(2003) Brides of year 2003


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okok. when i free, i go check it out. Its more to those sells many diff things but not all wedding stuffs right?


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oops, sorry ..... got the names wrong there.

No lah, i dun think i'll colour photocopy either. The effect isn't as nice as having it professionally printed. I think i'll do without the photos altogether.

Sigh ... i'm going to have to run the entire wedding show on my own. Hub just called to say that he's been accepted for a post-grad course that'll be starting this July. alamak !!! Honeymoon all kenah delayed until his exams are over! Meanwhile i have to be supportive by letting him concentrate on his studies!

I sure hope my bridesmaids and sisters aren't busy in the coming months!


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hi all

i hv this list of things which my friend's mom bought for her at her wedding 2,3 yrs back. my friend is a cantonese n her hubby a hokkien. not sure if this is useful but we can use this as a rough guide

her list consists of the following:

New table lamps (1 pair)
New clothes, shoes, nei zai mei, pyjamas
Face basin, spittoon, baby bath tub
Toothbrush n towels
Mirror n comb
Sewing kit n ruler
Pillows n bedsheet
Tea set

most of the stuff are rather basic and u gals have also mentioned some of them in your earlier postings, eg new clothes, pillows, bedsheet etc., so we dun really need to rush to buy them. we still hv time to check with our mothers and/or MILs to confirm the stocklist. happy sourcing and shopping.


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Hi 1027,

Oh dear, ‘xin ku ni’
But, you are right, have to be supportive of your husband
Would your husband be required to fly overseas for the studies?
Exams clash with your wedding?

Nevermind, can always go for honeymoon after his exams
And also, have a longer period of time to save more money and hence can go further for honeymoon hee hee

One of my friend who got married last year also planned the whole wedding by herself (with friends’ help)
Her husband was posted to the States for 2 years
But her wedding was very well prepared
So dun worry… ; )


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thanks, kare. Really appreciate your help.

someone suggest that i go switzerland instead. It is easier to maneuver. SIGH...

i will check out on both countries and c how.


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Ya, all common items so no need so kan chiong. Now then i know no matter what dialect you in the items are about the same.


My friend's friend also mention to my friend the 8 sets new clothes. I think it's a common practise. Just that we don't know, hahaha..... She is now puzzle becos her mum ask her to put the clothes inside a box and bring over to her husband place.


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been a while flo last posted anythin here...
let mi round the ball again...

qns: who is the centrefold of the mth???
ans: my dear frenz, xx....


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Actually I think Switzerland is gorgeous!! A great place to go for a honeymoon.

I once asked a friend of mine who went on a package tour to Europe for her honeymoon which city she likes best. She said Switzerland. I just regretted that I asked SO and he said Italy. I wasn't too keen on Italy but I've heard good things about it too, so I went along. But given a choice, I would want somewhere like Switzerland, or Sweden or Holland.


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Hi Meow

Like wat Leo said, there are a few shops in Beauty World selling the wedding stuff leh..But not sure about the price lor

Think the shops are on the first floor..Maybe you can check it out..


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kare: the exchange rate seems friendly for Swiss Franc. Well..to me now..whichever easier to move ard and fast to plan can liao.

No time. I checked SQ flight to Rome got lots of seats but Zurich certain days limited. There r more flights to Zurich thou.

u flying by which airline?


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no lah, no need to fly overseas.
course is held at night and on saturdays.
heng i always try to plan for the wedding in advance, so hopefully the burden won't be as terrible nearer the wedding.

yah, exams are exactly 2 weeks after the wedding. Must make him concentrate on his studies coz alot of money will be wasted if he fails!

won't try to postpone honeymoon too far, coz otherwise the "magic" of the wedding & marriage is lost. Become lao fu lao qi then no fun already.


