air quite cheap leh..


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me goin thru proofs from printing company and doin RSVP with guest..sianz..so many pple "goin overseas" on the wkend of my wedding..dunno if i shld believe :p but tell me early also good better then fly me aeroplane.


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yah lor, dun care lor... as long as u happy can already.. ;)

for cheap tix got to plan very early one.. so that once they have offer must quickly grab leh...


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hi gals,

Are actual day accessories provided by BS/MUA ?
or it depends on the package we take up include or not ?


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My hair now is the ends are brownish color lah...

I confirm will trim my hair short short after the wedding.. I all along short hair gal!

Kitty, no stress! Just do whatever u can!


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i think AD accessories may or may not be provided by BS...it depends..as for me I have my friend to design earrings for me...


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macjoe, clueless : thanks gals.. ;)
i tink i tends to tink too much.. haiz..
ppl r enjoying the wedding preparations process but i guessed im tensed up..

ya the tix might need to book early but it seems to b quite a gd catch if u guys dun mind its a budget air lor..


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Hi Doreen,

Thanks. But can you give me more details how to get to Post No. 52?? Sorry...a bit slow with this kinda thing. :p

Is my PS too late?? Many people told me its too early!


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nic...more or less i guess...have selected my ROM dress...waiting for final fitting...have yet to meet up wif JP to sign the necessary document though...