(2003) Brides of year 2003


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Dun get lost. You need me to rescue you?? We talking about some things we need to do like tiqing. That's when both parents meet up and discuss the marriage stuffs. Believe from there, you'll know what to buy and what not to and those you blur about... how's miffy?? So you wanna meet me later after you finish work?


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hmm, just realised that want to get married berry mahfan..so many things to buy..

miffy's good... meet wat time.. u got bring ah?


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Hihi Kare
Jazz oso going to Europe

Hihi May
Poor girl, sayang. U muz b v v stressed dat u can't sleep well n have pre-marriage fear. Do watever minimum u need lor.
I used Kenny G's muscial for 2nd march in. V smooth n nice old though. If u want, I can lend u the CD after my wedding.
I m oso v stressed n tired. Got v bad should ache.
My shower screen still not fixed up. They will fix tis sat. My hubby will go to love nest to jargar. I asked him to clean the flr again tis sat. I completed all cleaning yesterday.
My hubby still working on the montage. I start to work on helpers' task list n actual day schedule 2day. Still haven't make wrist corsage yet.
Gd dat u get a replacement mattress. check wif your mum if u need ang chuang again lor.
U going to Europe oso, when?

Hihi Pausini
Mrs u r back!! I wz v worried 4 u when it wz raining on sat.
Check wif u wat your hubby brought to fetch u? Can share your guest turn out rate n how much ang pow 4 helpers, make-up artist, drivers?


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Bring what? Miffy?? No lah. Material...No but buy that day.

No comments to above right? I bring all my stuffs can?


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Ya, as you are preparing for your new house now so getting all this are He Qing He Li. Those I mention is for those that house will not be ready before the wedding or those who going to stay with in laws. Where you keep your pillow and bloster? I think must be at your house lei becos it's consider jia zhuang so you have to bring all those stuff there at 1 time.

Me also cannot get use of wearing pajamas. But i think have to buy for the sake of buying. If not you can buy something that you use to wear at nite. I think just new clothing will do.

Is that a must to get those stuffs, I also not sure lei, but i guess my mum will buy for me. Just keep them in the store room if not using lor! You are cantonese right, me Hokkien some of the things may be differnt.


Like what your MIL said, then I have to empty my wardrobe lor! My wardrobe is with lots of junk. Hai..., I think I have to do a spring cleaning for my house especially my room before wedding.Hetic man!


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Hi all,

I am new to this forum, also a Nov bride, actual day on 29th. Going for PS in mid June, and have already chosen my wedding gown...very beautiful.

Saw that many of you have many questions, so just adding 1 more. Usually how much is the dowry amt, any idea if there is a common range e.g. $2k to $3k etc?


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Hi kk,

Yes, it’s really exciting for us…
Penang coz we have had a holiday there, n sweet memories etc etc
Anyway, no money to go further… hee hee
Yeap, photoshoot would strectch to a week
Actually, a lot of time is spent on traveling (we r planning to drive there)

Sentosa does have quite a number of places for PS
Good that you went there to see-see look-look
At least, during the acual PS, no need to waste time of finding the ‘right’ location

I am planning to bring those things that you mentioned as well
Are you asking any of your friends to come along?
If you are, can get them to take ‘candid’ photos
That would be quite interesting
Oh yes, rem to bring pressed powder (to bu chuang – spore weather would most prob cause the make-up to melt
Lots of tissues (to wipe sweat)
How about some snacks? (just in case you are hungry)


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U'll get the receipt no when u efile and just go to ROM centre on your solemisation day.

Actually I wanted to go to Aussino one but so busy no time to go..missed such a good deal..sale over liao rite?


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hi all,,

huh juz wondering...i had decided my gown design and material about a week or 2 ago. wedding car, helpers,dinner venue settled ...huh other than that yet to do...think July start can a not...will it be too rush?

My photoshot will be in end July...wedding on 10 November....please advise?


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hi cookiecorgi:

i just went to arab street again today. If you're coming towards Beach Road from town, Arab street is on your left. Arab street in diagonally oppsite Plaza Park Royal Hotel.

