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I would like to sell my Paris Wedding巴黎婚紗花蓮店 Pre Wedding Shoot in Taiwan.

RRP: S$2,800
Selling Price: $2,300 (Price Negotiable)

Package Includes:

1. Wedding album(18" x 30)
2. Canvas photo (20"x 24")
3. Crystal frame (10"x 1)
4. Poster (60"x 1)*
5. Ferris wheel (photo frame)*
6. Wedding guest book*
7. Palm-size album*
8. CD-Rom of selected photos
9. Bride (5 dresses, 5 professional make-up styles, No limitation for gown level tier)
10. Groom (2 suits)
11. Studio + outdoor shooting entire day

*Items are added by the shop manager written B&W on the paper.

Complimentary Items:
1. Train rides to hua lian
2. Bridal veil, hair ornaments, and gloves are provided.
3. Groom’s accessories if needed

To coordinate everything before going for Shoot, you may WhatsApp or email the coordinator. :)
She will arrange everything before you fly to Taiwan.
Do PM me if you are keen to take over my package!