WTS : Pre wedding Photoshoot in & Actual Day Package at SGD1600


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WTS : Pre wedding Photoshoot in JB & Actual Day Package
Bridal Boutique : Spozami/Dolce Vita Couture

What is included in Package:

(Pre Wedding Photoshoot in JB or Desaru)
4 Gowns + 4 Suits + 1 Casual Wear (Own clothes)
1 12x24 photo album
1 20x24 photo frame
1 12x30 photo frame
2 table top photo frames
1 Poster
60 photo cards (for giveaway)
DVD with 2 songs

(Actual Day)
3 Gowns + 2 suits
1 Fresh Bouquet
Car Decorations
*Gowns and Suits can bring in to SG if you are planning to hold your banquet in SG*

8 Years validity till 2028
Letting go whole package at SGD1600 (Bought at RM5300)

Let me know if you are interested :)