The other end of Arab steet is where the Raffles Hospital and Golden Landmark hotel is.

In case you're interested, these are some of the shops i visted:

Royal Fabrics - beaded, organza etc. Wide range. Has 3 shops along Arab street. Quality good, price slightly higher depending on material.

Bobby Fabrics & Poppy Fabrics - wide range of embroidery on silk. Price ranges from $40 per metre to $85 p/m.

kk: night before photoshoot MUST try to sleep early! Try to prepare everything in advance so that you dun need to rush. PS need to bring following items:

1. Gowns (wedding gown, evening gown, cocktail / tea dress, kua / kebaya / cheong sam)

2. Suits, shirts, ties, shoes, cuff links, etc for groom

3. Shoes for bride

4. Accessories for bride

5. Loose powder (try not to being 2-way cake coz it may smear the foundation that your make-up artist used)

6. Contact lens eye drops (If you / groom is wearing specs, bring a pair of spectable frame only, no lens ... coz it's not so nice during indoor shoot. Outdoor is ok)

7. Water with straw (Starbucks has straws individually wrapped)

8. Money - somebody (usu your groom) will have to go out to buy lunch for you and the rest of the photographers, assistants, make-up artist etc

9. Oil blotters, lipstick (match as close as poss to the lipstick your make-up artist is going to use ... call him to check / get a sample so that you can match the colours in advance)

10. handiplast (in case you get blisters!)

11. You may want to consider bringing an extra pair of shoes for outdoor, or an extra pair of black pants for your groom if you intend to take beach shots that you'll get wet in)

I think that's about all. On yah, to make things less headache, must decide in advance on what shirt & tie you want your groom to wear on the PS. Else when you're at the studio, you will not have very much time to stand there to think.

Everyone have fun on your PS !!


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hi gals,

went to my pix liao .. a couple of them turn out a bit blur after blown up to 18R .. but we still can accept it lah .. so now we are waiting for the album to be ready ..

juz cfm my no. of tables yesterday with my restaurant .. shd be able to collect my cards 2 wks later ...

can't believe ... its abt less than 1 mth to June now ! .. seems like a lot of things not done yet!! boo hooo ...


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hullo ladies...

whao.. so fast u all tok abt actual day stuff liao?.. my mum or my MIL oso nebber say wat need to buy leh... no even guo da li....


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I was so looking forward to your post, one of the first Mrs here!!! Congrats!!!!

My preparations ah .. a bit here and there.

Looks like most of us are heading to Europe.

When are you going to Rome? I will be going there too. A warning though .. it's summer and hot season over in Italy so do book your hotels very early. I actually changed my date for Venice from 2nd to 11th and the hotel I originally booked with was full for 11th. Then I went on and called up 12 other hotels before I could find one. And they're not cheap. Lucky the one I found was quite cheap but rather far from the central, as compared to our original choice, which is near central. Well, no choice. Beggars can't be choosers. From what I read from the Europe newsgroup, it's not easy to book tickets throughout Italy so you must book early!


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Hi All,

I'm new here, I am also a June Bride.... have been reading thru.... all the messages u guys posted here.....looks like u guys are very supportive of one another...... that's really nice.


hi jus,

how i wish i could take the day off tomolo too to prepare for the PS, but i dun think it will be approved! i was threatened by a warning letter for taking 2 MCs a mth! this company is so unfeeling! Do u think i have a case if i go MOM to complain?

okie, glittery stuff ah? heehee sounds nice

hi 1027,

thanks for the list! i shall note down and make a checklist! so excited!! i am shall i won't be able to sleep tomolo nite!

hi kk,

i am also going to sentosa for PS and maybe orchard rd if the weather or time permits! my dinner will be at rasa, so will be going to take pics in the hotel area.


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Hi Amerline,

Hee Hee…
I wanted to take off end of this week as well
But, got too many projects at hand (sigh!)

How come your company does not permit you to take MC?
Tot, esp with the SARS thingy, they are more lenient with MC?
I should think that there is a case for complain, esp if you have a valid MC from your Company’s authorised clinics, but I am not too sure of the procedures

Must get enough rest these two days ok…
Otherwise puffy eyes! Hee

Hi 1027,

Thank you for such a comprehensive list!
Would bear those in mind! ; )


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HI ladies, so interesting to see the stages of last min preparation. Can see that most of you quite stressed out too. Hope it won't be so bad for me.

