(2004) Brides of year 2004


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Hi Coco, Yvonne,

Sorry can't join you gals last night.
I pass by yesterday but there were a few groups of girls and din know if I hit the right group.It was so crowd, dun know why.

Was busy clearing some stuff with friends. I will make it the next time. My Jun schedule is very pack. with a lot of things which I have not done since I put them aside for my exams. Rushing for this and that. Further to that, my office under going reno, so a lot of paperwork and stuff to clear.
Very Pai sai


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are u wearing the EG in the photos on ur AD?I tot u have ask KIM to tailor made one for u ????I love the long train and those patterns on ur WG.
I think i went to the same outdoor location as you,those old shophouses?


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Hi Hayashi,
No the EG on the pics is only on loan from Sophia for PS, they want to charge me if I loan for AD.
Kim will tailor for me the actual one.

Yes, we went to spottiwoode for the old shophouses shots!

Hi Zenn,
Send to you the link already.


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Hi babysheep,
i m only quiet when i m angry, tired or asleep.. hahah.. jialat rite?
seems tt the tom yam soup improved ur apetite
agree wif u leh, feroy so chio..
coco tinks she looks familiar, me too lah.. then we were sayin maybe she resembles some actress? but we cannot tink of any leh.. hmm, tinkin along the line of super chio actress but cant tink of anyone yet..

Hi kk,
i was late yesterday so did not meet them at guardian.. next time must try to meet us ok?


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Hi circusbug,

errr.... dun think so can ex-chng any thing leh. how much she paid huh? then it really depends on herself if $$$ is not a concern for her.

fm feedback their WG still not bad, EG really cannot make it. & their sales service.... errr..... think she shld noe lah.


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Hi afternoon ladies..
already sent the pic.. its not a actual pic of my PS.. its juz a sample pic the photographer wanted to show us hw we look like.. hehe


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Hi Adeline,

Yes, I have taken my PS. U can view some of the pics in the sep yahoo grp.


me same same, i put on 2 kg since my first fitting
i stopped exercising & basically start eating more & more

planned to start gym & weights soon ... hopefully can tone up my tummy & butt ! must try to have some discipline. B/W, i have seen Joanne at divine b4. She's quite hot :p


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Adidas heheh mix u up with Amy...

Amy, wow ur photoshoot two different days one ah.... yah hor...wot amplope u use ah...for me with Bella i have the super booster Ampules...issit the same thing ah? if yes, i must get from them...if not hor...can share where u got urs?


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<font color="aa00aa">heya gals….</font>
finally can sneak in using my sup’s PC cos she’s on leave… me so poor thing.. PC siow siow for 1 whole week… missed out so many things…

last nite’s gathering really fun… So many groups of conversations going on at the same time.. dunno where to put our mouths n ears…kekekek… when are we having the next one ar? <font color="0000ff">Organiser c0co</font>???

<font color="aa00aa">babysheep…</font>
u mut really take care of urself hor… u really slim down a lot a lot liao… enough liao… if I can slim down like u hor… I be happy until siow ah… how abt sendingus ur boss pics so that we can have the same effect???

<font color="aa00aa">Yvonne…</font>
hahahah… we ordered the same dish.. n yet I finished so much faster than u.. no wonder u so slim slim lah… cos u take time to chew ur food… like that sure wun get stuck in ur intestines cos all kena properly digested liao

<font color="aa00aa">c0co…</font>
ya lor.. heng last nite no need go practice.. so can yak yak yak with u gals… else eerytime I leave early for my practice.. missed out so many things

<font color="aa00aa">feroy…</font>
so happy to see u last nite… eversince u changed job really hard for us to see u leh… next time we arranged all our gatherings near Suntec.. then u can slip out n meet us rite??

