Letting go Taipei/Singapore pre-wedding photoshoot


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Bought the package at a roadshow thus lots of perks/freebies were thrown in. Faster grab this chance for more savings! The pre-wedding photoshoot is with a very well-known bridal shop in Taipei, i.e. France Paris (fpwed)

The package includes the following:
- 30 Canvas photograph, carved frame (10 additional photos and bigger photo frames compared to usual package)
- 400 (instead of the usual 100) exquisite thank you cards
- Crystal frame for 10” photo x 1
- CD-rom of all selected photographs
- 4 styles bride’s exquisite wedding gown and evening gown and 4 styles professional make-up and modelling (Usual package comes with only 3 styles)
- Bridal veil, hair ornaments and gloves
- Groom’s tuxedo and formal suits x 2 sets
- Waist cummerbund, shirt and boutonniere for groom
- Studio shooting and out-door scene shooting for a whole day

Many other freebies (such as Ferris wheel photo frame and other decorative items) have been negotiated and included in the package. Nowadays, the package does not include all these and additional top-ups are required.
You will also have the chance to select your favourite photographer.

Photoshoot can be taken either in Taiwan or Singapore (outdoor or indoor depending on your choice).

Kindly PM for more details on the package.
Price is negotiable. Letting go at $1,950 (Original price: $2,500). Package has been fully paid for and is valid until Year 2020. Letting go package due to personal reasons.