(2007) Brides of year 2007


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hi ,

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hi blurzsotong... I am a MBR BTB too... Think we might meet each other there coz our AD quite near to each other... Mine's 18 Nov and your 23 Nov. Hv u signed up? I think i might try to schedule my 1st appointment somewhere in Mid to end-Mar... U?


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Hi Ladies,

I've finally gone to confirm the final artwork for my wedding album. I loved it! If u guys know of any other couples who are on a tight budget and wanna good BS, I'll be glad to reccomend mine. I'm not doing free advertising for the BS. I love their photographer. She took the most amazing shots! My hubby and I loved them! I dun mind sharing if anyone wants...


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Hi Ladies,

Any cantonese brides out there who's following quite close to tradition?

I am having a big prob here, fights with my mum. In my family, when the cantonese brides are going to be married. After the groom has arrived, the couple has to serve tea to the brides parents, relatives, etc. first before going over to the grooms place. then go to groom side serve tea. after tat, return with kua, and groom has to bring the roasted pig to brides place.

but in many instances, and for some weddings I went for, many brides will leave with the groom, and serve tea at the groom side first. after that they will change and return in kua, then start to serve tea at bride's side.

So my question is which is right? my mum keep saying cantonese brides are different from other dialects. and so far, my family is used to the first customs, all my cousins will always serve tea first before leaving.


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hi xy: usually, wedding customs follow husband and try to compromise on brides. eg: husband customs' dos & don'ts and bride customs' dos...
so if ur HTB is compromising, u can serve b4 otherwise usually it's male side first. my cantonese fren also serve husband side first then go back bride side to serve tea.

Based on chinese custom, must serve male side first unless HTB family is alright wif bride side first... (seldom)


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Hi petrina,

precisely the point.. tats why i argued with my mum... but so far all my cousins all served bride's side first.. wah headache.. then my relatives start to pressure my mum.. say why didnt follow our family customs.. etc.. so far all daughters serve liao then go to groom's side.. why we so special

very fan


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Hello Pastillies

Do they have minimum number of people for the ROM? I only have 14 people.

I can't ROM in Oct, I need to buy a flat asap

I planned to go Europe, but still depends on the savings at that time. I think will need 10K for 2 people including souvenirs.


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hey ladies..

im oso one of the july brides.. havent been coming into this thread for some time.. 6 more mths to july.. time seems to fly so quickly.. AD 010707.. wow looks like 070707 is a hot day.. haha can understand why..

hey congrats pris!

remember to put on ur loveliest smile.. its the most priceless thing you can wear on ur big day.. dun drink too much water the nite before..most importantly, enjoy the day! =)


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Jas.. me met with Eric just now in the afternoon.. find him a very funny guy too.. very approachable, friendly and frank.. also make the trouble to meet us even though he was in the midst of doing an express highlight for tonite. We like his work too.. so have confirmed his service.. another thing off my mind..


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psy, glad to hear dat u haf settled ur VG!

mi still waiting for PisTis Studio to confirm my booking coz hubby did not want to book on the spot.. mi oni e-mail PisTis late last nite to say i wan to book their service...


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wow.. you all so fast confirmed your PG & VG...
I still lagging leh.. Now headache with my Melbourne trip.. Alot of family affairs to attend to. So.. put my wedding matters aside first. Settle my trip.. Maybe after my trip from Melbourne then I start sourcing.. Anyway.. seems like 30th Dec.. Not many couples getting married.. hehe.. (so far in this thread only me.. Right?)


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oh.. by the way.. I bought my bedsheet from Aussino Liao. Not the traditional type. It's the one with a boy and a gal.. saying I do i do (eht the "xi" word also.. They have offer.. 40% discount. So we grabbed.


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hi clueless, tks! Me a little cold feet now! Haha. Will update u gals tmr nite when I get home.

emily, yes...we still wanna go arab street. Or at least i still wannt go.


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hi hi blurzsotong, hee... ya lor.. probably go and look see MBR since so many great feedback from you gers..

so stressful!! anyone here heard of the wedding present?

selsel!! we are on the same date!!! :p so happy!! how's your preps?