THese few days keep raining, what a drag!

Pausini, you going honeymoon soon? Yah, how was your dinner attendance? Hmm, must get videographer hah? Was hoping to save $$ there....

May, Sue, and all, take it easy. I know easier said than done but it will be over sooner than you think......

WHo was looking for march-in songs? Best is go thru your own CD collection or some friends' collection. You may just find something there. Esp those love collections. I'll be using All I Ask of You from Phantom of the Opera. You can use Somebody (Depeche Mode), You Needed Me (Anne Murray), that Josh something, the half operatic singer from Ally McBeal had a lot of nice love songs, I keep hearing one on radio but dunno the title........


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Yeah casual dinner and to see whether you can still make it in time lor. If still dun understand, drop me a mail lah.

Oh, i'm going to buy some material(cloths) for my deco. So i'm in the city lor.

Well at least you are done with those. Me not done for my helpers yet.

My parents also never did. So i jus plan myself lor.


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Hi Nicky,

That's really good, it's much more cheaper than mine.. Mine is round $300.

Hi Tororo,
you going to see the photo?? to select or to collect album?? hmm..must share..my album not ready yet..


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Can you update mw on your dinner venue? If you mean for your wedding album, i think its still reasonable.Not really rush lah, jus 3months before can already.


hi jus,

my company is a very UNFEELING one. got "pple" who are so dedicated and would come to work with a 38.5 degree fever during these times mah, so pple like us who stay away with a cold or headache gets into trouble! *sigh*

anyway last sat 1/2 the company purposely went on MC and urgent leave to show displeasure.

my leave for my PS took 1 wk to approve and my boss still ask "whose wedding is it", must u go? than i told him i am the bride! i think my presence is necessary loh.
angry right?


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I am here.
yeah, the yahoo place quite difficult to manage. If this is where everyone is comfortable with, lets stick with here.

Clyne, the aussino sale has ended. On 4 May. I got my Aussino set from Robinson, with no sale.

For the GuoDali Stuff, my mom will be buying this June, during her holidays. Gng to Chinatown with another auntie whose daughter is getting married around my time too.

Any of u know what to do on the actual day? I am sure of the schedule but blur about the traditional stuff. Like when to offer prayers and when to serve tea.


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me ..to select..i very kan chiong now leh...
my heart beat very fast..cos i scared not nice..cos on my PS, its pouring....


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What a pity! Hopefully, there are more bargains during the Great S'pore Sale..

We haven't actually discuss in detail what to do on actual day so cannot participate..

Welcome, welcome..


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Hi Amerline,

Yea, your Company kinda unfeeling (din mean to be disrespectful! hee)
Is this your peak period now? Is it because of this that your Company is reluctant to let the staff off?
But, it’s kinda scary, esp with this SARS going on
I mean, the Company has to be socially-responsible as well mah…

Oh, you are working on Sat as well?
Just curious (hee, n kaypoh) what’s the nature of your job?

Dun let this dampen your mood, ok…
Must look happy and enjoy your PS!

I am also very busy with work as well
But, no mood-lei
(Think must be because of the upcoming PS)
Was thinking, 10/20 years down the road, when we look back, we’ll be laughing at ourselves for being so excited over the PS hee hee
But, I can’t help it-lar


hi jus,

my company has no peak period one heehee SG is only the HQ, so here is quite relaxed. Problems arise due to mis-mgmt, not overload of work. I don't think they know what is the meaning of being socially responsible. A few staff were down with high fever for a whole week and they all kena told off for taking advantage of the situation

yes, i work 5.5 days, so every sat i have to drag myself out of bed and into the office to face a whole group of walking zombies. All equally pissed at the idea of coming to work.

PS will be fun! I followed my sis during her PS many years ago and we had an enjoyable time! she had her PS at sentosa too and had ants crawling up her WG. pretty funny seeing her shake off the creepy crawlies and horrified expressions.

of coz i also enjoyed an ice cream under the shade while she tried to maintain a cool smile under the sun.