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Hi 1027,

Think your husband would be really stressed nearer to your wedding date, have to prepared for both the wedding and exams

But, good for him
Upgrade himself and can request for a raise hee hee

For myself, has been thinking of taking a post-grad course, but too lazy ; P

Yeap, agreed that should not have honeymoon too far from the wedding day itself


Enjoy your PS tomorrow and let us know how’s the PS ok! ; )


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hihi May
Both of us being bothered by honeymoon thing. Sigh....
OK your hubby is an imp

Hihi Pausini
As long as u r not hurt. Dat's my main concern. Take gd care yar.
I asked my mum the ang pow thing, she said never heard dat we need to give ang pow to little kids. Al my cousins din pratise dat. Did u give ang pow to the banquet manager, waiter n waitresses?
I intend to allocate seat to photographer n emcee. My emcee said dun need.

Hihi Kare
Many ppl told me French r v snobbish. They ignore ppl who can't speak French, especially ppl speaking English


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hi gals,

Here's the update...

Renee, I saw your postings in FBO..FBO is more active yah...
I'll go there to chat with u guys...

Hi keropi,

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>02 Dec</U></FONT>
enya, KAI , MM

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>06 Dec</U></FONT>
dinny, Graceful Image , Oriental Hotel
Mrs Quake, Dang ,Crown Prince Hotel

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>07 Dec</U></FONT>
jbride, KAI , Inter-Con
happygal, JLC , Amara
freesia, Le Galleria , Holiday Inn
Sunshine, BV , Beaufort
mickey,Thomson Wed'g Design, CrownPrice
wendyl, Bridal Concept, -
keropi, David Lim Lee, Ocean Garden

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>08 Dec</U></FONT>
Roro, J&amp;C , Grand Corpt

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>10 Dec</U></FONT>
Erin, Sophia , Tunglok Rest

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>13 Dec</U></FONT>
Babydoll, Kai , Hyatt
Ting Ting, Dang , Carlton Htl
Ming, - , Sheraton
Iris, Ted Wu , Raffles Town Club
sos, - , -
sunnyday, -, -

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>14 Dec</U></FONT>
mexx, silhouette, -
Cherub, Allure Charix, MM

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>18 Dec</U></FONT>
piper, Milan , Grand Corpt
Jacq, Milan , Hilton

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>21 Dec</U></FONT>
sandgirl72, Seletar Broadway, Mandarin
Naturally, Le Galleria , Hyatt
bobomagic, Bridal Zone , Rasa Sentosa

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>22 Dec</U></FONT>
renee, Bridal Veil, Hyatt

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>25 Dec</U></FONT>
christmas, White link , Traders

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>27 Dec</U></FONT>
cutiechar, - , traders

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>28 Dec</U></FONT>
EL, GHA , Holiday Inn
Mio, JLC , Hyatt
Babyblue, Divine Couture , Conrad
Pam, BV , Fulleton
rinoa, BV, raffles the plaza
Cream, GHA, Neptune Theatre Restaurant

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>30 Dec</U></FONT>
loving3377, Jawn Happy Ever After, -
chicory, -, -

<FONT COLOR="ff0000"><U>31 Dec</U></FONT>
Paulin Tay (sunflower26), Dang, -

tintin , Jawn Happy ever after , OCC
Tiara, -, Oriental Hotel


Hi 1027,

Which postgrad course ur hubby attending? Is the course at SIM? Dun worry! Ur hubby will be able to make it
Tell u a secret. Actually not easy to fail postgrad couse
cos lecturers all know the difficulties of students who are working class pple. So more or less when they mark papers, they are lenient and open close one eye :p

Hi Jus/1027,

Thanks for all the suggestions! My hubby has a dark red shirt, a dark blue shirt and a dark grey one. Guess this is enough? Chiam loh, i can't remember his ties got pattern or not. Never mind, if ties dun work, then we borrow the shop's ties, anyway they say they have ties


hi flowee,

long time never chat liao hor.
see you got kk mei blur liao.
me get your qns though.
surprise for hubby!

hi kk mei,

glad you have finished your exams.
must be real happy huh?

hi cherubies,

good luck to your upcoming papers!

hi elaine,

glad tat you enjoy your HM.
i'm waiting for mine in June. :p


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I'm flying by CX.