<font color="aa00aa">chubbyrain…</font>
my hubby really amazed at the time I reach home… cos he say how come we can yak so long? Not tired meh?? Kekekkee…

har? Next time play musical chair? Dun sabo me lah… I have problem getting in n out of the chair one leh… too much fats liao.. everytime have to fold properly before moving from 1 place to another…

cannot tahan us… go loo oso can chat… <font color="0000ff">c0co</font> so funny.. came chasing after us when she saw us leave for the loo.. ahahaha…

u where got a lot of nonsense? Got as jia lat as me meh? My hubby sometimes says me I so nonsensical until dunno wan to scold me or laugh at me.. hahahaha.. no wonder my sup cant tahan me n go into depression lah..

<font color="aa00aa">Meimei…</font>
received ur pics liao.. wah… u really like ur name leh.. very mei mei wor…


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me where got slim. helen said i'm quite bah bah leh. my hip is broad and I've no waist which is y i can't hv a low back WG.
also, helen said my original design of EG will make me look fatter and hence i gv up on tat idea ...

duno how to describe my gowns leh ... will post my photos after my first fit k (just bought digital camera last sun for this ... heeheeeee).
btw, how many gowns u hv?


Yup .. I heard Joanne is pretty in another thread .. wow2 ...


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hi everyone:
i am lost cant get up with u all liao.
hi no time: TWD stands for what bride shop? my bridal shop allow me to take back my negatives, they dun wan to keep.


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hi brambles,

mi more wrost. told mi boss to do plan A, he said all the negatives abt it. then go ahead wif plan B. when his plans fails then he do plan A &amp; claim all the credit!!! happened so many times! not sure if he had a short memory or what!!


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Jus an update of myself to the list

List of December Brides (2004)
2nd - White Orchids (In Wedding, Le Meridien, Hougang)
2nd - Inlove (Kowloon, Oriental, Punggol)
2nd - Winterhakone (BV, Fullerton, Punggol)
2nd - JG/newyjg (Sheraton Towers)
2nd - Joelle/moonny (GHA, Amara)
3rd - Smallonion (Everbliss, Concord Hotel)
3rd - bynne (Sophia, Oriental, Tampines)
5th - Twinkeleglint(Whitelink, Pan Pac, Woodlands, berryhappy, earnest video)
5th - Meagan (Qings Bridal, Noble House, Sengkang)
5th - Wise (Inwedding, RTC, Jurong)
6th - gannk (Le Meridien)
8th - LingLing (Bridal Concept, M Hotel, moomedia, AMK)
9th - secret garden (Divine,Conrad, Telok Blangah, Hilarion, Ernest Video)
9th - lichristin (Novotel Apollo, Punggol)
9th - pochacco (Golden Horse, Westin, Sengkang)
11th - MTDT/Michelle (Santiago, M Hotel,Punggol)
11th - Owl (White Link, Le Meridien, Yishun)
11th - Squirt (Milan, Pan Pac, Bukit Panjang)
12th - Oraia (BV, Grand Hyatt, Jurong West)
12th - neece (Margaret's, M Hotel, Seng Kang, Avail Lite)
12th - KPO Lady (Paris, Pan Pac, Seng Kang)
12th - Zhuzhu (Camellia, Carlton, Tampines)
12th - Lovey(Divine, Merchant Court, Bishan)
12th - eVon (GHA, OCC, JW)
12th - postpet2(Fullerton)
12th - Priscilla (Free Lance, Hotel New Otani)
14th - Irenes (Milan,Pan Pac, Woodlands)
16th - Soupie (JLC, Trader's Hotel, Bedok)
17th - Babu ( , Beaufort)
18th - Fanny (Jawn,Raffles the Plaza,Seng Kang)
19th - Trisha (Swissotel)
19th - Jasline (Htl rendevous, Holland)
19th - Doremon (Santiago, SK)
19th - Puzzlerain (Paris, Hyatt, Seng Kang)
19th - Christine (Bridal Concept, Hilton, Bedok)
19th - bear76 (TWD, Merchant Court, Punggol)
19th - joan (Marriott, Pasir Ris)
19th - kaitlynn (French Bridal, Marina Mandarin, Wdlands)
19th - haloya (Vanity, Grand Hyatt, Punggol)
21st - brambles (GHA, Pan Pac)
22nd - Circusbugs (Popular,Grand Hyatt, Bishan/Hougang)
24th - Fi Fi (Wedding News,Crown Prince, Punggol, ,alan dai, earnest video)
24th - Bao Bao (BZ, Pan Pac, Bukit Panjang)
24th - jess27 (Noble House, JW)
25th - Hayashi (Sophia, GWC, KimTian)
25th - Cruise ( , no banquet)
26th - Wendy 76 (Fullerton Hotel)
26th - Bunnygirl (Seletar Boardway,Imperial Courts,Punggol)
28th - Okipoki (TWD, Meritus Mandarin, Dover)
31st - Chobits (Conrad Hotel, Queens)