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kare: oh no..hubby suddenly got change of heart and tell me he now do not mind going to italy for honeymoon. i absolutely have no time or energy to do any research now. so tired.

you r going on f&e? flying by what? oh gosh, call 12 hotels? oh dear. i am planning to depart on the week of 18th May.

Shook: also dunno why i panic...but it is horrible that i cldnt sleep last nite. was turning and tossing and keep thinking of the wedding..what have not been done...
I just cant wait for these to be over and done with.

my mom not pan ta...she never insist in the first place that we must an chuang...so i dont thinki am doing it again...

Pausini: glad that all went well for you...now can relax...and plan for your short trip...i so jealous.

i m still searching for the right song...i just need to go access a site that i can listen to all these samplers songs.


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totoro, dun scared ok ? i'm sure the pix will turn out ok

Pucca, wah....cfm tables already ? very early hor ?

Bigbird, hi, join us for chit chat. ...


Hi all,

After reading all your posting..seems that i m not the only one who get stressed up by all these things..

I also got a wedding dinner at malaysia..but we still continue only invite relatives..cutting down alot of tables...scare those friends scare of attending the wedding..

Hope everythings will end well..haiz..


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Hi Amerline,

Any of your friends going with you for your PS?
Would be quite fun if there are more people ; )
Initially, we are getting our friends to go with us to Penang
Due to SARS, we have requested them not to go… ; (

When would you be going for your manicure?

I wanted to scheduled mine to Friday
But fully booked
Would be going tomorrow (a bit early-leh hee)


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Meow ;)

hee he eh ehee u r right I'm lost!!

i think i don't need to do all this things... just the tea ceremony... anyway..... in June is my future bro in law wedding so I'll take it as a learning experience ;)

u can bring everything lah
i think you'll need a suitcase!!! ;p


hi nicky,

oh, you are the one who hire yew kwang on 22/6.
We actually like his artworks very much but
when we called him, he said he is hired on 22/6

we are late, hehe. Anyway, we have engaged another photographer that we feel comfortable with, too.

Yew Kwang's pictures are well taken, Good choice!!

Hi bigbird,

Welcome! when is your wedding and how's your preparation?


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hi all,

I am feeling rather panicky now...my tour package till now is still not confirmed. What's more, they refuse to refund us the sum without imposing a penalty...SSSOOOOO ANGRY! Shsshhhh. Reason being they can only refund two weeks before the tour.


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Hi Taddess,

Which tour agency is this? btw, if you don't mind me asking, you are asking for a refund because....?


amerline, jus...

wah! so exciting going for your PS soon. remember to have lots of fun and smile!


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hi Meow, Yve,

Yeah, me got the mail.. am in the groupie thingy oledy.. but ok lar, think easier to post here.. as long as nothing sensitive. anything else we sent email lor

Meow meow.. simi decor? hmm.. you start so early.. hehe.. rest of us here stress that we cant catch up! ;)


No worries, leave everything 2 the pro, they will work their schedule bkwards.. We have not done much oso.. oni done with banquet, bridal package, and actual day photographer.. rest all rest and relac!


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Hi Cin,

SA Tours lor. The person who attended to us is always not there! Hmm asking for a refund because till now it isn't confirmed and yet on the brink of being confirmed. Already 10 pple. Which means if I am going to book some other tour packages I am also afraid that this gets confirmed...can't tear myself into two. So either I wait for this or get something already confirmed to give me ease of mind.


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Hi all,

Finally got a chance to log in to read the posting here.

Shook: you finalised your trip already?? Where are you going now??? I'm in italy now, the weather is hot hot hot...

Hi Kare2711, you will be in venice on 11 May?? I'll be there as well aft Milan... which hotel you book?? There hotel rate rite now is rather expensive in Milan and Venice.. Milan having lotz of exhibition in May, so the rate is mostly double up the normal price. And Venice, hols season. I just book mine from Florence... is ard euro 130/- which very very near the station and new good hotel. You want the contact?


