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Hello there,

Due to personal reasons, we will not be able to make it for the photoshoot and will like to let go of the package.
Package has been fully paid for, but we may accept slight negotiations on the price if you're interested..

Details as follows -
4 x Gowns (all range)
2 x Suits
Make-up x 4 styles
All accessories required

Indoor & Outdoor shoot for the whole day
Free night shoot
Free upgrade to Top Photographer and Make-up Artist
Free lunch

30 pictures edited and returned in CD
12" x 12" photo album (upgraded material)
30" x 30" canvas frame
Thank you cards x 200pcs
Ferris Wheel photo x 1
Table album x 1
Guest Book x 1

Other charges -
Outdoor transport $150
Stylist $230
Ampoule $25
Delivery charge for album

*package signed on 27 Jan 2019, can be kept for 3 years

PM me for the price and other details.

Thank you!