(2004) Brides of year 2004


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are u changing into ur CS after the 2nd march-in,before the table to table toasting.Or will u be wearing ur EG for table toasting instead.


Hi Ladies,
No joining tonight. Enjoy yourselves!

What is CPA course? Are you an accountant?
I understand that certification does not need to go through courses.... please enlightened.

Don't work too hard!

BTW ladies,
why do we need so many corsages? I am too lazy for that! What is the minimum I need to prepare?


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hi hi

can I join? I m a newbie in S'pore brides. I m also a Dec BTB.

Can I join u all?



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Hi gals

U r gg too fast 4 me to catch up.. count me in 4 the outin.. pls send me the details thru email.. my email is [email protected]

Those who r interested in the aussino tinky, pls email me yr real name, user name for sbo n yr hp in order 4 for me to contact u as i don cm in often n the thread is too fast 4 me..



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hey i'm interested in the wine, pls give details.

Fleur and Twinkletwinkle,
Don't worry , your shoot will turn out fine! Have ample the rest the night before lor, i think i was excited and worried the night before, so couldn't really sleep!

Ya, i went twice, due to practical consideration to cost *wink, we choose, i think 50 in total! haha, the bs must be really pissed with us ;)


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Hi Amy & fleur,

I went to see doc abt the swollen eye. She said it's too heaty. Fleur, u're rite. She gave me medicine and lotion. And she said my pimples why suddenly so many too. So, she gave me antibiotics. haha.... My doc care abt my face alot....

I was really upset abt my eye and face. So, no choice, last min went for facial.

I did told my coordinator that my eye may not recover on time. She said can postpone PS but hor, most of the date fully booked liao. A bit troublesome.... So sad....

Today I went, they still have yet to alter my gowns. Not sure why it's called final fitting? Waste of my time....


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hi gals..
so sori that i MIA for so long liao..hope u gals can remember me leh..

welcome all new gals..fun here rite??we talk and share so many things..and glad to see more of u leh..

the meeting yesterday was fun lor, as usual, tok non-stop! happy to see kk, unicorn, carol leh, first time seeing u all..hope u all dun find us too noisy..

u look tired lor, hope u have a good rest yesterday leh..

r u feeling better now??u look tired too..rest well leh..i like ur pics lor, the way u smile look so nice leh..mei mei..

unicorn, carol..
hi gal..nice toking to u all leh..very excited for PS rite??be ready and have fun k..juz ask us if u need any advice lor, we try to help and kpo if we can..

didnt reali tok much to u, must make u sit next to me so that we can 38 leh..think ur pics sure meimei one, so excited to see ur album leh..

lynn, nicole..
hi hi..happy to see u all leh..i so long never chat with u all liao, so happy lor..


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Yah .. I think now only left a few gals still haven't take their PS yet ..
Pretty excited abt it ..

Last nite was fun ..
Everyone was talking non-stop ..

Ivory,KK and excite:
You gals look very tired ..
Muz rest more ..


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Annie, where are you? Are you joining us??
Who else wan to join us???

30 July (Fri) - confirmed list...
dabee (after dinner)
jen sia (after dinner)
autumn ivy

Date : 30 July 04 (Fri)
Time : 7-7.30pm

- Marche @ Heeren (5)
- Lemongrass @ Heeren
- Spageddies @ Paragon
- Rice Table @ Cuppage
- California Pizza Kitchen @ Forum Gallery
- Brewerkz @ Clarke Quay
- bobby rubino @ where ???
- father flanagan @ chijmes


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The fitting is ok ... just tat she need to tighten it. Beadings not nice ykee.... tis Fri c the re-do nice anot. Otherwise request no beadings on my EG loh. I trust them will do a gd job la.

So hapi .... Prautes is going to lend me shoe for PS as the next shipment will be on Sep.
I'm going for CS fitting tis Sat ... yippeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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did Andrew take your car when going to sentosa?
Tis few days weather sucks! pray hard for mine and kokopooh PS ok .......

thanks .......................


yo .... me excited on PS ...11-12 days to go ...


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Me will be wearing my EG for toasting table to table .... Maybe until half tables me will change into CS.... See how first... Cos me think i will like my EG very much, even though it oni really in Oct...

