1. J

    WTS : Pre wedding Photoshoot in & Actual Day Package at SGD1600

    WTS : Pre wedding Photoshoot in JB & Actual Day Package Bridal Boutique : Spozami/Dolce Vita Couture What is included in Package: (Pre Wedding Photoshoot in JB or Desaru) 4 Gowns + 4 Suits + 1 Casual Wear (Own clothes) 1 12x24 photo album 1 20x24 photo frame 1 12x30 photo frame 2 table top...
  2. F

    Letting go bridal package

    Hi all, My fiance and I had signed a very good negotiated bridal package which we got it during wedding expo. Letting go because we have change of plan as we’re going to have wedding at 2 countries. The package is from Taiwan HQ photo studio. They’re flexible if want to take photoshoot either in...
  3. C

    [WTS] Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

    Hi there, I'm looking to sell my PWS with Fsquared Photography ( worth $688. It includes: 2-hr photography session One photographer All good photos; edited and returned Online gallery 1-2 locations Looking to sell at $588. Price is negotiable. Thanks!! :)
  4. T

    WTS TWC PW Video, AD Photo and AD Video Package

    Looking to sell Thomson Wedding Collection (TWC) packages (till Feb 2023). Listing the packages (2x) below, you can take either 1 or both. Total for 2 packages is S$6,574.93, negotiable especially if BTB takes both packages. PW Video + AD Photo and Video Package (S$2,938) - 100% paid - 8 hours...
  5. X

    Taichung locations for prewedding

    Hi all, I am in the midst of planning which locations i can go for photoshoot in taichung, please share or recommend places in taichung and also the flow/schedule because the there is only 8 hours and i worry about having to spend too much timetraveling instead of taking photos.
  6. M

    WTS: All Inclusive Pre-Wedding Shoot + Album

    Hi! Looking to let go of an all pre-wedding shoot by renowned company Z Wedding and Chris Ling Photography. Package includes - 1 x 4hours photography by renowned Chris ling photography - 1 x Z Wedding Bridal Gown - 1 x Z Wedding Groom Suit - 2 byo casual wear - Makeup and hairdo by Z...
  7. J

    All-in-Package available for 2019!!

    Getting married soon? Congratulations!!!! Yes, there is an All-in-Package available! If you and your significant other is not looking for ala-carte, THIS IS FOR YOU! From Pre Wedding Shoot (one full day in JB studio) to Actual Day, Videography & Photography (on your wedding day). Everything...

    WTS/LETTING GO: Gown Forestry bridal package (PW + AD)

    Selling gown forestry bridal package (local prewed + actual day) as we plan to have ours overseas given that my finace is going for overseas study. The shop is located at Suntec and the gowns are really pretty! You can go down to take a look :) We are willing to let go at cheaper rates so its a...
  9. pokiepokie

    Bali Pre wedding photoshoot

    Hi all, My fiance and I are looking to have our pre wedding photoshoot in Bali. The scenery looks really gorgeous. Has anyone been there for their photoshoot recently? I have a couple of questions to ask: 1) Does any one have any recommendations or tips on whether we should hire a local...
  10. M

    Letting go of The Aisle Bridal Package

    Pre wedding photoshoot: 5 Gown Indoor studio Outdoor (2 – 3 location) GROOM: 2 suits and 2 pants Trial make up + hairdo Actual day: 2 white gown, 1 evening gown, 1 KUA Make up artist 1 Bouquet of flowers Main Car Deco Fathers blazers Rental of 8pcs of bridemaid dress + 2 pcs 8pcs fresh corsages...
  11. A

    France Paris Pre-wedding Package

    Hi all, I have a France Paris pre-wedding package to let go due to change in plans. France Paris Pre-Wedding Package Pre-wedding shoot: 30” (instead of 20’ x24’) canvas photography, carved frame 400 (instead of 100) exquisite Thank you cards Crystal frame for 10” photo x1 CD-Rom of all...
  12. M

    Letting go Taipei/Singapore pre-wedding photoshoot

    Bought the package at a roadshow thus lots of perks/freebies were thrown in. Faster grab this chance for more savings! The pre-wedding photoshoot is with a very well-known bridal shop in Taipei, i.e. France Paris (fpwed) The package includes the following: - 30 Canvas photograph, carved frame...
  13. J

    Letting Go: FranceParis Package for Pre-Wedding photo shoot + AD package, not include AD photography

    Hi, I have a France Paris法國巴黎 package hope to let go in this year. This only pre-wedding photo shoot + AD package, not include AD photography. The packages i signed on April 2017, valid for 5 years. PM me if you are interested. After you get this from me, I will update France Paris staff my...
  14. eang18

    WTS New Bridal Jacket for Winter/ Snowy Outdoor - Great for prewed shoot

    Hi All, We have 2 X Brand New Winter Jacket Great for prewedding shoot in cold and/ or snowy countries :) Keeps the bride warm while looking elegant, and allowing you to have a different look/ poses for photoshoot. Unfortunately, we bought too many of different design and only used a couple...
  15. G


    PRE- WEDDING & ACTUAL DAY PACKAGE Worth $5,000, letting go at REALLY GOOD PRICE (Technically I paid $5,000. But they threw in a lot of free upgrade stuffs, so it's actually worth >$,5000) This package is a STEAL! But I'm letting go because the wedding planner we're getting married in overseas...
  16. 7

    718am photography

    Heyo! Edmund from 718am photography here. Just wanna share my DIY pre-wedding overseas shoot that was published on SingaporeBrides (link to article). Check out my other photos here and if you are looking to do a pre-wedding shoot, feel free to drop me a message!
  17. Z

    Letting go Queena Actual Day Package + Photoshoot

    Hi all, due to unforeseen circumstances, i have to let go this bridal package i've signed at the latest BOWS wedding fair: Queena is a prestige Taiwanese bridal studio and photography crews from their Taiwan branch will be attaching with the newly weds during their local outdoor photoshoot...