Febri Yang

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Hi all,
My fiance and I had signed a very good negotiated bridal package which we got it during wedding expo. Letting go because we have change of plan as we’re going to have wedding at 2 countries.
The package is from Taiwan HQ photo studio. They’re flexible if want to take photoshoot either in Singapore, Taiwan, or other countries.

Package as follow:
Service provided on the day of photography
Groom’s make up and hairstyling
Bridal make-up and hairstyling
Bow tie for the groom
Bridal accessories with headpieces, veil
Wedding gown & evening dress - 3 selections
White European-style suit - 2
Crystal album with 22 pcs
Table top (crystal) x 1
Canvas photograph, with frame in 20” x 24”
Electronic files of selected photos

Actual Day
Wedding gown (latest design)
Actual day bridal makeup with hairdo x 2 styles
Men suit x 1 set (not inclusive of shirt)

If interested, kindly PM me