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IMG_0317.JPG IMG_0334.JPG Dear all! I have a handmade pearl bouquet for rental for pre-wed shoots only.

Handmade pearl bouquet, made with close to 500 Swarovski pearls. Each part is personally crafted and made by myself.

The pearl bouquet is heavy and available for rental of pre-wed photo shoot purposes only. Due to the high value of the item, I have a strict care policy for the rental and will be collecting a deposit equivalent to the cost of raw materials during collection of bouquet. The deposit will be returned when the bouquet is returned in its pristine condition. Not for fussy individuals if they find the policy too cumbersome to follow through.

Per 24 hours rental - SGD$80 per day

Only for individuals who value and care for handcrafted items. I may request for a simple document to be signed for our records purposes and similarly, a receipt will be issued if I have received your deposit.

Feel free to ask any questions! I will be happy to assist. Thank you for browsing!