If not my CS will oni for sending ppl off


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hi everyone, heard u gals have good time yesterday!

nickel, they forget u, dun think so, our mei mei sweet bride... u dun really MIA... I think I MIA more...

sorry gals, been so busy with work and had a few travel trips... plus this few days sick.. really miss chatting with you all and planning for AD..

my FH n I still 'distracted' by the house reno and this Sunday will pick out the photos for our album.. ran thru our pix, liked some and dislike some... think my BS will try to coax me to take some of the scenes which I completely strike out.. will see how persuasive they are.. :p

ivory, how's the shop coming along? any interesting new stock? maybe next week meet up with you.. when I better and can eat junk food in the streets, really miss our local food... I been having only soup, mee sua or porridge lately..

excite, yup same same as nickle, look forward to seeing your pix...already your own pix so nice..

lynn, so sad, missed seeing you and your corsages.. wonder if can have seperate session w u

babysheep, how r u? still busy w exams? btw, where is greenpoint? I also have to start planning for church wedding, can you share how u did your planning?

yvonne, u oso busy w planning huh? lucky your house settled ;)

coco, so u gals changed to raffles city? lucky, bad weather

to the rest, so sorry never get a chance to meet u


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purple ...

really ar .... u ate too much lychee isit? alot of ppl falling sick during this period ... i just recovered from a bad flu and soar throat recently ... too much lychee for me ....

since ur gown not ready then u might as well postpone your PS ... no point going if you dun feel good lor ...


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hi funnygirl! Welcome, of course you can join..

When's your wedding date? And where is your wedding held?

maybe you can share you details with us, ivory usually does up a table of stuff including BS and PS...

thx gal!


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hi gals

Update my info? Here?

My AD is 19 Dec, Oriental BTB, BS - Popular, Videogr - Mirage Pics, Photog - A.Dai.

Hi hi, nice to meet u 2!



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morning galsssss...

i really had lots of fun alst night... hehehe... i am so happy i am born a gal... if not will miss out all the yakking activities with you gals. hahaha...

kk and excite not feeling well last night... so is Ivory... Poor gals... a bit drowsy plus drowned by our endless chatter... hahaha
Please take care gals... next time must sit next to u gals... always seem to sit so far from u gals... anyway, thanks for coming by to see us even though not feeling too well... poor gals.

ya... only unicorn , carol and myself have not been thru the PS... looking forward... :p now gott to remind myself to buy a cheapo pair od shoes for photoshoot. hehehe...

lynn very sweet hor... do her corsages with so much love and patience. Err... its so not me... If i ever do, will do the most simple style and tell my galfriends, its meant to be simple. hahaha...

babysheep, nana, Iros, yvonne, huijuan, jan jan, phoebe and the rest of the mei mei gals here... wish u gals were here... still waiting for babysheep to conduct a corsage class.. hehehe...

bonjura was there last night too... glad to see u ! Very fun to meet carol and unicorn for the first time... really hope your ID can do a good job for you!!!!!!!!! :p


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Morning ladies!!!

Soooooo coolld today ah!! aiyoh!!!

wearing sooo many layers of jacket liao but still cold leh.... haiz.... now gotta think of our gathering hor, non-outdoor areas leh, just incase it rains, nowadays always rain also.....


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Hi Adeline,
No, we drove in our own car while Andrew in his own.

Need to tighten EG, meaning u have lost weight liao .... good good


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heehee ... just teasing u lah. y dun you adjust the air-con temp?


Err .... no leh .... she said will adjust during final fit. my tummy obvious so she will help me to hide it ... hahahaha


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adeline.. cannot one lor... even if its sunny o/s hor.. still cold in here leh... so imagine how freezing it is now... when its raining..


skylar... yeah hor... must tink of weather.. so sianz...


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oic ... poor you! drink hot milo/kopi may helps???
so sleepy huh?


Are you gals going on honeymoon soon after AD?
Me nope ....


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me worst ah! my ofc the aircon like dun need $$ one leh, even when not raining also like about 20 degree only u know, now raining weather, worst lor, like winter here liao....

me drinking my kopi now leh, hot hot drink until cold cold ah!! too fast cold liao.....

yes, go HM soon after AD then got mood leh,.. but my hub cannot take too long a leave so gotta go nearby one first, end of the year then go further one lor, u leh?

ur pixs soooo Sweeeeeeeeeeee leh! mei mei ah!! Zoe Tay leh, dun pray pray ya! hahahaha....


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skylar.. yeah lah... my ofc oso like tat lor... winter? u like lor.. yr winter sonata.. hhehehehe....

adeline.. me nope too.. but trying to squeeze for juz a short getaway... no $$$ liao...



it's a gd chit-chat last night. My hubby's still amazed by our girlie-power! i told him there'r new gals last night, he was like "u mean there'r more??" hehehe

tks c0co
for listening to the song and see the corsages. Hope u r not disappointed listening/hearing the actual thing. :p I'm still considering wat to do for my corsages(fren set too high standard liao) and maybe using the Storybook love for montage instead.
bbsheep, i think i still need to attend your corsages class.