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yo lyn,
heard about wedding present
nice gown but attitude really screwed up in my opinion... ...
I think you need to go down and take a look


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hihi sotong
good to hear positive feedback on MM from u.
my AD is 28 Nov, a few days after urs.

i just passed by MBR a few days when having dinner nearby... looks good... think u can go down take a look.
one of my colleague took sohia, looks good.
i signed up with LaVie thru a fren recommendation as well...


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Hi ladies!

I really need help here, I am a bit of depress as I had problem with my ala-carta. I am maybe afaid that my WG OR EG will not turn out as what I want! Know that some bride are doing it. care to share with me your experience and how you feel about it. As our dates are quite near liao. Must made decision soon.


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Hi xy,

i'm cantonese too and have been told that actually the way yr mum wants it is the correct way for cantonese... groom pick up bride then serve tea 1st b4 going back to groom hse to serve tea there... i personally have never seen it done the other way ard(maybe coz all my cousins marry cantonese as well.. keke)..

although ironically that is wat will be happening to me as my mum does not want all the relatives to come so early in the morning to our place(HTB is teochew.. go figure)... but that is a personal choice lor... if both sides parents are happy that's the most impt... sure can find some kind of compromise one...

hope this helps u.. good luck!!


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Hey Lyn,
I've went to Wedding Present before. Was attended by this guy called Allan if i'm not wrong.. he shoudl be one of the designers. He's very patient and friendly and let me try on a couple of gowns. Also explained to me which gowns suit me and all. All in all i felt the experience was great. I was late for my appointment but they din rush me watsoever. Allan even told me to look around other bridal shops but not too many before deciding.

I eventually signed up with BV instead coz i was bought over by the gowns. And also the coordinator manage to hit off better with my super shy husband. Since i love the gowns and my hubby like it too, that's why we gave up Wedding Present. But all in all, i feel it's worth considering.
My colleague used Wedding Present too and she looked gorgeous. She did mention the main designer was a bit stern to begin with but after some time, she finds him funny and make jokes too, though still in a stern manner. HEh... but she do feel it was a good experience.


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Hi Paulinena,

I am getting mtm for all my gowns... basically i am not too worried cos i trust the designers.. but if u afraid how ur gowns turn out not to be as wat u wan, y not tell them exactly what u have in mind? u can flip thru magazines to get some ideas... hope it helps...


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morning everyone...

congrats psy..
my hubby also say he can click with him..
but still considering cos dun noe want to meet with other VGs anot..
u took up which package?
$1388 or $1688?

u have seen vocaremedia works liao rite?
whats the difference ah?
cos sam only free to meet me on wkdays then my hubby not free cos studying... then he ask me to meet his sales on wkends but I prefer to meet him in person to know whether I can click with him anot lor..

Welcome Leia!


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hey gals.. raining days.. humph.. hate it.. made mi felt like slpin at wk..

clueless : yup we gt top-up lor.. -_-"
we r poorer by 2k liao.. ;~( den ytd we went down
to TPY to buy bed and warerobe.. another 2k poorer.. ;~(
i dun bare to waste 2k on PS leh.. haix.. but hor.. juz my indoor pic.. its already wat my package offer mi liao.. den my hubby says its once in a lifetime thingy.. we wont be taking PS anymore unless next time when we haf kids..
so i agreed lor.. but.. haiz.. total damage for my bridal is near 6k.. ;~(

Jaspire : hey will confirm let u gals c my pics when its ready.. most prob will be after CNY.
muz tel mi the result when u r back frm ur lasik ok??

Strawberries : u took 400shots ar?? wah.. den ur PS muz haf cost u a bomb lor??? hw much u top up?


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<font color="119911">wah! So many posts! I MIA for a while then got to scroll through everything

hi pastilles, nope, I don't think it's too early to book. That is, if the agent has the tour packages ready
I'll prob be going on a Cosmos tour to Italy for 15 days then F&amp;E to Greece. Cos we think greece is "cheaper" than italy. If you wait till Aug/Sep, I think still possible if you're following local travel agents. And if you're going to Europe in Nov, it's not peak season so still will be able to book accommodation and flights. But if to more popular countries, and if you F&amp;E, better book as early as you can. I don't want to wait till Aug then find out that i can't go to europe due to logistics or package full. That's why I go on cosmos tour cos the end 2007 pacakges are out already and it's worldwide one, so better book when I can. And the agent said can book now. Which agent did you call?

