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HihI all! I have a package to shoot in Melbourne ! Anyone visiting there on March / April?

My Pg/planner giving me suggestion how to let go my package to a something different.

If anyone who like to have couple shot , or pre wedding shoot in a day or 2 at Melbourne pls email me! i really wanted to let it go.

Flight & accommodation for PG&MUA is included, you don't have to paid for them. Only meal..!

Here's the plan.
for couple shot, they need at least 3 couple to share the price but both 3couple will get the same thing..no worries!
for pre wedding i need 1 couple will do
The pg will shoot 1 couple per day or 2 day, so no worries that will not shoot with others couple..

You will get back Ablum, frame and all soft copies!!

If anyone is interested , pls email me! i don't wanted to waste my package...
[ [email protected] ]

is a very nice price !

Thanks alot...