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hi lala,
woohhh trial makeup today!! must take photos let us see ok? sure mei mei one, why? too excited cannot sleep ah?

Hi Adeline,
ya lor, me gg soon lah, hehehehe.... end of this mth lor, my BS is White link, they are really strict with phototaking, so sad.....

Hi lala &amp; Adeline
u 2 same BS ah?

Hi Dabee!
ur finally back ah!!! Wat happened?? Update us on ur progress ya!


mei mei
thanks for sharing ur pix, u look very beautiful, i'm sure ur PS pix will turn out really good

didn't get to chat with the 2 of u much yesterday cos the table was long and i left early, next time must catch up with the 2 of u more

agree with the rest of the gals, u must take care of urself, u're very slim now, cannot lose anymore weight or else not mei mei

hee hee, u gals r too kind, it's not cos i'm enjoying the food, it's cos i'm too talkative, talked too much, that's why ate so slow

hey, no worries gal, glad that u like them. yup, try out their product first before buying them. that's the good thing about them, they always give me samples to try out and if i like i'll buy from them, they're not that pushy

yah lor, we must meet up again soon to talk more, also miss chatting with u

what nonsense? don't think u gals said any nonsense leh? hmm.... maybe cos i've got lots of nonsense myself, that's why i don't see it?

no prob, next time MUST join us ok?


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wah, at desaru, now i know why u need 2 days
u special request for that location?
oh yah, can share wif us the amplope dat u buy?

no prob! .. sometimes i also got mix up .. hee


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hi onee,

we're leaving for honeymoon sometime in july...school holidays now...expensive and crowded.

still thinking whre to go though...cracking our heads...


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hello gals,
how's the meet up?

ling ling,
sorry got to leave early, very tired and i started to behave rude over the phone while talking to my hb. so i think it's time to rest.


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hi ladies

need to check anyone here got lobang for AD photographer/videographer?? me havent book one yet.. my BS offering me 480 with 6 rolls and additional roll cost 80.. should i take it??
advise me ok.. dunno want or want.. ???


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adidas: cheap?? shhhh.. my opening hours... 1st appt from 9am, last appt at 7pm. ya.. its getting very stress abt the new date. but trying to get things back in schedule.

fleur: noted. 21 july @ 1830

Moonlight: u have a mail

amy: its suppose to be on 25 Nov. i have no choice, my bro reservist and my bro-in-law oso reservist and my eldest bro-in-law cant make it back from aust.

Seabreeze: my last appt 7pm


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Hi Adeline &amp; Inox,

me back from 2nd fitting, very fun and enjoyable!! Aiyo, never know I can look so pretty ... hehehe. HB has his measurements taken today, will be making a tux. Ohh ... forget to mention, manage to lose a little weight, Helan said must tighten the gowns now...hooray

Yep, Joanne is a very sweet &amp; pretty lady. I love her make-up &amp; hairdo very much, suits my face

We can give suggestions as to what designs we want but ultimately take Helan's advise will sure be fine. I did suggest certain designs too, but not v suitable for me loh ...

Oh regarding accessories hor, Helan mentioned that the design of my gowns do not require any ... HB is the happiest to know loh, save $$ !!!

Hi Skylar,

Yep, me &amp; Adeline are from Divine. Actually they allow us to take pictures but do not encourage us to circulate ...


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dabee: thomson wedding d'sign... ={

Lala: so happy for u... i wasn't very comfortable wif my trial.. duno y oso.. haha....