Hi junie, prague's very popular! Ya, central europe can be cold during winter but nov's just the start of winter and with the trend of hot weather there, maybe still can go in nov. Just realised, are you in the list? You can give me your particulars and I'll update the table.

hi HL, ok, it depends on which part of europe you're going and if you want to go with local tour agencies or overseas ones like trafalgar cos they vary in price. I'm also working within 10k budget and hopefully can meet.


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Morning gals, hope u have a good weekend. I had my most happening hens night on sat... i drank all types of drink till i puke so much... n my FH needs to look after me... sigh... hope tis will be my last time of drinking so much... bt my gal friends are nice as they paid for all my drinks.


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Hi muffin, thanks~ no lah,i didnt upload all... kekeke.. got 32 photos for album and took back 38 photos which are not selected.

Coffee, thanks~ I am with everbliss. =)


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I think serving tea to bride's parents first before going to HTB's house to serve tea to his parents is so as to say "goodbye" to bride's parents. I think it's okay for bride to serve tea, but not sure if it is okay for groom to serve tea.

If parents insist that groom also serve tea, then it's a must to return to bride's place again after going to groom's place to serve tea. So, first time serve tea at bride's place is as an unmarried couple saying byebye, and the second time serve tea at bride's place is as a married couple. Like that won't give pple the impression the guy is marrying in to the bride's family?

Possible to compromise this way?


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hihi xy,
not sure if this will help, but i've been to a galfriend's wedding, where she served tea to her parents first before leaving for groom's home.... and i think her mum is a cantonese....
but im not sure if she returned to her parents' place after the tea ceremony at the groom's place..... cos i left from the groom's place....
just to share my experience a bit....


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hihi jac,
i think for teochew traditions, the bride has to leave her home very early in the morning.... before the sun "comes out".... like before 6:30am.... is yours going to be that early too??


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moon, yr bridal damage is same as mine. Almost 6k. Quite heartache lidat cos alot of $. But then, agree dat it will be once a lifetime oni loh.


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smiles: i havent sign the contract with Derrick yet but i spoke to him on the fone &amp; i told him i confirm want him haha coz i really trust his work. I'm just waiting to meet him end of this month to discuss further coz he quite bz last wkend he had another shooting so cant mit. This wkend he oso cannot haha... so basically he is the bz one &amp; i have to accomodate him... haha but i am fine la means he is gd so got many biz *wink*

Lyn: i wen to wedding present too and would have signed up with them if i had not heard abt MBR &amp; was won over by them. hehe... wedding present gowns are not bad quite romantic &amp; the girl who served me was also veri nice. I cant remb her name though she is abit chubby but soft spoken, let me try some gowns &amp; told me should go ard to see somemore b4 deciding also. But of course MBR is much more affordable as compared to wedding present lah...


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morning everyone. Wah our threads really got archived =P Good lah then our page now not so long liao.

This sat going to sign contract liao. Woo hoo!


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Hi Yvonne.. glad that u have got yr BS.... another thing settled and can move on to another one...

Hi Julie.. thanks for the link...
did u went to the bridal fair last week?? I think the package is more worth if u got it in their fair... normally with alot of promotion... good luck..

HL.. u gg Europe arh.. me thinking of gg too.. but I doubt I can.. My house n wedding quite near, by then shld be broke liao... Hoping to go Aust if possible...

bride...where is cosmos tour?? cheaper to book there??


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Morning all...

Janice...Aussino nw got sales ar? Till when?

Ladies...issit weird if there's no highlights/montage/collage to show guests during dinner? Initially I thought shld be ok but nw me having 2nd thoughts...


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Morn ladies!

Jazol, wow... What else did u do on ur hens' nite?

I m getting pretty tensed up now... especially with all those ridiculous items that my ILs wants for my actual day....

Plus my hubby also another one... I think i gotta relax and make myself pretty!


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Oh they provide live photography on the spot on your AD. And they are able to transfer the image thru bluetooth to the notebook. And you can showcase the photos immediately on the screen and also print out onto namecard size photos which you can give to your guest.