Hi Jus,

I guess the photographer can also suggest more interesting places in sentosa ya? kekekee... guess they more experienced than we are

Wow, do enjoy ur penang trip cum ps!!

On yah gals, any suggestions for the colour of shirts for grooms so that the photo comes out better? I heard pink and green turns out to blend into the background and the colour is not as bright

Gals, how to buy loose powder?? Must match skin colour? I am totally makeup nerdie, so i anyhow put then how? kekekee... spoil the whole thing ah?

Btw, heard from a friend that her makeup artist poured her a small container of loose powder and gave her the lipstick that she used on her. Nice hor?


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Aiya its the tiebacks lah. My restaurant only got chair covers but no tiebacks unlike hotels...so i diy lor.

Heehee i jus talk to my mum regarding the stuffs to purchase. She like very suai pian. No need to but those urine urn, basin, sewing kit and many stuffs. Maybe jus the teaset if dun have and maybe orange juice. When i tell her about the bedside lamps she also say no need, funny lah.

You better learn hor then must share with us okie? Dun wan, you want me bring suitcase, wait my hubby say i runaway how?? You replace me is it??


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Hi Shook, I chk with Chan Brothers already. As long as we request to postpone or cancel, the deposit will be forfeited. Unless, they dun hv enough pax to travel, then we can decide to delay the trip or cancel it. They have the final say.

Hi May, the music will be attached with the flash prog. so u just need to link yr notebook to the sound system. The worst situation is if you can't do that, then u will need to put the mike near the speakers of yr notebook. By doing this, the sound won't be as good lor.

I'm cancelling the M'sia dinner so there won't be another one. We'll just have a buffet lunch for close friends & relatives becos those in other states are too scared to travel. I think they are not as informed as S'poreans becos their newspaper tends to exagerate the situation (Pausini, dun mean to offend u. This is my personal feeling)

I went to the one at Shaw Ctr. The gal who did for me is Joanne. I recommended my friend to Fave Nails but she went to the Raffles Place one, she said they are good as well. Depends on which is more convenient for you. I went Shaw becos it is near Bridal Veil.

I might want to use 'dream a little dream' for 2nd march in. But, if FH plays the piano. Then I'll use the song for 1st march in. My friends keep telling me that songs are very impt as they set the mood for the wedding. Pls dun be too stressed over it, think over some of the songs that both u & yr hubby like or meaningful to both of you.

Hi Kare, can use powerpoint to present. Just that Flash is one step more advance & I think also more complicated. The effect is pretty similar but with flash you can have faster animation. The transition can be faster too.

Hi Mdm Pausini, congrats & glad that everything went smoothly. I din cancel my trip to M'sia. I'll still married off frm here & go in to M'sia. but at night, no dinner lor. only have buffet lunch. better also lah, dun hv to worry abt my night make up & bring the evening gown.

Hi Kittan, must remember to call yr friends for RSVP. FH went to give his cards to some ex-colleagues & friends today. One friend told him that he attended a wedding dinner with abt 50 tables last week & only 20 tables were fully filled. So, he told us to be prepared. We are not worried becos our cards went out quite late & most are closed friends. My friend even called again to ask me how come she still hasn't got my invite.


Hi All

Thanks everyone.. ROM will be on 9 May.. so not so soon..hehe..

Meow, we have not discussed on where to take PS. My hotel do offer us to use thier presidential suite for photo taking.. So we will go for studio then take some pictures at the hotel.. Maybe we will choose some seaside area for the rest of the shots.. Since all the suits and gowns are ready.. so get the PS done earlier lor.. in case last minute too busy..


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yalor ... coz they r printing the invites for us .. so we hv to cfm early lor ..

how's everyone's prep so far ?


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Hi Whitely

thanks for the assurance.

tink the latest album display on his web-site was quite well done.

so who did u get in the end?

Hi Sweets

heard some postitive as well as negative feedback abt the food at inter-con. heard dat they have just changed their mangement. Praying hard that this will not affect the quality of the service and food.

er.. actually not dat i'm faster. but inter-con was actually my third choice. the first two choices were oleady taken up by the time we made enquires. so dat made me panicked a little.