Glad to see u last night!! as usual, think our loud voices cover yours up :p Ur love story is so romantic, must be something real sweet and charming.

excite, kelly and kk
ai yo, sit too far away to really tok to u gals. Another day ok?

unicorn and carol
nice to meet u for the first time. Not difficult to recognise me right?
Dun worry so much abt PS make-up, just let MUA know wat u like, like color etc and it'll turn out well. but like wat emily said if dun like just say. :p

btw carol, u look very familiar leh.. hmm.. dun noe where i see/meet u before...

your PS today!!
was a bit worried abt the rain this morning but now peeking at the sky, looks bright n yet cooling, the weather shld be just right in afternoon for u.

and for myself too. On half-day today to shop with my mum, for her outfit on AD. and see wat i can find for myself. :p

no lah, my corsages not tt fantastic, last night was just getting a bit of feedback and see wat i can do to improve. but getting a bit lazy nowaday. ;p

u take care of yourself too...

CPA = certified public accountant. We need to complete a 5-day course and a small exam, in addition to 3/5 yr experience.

see ya!!


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i dun mind lor if really like Winter Sonata rite? at least give me a Bae Yong Jun lookalike in the ofc for me to drool or make my heart beat faster leh..... so at least can keep me warm for a while leh... hehehhheee.....

me also have to go like a week MH only so see go where lor, short one lah, later then go longer one lor... dun cry......
me fry egg give u eat ok??


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We not going for HM hor. HB said big loss n hence refuse to go HM. But are you gals taking leave? My company grant ML onli 3 days but I'm taking another 3 days of AL. But wat am I going to do during AL?? Hahaha new hm not ready leh ....


Where are you going for HM? My office air-con also 20C leh!!


Thank you for your reply. I replied u liao.

I am interested to noe who is may may (chio bo?) too!! No-time or kokopooh???? hahahaha


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last time me hv a idol too ... when I was young. tell u when we meet ok! heehee

gals, will u be trying for babies after AD?


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i am not may may lah.. hahahaa.....

wah.. yr HB oredi calculated loss? haiz... wedding is like tat lor.. hehehee..... we want to go sumwhere.. but mayb next year lah... must go ah.. else next time pregnant or wif kid... its different kind of fun liao lor.... rite? i'll 'rest' for 1/2 yr after AD.. den after tat will try.. hopefully will get results lor.. hahhhaaa.. u noe hor... not like u wan means hv one leh...


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hey.. tat bae yong jun looks damn suave ah.. but tot of aunties oso going after him.. i samn sianz ah.. hahaha... not referring to u lor...

i tink won bing looks nice lor... hehehe... plus a few others lah... c oredi will feel heart melt siah...


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Hi skylar/no-time/adeline,
same here, HB said no $$, so archive HM ... I always tell him if I marry a golden tortise, then don't have to suffer this fate liao ... hahaha

My company gives us 5 extra days leave ... but no $$ to utilise in the near future. HB said save for few months 1st, then go either end of the yr or early next year ...


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everyone got idol one lor,.... hehehee...something to spice up our lives man! hahahaa...

like wat no-time say lor,
babies kinda thing cannot say one lor, but i won't take precaution lor, if have then have lor, good lah! hehehe... but then still wanna enjoy twosomes lives also leh.. so see how lor, coz if got baby then my mom can help me look after, at least can trust our own mom then a maid lah rite?

wahh... ur hub count loss liao ah Adeline, aiyoh, like dat nevermind lah, end year got more $$ then go again hols lor, like me & my hub will try to go hols twice every year lor... take a break lah...


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lala.. wah! so good ah.. 5 days.... mine oso oni 3.. but tat time KS... used during ROM liao.. hehehe..... in case quit job change company... hahahahaa...


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Hi Gals,

Glad today is Thurs. one more day to go.... then I can sleep late again.
Nice seeing everyone yesterday. Hope I din spread any bacteria around. Still coughing badly thru the night. hoping will recover soon.

Hi nickel,
You look very sweet. I think if I am a guy, me will melt when seeing you. heehee....

Hi CoCo,
Nice seeing you. love your smile.

Hi Lynn,
Not hard to recognize you at first look. Your photos are well taken. Is it montage or chris ling??
Ya, next time must sit nearer to you all. you all got the "energy virus". After work still so active. my energy low already...

Think you look familiar to me too. dun know why but tot I saw you before.

You feeling better???Still thinking about yesterday issue??


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Haha ... u so KS. (joking). Nvm, can take AL mah.
You've alot rite?


Yup, My HB nag at me on n off saying he is losing $$$ becs of marrying me .... hahaha
ai ..... wat to do. I used to it liao.
He said going to try for baby after AD, there goes my HM next year, incase we're tat lucky to strike ToTo (baby).
So how many days will you be taking ML/AL?
Me total 6 days.