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    Letting go of Photography and Videography credits (The Clover Photo)

    Have $3.4k store credits and selling it off at $3k. Store mentioned that the credits are able to use for all services. However, if you decide to add on any services and it is more than $3.4k, you will need top up the remaining extras at your own expense. Not available for any promotion...
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    Pre-wedding shoot in Bangkok

    Hi everyone! Am looking to have a pre-wedding shoot in Bangkok (outside of BKK fine too), wondering if anyone has done this before and/or have any photogs to recommend? Many thanks!
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    WTS (INTRICKED) PWS and AD Photography Package

    Hi BTBs, Due to unforeseen circumstances, my Fiancé and I have to bring forward our wedding date. And hence our initial photographer is not able to commit for the new date. I am currently letting go the package: Photographer - Intricked (Instagram) - PWS 3 hours - AD 8 hours Total price: $1,640...
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    Hi, I would like to sell my Paris Wedding巴黎婚紗花蓮店 Pre Wedding Shoot in Taiwan. RRP: S$2,800 Selling Price: $2,300 (Price Negotiable) Package Includes: 1. Wedding album(18" x 30) 2. Canvas photo (20"x 24") 3. Crystal frame (10"x 1) 4. Poster (60"x 1)* 5. Ferris wheel (photo frame)* 6. Wedding...
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    WTS PWS in Taipei

    Hello there, Due to personal reasons, we will not be able to make it for the photoshoot and will like to let go of the package. Package has been fully paid for, but we may accept slight negotiations on the price if you're interested.. Details as follows - 4 x Gowns (all range) 2 x Suits...
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    WTS: All Inclusive Pre-Wedding Shoot + Album

    Hi! Looking to let go of an all pre-wedding shoot by renowned company Z Wedding and Chris Ling Photography. Package includes - 1 x 4hours photography by renowned Chris ling photography - 1 x Z Wedding Bridal Gown - 1 x Z Wedding Groom Suit - 2 byo casual wear - Makeup and hairdo by Z...
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    Taehee Wedding Review

    We felt really grateful to have chosen Taehee to be our pre-wedding vendor. The Photographer team was great and their customer service team provided us detail follow up and being so helpful all along the way. We both were worried free during the whole progress and we had such a good memory...

    WTS/LETTING GO: Gown Forestry bridal package (PW + AD)

    Selling gown forestry bridal package (local prewed + actual day) as we plan to have ours overseas given that my finace is going for overseas study. The shop is located at Suntec and the gowns are really pretty! You can go down to take a look :) We are willing to let go at cheaper rates so its a...
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    Pearl Bouquet for Rental

    Dear all! I have a handmade pearl bouquet for rental for pre-wed shoots only. Handmade pearl bouquet, made with close to 500 Swarovski pearls. Each part is personally crafted and made by myself. The pearl bouquet is heavy and available for rental of pre-wed photo shoot purposes only. Due to...
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    Shooting in Melbourne?

    HihI all! I have a package to shoot in Melbourne ! Anyone visiting there on March / April? My Pg/planner giving me suggestion how to let go my package to a something different. If anyone who like to have couple shot , or pre wedding shoot in a day or 2 at Melbourne pls email me! i really...
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    WTS my preWedding package to Overseas^^

    Hi, i'm Kay. WTS / transfer my package who ever needed than me:). My package valid until mid 2019 . My package are included AD package 3in1 ( Mua, PG & VG ). My package are to Australia Melbourne. ( date can be arrange by us ) with AD SGD 4.5 K without AD SGD 3.2 k Below are my package details...
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    Letting go my Overseas Pre Wedding Package

    Hi BTB, i wanted to sell off / letting go my Melbourne Pre Wedding Package with only $ 3088 Reason for letting go cause i'm mom now! hehe, so will get married Asap now..^^ Package including shooting day's accommodation and transportation ( air ticket not included ) The package also included...