Not true lar. I think they are snobbish towards Americans. But since we're Asians, I don't get such treatment. In fact, they're very friendly and helpful!


hi 1027,

i got nail extensions with nail art on 4 fingers done today too! its was done by serene. very nice but got problem typing properly due to the length. she even took 3 shots of her "masterpiece" heehee

hi jus,

how did urs go? take pic and share k? heehee


Yi Jie,

ORRRRR, now i got it liao!! I saw xx on the cover page leh.. kekekeee... and i stare at it for a few moments, keep thinking whether is xx.. keekkeee... then i put pointer over it, and saw "JC Collections", hmmmm, then confirm it is xx :pPP

Sometimes i am anxious to get into forum, so i tend to miss the cover page photo :p

Yi Jie, me having ps next tuesday!!! Very very excited leh, cannot cool down


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Hi Everyone,
Think your are talking about what to buy for the wedding day and the guo da li right? I heard from my mum that there's quite a few shops in Chinatown selling all these sort of things. You can just tell them your dialect and they would be able to tell you what are the things you require. So mayb your can try going down there.


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Hi Jbride!

I sign up with silverlining bridal..hehe..new shop..

so hows the preparation on u gals end? mi have been busy with bridal shop but not Traders..they havent call me..sigh..its been 6 months..mayb mine is still very far..

hey christmas,

we got the same hotel..care to share? u book the gallery ballroom? weekday or weekend package?

hey all gals, share share info k?



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Long time never hear from you again. Must be diff to catch up here so you seldom come and chat right? How are you?


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Hi Everyone
I guess all of you chat quite often.i only have time during night time. I guess all of you to be well prepare. For me I going for my trial gown this weekend. Quite excited


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hi all... sorrie i missed so many posting. was mugging for my LAST exam tats over on mon. now i'm a free person!!! YEAH!!! hehehe... sorrie, can't get over the joy yet...

hmm... abt jia zhuang, my mum has stated a few things she will be getting for me :

- a set of cutlery/plates/bowls
- a sewing machine (my sis already had from MIL so she got a sewing kit)
- a baby tub
- a teaset
- a set of bedsheets/quilt
- a suitcase

my mum also hv a v funny 'law', i'm not allowed to bring over my old clothes, including intimates for the first 2 weeks aft the wedding, so i've been buying clothes as i see them so i hv something to wear for two weeks! thats wat the suitcase is for, to pack the new clothes! ;P



In the end we didn't go to any seaside area..
We just told the photographer that since we are having 1 outdoor shots at the presidential suites of the hotel, we just want another area with natural scenery as long as he is able to make us look nice and good. He took us to a old railway station somewhere around bukit merah and in one of a "little forest" around nicoll highway. The whole photography session was fun and good. I am quite sure the outcome will be nice.


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hi ladies..
just had our ROM last Sat..months of preparation and within blinks of seconds, the solemnization is over liao..

and with our ROM done and our renov completed, both hubby n I can 'guai guai' sit down to do up our guestlists liao..

must also do 'homework' to research on the preferred design for my WG n EG...

so how is the preparation going on for the rest of brides-to-be?


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Its ok even if you come check the posting at night. For these few weeks i'm quite "free" during office hours else i also check on them at night.
So you must be trying to keep slim for the gown right? Hee i jus went to the gym yesterday.

Congrats for being freed again. Now you can concentrate on your wedding for the time being lor. Wow, you got so many things need to get one huh? My mum dun bother about all these. Dn think she needs to buy anything too.

I know where the railway is, but as for the little forest? Is it jus opp. Concourse that area? When will the photos be ready?


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Hi kk,

You can always ‘coop’ the ties from your bridal shop hee hee
Moreover, I m sure they have a wide variety
Then can see which one(s) match(es) the shirts best
You can also bring all the shirts and change during the photoshoot
-- got more variety for your photos!
But must get somebody to help you with all the carrying etc etc
Have fun!

HI Amerline,

Glad that your manicure/ nail extension turns out fine…
Wendy is really good
I did nail extension for all my nails (all thanks to my ‘peeling’ – which amounts to nail-biting hee hee)
The colour that she recommended is really sweet (I m not daring enough to take on strong colours… hee hee)
Did not take any photos leh…

Did you opt for nail art?


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Hi Amerline,

Opps sorry, seems that I missed out your earlier posting that you did nail art

Have fun today!


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hi gals!

yaya, i go see liao....
so yi, did yr hubby get a surprise?

kk mei, u very cute leh, can imagine yr excitement:p

flowee, i really dont see any website to yr pics leh, so how i know which website to go to?i blur blur leh...

my reno all done, now left curtains &amp; storerm racks to be installed this sat. my dining table not in gd condition, so will ask them take bk.
then my poor life will begin...cleaning!!!!cry!


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hi sandgirl,

congratulations. so u r now a mrs. ya, i agree the solemnisation is very fast. i was rather surprised that it ended so quickly.

about my wedding preparations, i'm putting it on hold 1st cos i'm taking my exams. however, i bought a resale flat not long ago so most probably will get my keys in late june or early july. will leave it to my fh to source for contractors.

have chosen my WG and EG already. will be going down for my final fitting in june. that's all of my report.


Hi Jady Jie,

The thread on "Altar??" died liao ah?

So confirmed no more altar for ur house lor?

Yah yah yah, i cannot cool down.. kekeekke... i am counting down enthusiastically leh.. kekeke..

Happy Cleaning! U will get used to it very soon. Or perhaps become more and more idle? kekekekee... at least that's what happen to me


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hi erin
thank U very much... ya lor.. now promoted to Mrs liao.. but still preferred to be called as "Miss" hahahaa..

wishing U in advance all the best for yr exams and pass with flying colors.

should U need recommendation for contractor, I can recommend ours to you.

wow.. u r fast in choosing yr WG n EG.. me yet to do my homework on this...


Hi Jus,

Yooo, looks like we have lots of barang barang to carry that day.. hahhaa... my hubby himself bringing his shirts around 3 of them. Then i myself carrying my barang barang plus 3 pair of shoes

Guess will be tired out even before ps starts.. hahaa...


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kk: my hub's course is at NUS. Heard that the course is quite xiong .... esp the memorising part.

Regarding your hub's shirts, i think 3 is enough. The more choices you have, the more difficult it is to make a decision. In my case, we decided on his outfits (shirt, tie and accessories) BEFORE the photoshoot so that we won't waste time on the actual day of the shoot trying to decide and co-ordinate the outfits.

Amerline &amp; Jus : wow, nail extensions PLUS nail art must have cost u a bomb !!! It must have cost >$100? The last time i went for a mani and pedi (both french with no nail art) already $70. Heart ache ah !!!


Hi jbride, Sandgirl and erin!

Has been quiet here lately.

Congrats, Sandgirl.

I have already gone through my 1st fitting and will be going for my second fitting this weekend. Hoping to see the near end product!

I have settled on my actual day photographer. Currently sourcing for a good caterer for my church reception and still waiting for Crown Prince Hotel to revert officially on the 'close down' rumours. Will be liasing with the church about our wedding booklet too. May also be sourcing for a good cakeshop or hotel that makes nice wedding cakes if I have any $$$ left over

Now, I'm hoping that my FH will recover from his chicken poxs soon so that we do not have to postphone our photoshoot. Sigh! If his scars do not recover by then, all our effort of doing everything by first half of this year will be wasted.

Ok, that's all from me. Will keep you ladies updated after I go for my fitting this weekend.


Hi 1027,

Ur hubby studying masters at nus rite? I just completed my part time masters at nus engrg fac. Ok lah, can't believe 2.5 yrs fly that fast. Cannot imagine sometimes. It was quite peaceful actually. So no worry

Oh, i was thinking i can't really do the matching of shirts and ties before hand cos i dun know wat will my other EG looks like and whether i will be replacing one traditional costume with EG, so everything is still pretty in doubt
We can only decide the set for my champagne blue EG.

Gals, do ur makeup artist apply nail polish for u all as part of the makeup process?


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hi cutiechar,
Yeah, i've heard of silverlining...they're getting quite popular..my friend is a silverlining bride too

hi sandgirl72,

Hey, i went for my 1st appt for my gown design 2 weeks back...longing to see the design in late may

I guess most of the gals are bz with their gown selection &amp; design or preparing to look their best during PS rite


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oh i see ... abit more difficult then....

my make-up artist offered to paint my nails for me, but only using his nail polish colours. It was an FOC offer (yes, he's a nice guy!) but i prefer not to coz if he paints my nails for me in the morning, it takes the paint a LONG time to harden (not just to dry!). When the polish is still soft, will kenah damage easily...

The last time i did french mani and french pedi ... i sat at the salon for 4 hours !!!!! I wanted to MAKE SURE the nail polish hardened before i set out of the shop!


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gd mornin ladies


we got email lei...
wat long time no chat???


u koe u r the onli 1 who aint able 2 view my pixs???
wonder y lei???
nvm i think i upload in yahoo then i send u the link k....

cool!!!! ur place is finali done up...

as 4 the cleanin part, every 1 of us hv 2 go thru lor...
unless din get a flat else everythin we hv 2 do ourselves....

kk mei

u finali c some light from my postin...

papers over liao izit????
n ps soon...
remember 2 hv enough rest n doll up urself 4 ur ps...

n dun 4get 2 share pixs hor...


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Hi 1027,

Mine is without nail art
So, slightly cheaper than those with nail art
$60 for nail extension and 22 for manicure

ya-lor, pretty exp, but what to do, for vainity hee hee ; )

hi kk,

heard from my SIL, they do apply nail polish for you, but you would have to bring your own
her photographer said that the photos would look better with nail polish

you can always check with your make-up artist first
if application of nail polish not included, then can always go for a mani before PS
hee hee


Hi Flowee Jie,

Ooorrrr, so u and yi jie has been secretly sending "love mails" to each other.. hmmmmmmmmm

yah lor, papers long over on 29 Apr. Then straight after we went to celebrate my birthday which was on 30 Apr

Ps next tuesday!! Heeeeee, looks like i am getting overly excited over it

Ya ya sure will share my pics when they are ready

By the way, gals, any idea for photo samples, will the shop stamp the word "sample" across the photos? Is it a standard practice to do that? So i have to remind my shop not to do that cos i need to scan them for photo montage?


Hi Jus,

Yah, i remember that time for my rom, the makeup artist put on nail polish for me. But the nail polish is hers. So i need to bring nail polish on my own for ps? What colour to get?


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Hi kk mei,

ya, not having altar at hm liao, scared i forget the dates lah. will go temple get a ping an fu &amp; paste on top of my front door though.

flowee, ya loh dunno y. ok, u sent me the link ah.

will get my maid help clean either this sat or nxt, for a start.:p


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kk mei

nt veri often lah...
we also send each other sms mah u dun remember liao mah... :p

happi belated bdaz lei kk mei...

muz b veri excited lor...
when is ur last fittin b4 ur ps???

erm i hv no idea lei on the photo samples...
mayb those married brides can comment...


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Kare: i have been doing some reading up. And realise that it is quite easy to get from airport to Rome. Now is to get a hotel around the train station. U r right there r lots of hotels ard there but which one is safe.

I only start on Rome, after Rome...need to move on to either Venice or Florence...

Still want to cross over to Switzerland but dunno got time a not.

Went to the library to borrow some guide books but they are lousy.

Shook: Simmons has agreed to do a one to one exchange for my mattress. Happy that it will be settled.


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Congrats Sandgirl!

so how u feel upgraded to MRS? hehe...MISS better rite..keke..

Eh sunflower,

i have the same problem oso leh..water retention..tummy bloated then after menses flat again..my husband always laugh at me..sianz..den wear skirt or pants got tummy one..eeeeee...so ugly.. :S


wow..u must be excited now..even I am excited abt my gown oso though my first fit is in July..keke..well gal are born to be like tat..haha..